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  1. goddi

    Linear Dissolve vs Smooth Dissolve

    Igor, I normally use a short Dissolve at 1.5 seconds. I'd guess that is why I don't see much difference between the current dissolve and the 'Smooth'. But, yes, add it v10. Thanks... Gary
  2. goddi

    Linear Dissolve vs Smooth Dissolve

    Igor, In comparing your two demos, I prefer the 'Smooth' dissolve. I dislike long dissolves because they are uncomfortable on my eyes. The 'Linear' demo just seems to take a tad too long. Is the current default dissolve in PTE 'smooth' or 'linear'? Hard to tell without it also included in your demos. But Smooth is better for me. Thanks... Gary
  3. goddi

    Cube Style & Link To Tutorial

    Lin... Get better!! Sorry to hear you are going through all of this. Best Wishes... Gary
  4. goddi

    Remember Settings

    Igor, This would be an improvement that would be very useful and helpful every day, with every show we work on. Thanks...Gary
  5. goddi

    Remember Settings

    Igor, Not to hijack this posting, but since the topic of 'remember settings' has come up, I'd like to re-enter my request to be able to set a default option for location of all files used in a PTE show. The suggestion does not get any traction but I believe it is useful. Gary
  6. goddi

    (SOLVED) Jumping videos

    Works fine for me too. Win10, desktop with 1803 update. Gary
  7. goddi

    Video - PTE versus a competitor

    Greetings, At first, I liked the image on the right. Mostly because, I think, it was 'brighter'. But, on more inspection, it seems to be a bit over-exposed (such as indicated on the white pole). The jacket on the left seems a tad bit sharper. Now sure what to tell you about my monitor, but it is a Dell P2715Q, and using the color profile sRGB IEC 61966-2.1, and 'Standard dynamic range', if that helps. Gary
  8. goddi

    Free Music Resource

    Yes, I have been building a folder of music you have created and offered to us to use. Very thankful!!! It is a pleasure to attribute each one that I use to you. Gary
  9. goddi

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Barry, My point was not to increase the max upload size to accept file sizes in excess of 1 Gig, though it would be nice. My point was to revert back to at least what the max upload size used to be which was about 273Mbs. The decrease in the max upload size apparently occurred due to the server's configuration. Igor acknowledged this and said he would 'fix' the problem. I noticed this back in January 2017. Whether there are many comments or not in the SSC, I would be nice to have the ability to upload shows without the current restriction in size. Gary
  10. goddi

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Greetings, I beg to differ on the idea that file size does not matter. Lin gave a link to his 'Whatcanido2018.zip' slide show. It would have be nice to have put it on the Slideshowclub site but the max size for upload is only 125Mbs. Since his show is 1.8Gbs, this is not possible. I have been asking Igor for almost a year to fix this problem since it appeared. It is a limiting factor that prevents uploads of larger sized files, especially those with video clips. Not everyone has a web site that can host files. So the Slideshowclub used to be a good solution to share our shows. I have reverted to putting all my slideshows on my Facebook page but it does not help in getting comments from other PTE users. Would be nice if Igor would fix it. He has said he would, but hasn't. Gary
  11. Greetings, A bit over 2 years ago, I posted this suggestion but it has not been added yet. See: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/18427-create-default-choice-for-folder-that-displays-in-the-file-list/?tab=comments#comment-122720 It has been mentioned before that the 'golden rule' when creating PTE projects is to put all files used in the project in the same folder. It would be most helpful, for those who follow this 'rule', to be able to input a default file location of the project when we initially start a project, usually the location of the PTE file. Many times when you go back to an old project, the File List, for example, does not populate with the files used when the project was created. You have to hunt for the location and reestablish it. When you try to 'Add Music', it shows an unrelated folder and you have to hunt for the working folder again that would contain the audio files for the project. Same with 'Save As'. It might not go to the original location. This happens very often with Open Recent Files. The PTE file already contains the 'ProjectFilePath=...' which is where the PTE file resides and is the 'Golden Rule' location. If PTE can let users input this path for the default location for all files for a project, it would be very helpful. As I have mentioned before, you can set a default folder location with Excel and Word, why not do it for each project with PTE? Gary
  12. goddi

    Reminder About PTE Facebook Group

    Lin, Yes, I realize that the member's can post their own shows on the PTE Group site. It is just that I see mostly (if not all) your shows. Nothing wrong with that at all. But since it is a PTE Group, I expected to see PTE shows created by others in the Group. Yes, there is a Discussion area. But wanting to see more PTE shows that have been created by others, I went to the Members link and checked around there to their own Facebook sites. Couldn't find any shows. I don't want to fill the site with all my shows so that is why I gave my direct Facebook link for my shows where they would be more consolidated. Maybe I'll upload a few to the Group site. Gary
  13. goddi

    Reminder About PTE Facebook Group

    Lin, Thanks for the reminder. I just Joined the Group. I've been using my Facebook site to post my PTE shows. I stopped using PTE's Slideshowclub since it reduced the max upload size of shows. I'd prefer to get feedback from PTE users by using the Slideshowclub site but Igor has not figured out how to fix it. But I don't see much (or any, yet) PTE shows being posted on the sites of the members of the Group. Not sure what is going on. Anyway, for a more direct link to my page with mostly PTE shows I've made: https://www.facebook.com/gary.oddi Gary
  14. goddi

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Thanks, Igor. Just a strange thing... Gary
  15. goddi

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Igor, I checked the PTE file and it shows the 'CreationTool=PicturesToExe Deluxe 7.00 Beta 12.' I re-created the exe and ran the following programs on it: Malwarebytes, Super Anitspyware, AVG AntivirusFree, Zemana AntiMalware and Windows Defender. None of them indicated any virus/bug. Must have been a false positive. But I don't understand why, all of a sudden, this old exe show would pop-up as having Trojan. A long time ago, there was a virus that attached many of my PTE exe shows and I was thinking this was one of them too. Maybe not, but it concerned me. Thanks for looking into it. Gary