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  1. Option 2 would make more sense to me - not overwriting previous file but adding a number. Eric
  2. Hi Igor My system is oldish (five and a half years) HP Envy TS15 with i7-4700 MQ at 2.4 GHz; NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M. Windows 10 Home v 1809 Took a project of 28 main slides (two of which are video clips, 12 sec and 21 sec long) with 8 other slides inserted as picture in picture. Transitions are of different lengths, but all straight crossfades from one to another. Very smooth and quicker, thank you: Create backup in Zip 30 sec (v9.0.22); 22 sec (v10 b5) Publish EXE for PC 8 sec (v9); 5 sec (v10) Publish HD Video at 30p 6m 30s (v9); 2m 01s (v10) with hardware acceleration on, no motion blur Publish HD Video at 60p 9m 10a (v9); 3m 40s (v10) with hardware acceleration on, no motion blur So, brilliant work in sorting this out, well done! A smoother and quicker result. Thank you so much. Eric
  3. Hello Igor Very impressed; love the dark theme (I know some who don't!) as I find it easier on the eyes. Seems good to me, thank you. Eric
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