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  1. All of my computers are running Windows 10 64 bit except for a notebook which is 32 bit. John
  2. Regarding the flag obscuring some of the text, would it not be possible to move the flag higher up the screen instead of changing its size? Also the text at the top left at the very beginning I found the color a little weak, maybe a darker color to make it "stand out". Regards John
  3. My pleasure Andrew. I always tell people who are making an AV to walk away from it for about a week, then look at it again with fresh eyes. It's amazing what that break can do for the creative genius inside us. John
  4. Really liked your show very moving. May I make a couple of suggestions that I think would make it even better. 1. Near the beginning there is a shot (at 1.04) of the plaque and flags, I would suggest that it may be even more effective by swapping it with the ending shot of the (days) programme. For me it would set the scene by having the image of the programme at the beginning telling the viewer what is going to happen and leaving us with the plaque and flags as the final poignant fade out. 2. Have you considered centering the video on the screen instead of the bottom right corner? I feel that this would better hide the out of focus backgrounds. Regards John
  5. Very impressive, the client should be over the moon with what you have produced
  6. I already said in my earlier post 15 mins!
  7. A long time ago a couple I knew decided to renew their wedding vows after wards we were subjected to over 3 hours VHS tapes of the ceremony and following reception! For anyone I would suggest an absolute maximum of 15 mins of highlights no more. Bride & Groom plus parents excepted of course. John
  8. Thank you for sharing this show, it brought back memories of many holidays spent in Northumberland the choice of music was very good. A couple of minor things, I felt that some of the early transitions were a little bit too slow give the "third image" a bit too much time on screen and also there seemed to be some wide-angle distortion with quite a few of the buildings leaning backwards or sideways. However this doesn't really distract from the sequence which portrays the coast beautifully. John
  9. Such sad news, I knew Maureen and Robert when I was in England, my most sincere condolences to Robert and family. John Guthrie
  10. Just as a matter of interest the Bluetooth Logitech Dinovo Media and Edge keyboards do not allow the Alt+0169 keystroke, in fact they do not allow any Alt+code keystrokes. Regards John
  11. I would suggest that you need a directional microphone which will help cut down background noise better than an omnidirectional microphone. I'm guessing that most of the USB microphones would fall into the omnidirectional camp. I'm not sure that a lavalier microphone would do what you want. Have you thought about using one of the better quality Beyerdynamic headphones with attached microphone? Examples are DT 290 mkII, DT 790 or the MMX 2 http://europe.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets.html Regards John
  12. I really do not understand your comment about the reviews, I am assuming that you are referring to the ones on Slideshowclub which certainly were not negative or discourteous in any way. I realise that the show is your comment on the election, however I found it a little too abstract, not really making a point until the end credits! The photography was up to your usual high standard as was the soundtrack. I guess that he (hopefully) will not be elected for a second term, then you will be able to make another show about your feelings of relief. John
  13. Liked the show being a fan of the Icelandic landscape, almost all the images are superb. I would however prefer to see more fades/dissolves as a break from the snap changes which are a bit repetitious. Regards John
  14. Hi Ken Rollei made more than one 6x6 projector: Rollei Universal P11 (6x6 or 2 1/4" &35mm) twin magazine channels P66 P66S Rolleivision 66 Rolleivision 66 Dual P (6x6 & 35mm) As you say a show on one or more of these is/was something to see and then of course there was the Hasselblad PCP 80 (at a price!) John
  15. On my windows 10 systems in File Explorer: Select the file you want to burn, then click on the share tab and select burn to disc. Alternatively drag the file and drop it on the CD drive and you should get a message saying files ready to burn to disc. Regards John
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