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  1. No it's not letting me change my password (on my smart phone) as it says the "current password" that I enter is incorrect, yet I logged on with it when you sent me the email. I can't log on at all on my PC (only my phone).
  2. Sorry Igor I know I'm a pain but I can't log on to this forum on my PC (only my phone). I've tried changing my password on my phone but it says that the current password I am entering is incorrect. I'm going round in circles here.
  3. Igor....I actually have two problems at present. 1) I have just bought a "new" PC and can't find my License Key to activate PTE v9 after downloading it. (this topic on FAQ is out of date). 2) I can't remember my login password for this site, I have checked "remember me" on my phone so can get on that way but nit on my PC. I've clicked on "forgotten password" but I don't seem to be getting an email to reset it. Thank you.
  4. Believe me I know, and have, the need for this effect but had no idea it could be done. I think you have seen my AV "Can you tell what it is Yet?" That was all about the transitions and not the actual images. I got frustrated that I couldn't get the next transition to start early enough. I actually tried overlapping the start of one transition with the end of the previous one (the overlap turns red as a warning) but that doesn't work. I will have to investigate that possible solution.
  5. I just about followed what you were saying Lin but, as Jill said, I still don't really get the idea of things happening before the first keyframe. When you open O&A surely it automatically sets the first keyframe at the very start of the slide and the last one at the end. You can move them if you want to or just add more
  6. Thanks DG but why would you want to "hide" them and why are they before or after the key points?
  7. Following the philosophy of better to expose yourself as being ignorant than go on actually not knowing something..... What are "objects"? Before or after the key points.
  8. I always used to call it PicturesToEx with a silent second "e" but noticed a while back that most pronounce the last "e"
  9. PicturesToAV seems the obvious choice if a change is deemed necessary. As in "ToAV" and to hold lol
  10. Personally I can't see any problems with the name PicturesToEXE but it is a shame that the EXE files have to be zipped and, especially, download to view them. I don't know the ins and outs of it but sites like YouTube don't require you to download to view, in fact it is quite difficult to download from YouTube (for copyright reasons).
  11. That would be brilliant, not only for the issue with file size but for ease of viewing the shows. I really don't like downloading shows to view them and it doesn't even work on my phone.
  12. Could it be the title of the thread, and on the video, that gave me the idea of a "border" rather than a "frame".
  13. Again I suggest editing pictures before putting them into PTE but that is just my own preference. Could you not rotate the image before applying the border if you are to edit from within PTE? I must admit I thought you were talking about an image rotating during the show, whilst it's border stayed still.
  14. Thanks Lin. I like the idea of animating the pieces but I do find that example over complex for my tastes.
  15. I'd also like to try the "dollyzoom" effect by moving my camera ever closer to an object whilst zooming out, so the object stayed the same size in the frame but the background opened out. Or a "bullet time" effect, where I move the camera around an object so that the background is ever changing but the object stays central.
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