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  1. That's what I was wanting, thanks! I guess I hadn't seen the cursor change to the double-headed arrow. I'd just gone straight to the number box. It's not exactly self evident and I'm not sure it's explained in the Help material. I haven't checked the latter but did look in that stuff and failed to see it. Could be me. I would suggest making the operation more obvious.
  2. Am I wrong - is there no obvious way to edit a style you create? The only way I see is to bring up a slide where you have applied the style, make changes, and then save the style as a new style creation but having the same name as the existing one. PTE will ask if you want to overwrite. Did I miss something again?
  3. OK. Me dumb! I didn't see that the styling was done by varying the pan, zoom, and other controls. I looked earlier on at an image and missed it. I tried it and it works fine! Thanks.
  4. It's great to have the color correction ability. However, the controls are not easy to use. First there is no range for the numbers one can enter. Some seem to go to 255 and others to 100. Moreover, there is no guide to what these numbers do - 0 = no saturation, 100 (or 255) means full saturation? And then you have to play with the numbers to see what effect you will get. This is particularly so for Hue, where different numbers change the hue in different ways. It would be much nice to have sliding markers on bars so one can see instantly what the effect is. These could be accompanied by number boxes so that tweaking (rather than having to micro-manage the mouse (MMM) ) is easy. Thanks.
  5. Yup! I thought that would be the response. But I don't want to apply something I can't edit from slide to slide. Basically I want the same set of keyframes applied at set intervals to a bunch of slides and then would like to tweak each later. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Can I copy the slide options e.g., animation keys and changes, from one slide to another? Not the image but just what happens to the image (at time X the image is zoomed etc). Can I do a copy to multiple slides at once?
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