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    Display slide number

    My 50th Wedding Anniversary is next month and the children are wanting a 50 year slide show for the celebration. I have many pictures put into a P2E show and now would like to sit down with my bride and select the ones to leave in the project. I remember quite some time back that there is a way to have the slide number display on each slide but after searching the forum for some time I figure it would be faster to ask for help. So this is my request for HELP!!!
  2. skipper

    Display slide number

    Thanks for the help.
  3. skipper

    Display slide number

    Hi Lin, I found Text comment option under Project Options, Defaults, Insert template. Did not work at first but seems to now. I do not see "Comment" at the top of the screen. Even though I have it apparently working now I am curious if there is a setting to get that to display?
  4. skipper

    Display slide number

    Thanks for the reply. That works great for doing each slide individually, but I was hoping there was a way to have it added to each slide in the project at one time. Hoping for to much?
  5. Great idea Lin, thanks!!
  6. DG - Elements does have layers, otherwise the action for the puzzle would not work. Lin - Elements does not have an option for scripts. Remember it is a 'poor man's' version of Photoshop. We cannot create actions either since that is another feature left out.
  7. I have run the action for Photoshop Elements but when I try to File | Export, the Export is grayed out. I was wondering if anyone using Elements knows how to save the puzzle pieces as individual png files??
  8. skipper

    PTE version 9??

    Anxious....... I have put off upgrading from my 7.5 version because last I read version 9 was projected out in April/May (that is what I put on my bulletin board). I know the staff is busy working on it but wondering if there is any later date than what I have?? Max
  9. skipper

    New version upgrade pricing?

    Good to know since I am currently on 7.5 about to upgrade finally to 8.0. Since I have waited this long will wait a few months more and upgrade to 9.0.
  10. I bought a new computer with Win 8 Professional on it and downloaded the latest Pic2Exec. Appeared to load out satisfactory. I have the reg.txt which I believe is the latest sent to me a few years back. Started the program (told it to run as an administrator) and get the message about being trial version and option to register so selected to load key from file. Pointed to the reg.txt and popup said it was successfully registered but when I click ok it flashes quick to the program and then back to the trial version popup. I have also tried registering from within the program and still same results. Keeps saying it is a trial version. I have posted for a new key file in case that is the issue. Also tried turning off McAfee virus protection while loading key. Was hoping someone had an idea of what to try next!! Fortunately my old XP machine is still running since I am installing/moving data to the new machine. Max
  11. skipper

    Register Pic2Exec on Windows 8

    OK, it is working now. I knew there was going to be two licenses but thought that when the switch to two licenses we had gotten a new one for standard life time because of a format change. I had backed up my original registration file to a floppy and of course the new machine does not have a floppy so had to send myself an attachment to the new machine. Run I activated it success. Then did my last license information for deluxe and it took. So all good!! Must make a CD with that license on it since the floppy will not be good anymore. Love backups. Got this new machine because the old machine was so slow. With a new one that has an Intel I7 processor, 24GB of memory, Win 8 Pro hopefully the previous frustration will switch to excitement about taking videos and make shows in Pic2Exec. Thanks listening today.
  12. I am moving to a Win 8 machine and have loaded the latest 7.5 and thought I was using my latest key but it say it worked but then flashes back to Load again. Guess I must have a bad copy of reg.txt. Could you sent me a new one at skipper@netins.net

    Max Austin

  13. skipper

    Author.exe termination

    Ok, trying to create a DVD but both times I have tried it gives me a Runtime Error on author.exe with abnormal program termination message. Was going the VOB multiplexing so not sure how to proceed. Have six PTE selections on menu, all movies. Largest one is about 25 minutes, but next largest is only 5 minutes. Wondering if I need to make two DVD's instead of one but prefer just one since all should fit on one DVD. Any ideas?
  14. We have an annual Sweetheart dinner at our church and I am putting together a video from the shots I took. I wanted to create a menu slide at the start with buttons that would jump to the start of my 4 segements (Preparation, Dinner, Entertainment, Dessert). The step I wanted next was after each segment finished it would go back to the menu to select another segment or exit. I did not find a method to do that so I just copied my master menu slide to the start of each segment. Looks like it will work but was wondering if there was a simplier method? I also know I could create a project for each seqment and then do a run from the menu but looking to keep the whole thing as one project. Also this is a fun project since I experimented for the first time with adjusting the canvas size found in Adjust Video and Border on a single slide. Is so great to get a certain area of the video I want to focus on.
  15. skipper


