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  1. There is a feature absent from PTE but common in word processing programs (which PTE is not, I know) that allows to change the appearance of parts of a text: emphasis can easily be put on a word within a sentence, for instance, with a different colour or type-face (bold, italic, underline, small caps,…or a combination). It is available on this forum (as I type). I would like to have that facility within PTE, without having to enter different individual text blocks with their own attributes. I can use Photoshop to edit my texts, but that is cumbersome. Is there anyone else who would be interested in such a feature? Not a high priority, for sure, but if it is easy to implement, why not?
  2. Me too, like Pierre, would like to know during the process of creating a slideshow, whether a certain file (photo or video) has already been used or not ; This is to avoid unwanted repeats. The bold apppearance of file names is a good visual aid, but is limited to files directly inserted via the Timeline, and does not apply to embedded objects via "Objects and Animation".
  3. I do use the ratio 16/10 a lot, not so much because my graphic computer screen (LaCie 526) is also a native 1920 x 1200, but mainly when I do not want to crop my photographs (at 4/3 ratio) too much to fit the 16/9 HDTV standard. Please leave that ratio as a standard choice.
  4. Yes, very beautiful, and pleasant to watch (and listen to). Thank you.
  5. Hi Daniel The acceptable duration of the slide show really depends upon the interest of the intended audience, that's for sure. Concerning the file size, I thought PTE on 32 bits was limited to a maximum resulting file size of 3.9 GBytes (= Go or Giga octets, in French). The limit with PTE-8 was more 2 GB for an EXE file, I seem to recall. The total file size of 9.14 GB that you quote seems big ; is that for the resulting MP4 file or the full size video-clips before further clipping and downsizing?
  6. Dave G. I live in Nice, South of France, and about once a month there are two places nearby where travel photos and some videos are shown to the public, projected on a big screen together with music and description of the places visited; each of these shows lasts a total of about an hour and a half, with a short interval in the middle. These slide shows are given by a traveller after one or several trips to various areas in the world. The current program for the "Rendez-vous des Voyageurs", in Villeneuve-Loubet, can be found on: http://www.voyageurs06.fr/jeudi.htm The other venue is in Beausoleil, where the "Club des Reporters" hosts similar sessions to which I have contributed in the past (New-Zealand, Northern Vietnam, American Wild West, ...). This is organised by my photo club "Beausoleil Ciné Photo Club"; A summary of past events can be found on: http://www.photoclubbeausoleil.sitew.fr/#Club_des_Reporters.K You're welcome to attend these sessions, as they are are open to the public. Unfortunately, these shows are not broadcast or available on YouTube or other such channels.
  7. If you compute the number of slides that are shown every 5 seconds (the defaut in PTE ; I tend to choose 6 seconds instead), for a total show duration of 45 minutes (the maximum endurance of my audience!), then you need only 540 slides. This is not counting the actual "objects" in each slide, but gives a rough idea of a "reasonable" figure.
  8. Thanks Lin, for the step by step instructions, hopefully foolproof as always.
  9. Indeed, your recorded video file (from camera) contains the sequential images and also the sound track. In order to manage the sound level of your video, the procedure is to extract the sound from the video as a separately manageable item, and to mute the video to avoid any interference. My previous procedure was to create a physically separate audio file from the video, as if it came from a musical CD. That is not necessary as explained by Tonton Bruno, since all can be done within PTE. Neat!
  10. Super easy that way. Thank you, Tonton Bruno.
  11. Hi Bob The way I do that, is to extract the sound track from each video, then use them as separate files in the Timeline (making sure the synchronisation is OK between the video and the sound track). In PTE it is easy to have a silent video: in Objects and Animation, there is a video option: "Mute audio" which does exactly that. For extraction of the audio part from the video, I use VLC-media player from VideoLAN: Menu "Media", then "Convert/Record", and I select the profile as "WAV", no Video CODEC and MP3 as the Audio CODEC. I am sure there are other ways, maybe even from within PTE to extract the audio, but that works for me at present. Optionnally I also use the free software "Audacity" to set the overal volume, the balance between each channel, etc. ADDITION: In PTE, go to "Project Options", "Audio" tab, "Add Audio File" after selecting "video files" instead of "audio files" at the bottom right of the sreen (just above "open") and then at the bottom right of the screen: "Convert tracks to MP3 for EXE". The extracted audio track is pushed at the far end of the slideshow (after any existing other sound file, I think) and needs to be brought back under the video it belongs to.
  12. Regarding the "proper" durations, it all depends on your public and the circumstances. I have to admit that my brother in law falls asleep in 15 minutes when viewing my slideshows! However there are two places nearby my home where travellers share their experiences with a vast audience (50+) by displaying their images (from a vast array of places around the world) on a large projection screen, with stills, videos, music and commentaries that are either recorded or live during the show. ProShow and PicturesToExe are the main software used in this case. The actual sessions usually comprise of two parts, each 30 to 45 minutes long (the total duration is well above an hour). And the public (who pay a modest entrance fee) enjoy that. Discussions follow. See examples of these events (with pictures, but in French) on: http://www.voyageurs06.fr/jeudi.htm http://www.photoclubbeausoleil.sitew.fr/#Club_des_Reporters.K
  13. It took me a while to realise that this 20th birthday of PTE was not too different from a long lasting marriage (between the developers and the users, in this case), a time when there are promises "to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part." ;-))
  14. Great, it's perfect. Thank you Igor for finding time for this amongst your PTE-10 development (You stay on the Watch, even on Sunday). * Another great source of free video Tutorials, in French, by Gabriel Mermet-Bouvier, can be found at: http://www.vivelediaporama.com/Joomla/index.php/tutoriels He calls PicturesToExe "the" software for creating "diaporamas" (audio-video slide shows), you'll be glad to know. Unfortunately these tutorials are related to the use of the previous version 8 of PTE, though 90% apply directly to PTE-9 as well. He has changed the title of the site from "Vive le Diaporama" to "Vive la Photo et le Diaporama" and claims that he will not update the tutorials on PTE but rather deal only with the photographic aspects and the post-processing of image files (use of the Nik collection, etc.). <<J'ai complètement changé l'orientation de mon site "Vive le Diaporama" qui devient "Vive la Photo et le Diaporama". Un nouveau contenu, une nouvelle interface. J'ai conservé une majeure partie du contenu sur le diaporama. Les tutoriels consacrés au post-traitement vont être de plus en plus nombreux. Il n'y aura aucun nouveau contenu sur le diaporama, dans quelques temps mon site deviendra "Vive la Photo". >> * Specifically for PTE, here is the table of contents for the eleven chapters (about 10 hours in total), that you may wish to post a Link to (with a short introduction text, in French, that follows): http://www.vivelediaporama.com/Joomla/index.php/tutoriels/le-diaporama <<Gabriel Mermet-Bouvier a réalisé un ensemble de tutos, en vidéo pour la plupart relatifs à des logiciels de traitement de l'image, ainsi qu'une formation complète à PTE 8 (PicturesToExe), le logiciel de réalisation de diaporama. >>
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