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  1. Dave, cool video showing them all. Dave
  2. Leon, and others, There is a problem with my contact widget on my site that I have not been able to resolve. But, that said, I would prefer to answer questions about the SE Combo package in a more open forum, such as this. That way, I can avoid responding to the same question multiple times. I plan to continue frequenting this board and will be happy to answer any questions which arise related to my software packages here. Thanks - - Dave
  3. Yep, Dave, those are the ones that Jennifer built. Actually, the second from the top would be that hardest to make because it contains letters that produce continuous flow of the pen, such as the "ou" combination where the ending upstroke of the "o" must exactly match to the beginning stroke of the "u". This may not sound like that big of a deal, but it is. In font jargon, it's called kerning, and it is much more demanding to kern a flowing font than one that simple is scripting letters near to each other where a pixel here or a pixel there makes no difference. In fact, if you look closely, the "av" pair shows a bit of an issue. Though kerned properly, it would have been better to extend the tail of the "a" a little more or, perhaps' extend the beginning sweep of the "v"...or both. This is what becomes very tedious in building CAP fontsets. But, I'm glad you got Jennifer's fontsets to play with. I'm sure they will give you more options to match your scripting style to the themes of your shows. Dave
  4. Lin, Dave, and others, Yes, Jennifer developed several font sets for CAP some time ago and they all work well. Aside from her styles that Lin mentioned, you might want to take a look at her looping background videos to enhance your shows. Dave
  5. As some of you my know me from ProShow days, let me say that I have not had much opportunity (or need) to build video slide shows lately. Coupled with the uncertainty of Photodex's future, I viewed the future of my video products to be questionable. As such, most (if not all) of my programming time has been spent elsewhere developing a product that targets photo and creative enthusiasts who express themselves in ways differently than through video media. That said, I did write some past purchasers of my video products and ask them for insight as to what features they would like to see incorporated into my suite of video products. Some of those I contacted frequent this board, and I thank you for your comments. As for the theme of this thread, the prevailing thought is a request for more fonts. As I explained to those I contacted, CAP fonts are very tedious and time consuming to create. I estimate that a full font set takes between 40 - 60 hours of concentrated time on Photoshop to build. That makes is questionable as to whether it is, shall we say, worth it. I have given some thought to ways in which this process could be speeded up some, but unless I can devise a way to greatly decrease the level of effort it takes to produce a font for CAP, I doubt that I will be making any in the near future. I'll let all know if and when any new fonts are available.
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