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  1. AngelaL

    Burning to mp4

    I have only just had time to get back to my problem of publishing an MP4 file. I tried various suggestions. Finally, I took the plunge and reinstalled a later version ( PTE 9.0.13) and the problem was instantly solved. Thanka to all for your suggestions and help. Angela
  2. AngelaL

    Burning to mp4

    Thank you, Igor. I see my version, which I uploaded in March, is 9.0.3. Thanks also to you, Barry - about Audacity. I will investigate further. This forum is very helpful. Angela
  3. AngelaL

    Burning to mp4

    Thank you very much for your help, Barry. I did what you suggested and had no trouble burning an MP4 file with six images and music. It was good to know that worked. I then tried my original project and it has again stuck at 0.6%. Next, I will try to work on the issue assuming it may be an audio track problem. Thank you again. - Angela
  4. AngelaL

    Burning to mp4

    I am able to publish the AV to a USB stick so it can be shown on another computer and have done this many times. In the past I have also made an MP4 to use with a TV set. Currently, when I try to make an MP4 it stops at 0.6% every time. Meanwhile the time it "will take" goes steadily up and up. Since making an MP4 successfully, I have had a new DVD drive fitted and I am wondering if this may have change a setting needed for burning an MP4 file. I have PTE 9. Any suggestions. please?