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    Entering License Key

    I purchased PicturesToEXE years ago and was sent a pte6.key file. With each update I would use this file to show I had already bought the software. A few years have gone by since updating the software and now after downloading the newest version it is asking me to enter my license key. Can anyone tell me where or how I can get this so I can upgrade the downloaded PicsToExe from a trial version to the full version. Thanks! I love this software and have created many slideshows to share with family and friends.
  2. Cavefolk

    Old Slide Shows Won't Run

    My old slideshows.exe won't run, won't open, won't play. I get an error message to the effect "Not a valid Win32 Application" Ideas?
  3. Cavefolk

    Old Slide Shows Won't Run

    The problem is, the graphics I used for the old slideshows are now in different locations. I would have to go back into the text file for the slideshows and change the file paths. I'll do that if I have to, but it'll be a bit time consuming. But... Why is this happening? You wouldn't think it would. I'd understood that an .exe file was a stand-alone application. If it's self-contained, I'd think it would run. Could I have something wrong on my PC, I'm wondering? Could a necessary file have gotten deleted from my system? Any ideas for me? I sure appreciate your help. Thanks again.
  4. Cavefolk

    Old Slide Shows Won't Run

    This problem occurs when I just try to run a slideshow, for instance "MyShow.exe".
  5. Hi, I've been enjoying PicturesToExe for a few years now. I'm using v4.20 now and doing great with it. However, some of my slide shows created with older versions of the programs won't work. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, have you found a solution? What can I do to run or upgrade my old shows? Have I done something wrong? Hope someone can help. Thanks a lot!