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  1. Maureen was such a friend to everyone she met. Karen and I stayed with Maureen and Robert on one of our visits to England. We have fond memories of our hike together and of the wonderful meals they prepared for us. Prayers go out to Robert and family. Bill
  2. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments ! I've redirected any URL requests for "beechbrook.com/pte" to the new archive. So if you have any predefined links in your browser you will now be taken to the correct site. Best regards, Bill
  3. David, I also tried uploading your show to slideshowclub and it failed twice. We will have to investigate what is going on. The system should accept files of around 225 MB with no issues. Stay tuned, Bill
  4. Aginum, There is no such file on the server. Did you enter a "FILE TAG" (either PC or MAC)? It is also required, although that is not indicated on the upload page. Best regards, Bill
  5. Hi David, Besides the note I sent you from slideshowclub yesterday I've also sent you an email with further instructions for uploading to SSC. Looking forward to seeing your production there soon. It was brilliant !!!! Bill
  6. Great work Igor. Thanks for the options ! - Bill
  7. Eric, On Beechbrook.com for years (yes years) my PTE Upload Utility clearly stated (and was in bold red text) that thumbnail images should only be 120x80 pixels when shows were uploaded. Did my visitors do that all the time? Absolutely not. I had to edit their images manually to make them fit correctly on the space that was provided on the Download pages. Sure, we could mention what you are suggesting but it won't correct the issue. Members will do as members do - whatever suits them at the time. You have to down size your own thumbnails. Slideshowclub doesn't down size images. The author has to. Bill
  8. Your show is online Eric. Remember... this is a hobby, not a job. :-)
  9. Yes. I see that you and Igor and in conversation. However I am not sure what you are seeing or how that is possible since the software that slideshowclub runs under did not change. Only the host server.
  10. Eric. Slideshowclub was moved to a newer and faster server. The software that slideshowclub runs on did not change, only the hosting server. What worked before this move did not change. Same software on a new server is all that changed.
  11. I believe slideshowclub has now been configured correctly. I have been approving shows all day and have received no more notices about failures. Thank you to everyone for your patience. Regards, Bill
  12. Sorry for my long delay. I have been away without means to do any testing. Several options have been changed on the server and members are now able to successfully upload shows. I have approved two new shows already today Regards - Bill.
  13. Hope this is helpful. The same instructions can be found on slideshowclub itself. Bill Upload Instructions: Step 1. Select "Click to Upload Files" A window will open displaying files on your computer. You may select all the files you wish to upload at one time or choose them independently by selecting the "Click to Upload Files" button for each show. Choices are: mov, mp3, mpg, wmv, zip. Maximum file size is 224 MB. Each zipped filename should be identified by its format. Example: myshow for PC.zip , myshow for Mac.zip. WAIT for your files to upload to the server before continuing. A small graphic progress meter is shown to the right side of your shows' name. Once the upload completes your files size will be displayed as well as a link for deletion if necessary. Step 2. Select "Click to Upload Screenshots". A window will open displaying files on your computer. Select an image to represent your show on the Download pages. Any file size is allowed. Choices are: gif, jpeg, jpg, mpg, png. Step 3. Enter the "File Name" of your show. Example: My Holiday in Europe. Choose at least one "File Tag". Choices are: PC, Mac, YouTube, and Video. Enter a Description for your show. Click "Add Selection" and your upload session is completed. The administrator will review your show before it becomes available for download.
  14. Slideshowclub.com was recently moved and upgraded to a faster and more efficient server. The server is located in Europe. We hope this upgrade will bring renewed speed and functionally for our members and guests on Slideshowclub. Regards, Bill
  15. Eric, Perhaps we need to do as Ken suggests and not post something on this forum about your shows on Slideshowclub until they are actually available. Might help stop some confusion. Regards, Bill
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