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  1. lacogada

    Reminder About STYLES For New PTE Users

    Awesome Lin, thank you !
  2. lacogada

    For Prospective Users of PicturesToExe

    Wow ... I missed that too. Thank you very much for taking the time.
  3. lacogada

    For Prospective Users of PicturesToExe

    Thank for the links Lin. I was amazed by the "What Can I Do" link. Did not realize this program could do all those things. Wish there was a book or course that showed how to accomplish those advanced features.
  4. lacogada

    Copying & moving Keyframes

    I agree, same amount of steps ... but unnatural order. ( to me anyway ) Still think it would be a nice and useful feature. Thanks for the replies.
  5. lacogada

    Copying & moving Keyframes

    Thanks for the explanation DG ... got it to work. It seems that being able to just copy / paste keyframes from image to image would be a good feature ... yes/no ? Certainly easier than the steps you outlined above ... ?
  6. lacogada

    Copying & moving Keyframes

    Is this done in the Q&A screen ? As I've tried copying and pasting the first image ... then choosing the copy, and changing the image from properties, but it changes the 1st image also.
  7. Below is a partial section of keyframes from the wedding style. Do all these keyframes have to be input manually ? or Is there a way to copy keyframes from one image to another, then just move them over a little ?
  8. lacogada

    Create from within O&A

    Lin ... thanks for the explanation, will surely help. wideangle ... thanks for the input, could of easily missed that. davegee ... thanks for the links, I need to print some of those.
  9. lacogada

    Create from within O&A

    I see there is a way to "create transition" and "create a style" from scratch. If I have a single slide setup with a couple of images, mask, and keyframes ... can I create a transition or style from that slide ... from within the O&A screen ?
  10. lacogada

    Flips and Swaps CTs Category

    Thank you Dave !
  11. lacogada

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Winsoft !
  12. lacogada

    A Living Painting - Song of the Wilderness

    Beautiful Lin. Wishing you well.
  13. lacogada

    More French Forums on PTE

    Reply from forum was that I needed editor version to run a "save as optimized" ... to get file size down . My ver 4 does have that feature, would need to upgrade to ver 7. Helpful member on the xchange forum had me send him the file so he could run the "optimze" feature on my 45mb file. Only reduced to 38mb. So translating this file is no longer in the works ... not with the tools I have.
  14. Beautiful work Lin ... enjoy your contributions to the forum. Merry Christmas to all.
  15. lacogada

    More French Forums on PTE

    I've posted a question on the PDF XChange forum. Will update.