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  1. Igor, It happens when I edit the filename to be the same as the previous filename so that it gets overwritten. PTE recognizes that it is the same filename and asks if I want to overwrite the old filename and I select 'Yes'. At that point the Trim/Convert window freezes at '0%'. I think other functions of PTE also freeze and I have to use Task Manager. Gary
  2. Greetings Igor, When I do a certain step in Trim/Convert, PTE V10 locks up. Here are my steps: I 'Trim/Convert' a video clip. I get the 'Filename.converted.mp4'. Then, I want to 'Trim/Convert' that file and I should get 'Filename.converted.converted.mp4. I do, but I want to overwrite the existing file so I remove the second '.converted' and it ask if want to overwrite it and I say 'Yes', to save it with the same name, 'Filename.converted.mpt'. But it locks up. This has happened several times. Needs Taskmanager to close PTE. Gary
  3. Igor, I just sent you a small sample video clip from the cell phone via PM. I don't know yet which cell phone it came from. My friend, who has the cell phone, is out of town. Gary
  4. Igor, Yes, now the bottom border appears correctly. However, there is not an Aspect Ratio to select that will match the cell phone's video frame. Not sure why the 3:4 appears. I understand I can use the Image Crop to move the left and right sides into the video's frame. Or use the Framing to expand the video into the frame. But is it possible to add an Aspect Ratio to match the real Aspect Ratio of the cell phone's videos? Gary
  5. Glad you brought that up. I would never had noticed it! Seems like it would be better placed just under the Font window. But good to know. Gary
  6. Greetings, I am working on a project for a friend who used his cell phone for still images and video clips. I don't have a cell phone so this is new to me. My question has to do with putting a border around the video clip, which has been resized to 95%. If I bring in the video clip without Convert, the bottom of the border is not being shown: If I Convert the clip, I get black borders on both sides of the clip: What am I missing? The properties of the video clip are: Not sure why the Frame Size is 1920x1080. PTE does not seem to give an Aspect Crop for cell phones? How can I get a border around the video clip? It works for its still images but not for its video clips. Gary
  7. Igor, I have been misunderstanding what you have been saying about the 'Quality' mode. I finally see the light! When you said 'Quality', I thought you were talking about settings using 'High, Medium and Low Quality'. I now see it is the choice in the 'Custom'/'Bit Rate and 'Quality' menu. Thanks for the added info about the ability to set the quality value to '150%'. It made me take a closer look at the menus. Learn something most every day... I'll do more testing to see the results. Thanks... Gary
  8. Igor, I did a test creating an output of MP4, instead of WMV. Yes, the audio is in sync in PTE Player. Lesson learned is not to use WMV. Thanks.... Gary
  9. Greetings Igor, When the WMV clip is played in VLC or WMP, the audio is in sync. When I play it in the PTE Player, the audio is out of sync. When I converted (no trimming) the WMV clip using Quality, the audio is not in sync (as opposed to your results). This WMV clip was created using CyberLink Screen Recorder of a Tivo file and the default output was WMV. I see now that I could have chosen MP4 as the output format. I'll give that a try to see if it makes a difference with the sync. Yes, I choose Bitrate 8000kbit/s to get a higher bitrate than what Quality produces. HQ gives only 2258kbit/s. Yes, it gives a optimized (smaller) file size. I will go back and try some tests on better video clips to see the difference. It would be nice to use HQ and get smaller file size but good results. I forget you reasoning but once you recommended using 8000bit rate for something. Not sure now what it was about. Gary
  10. Igor, I just sent you a PM with the project files in Zip. Notice in the final project, I had to slightly nudge the separated audio to the right a bit to match up the audio with the video. Gary
  11. Igor, I hate to bring up this question because I can't replicate it. But I was not doing anything out of the ordinary. The project was just one short video clip that I had Separated the Audio from the Video. When I tried to Publish the single video clip project, the processing window came up but it just sat at 0%. Tried to terminate it but the window seemed to freeze up. I had to use Task Manager to close PTE. After reopening the project, it, again, did the same thing. Had to use Task Manager to close PTE. I then just jiggled the audio that I had separated from the single video clip. and then it worked. Not really sure what was going on but it was a strange occurrence. So, just a heads up on what happened. Maybe nothing. But, one other thing, I had to separate the audio from the video clip because after the clip was Trimmed/Converted, and it made the audio to be a bit out of sync. I had to move the audio slightly to line up with the video. Probably a more serious problem. Gary
  12. I don't think there is any other software program that interfaces with its users so closely to come up with such a superb product!!! Thanks, Igor and his team. Gary
  13. Greetings Frans, For me, with V10, I don't have to convert my GoPro7 video clips. They work just fine without converting. However, I do convert the video clips in order to be able to Trim and set the Bit Rate and FPS that I want. But either way, they play just fine in V10. For me, in V9, converting the GoPro7 video clips does not help. They run rough and stumble a lot. Strange that you have no problem with them in V9. I have Win10 and GeForce GTX 1070. Gary
  14. Igor, Here is a sample GoPro Hero7 video clip. My last show was made in V10 Beta and had no problems using these GoPro clips. However, when I opened the show in V9, these GoPro Hero7 clips play very roughly, if at all. https://send.firefox.com/download/f66e76be25b24a6b/#jzkUtXknx85n1YVuXG3HLw Gary
  15. Thanks... I just noticed that since I went to the RCs, all my 'Settings/Preferences' were not all checked and I did not see the 'Comment' box was missing. Gary
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