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  1. Thank you, Lin, the example works perfectly. Stanger2156: Maybe you need to refresh your web browser and delete the cached pages, so that you get the updated contents.
  2. For me too, the solution proposed by Igor is the way to go, simple and effective. I fully agree with Bruno.
  3. Denis I have used a red circle about 50 times in my various slides and their origins are in two different folders for historical reasons. I have no practical way to modify the PTE for each use of that object with the same name. If these objects were different (even if only slightly different), the only practical way is to give them two different names in the zipped file, as proposed by Igor. In my case, the two objects with same name are identical, and the way to solve my problem has been described above, and it is perfect for me. No "bof" at all.
  4. I have been too impatient this time. Or, rather, lucky, to have checked that a new version was just released.
  5. Now that "PTE AV Studio 10.0.2 is available", I expected to be advised automatically when loading PTE, since I have been using: "Main menu > Settings > Software updates: Auto-checking for updates = Yes". Instead, I happened to check (just in case) the Auto Update feature: Main menu > Help > Check for Free Updates. The update worked fine, but not the auto-check feature. Does it apply to "Check for New version" and not to "Check for Free Updates"? Do I need to change some settings?
  6. Good idea, Igor, as I may have forgotten the work-around next time it happens to me. And many other users can have the same issue. But first, the efforts are devoted to the much awaited Mac version, right?
  7. Sheer magic Thank you to you both. I have changed the names of my two 'remote' instances of the "RondRouge" image (instead of only one of them previously) and copied one into my current project Folder, alongside my new images. Then I asked to "Create the backup in ZIP" and it worked perfectly. I was almost there but not quite, and now realise that the "local" folder of the project takes precedence for all objects scattered around my disk. Great. A big thank you, again.
  8. Thank you, orizaba, for giving me an answer. Good idea to go that would apply when going from scratch to a fresh new project. Unfortunately the news project is quite advanced, and I do not want to re-do it. For musical files, PTE can tell in the "Project Options" what audio tracks are used and also to which slide they are attached (when "audio clip" is linked). No such features for images used within a view.
  9. Help! I need help for a way out! I have patched together two different PTE projects, taking parts from each one to create a new project. That works fine. However, because each project had its files in a different folder, some files have the same name (in fact they are identical). For instance, I have twice the same image of a red circle ('RondRouge') in different folders, both used within the new project. So that I cannot create a backup folder to clean up the files and have only the ones that are now being used. When I go to: <<File / Create Backup in ZIP>> I get an error message: << Information Project contains two or more files with the same name, but they are located in different folders. Please use unique file names for evert file if you want to create a template or backup. Disk:\Path1\RondRouge.png Disk:\OtherPath\RondRouge.png >> I have then renamed Disk:\OtherPath\RondRouge.png as Disk:\OtherPath\RondRouge-bis.png and tried again, but this time I get: << Missing Files This projects contains missing files. You can try to search these files: xxxxxx (But I have no access to the "xxxxxx" text to make a substitution). Missing image = RondRouge.png >> I have about 100 slides in my project and have not been able to identify where these two files are used and their origin, in order to substitute one by the other. If anyone had the same problem, I will be happy to heare about any solution. Thanks.
  10. You're quite right. ACR is shared between Photoshop and Lightroom, and Lightroom also shows the ACR version when you check its version
  11. Yes, and Adobe also released version 9.0 of Lightroom Classic (and version 12.0 of ACR).
  12. Well deserved holidays, Igor. Thanks for the good work leading to PTE AV Studio 10.
  13. lhpict I have tried your project (shortened version) and had no problem on my rather new PC. Compilation time, with Hardware Acceleration = 04:53 (4K, High quality, 60p) for an MP4 file size of 699 MB; Average 42.05 Fps. Without Hardware Acceleration, compilation time is 10:03 for 451 MB (smaller!), Average 20.45 Fps ; Unfortunately the file does not read on my recent Sony 4K TV (a general problem at 60 fps with all my other tests). P.S. What a coincidence: I have just returned from the same Italian Region (Puglia) after a week’s travel tour with friends! Jean-Marc
  14. HW acceleration is needed for my TVs when the high frame rate of 50p or 60p is used (see my previous post in this thread). The process is indeed quicker with HW but the resulting MP4 files slightly bigger.
  15. I understand, Barry, although I thought you might have added a sound track (not needed for the test, I agree). Did you use the "Hardware Acceleration" feature when you compiled the videos?
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