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  1. Hi All! I have to make a small corrective. I have not used an enlarger to copy glass plates. This was more a suggestion for Eric to cheaply get a holder for the negative as well as a "lightsbox". The Notepad way was found with the kind help of Google ... A dedicated lightbox will of cause be the best. And to keep the ambient light low. Some years ago I used my flatbed to copy a glass plate with the attached result. (Pre and after Photoshopping). The flatbed lamp was disconnected and the glass plate was placed on the flatbed glass emultion side up (towards the lightsource). This gives a miss focus by the thickness of glass plate.I took a calculated chance on the depth of field of the flatbed. Backlight was my table lamp and a piece of opal plastic. By the way - nice to be back on the forum. /Lennart
  2. No problem. Just been hiding in the bush.. /Lennart
  3. Nice pictures. I like your low viewing angle. Music sync to pix well done. Thanks for sharing. /Lennart
  4. Eric, here´s a clue... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folly /Lennart
  5. Eric, nice show. One of the few I have watched twice. My hearing aid does not disclose if there are any fading in/out on the videosound. If not it would be an improvement. What folly is it in picture #6? Any close-ups? /Lennart
  6. Eric - you´re welcome! Nice pic of two bears hugging.. /Lennart
  7. Eric, you nailed it. Cables in disorder. Left hand speaker out of action. Nice hearing and watching your cooking lecture. /Lennart
  8. Ken - Not exactly: 84 498 kB Videoclip and (Mediafire)143 655 kB MPEG-4 Movie. /Lennart
  9. Ken - Thank you for directing me to the Youtube downloader. The Youtube downloader is now installed and I have downloaded all versions of "A Taste of Ramsea". I have tried Windows MediaPlayer, Real Player and Quick Time and still the voiceover is silent. My spaceage hearing aid (for monitoring my neighbors) did not help either. All other of Erics Youtube videos work fine. Also the Skelmersdale Prize Band sounds nice. So - for the moment I rest the case... Thanks a lot for all your efforts to help me. /Lennart
  10. Ken - yes. I have noticed on other youtube-videos that sometimes sound is missing. It may have something to do with my Microsoft Security Essentials or Malwarebytes.. Eric - can you put the exe-file on Mediafire for me to download? /Lennart
  11. No, this time no joke. The music was OK but the voiceover was silent. /Lennart
  12. First time I saw "Gordon Ramsey" and was spared the voiceover. I couldn´t, by some reason, get no sound on the cooking part. However, it looks like you liked the dish... /Lennart
  13. Nice intro-AV. Sad I didn´t know of your trip. We could have had a chat and a beer in Copenhagen. Pictures perfect and voiceover very good. Looking forward for what´s coming. /Lennart
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