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  1. Hi there, i have just joined this forum and would like to post a couple of AV's here for constructive criticism. Am I able to do so? I tried with the download but it is asking for JPeg files??? can some body please point me in the right direction. Many thx, Rose
  2. Rose Douglas

    Importing Video from Premiere Pro .mxf file format

    Hi Lin, Thanx so much for your help. Yip I will download a trial version first and play around with it. Regards, rose
  3. Hi there, I am new to this forum so hope I am not repeating a question. I currently use Premiere Pro to edit my videos and Photoshop CS5 for my photos. I like to make a slide show of my images but am finding this is becoming boring hence the need for me to purchase P2E. Question please. 1) Can I import .mxf video into P2E and how would I do this? 2) How long can I make an AV without it crashing? Many thx for the help! Rose