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  1. Thanks for the advice much appreciated Geoff
  2. When converting existing shows to version 10 after opening the existing .PTE file is it necessary to "save as" to over write the version 9 .pte file in the new version 10 format or are all the improvements in version 10 performance included by simply going to publish show in .exe format without doing a "save as" on the .PTE file? Geoff
  3. Many thanks Igor and once again congratulations to you and the team for an excellent upgrade. Geoff
  4. Hi Igor Now we have a release candidate for Version 10 and the evaluation key no longer works, when will it be possible to buy a key, and will there be an upgrade route for existing users? Also some idea of price structure would be appreciated. Geoff
  5. Hi igor Further to my above enquiry, all my slideshows are produced on my desktop computer. I only use the laptop for playing slideshows and not producing them. It would appear that most laptops with separate NVIDIA graphics cards are beyond my price range (about £500). Given this information could I play Version 10 slideshows on a laptop like or similar to this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07PPT2MN2/ref=psdc_429886031_t3_B07MWDHKXY Many thanks Geoff
  6. Hi Igor Many thanks for the information, and congratulations to you and the team for PTE 10
  7. My 11 year old dell laptop has just died. What would people think is the minimum laptop specification processor / graphics needed to run PTE including sideshows made with the upcoming version 10 release. I'm looking for recommended minimum specs rather than a high end wish list. Many thanks Geoff
  8. Hi Igor Thanks it will be a welcome addition whenever you can do it. Regards Geoff
  9. Given the amount of work carried out in the O&A Editor, it would be useful to be able to hotkey Ctrl + S save without closing the editor. Geoff
  10. Considering how much work that could be done in the O&A window, being able to hot key save would be a welcome addition in my opinion, hopefully Igor will comment on this. Geoff
  11. Hi Lin, hope you are well. I seem to remember using it in O&A before but that may be creative memory. If it doesn't work in O&A I think it would be a useful addition Best Regards Geoff
  12. Can anyone confirm for me whether Ctrl + S works in the O&A window in version 9.17 because to me it doesn't seem as if it does. When animating many slides in O&A it's useful to be able to save without exiting the O&A window Geoff
  13. Hi Igor this is a free large file service I use, people may find it useful for larger projects https://wetransfer.com/ Geoff
  14. Having read through this thread I agree with most that's been said about the future of DVD and whether it's a good choice for outputting slideshows. However it is a feature offered in PicturesToExe, which may attract some people when deciding to buy the software, and should therefore work efficiently. Geoff
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