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  1. Johnwnjr

    Smartphone and PTE

    I do have a sequence running on an Android tablet but it has become a .wmv file. I transferred it long ago and at the moment can't remember how I did it! However it runs quite well but a little less smooth than an .exe file on a PC or a Projector. I presume it has become a video file. Perhaps some one else can add to this.
  2. Johnwnjr

    Projection failed

    I seem to have solved the problem by pressing fn and f4 on the laptop which as you mentioned earlier results in a choice of screen duplicating or extending. I had forgotten about this control feature. Thank you very much for your help Jill. John
  3. Johnwnjr

    Projection failed

    I ran a PTE Project and on clicking Preview got a choice of Display 1 and Display 2. Nothing projected on 1 but the Project ran on 2. Taskbar finished up with Pte Viewer 5 on an icon and I closed window and it was back to the Windows Screen without the Icons. I do not understand how to check projector resolution in this case via the control panel & duplicating and extending. Display Resolution of Laptop is 1366 x 768 (Recormended) and that of the sequence in PTE 1920 x 1080 which has been the case for several years without trouble. The message your mentioned did not appear.
  4. Johnwnjr

    Projection failed

    The Windows 10 part of the normal "lit windows (Microsoft design) " plus taskbar shows on the projector screen but all icons on the desktop are missing. They are showing on the laptop screen as does a running sequence with sound. I have by the way tried adjusting projector settings and reset the projector to default settings. I haven't looked at a PTE project because they show OK on the laptop and it is not what I want to project at the moment but the 100 or so already made sequences, which still show on the laptop and via the TV. Previously I only needed to attach the laptop to the projector to get the same pictures, and I have checked the settings for TV and projection on the laptop. I hope that helps you to help me! Thanks.
  5. Johnwnjr

    Projection failed

    I have been projecting Pte .exe files (shows) successfully for years, but for some reason that I am wondering whether any member of this forum can solve, I suddenly cannot project them anymore. Old PowerPoint sequences made many years ago project OK still. I use a Samsung Laptop which appears to be functioning perfectly, and an Epson Projector which will still project DVDs via a DVD player. I am using HDMI leads and have tested them via the TV. All sequences will still play through the TV, that is PTE ones and PowerPoint ones. What may have happened is that someone asked me to present their PowerPoint USB sequence, which still projects OK, or it may be something to do with Microsoft Updating Windows 10. I zhave spend over 12 hours trying to solve this without success, so I would be grateful of any help. Thanks in advance. John
  6. Johnwnjr

    Slide Title Duration

    This appears to be exactly what you are wanting and you vary the time of each image holding the title slide on longer if you wish.
  7. Johnwnjr

    Do you create DVD video in PicturesToExe?

    In 2016 I made about 25 DVDs for home use on the TV. John
  8. Johnwnjr

    Error Message

    Barry, I have made 6 DVD's recently using the PTE program without any of the trouble mentioned. Since Windows 10 I did buy an external DVD machine from Amazon for £15 which plugs into the computer with two USBs but it all seems to work well with PTE, and I just follow the program from Publish (2nd Menu) DVD-Video Disc. I thought the banner mentioned only appeared if you had not paid for the full version. Perhaps if she has indeed paid she needs to contact wnsoft for them to clear her product key, or that may be with you? I hope that this helps but I am not sure that it will. regards, John.
  9. Johnwnjr

    DVD Video Disc

    I solved the problem by buying an External USB 2.0 Slim DVD CD R/RW Drive Burner Writer from Amazon £15.95 and Colin told me about Imgburn.com. Using PTE deluxe and Imgburn I have made another DVD successfully. The External DVD also solved a problem I had with my Laptop DVD not working after uploading Windows 8.1 and now plays all DVDs successfully. I haven't tried to burn anything through it yet but that should work too. Thanks for everyone's comments above.
  10. Johnwnjr

    General Disc problem

    Colin, I downloaded ImgBurn and have successfully made another copy of the sequence using PTE Deluxe and ImgBurn. So I am very grateful to you for practically solving this problem. As an aside the original DVD in the PC still only plays and re-records CDs not DVDs so I did two things - 1. got some different recordable DVDs which did not alter the problem and also bought via Amazon an External USB 2.0 Slim DVD CD R/RW Drive Burner Writer for £15.95 which is what I have used to burn the new disk. I have a PC and a laptop. With the PC I could not play parts of Barry Beckham's PTE 8 disk "What's New in 8" in the external drive, but by using ImgBurn to convert a file this was possible. In the Laptop with the external DVD attached I was able to play any part of Barry's disk. The PC is on Windows 7 and the Laptop on Window 8.1 One last thing I have noticed is the external DVD is set for region 2 DVDs whereas the PC is set for Region 1 DVDs and although I have tried altering the PC to 2 the computer doesn't seem to let me do this. Anyway thanks again. John
  11. Johnwnjr

    General Disc problem

    Colin, Thank you for this information. John
  12. Johnwnjr

    DVD Video Disc

    I have put virgin DVD-R Disks into the drive which have not been used before, and just done it again without success. Each time I have pushed a disk into the drive I have waited until the DVD Drive light goes out. Although I had success with these Verbatim disks before I will go and get a new pack of a different make. I have also gone on the computer to DVD RW Drive (D) Properties which tells me "this device is working properly" I have also on other advice deleted the driver, rebooted and let Windows update the driver and then asked Windows to check the driver which come sup with "best driver already installed". Another thing I have done to test the drive is put an ordinary CD into the drive and that played back audio OK, but commercial DVDs do not - I have checked the Region on the computer which is United States Region 1, and I tried to change it to UK Region 2 but the computer doesn't allow that change. As I have said before it all worked OK previously and I have gone back to PTE 7.5 and tried burning a Disk in wnsoft Video Builder but it won't have it, dare I repeat "Insert a Disk or Disk not Inserted". So I still haven't solved this!
  13. Johnwnjr

    DVD Video Disc

    Thank you Yachtsman1 - I did do that and backdated restore to April 30th but this has not put it right. I had another go this evening and noticed that if I put a movie in I get a Windows dialog saying "Insert a Disc" which of course I do and if I try using PTE Video Builder it seems to produce its own dialog "Disc not inserted" and then it tells me Video Builder.exe is not responding.
  14. Johnwnjr

    DVD Video Disc

    Ken yes I have a dVD Movie and that too does not play.
  15. Johnwnjr

    DVD Video Disc

    I successfully made a DVD disc at the beginning of May via PTE 8.0 on a Windows 7 PC. Now the DVD will not make another disc or play back any DVDs. It will still copy jpgs to a CD. Since May I have clicked on the Windows 10 icon and booked the upgrade later this month. Windows 10 will not have a program to run computer installed DVD/CDs which Windows 7 does. Is it possible that already there has been a Windows Update disconnecting the operation of the player? The message I get from attempting to make a DVD is to "Insert a Disc" - which I do only for it to eject and repeat the request. The Disc inserted is the same type as the successful one.