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  1. lacogada

    Snap to grid ?

    Thanks Dave ... but sorry, do not follow. AR ? unticking "in pixels" and setting 20x20 ? de-click ?
  2. lacogada

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Thanks Mur ... taking me awhile to get a grasp on how all these features work. Any input on that "grids" question I asked in another thread ?
  3. lacogada

    Unlink zoom settings ?

    Thanks guys.
  4. lacogada

    Snap to grid ?

    I have 3 objects on a slide with grid turned on in O&A and check mark in "snap to grid". Cannot get object to snap to grid. Is there an easy way to center the grid ?
  5. lacogada

    Music Offset Left ?

    Hah that simple .. thanks jkb.
  6. lacogada

    Music Offset Left ?

    How would I make my music start before my slide .... I see it as being offset to left, but there must be some other name for it.
  7. lacogada

    Objects & Animations Window ?

    Thanks guys ... embarrasing, not very observant, am I.
  8. When in the O&A window ... is there a way to go to a [previous/next] slide without closing the window ?
  9. lacogada

    Xmas Card

    That is so cool ...
  10. lacogada

    Little Project For Tonight

    Thank you Lin.
  11. lacogada

    Christmas Approaches....

    Lin ... thanks very much for sharing these ... will be fun to play with, and hopefully learn from also.
  12. lacogada

    Christmas Approaches....

    I would sure like to try the snow globe style ... may I have a link to download please ?
  13. lacogada

    Keyframe section duration ?

    Thanks Dave.