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  1. Many thanks, Igor, for providing these extra tools that we wished to have sometime. For the French version you could translate: "Save/reset font" by "Enregistrer/restaurer la police"; "Save font and use by default" by "Définir cette police comme celle par défaut" "Reset font to factory defaults" by "Revenir à la police de base du logiciel"
  2. Thank you Barry for this good tutorial that I enjoyed viewing thoroughly. I will try an use this method for my next slideshow.
  3. Same need of HW acceleration for UHD videos with latest Beta 16 version. Impossible to read the file, otherwise, with a "google" TV running Android-TV.
  4. No, No, No, please, Igor, remember that Hardware Acceleration is (currently) needed so that UHD (3840 x 2160) videos can be played back (via a USB key) directly on 4K TV sets. I have just checked that fact with Beta 15, once again.
  5. Thanks to both of you for the question and then the answer, which gives me a (yet unknown) feature of PTE to use.
  6. I can overwrite (mp4) videos without problem and even without any warning of overwrite, which is not nice ! If I am working on say "project.pte" and want to "publish / HD video", I can accept the default output file name of "project.mp4". If the file already exists, I am prompted to choose "project (2).mp4" ; good idea. But if I decide to use that same output file name again ("project.mp4"), then it gets overwritten without the warning I used to have with PTE-9 (under MS/windows 7). If I decide to output to another existing mp4 file, same absence of any warning (with PTE 10.0 beta 15, under MS/Windows 10). Not good. That's when I type directly into the little input field "Video file name". + I just noticed the little disquette icon on the right hand side, which opens the file folder and shows all the existing mp4 files ; In that case, if I do choose an existing file by pointing to it, then I do get the relevant warning against a possible unwanted overwrite. Good. + Now back to the FREEZE problem reported by Barry, I have started many simultaneous mp4 generations and cancelled several of them. At one point, two of the sub-windows entitled "Creating HD video for PC...." froze with the end of the heading stating "hardware Acceleration is not available]": impossible to "Close" that window. Maybe the hardware accelerator is available only once at a given time?
  7. Igor The ZIP file of 4.5 GB did open and allowed me to retrieve alll my files (*.pte, *.jpg). No worry for me in fact. Actual total file size mentioned in the caption = 4610 MegaBytes. Not a real problem with me, just a "header" that does not read properly. I only get a gentle warning.
  8. Quick reply, Tom, before I could finish my Edit and delete the last message (from MS/Word) that can be ignored. You must be right, as I have indeed exceeded the 4 GB limit.
  9. File / Backup in ZIP: Error in Header I have started a 4K project, using about 400 image files of 10 Mbytes each (approx.) with PTE 10 Beta 10, and no problem so far. Then, under Windows 10, I have made an interim archive of the project as a ZIP file (4.5 GBytes), which was created ok by PTE-10. (Note that for a copy to a USB memory stick (64 GB in my case), such a large file requires the NTFS format, not the default exFAT format). Trying to open the ZIP file with the basic MS/Windows tool yields an error: “Windows cannot open the compressed folder; it is not a valid one”. + Using 7-Zip, all files are extracted ok, but there is a message: “1 error = Header error”, with no consequence. The process stops at 99% after extracting the last JPG file. * Repeating the process with the official PTE-9 (9.0.22) version, the ZIP file is identical in size. And the un-zip procedure has the same problems as reported with PTE-10. Probably the same tool. So, it is not a problem specific to PTE-10. That's it. Not a huge problem. +
  10. No such problem with me, even with two instances of PTE (beta 3) running concurrently, each producing a 4K video at the same time. I have also been able to "Publish / HD videos" from the same project with different output qualities, up to three being compiled at the same time with no crash. Could it be a question of available free space on disk ?
  11. Hi Igor Clever. I do like the effect it gives. It's a pity, though, that the effect can only be seen, it seems, after generating the MP4 file, not within PTE itself to adjust the parameters. A definitely useful aditional feature, anyway.
  12. Can you please tell us how large was the initial JPEG file? If many shots are combined together, the result can indeed be huge, for a 360° panoramic view for instance. It would be good to know the practical limit. Did you resize first for the maximum vertical dimension of your slide show (1080 in full HD or 2160 pixels in 4K UHD)?
  13. Another potential source of invisibility in PTE: image should be coded as "RGB Color" (used for standard display on screen) and not "CMYK Color" (used for some high-end printers), as set in Photoshop with: Image / Mode.
  14. Thank you, Igor, for the good news. I can wait a few more weeks, that's okay. Still, I find it strange that exactly the same PTE input files can be handled on the laptop, while the very powerful desktop fails. As you state we're just on either sides of a thin border line. Both these computer are quite new (March this year), and I believe that my previous Desktop (5 years old) running on MS/Windows 7 would succeed in generating the 4K videos (but it took a long long time).
  15. I have trouble generating 4K videos on my high-spec desktop, while there is no problem on my laptop for the same 4 minutes slide show (33 views). The laptop is a very efficient machine, an MSI GS63 8RD-06FR Stealth. Otherwise, PTE runs fine and the EXE output files are OK. I use the latest PTE version 9.0.22 on MS/Windows 10. For an output in full HD (1920x1080) it takes 00:03:06 for 226 MB of MP4 file (on the Desktop). For a 4K version (3840x2160) the process stops in 00:08:45 with a very small 10 kB output file and there is no termination. For 4000x2250 pixels as output (for instance), the generating process freezes quickly, like for 4K, with the statement “Video Encoding 100%, Time Elapsed: 00:00:00 Time Remaining 00:00:00 ; and all I can then do is “cancel” and then confirm that I really want to “Terminate”. And then PTE itself crashes (no response)! I have tried many different sizes and 3390x1906 pixels gives an MP4 file of 514 MB that is OK. A slightly bigger definition of 3420x1923 pixels fails with again a 10 kB output and no proper termination of the file generation. The MSI laptop uses a GPU by NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and 16 MB of RAM, while the Desktop has a GeForce RTX 2060 with 8 MB of RAM. Is that the difference? Will that problem be solved by the future PTE-10 version (64 bits)? Thank you for an idea...
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