    This post is accomplished from IPAD login, but when I try from Windows XP desktop I get screen that says it was successful. But when I get switched back to forum I am not logged in. Recently tried switching off cookies but switching back on did not help. Anyone have further suggest of where to look? No others changes were recently done that I can remember. Strange it said successful but wasn't.
  16. skipper


    Found my problem. When I turn off cookies, I set to prompt when a site wanted to create a cookie. I had accidently flagged PictureToExe to always block so that when I turn allowing cookies back on it still blocked. FOund where to turn off that designation and now I am logged in from my desktop. Had gotten tired of Norton always having to clean up tracking cookies so I thought I would fix that but shot myself in the foot in the process.
  17. skipper

    Two videos in one slide

    Thanks so much for quick response. I do not know how many times I looked at that screen. Worked great.
  18. skipper

    Two videos in one slide

    While watching TV got the idea to have a video playing in the background on a slide with another video playing in front as the main video. Ok got that working but is there a way turn off the sound of the background video short of taking sound out of video outside P2E so just audio from front video only is heard?
  19. skipper

    Converter with Canon Vixia HF M41A

    Here is a link to a sample file about 34 seconds long. Tried it both in Pic2Exe and also with the converter as a standalone and then use in Pic2Exe but both are jumpy. http://www.mediafire.com/?66rnaqaqb43yp15 Thanks, Max
  20. If I insert a video file in 7.01 straight from the camera and when the converted automatically asks to use it, then the result is in a very unusable state. Parts of image are missing and it seems to jump. But if I convert the same source file to an MP4 to start and then put in Pic2Exe it is smooth and acceptable. Igor was this model addressed in the development?
  21. skipper

    Deluxe Upgrade Success

    Over last months I have seen numerous problems when folks have purchased PicturesToExe and installing their key. Today I decided was the day I needed to purchase my upgrade, everything went smoothly, getting the new key withing 5 minutes! But then when I tried to install the key exactly according to the directions, no go, telling me it was invalid or corrupted. After some pondering, I realized I had one of the 7.0 beta versions loaded not the released version. Downloaded the 7.01 Rel and the key worked like a champ. Not sure if this has caused some of the issues or just the changes made by Igor and staff over last few months have gotten the kinks out. Just wanted to give a kudo to the WnSoft staff for not only a -GREAT- software product but with the speed I received my new key and installation success(operator problem being the only issue). Max
  22. skipper

    Video Builder license-Start and end Dates

    In Video Builder, click on Help then About. It should tell you Free Upgrades up to: then date you are licensed through.
  23. skipper

    "Travel" template

    Bummer, looks like the time is messed up on my message display because when I try to download it says the 24 hours has past. 6 p.m. here on Sunday 20th and Dom message says Today at 12:21 p.m.. Anyway great work as usual.
  24. skipper

    Wireless presenter for PTE

    Glad I found this thread but was hoping for stonemason update on how presenter worked. There is an updated model that is supposed to control to 50' and have been thinking of that one and was wondering if any has experience with it: Targus 2.4 GHz Wireless Laser Presentation Remote with KeyLock, Range up to 50 Feet AMP13US ?
  25. skipper

    3D Transform Tutorial/Demo Available

    First, thanks Lin for the tutorial. It helped greatly to understand what I needed to do. Now the question. On the part of making a reflection it is a full relection of the main image. What I wonder is there a way to make it look like the reflection is going at an angle. Is this possible to do?