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  1. PTE1

    Cube - baffled

    Thank you very much - i appreciate the help The video has certainly helped me understand cube making kind rgds
  2. PTE1

    Cube - baffled

    Thankyou for your reply Ill contact the supplier and see if they have detailed instructions
  3. PTE1

    Cube - baffled

    Thanks for the reply - I appreciate it - Im looking at the Cube Style in the Experimental category - I cannot find any simple instructions anywhere - ive got so far as creating 6 cubed images onto the cube - and added music - which now appears to work- I now have a floating cube of 6 images - Im just trying to keep things simple before wandering off to Templates in Forums -can you guide me to any simple instructions ? as Im confused how it all works in Properties and animation - for instance im wondering if the size of the cube can be changed Thanks and regards
  4. PTE1

    Cube - baffled

    Thankyou for replying - 6 pictures -
  5. PTE1

    Cube - baffled

    Hello Can anyone help me with clear simple instructions for Cube Style -Ive managed to insert 6 pictures onto the cube but now one side of the cube is a different size and I have floating sections ... ... Help .. Just a simple version - Thankyou very much