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  1. I have tried to upgrade from both versions to version 8 but it keeps saying the key is not valid but it is the only one I have got What a pain Chris
  2. Hi John I do use aperture for quite a lot of my pictures but I also use elements for other things that aperture can't do.Overall I find it very useful for sorting my pictures into libraries and general adjustments. Chris
  3. Yes the light is from the blue screen when windows has decided to go it's own way and shut down the programme for the umpteenth time. :lol: Chris
  4. Barry It now runs and looks great on my 27 inch Mac I now only run a few windows programmes on my Dell 17 inch XPS and I am looking forward to a Mac version of PTE probably some time in the future. Chris
  5. Hi Barry I have downloaded the pte prommo and red balloons and they run perfectly When I download Montage it unzips to an app but does not run so there must be a problem with the upload. Chris p.s. the ipad version does run but is not the best quality
  6. Hi Barry Downloaded the Mac version but does not run Had the same trouble with Montage but Fantasia did run Chris
  7. I go along with crossfade on parallells. I run quite a few windows programmes including PTE without any problems and you can cut and paste between windows and Mac Chris
  8. John That worked fine complete with music Chris
  9. Hi Lin I have downloaded it on my MAC and it works perfectly. Really cool Chris
  10. Thanks Igor I do not use the other program now as PTE does everything I want. It justs get better and better. The web site now looks very proffesional. Chris
  11. Is it just a coincedence it looks like another slide show programs new website Chris
  12. With everyone's help I have finally managed to burn a BluRay disc. Ray is spot on regarding the PTE h.264 file cannot be read in Sony Vegas and so I went back to using an avi file and this time it actually worked. This is rather strange because that is the way I tried in the first place. Lin. I tried the software you gave me a link to and it did burn a disc but there was no sound. Ron I have produced many DVD's with PTE without any problems but you will need some authuring software if you want to do multiple shows in Bluray. I am also glad I have been using rewritable Bluray discs because there would have been an awful lot of coasters flying about. Best regards to everyone Chris
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