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  1. Thanks Dave. I need to find out more about styles. So far I simply Select All in the file folder, then copy and paste into the empty story line. I expected to find some basic options for that process in the Project Options tab, that being the only one enabled when the story line is empty. There are 200 images, so setting each one separately would be very tedious. cheers, Martin.
  2. Hi, I'm producing a slideshow MP4 video file at 1920x1080 size, using PTE Deluxe 9. I have a folder full of the images. Some are 1920x1080, some are 1280x720. When I add them all to the video, the 1280x720 images are upscaled to 1920x1080. I would like those images, but only those, to be inserted at 100% 1280x720, with a dark grey background around them. I can't find the setting to ensure images are inserted at 100% of their true size and not upscaled. I'm obviously missing something. Thanks for any help. Martin.
  3. Thanks Barry. That worked ok. Martin.
  4. I have 9.0.20 Deluxe purchased 4 months ago. It is telling me an upgrade to 9.0.22 is available. Great. But when I click the link provided, the page I get is the "Try it free" or Buy now" page. Where is the upgrade page for existing users? I'm assuming this is free upgrade after only 4 months? Thanks, Martin.
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