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  1. jmG-06100

    One Of The Neat Things Possible With PTE 9

    Thanks a a lot, Lin, for this clever demonstration and the style given. It works perfectly for me, except that it seems that the link above gives the original version, since I cannot find the "hour hand" in Objects and Animations after applying style. "Frame1" contains: alarmclockhammmer, 2ndhandclock, minutehandclock and alarmclock, that's all.
  2. jmG-06100

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    I have stopped burning DVDs several years ago (except very few exceptions) as they are limited to 4.7 GB, as opposed to USB keys with up to 64 GB easily. Most people I visit have a modern TV set (or attached decoder or DVD player) where I can insert a USB key for direct reading, which is so practical. Several years ago, I have sent a DVD with pictures to a friend in New Zealand, and the disc arrived broken; I then sent a more compact USB key that survived OK (nowadays I would probably send the files via internet). Moreover I have found that conventional DVDs are *NOT* to be used for archival as there are several of my recorded discs that I could not read after a few years, although they were hardly ever used. Special long duration surface coatings are provided by the "Gold Professional DVD" by Kodak for instance, claimed to give "up to 100 years archival", but I now prefer multiple hard disc safeguards. In short: no DVD use for me in PTE. I can always copy files (individual pictures or PTE output) to a DVD if I need to, with the supplied DVD software.
  3. jmG-06100

    Automatic text name

    I would be happy to have that too. A "nice to have".
  4. jmG-06100

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Personally, my two computers (desktop & laptop), although several years old, both run a 64 bit version of MS/Windows 7. I believe it is the same with all my friends at the photo club, with many using a more recent M/SWindows 10 installation. Most of my PTE output concerns photos from my trips and are shown on my 4K TV, for maximum details. This means that I mostly use an MP4 video file (3840 x 2160 pixels) that I copy onto a USB memory stick that I can take almost anywhere for display. Both my PC graphic cards are unable to support a 4K definition ; I will have to upgrade some time soon. So for me, let PTE move to the future and provide a 64 bits version for up to date performance.
  5. jmG-06100

    General use of Drag and Drop

    Good idea. Drag and Drop is used a lot for file handling in computer folders, and for moving objects in general. Such facility within PTE would increase its ease of use.
  6. In Objects and Animation, I would like to be able to Click and Drag an object (or group of objects) in the list of objects, in order to change their order (e.g. as in Google-Maps for altering the order of stopover places). Presently I can right click on an object and then select: "Order / Bring to Front, Send to Back, Forward One, Back One". With many objects on the list, it requires repetitive actions, which can take some time to re-arrange each object precisely in the right order. I know that I can use the Hotkeys / Objects and Animation: Ctrl+Page Up - Shift Object up one level in the Objects Panel Ctrl+Page Down - Shift Object Down one level in the Objects Panel Ctrl+Shift+Page Up - Sends Object to the Front in the Objects Panel Ctrl+Shift+Page Down - Sends Object to the Back in the Objects Panel Is there anyone else who would like to Drag & Drop objects to place them directly in the desired order?
  7. jmG-06100

    Text Object

    Thank you for the various CAVEATs, Jill, Dave, Jean-Cyprien. It is good to have these alternatigve workarounds, but none is 100% satisfactory. Hopefully more "text" features will come with PTE-10.
  8. jmG-06100

    Text Object

    BINGO! Many thanks, Lin, for the additional explanations. I have just switched my PTE language to English, which helps my understanding of the tips given in this forum. I had used this "comment" box in the past (translated as "l├ęgende" in French, as you guessed) to add a slide number while in the development phase of a slide show, not as an alternative to the "Text" block. It is indeed very easy to insert text that way, even several lines of text, with this "comment" feature. Thanks again; that allows me to have consistent text attributes throughout. Long live PTE and its team of developers, moderators, users...
  9. jmG-06100

