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    Having read through this thread I agree with most that's been said about the future of DVD and whether it's a good choice for outputting slideshows. However it is a feature offered in PicturesToExe, which may attract some people when deciding to buy the software, and should therefore work efficiently. Geoff
  2. Nudge using arrow keys v9.0.14

    Thanks Dave that works fine
  3. Is anyone else having trouble nudging items in the O&A window using the arrow keys in version 9.0.14. It would appear, on my system at least, that this function no longer works. Other's observations would be appreciated, and a solution if it's just my system. Thanks Geoff
  4. Mixed Disk

    Thanks Phil and Igor for your replies, and for the info. Regards Geoff
  5. Mixed Disk

    Does anyone have experience of putting both .exe files and .mp4 files on the same DVD disc, not burnt as DVD but a data disk. My question is if such a disk was placed in a stand alone DVD player would it play the .mp4 files and ignore the .exe's or would the .exe's prevent it reading the disk at all. Geoff
  6. Progress bar question

    Is it possible to have navigation bar icons showing but turn off the progress bar other than auto hiding? Edit Solved. If switching from the mini player to full screen the progress bar appears on mouse movement. If preview from current position is selected then progress bar doesn't show on mouse movement.
  7. (Solved) Saving Project

    Ok thanks Igor
  8. Print Screen

    Hi Igor I understand your thinking, but still maintain the view that a token effort is better than no effort at all. regards Geoff
  9. (Solved) Saving Project

    Thanks for conformation is there any way to move this there or should I repeat the post?
  10. (Solved) Saving Project

    In previous versions of PTE pressing Ctrl + S while in the objects and animations window saved the project. This appears not to be the case in Version 9, Ctrl + S only being available after exiting the Objects and Animations window. Being able to save while working on a complex animation is useful, so could someone please check to see if what I'm finding is not unique to my system. Thanks Geoff
  11. Print Screen

    I understand all the arguments put forward, but still think that unless there is a good technical reason for removing that piece of existing code, then it should be kept in version 9. It may be a token effort at protecting images, but that's not a good reason for removing it. If there is a good and valid reason for it's removal, I would be interested to hear that reasoning from Igor. Regards Geoff
  12. Print Screen

    Hi Lin In my opinion if the anti-print screen feature prevents even a percentage of image theft, then for code that already existed to be removed is short sighted to say the least. It means that for me, on one particular project, having paid for version 9 I have to revert to using version 8. Because I'm dealing with other peoples images I have to show that the software I'm using does all it can to protect their images. If the reasons you give are correct then I'm most disappointed that Wnsoft have not at least done all they can to protect against image theft. Best regards Geoff
  13. Print Screen

    Hi Jill I'm afraid to say its not, create a slideshow in version 9 export to exe run it and do a print screen. The image will be captured. This is a serious oversight as far as I'm concerned and should be reinstated as a matter of urgency
  14. Print Screen

    Can anyone tell me where the option to prevent Print Screen can be found is Version 9 please
  15. Suggest that the mouse cursor changes to the familiar hand when moving over a menu clickable button. There would seem to be no logical reason why the mouse pointer should behave differently to a hypertext link when the sole funcion of both is to trigger some form of event or action. Many thanks Geoff