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  1. Hi - I'm buying a new monitor and will probably go 27". It will be in my home and I use it for office work and general browsing, etc. I do some photography/editing and that's reason why I'm looking at a higher spec monitor. I don't think that I will need a 4K monitor and am considering 2K instead (like Dell U2717D). 4K seems to be all the rage and I'm just wondering if I'm missing or not considering something that might be important. I've heard of 4K having some issues with scaling or being too small with text, and so forth. Much of my work will be text, spreadsheets, etc. so I'm concerned about that. I'm sure I'd be thinking differently if I were a designer or I spent most of my time working with photos, but that's a small part (and hobby). Alternatively, you can refer to the monitor described in this article and tell me which one is the best. I am really confused. https://pc4u.org/best-monitor-for-photo-editing-and-photography/ Thanks for any input. PS. I don't game (on PC) and I don't watch movies on my monitor.
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