    Key frame colour

    In other words, the keyframes with only "default values" are awaiting some input for changes in some values of PZT for instance. They were placed on the timeline with the intention to change some parameters there and have been forgotten. If no changes of values are ever given for the parameters at that keyframe, then that keyframe can be removed safely without any damage to the slide show, thereby making the editing easier (fewer useles keyframes). I agree with Barry that it would be a "nice to have" feature, to identify these pending items.
  10. jmG-06100

    Text Object

    Thanks Jill, that's the way I do it ... when I really want to. Let's hope PTE-10 will bring some more features in this area.
  11. jmG-06100

    Text Object

    Hello Like Pierre, I would like to see additional features to set-up the text that I use for one given project, for instance "Rosewood Std Regular" for my project after a trip to the wild west of the USA. Every text I add comes in Arial (I use PTE-9); Yes, it is easy to change the font to one in the top of the list proposed (a nice feature) but that is an additional step; Moreover I have to redefine each time the appearance in terms of shadows cast, etc. Quite tedious. I have looked into the "project options", but failed to find how Lin sees this possibility: "On the other hand it is quite possible to set in the Projects Options the font style, color, size, drop shadow, position, etc., for the current project ". The top option in the "Project Options / Default" to choose a default font style and attributes (shadows...) is valid only for the slide "legends" unfortunately. Did I miss the proper setting? I would like to see the same feature offered for standard drop-down text for all the slides that I will add. Maybe more simply, after setting up the text characteristics in O&A for one slide, please offer a tick box to "retain these characteristics as default values" for the other slides that well be added to the project. That would please me and probably others too. Thank you for your kind understanding.
  12. jmG-06100

    News about PTE 10

    Thank you, Igor, for the continued development of PTE. Very good news. I have several friends using a Mac who will be pleased to try the Beta version, hopefully this winter. I have one query for an additional facility regarding the SIZE of TEXTs (maybe it should be posted elsewhere?): From one slide to another, I would like to impose the same Font Size. I have just discovered, as I write to you, that the default size of 15% zoom for the text, becomes 30% when a second line of text is added, 45% for a third one. About time I understood the hidden logic! Anyway, maybe a constant size factor could be (also) provided to make things easier. Probably more useful, it would be nice if a project Font Type could be remembered and used throughout one creation, as a user default for that project, instead of the Arial. Also with the color and shading effects. All the best wishes for the new developments of PTE. P.S. The 15%, 30%, 45% behaviour is well explained in the English User Guide, as I have just seen now, but is not mentioned at all in the French User Guide (otherwise most complete and useful) by J-Charles Pizzolatto. This explains my ignorance up to now. NOTA BENE (edit of 22 November 2018) Concerning the Zoom factor for text, the new option which allows to specify a pixel size is what I was hoping for, and it's already there in pTE-9. Thanks.
  13. Thank you Denis B, for this additional information. My PC is getting a bit old, it's true. Bought in june 2014 with several upgrades (mainly more disc space). My graphic card is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750/PCIe/SSE2. It's good to know that with my next generation PC, the current limitation with my EXE will vanish. Thank you all for looking at my problem. CONCLUSION: Not a bug in the software, only hardware limitations with my computer at home.
  14. Bug report: I have created (with PTE 9.0.19) an animation with a background picture and three heads appearing / disappearing. This effect is lost in the EXE file, and in the full size preview. However it works fine with the MP4 file (great!) with 1920 x 1080 pixels and in small screen preview on top right during the preparation. It does NOT work with a 4K video file (MP4) output in 3840 x 1920 pixels. This is maybe (probably !) due to the excessive (?) picture size of the heads (5046 x 2838 pixels), which I wanted to be 4K UHD (but I made a mistake). With the latest TV screens displaying 4K, this compatibility could be explored for the benefit of all. Best regards Jean-Marc G. My demo files being bigger than the allowed 2.13 MB, they can be found (for a while) on: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h4vzzktggqs6rw4/AABtgmDWaTXF3TM8Cbu61ukUa?dl=0