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  1. Editing the .pte would be a whole lot better, as it retains the folder structure. I'll try that next. I did see that list of errors, one for every file, but finding one didn't then find all the others in the same folder. It looked like I would have to do every one individually. Thnks for the help
  2. Many thanks for that hint. The backup method worked (though it does just collect all the images together with the .pte, rather than keeping my folder structure). I do have the latest update to v9, by the way, but I couldn't fine any means of relinking the files ... just got a series of blanks with error messages, and replacing one with the same image that it should have linked with, only affected that one (the rest in the same folder remained as errors). But at least I'm up and running again
  3. I have a slideshow prepared on a desktop but need to move it to a laptop, so I can refine it while travelling. The program is installed, no problem. But when I transfer the project as a whole (the ,pte and the folders with the images), all the links are broken and the slideshow is impossible to work on. The same structure of folders is there, but the drive letter is different. I can't do anything about that - the drive letter doesn't exist. There seems to be no 'relink' facility. Is it not possible to move the whole project to a new location; the address for each file seems to be hard wired to the original, not relative to the .pte.
  4. Thanks for the (very fast) help, both of you! I'll give it a try. I'd seen this bit of the manual, but it didn't seem to apply to what I wanted to do. I'll give it another look.
  5. I have a (converted) video with sound within a slideshow and have set the style in and out for the picture without problem. But I've searched everywhere to find how to fade the audio up and down, rather than moving from silence to a sudden full volume sound. Is there a way to do this?
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