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  1. Hi, Let me supplement the previously voiced in this thread. Given the nesting of frames/containers, disabling the visibility of layers (as well as entire containers with all contents) is very, very important when debugging the entire structure. Disabling the visibility of only layers (without affecting the visibility of the frame/container with an effect on its contents) does not solve the issue of disabling visibility in full. Paul
  2. Hello everybody, I’m missing one action with the layer - it’s impossible to duplicate the layer next to the original in the list of O&A layers. There is a “Copy” command in the context menu of the layer, but you need to spend some time with the complex structure of the attached frames, for example, to paste a copy into the desired one container, and then move it to the original. Duplication of a layer next to the original in many cases will greatly simplify the work with layers. Best regards Paul
  3. Oops ... my head is full of holes, I didn’t even try, I decided that it was only a preset. Thanks DG!
  4. Hello everybody, in O&A, on the properties tab, there is not a single portrait format when choosing the aspect ratio. Is it possible to add 2:3 and 3:4 there? Paul
  5. To the entire WnSoft team, best wishes for the New Year from the ProShow enthusiast forum team. We hope for fruitful cooperation in the new year on a mutually beneficial basis. We wish you continued stable development of the PTE AV Studio Pro program. To all of us for joy and benefit! A small gift box for all of you! Best regards Paul
  6. Lin, I’m trying to get back to this question to argue the benefits of global mirroring. On the other hand, the list of files has the ability to rotate the picture left / right. This I find absolutely useless, but it is there. Best regards Paul
  7. Colleagues, I write in the "Discussions" section in order to find optimal solutions. Which saves us time. I know the solution, I showed it in the project. But this is not an optimal solution. As I said, there can be a simple solution, as implemented, for example, in the PSP. Any image can be mirrored globally and forget about compatibility with duplicates. I enclose a screenshot below. Indeed, in the file list, you can rotate the photo left / right. Why not add mirroring there? Best regards Paul
  8. DG, I already sent the above backup, Threat said that you do not use the RAR archiver. But can the files separately, which was also sent above, not be saved in one folder? There is also a .pte file. Paul Horizontal Mirror Image_Dec30-2019_11-02-06.zip
  9. Hi Dav, This is not what I need, something is wrong with the translation in the translator. For example, in an album, I turn the page and show the photos on it from the other side. And they turn out to be mirrored horizontally. And I need the original. Therefore, I must first reflect them horizontally, and then they will become as needed. To do this, each time the rotation along Y is not rational, because this makes it impossible to make copies of original layers. Best regards Paul
  10. Hello everybody I did not find in the global settings of the layer the ability to make the reflection of the layer horizontally and vertically. In the file list, you can rotate the photo left / right. But there is no reflection, which in my opinion is more important when constructing effects, for example, on the reverse side (in which the reflection of the original occurs). Best regards Paul
  11. Thanks for the help from Barry, I’ll need to figure out how the themes relate and import a certain number of styles at the same time. Paul
  12. Hi Geoff, Judging by the fact that when choosing styles you can choose only one of the many, this is impossible. I agree with your statement that adding a lot of styles can be tedious. Best regards Paul
  13. Hello everybody, on my forum, users are actively studying PTE and show the application of various styles. Including those posted on this forum. One style (Carousel2 from DG) caused them difficulties in using photo formats other than 1: 1. I allowed myself to modify the style a little, combining everything in one slide. Best regards Paul Carousel2 (edited).pte
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