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  1. lhpict I have tried your project (shortened version) and had no problem on my rather new PC. Compilation time, with Hardware Acceleration = 04:53 (4K, High quality, 60p) for an MP4 file size of 699 MB; Average 42.05 Fps. Without Hardware Acceleration, compilation time is 10:03 for 451 MB (smaller!), Average 20.45 Fps ; Unfortunately the file does not read on my recent Sony 4K TV (a general problem at 60 fps with all my other tests). P.S. What a coincidence: I have just returned from the same Italian Region (Puglia) after a week’s travel tour with friends! Jean-Marc
  2. HW acceleration is needed for my TVs when the high frame rate of 50p or 60p is used (see my previous post in this thread). The process is indeed quicker with HW but the resulting MP4 files slightly bigger.
  3. I understand, Barry, although I thought you might have added a sound track (not needed for the test, I agree). Did you use the "Hardware Acceleration" feature when you compiled the videos?
  4. Beautiful images, Barry, that are a real pleasure to watch on my OLED screen (deep blacks). Duration 2:11, but no sound track. It is a large file of 1 GB. Note that I have produced, with success, much larger files in (slight) excess of 4 GB that required my reformating of my USB key as "NTFS", since the default format of "FAT32" was not compatible with such large file size. I could also have used "exFAT", I suppose, as file system for better compatibility with Mac environment.
  5. I have tried a short sample 4K project (with 4K images) on my two UHD TVs, namely a Sony KD-55A1 (of July 2017) and an older Sony Bravia KD-49X8305C of 2015. Up to (and including) RC5 of PTE AV Studio 10, the Hardware Acceleration process produces MP4 files to the highest quality of 60p that play well on both TVs. Without the hardware acceleration, however, the working MP4 files are limited to 24p, 25p, 30p. "Incompatible file format" for 50p and 60p files that do not play at all on the newer TV, and produce the sound only with the older TV.
  6. Thank you, Igor, for keeping the same tariff as for the previous update from PTE-8 to PTE-9.
  7. There is yet another way to do that, if you're shy with styles: First copy the image (the one with the animation that you want to keep) to another slide, then, in that new slide, simply substitute that image by another: in Objects & Animation click on the animated picture to select it, go to properties and select another "Picture" by clicking on the small triangle at the right of the name; that takes you to the list of files in the default folder (and you can navigate at will).
  8. That's right, and I use that feature a lot, every time I have inserted an object as a child of a parent when I did not want to: I cut it from its parental branch, move to the right level (or out of them all) and paste it down where I really want it.
  9. I feel very silly as I am still unable to "drag and drop". It must be something obvious that I am missing and if you could show me on my keyboard it would probably be straight forward. I can easly highlight a group of slides (contiguous or not) and the black frame around them turns blue (PTE-10 beta 34). So far so good. Now, I realise after many aborted attempts, that I have to select my group of image, then do a left-click in the MIDDLE of one of the slides. In fact I was clicking at the Bottom Right corner which got rid of my selection. Many thanks, Jill, Dave and Gary for pushing me into a succesful "drag and drop" at last. Strange as one can repeat the same procedure without seeing the slight change required to make it wwork. SOLVED. No real need to suggest anything more, apart from a "Cut = CTRL X" option perhaps, along the Copy and Paste existing options.
  10. Not quite between different projects (the "Copy" works ok). I want to reorganize a given project by shifting a sequence from the start, say, towards the end of the slideshow. So far I can only duplicate a sequence and then I have to go back to delete the slides from their initial positions.
  11. Yes, Dave, I did check the on-line guide first, searching for the keyword "cut" and nothing seemed to apply to the moving of slides around a given project..
  12. Diolch (Thank you), Jill, for your response. The fullscreen Slidelist is indeed a good place to start. But I can only move one slide at a time by "drag & drop" and have not succeeded, after selecting a group of slides to move them all together, as only a single one seems to respond. When I do a right-hand click on a group of slides, I can only do a "Copy", not a "Cut". I have tried PTE-9 and PTE-10, and no difference for that. Maybe that worked with an older version of PTE?
  13. Similarly, I would be interested in the ability to easily enter special characters, which are supported by PTE, like COPYRIGHT, REGISTERED, Greek letters ; Currently I have to type "ALT 0169" for Copyright ©, "Alt 169" for Registered ®, "ALT 230" for the letter "Mu" µ ; But "Alt 9792", "Alt 9784" do not work for the Zodiac signs: Venus (female), Mars (male), etc. Those could be accessible in a special "Maths" alphabet I suppose? Or is that supposed to be provided by Microsoft in some kind of "webding or wingding" ?
  14. The procedure to COPY / PASTE a sequence of slides from one project to another works fine, as described in: It also works from / to a single project. Good. What I want to do, is MOVE the slide sequence from one location on my timeline (or rather Slide List view ) to another location, i.e. perform a CUT and PASTE of a group of slides, rather that COPY / PASTE and then DELETE the sequence from its intial location; this is for a single project. Is that already possible in PTE? It does not seem so. Anyone else interested in that feature?
  15. Gary Thank you for your comments. This is the first time that I use my internet provider's “cloud” space, since my MP4 file is much larger than the allowed 125 MB of the slideshow club. I now realise that the interface is in French, so please accept my apologies for not giving adequate notice and instruction. At first you get the header « Le fichier ... est trop gros pour être lu. », i.e. the file is too big for immediate display, so that you cannot view the slideshow directly. Indeed one needs to hit the “Plus” button near the top right and then choose “telécharger”, i.e. “DONWNLOAD”. The other option (“Signaler du contenu injurieux”) is to report inadequate content. The rented car was a spacious Citroen Picasso C4 with seating place for 7 people. We were two couples with ample luggage and everybody had a good viewpoint from the windows. Near the end of our trip a little stone hit the front windscreen and a crack developed progressively (out of direct sight from the driver), and the replacement cost was taken by the insurance we took. When we left Lochcarron travelling through Ardarroch, we have not been able to go south of Applecross and had to drive all around on the eastern road via Fearnbeg, Kalnakill, to Applecross (from the North) and back again the same route. You can read the relevant article in the newspaper (and see the picture of the scene): https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/highlands/1771097/scenic-nc500-hill-road-closed-after-lorry-becomes-stuck-on-twisty-route/ <<The scenic Bealach na Ba hill road on the North Coast 500 was closed for several hours today after a lorry got stuck. The incident was first reported to police around 12.45pm with a road closure put in place to allow recovery. The route was cleared at 5.12pm allowing traffic to freely pass. A couple who had been travelling behind the lorry in their motorhome said they “felt sorry for the driver who must have been shaking as the front of the lorry was touching the safety barrier”.>> Voilà (that’s it).
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