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  1. Has anyone prepared a comparison of key strokes for PTE on Mac run through VMfusion and Bootcamp. Also has anyone identified differences in performance. (I have been using Barry Beckham's tutorials and become aware of a number of differences. Although it performs well on my Mac mini, and there do seem to be workarounds, it would helpful to document these.)
  2. JMSAV

    PTE in bootcamp

    I have set up PTE9 to run on my MAC through Bootcamp . I am using VMware Fusion. Whilst I can operate the software (windows, Fusion and PTE) I do not feel that it is very efficient and some advice on best practice to integrate this with the Mac workspace would be appreciated. I run Lightroom, Photoshop and Audio Software on the MAC but then I need to make them available to assemble AVs in PTE. I have the Windows orientated software on a separate external drive and this is dedicated to running PTE. I would like to set up a shared workspace in the MAC finder which links to PTE in Windows. Some guidance would be appreciated.