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  1. Igor, Never heard back from you. Still don't understand why the 'Speed' (which is the AB Transition time) needs to be automatically changed when the Full Duration of a Style is changed. If I want to just change the Duration of a slide for a Style, it does not seem it needs to be related to the already set AB Transition time.' Gary
  2. Organisation of Video Conversion advice

    Greetings All, After much use of Convert and Trim, I finally have got the hang of it. However, the Trim process can be improved, for example, if we had the ability to insert markers where we want to Trim. It is not easy to make minor adjustment. It is not easy to see exactly the point of the trim or to make minor adjustments. It would helpful if, after you have set the Trim points, it would Play only within the Trim points. Now, it just plays right through them so you can't be real sure about the trim settings until you actually finish the Convert process and see if it is what you want. Another problem is that once a Convert/Trim is processed, you have to clear the clip out and start over. You can't make an adjustment to your previous settings and just redo it. I think Igor has mentioned he is redoing the entire process so I hope this gets on his to-do list. However, sometimes you want to use a stabilizer program on a clip. You may have a choice of saving it as an AVI or an MP4 from that program. I am never sure if I should re-convert it. Usually, I take a look at the Bit Rate of each file after it is outputted to make some determination as to which to use. Some allow the setting of the bit rate, some don't. Wouldn't it be nice to have a stabilizer built into PTE? Also, setting the Quality level is sort of a blind choice. It seems to affect only the Bit Rate, therefore the final size of the video clip. I wish it would change from choice of Percent, to an actual choice of a Bit Rate. If you are dealing with only a few small clip, it might not matter much. But, with many clips, it might, if you want to get it down below the Max Upload size for the SlideShowClub. One of the problems is that the File List will only highlight a file that is used as the Main Object. If you use a clip (or image) within a clip (or image), it does not show up highlighted in the File List, so that can cause some confusion as to which files were actually used in the project. So when you want to delete unused or test clips or images, you have to be careful. Gary
  3. Organisation of Video Conversion advice

    Greetings George, I have been using a lot of video clips. It can get confusing but after you have done a 'conversion', the filename will be changed by adding 'converted' to it and it will have the 'avi' format. I keep all of my files, images and videos, in the same folder for each project. As an example of a conversion I had to do with on video clip, in the attachment, are 4 of the same video file that had been created in the process. The original file from my camera is an MOV clip. I then 'converted' it and it becomes a 'converted.avi' file. But then I decide to run it through my Mercalli program to stabilize it and it was saved as converted-Merc.mp4. Now, since I think it should be an 'avi' file again, I ran it through the 'convert' process and it becomes 'converted-Merc.converted.avi'. The primary reason I do this is to watch the Bit Rate so that I can try to keep the file sizes down. The lower the Bit Rate, the smaller the file. And you will notice that the file that is actually used in the project will be highlighted. In this example, I have not yet used the final 'converted-Merc.converted.avi' file yet. For the time being, I still am using the 'converted.avi' file. But this is the way I manage the conversion of video clips. I still have questions, myself, about when I really need to do a 'convert' of a video clip. It seems that for sure I should do it to an MOV video clip. They don't play well in the Preview screen. But should I do it to a MP4 clip that was an AVI but was outputted from Mercalli as an MP4 to get it back to the AVI format? Not sure. Gary
  4. Greetings... I just figured out what was going on. For those images that were not showing the filename in the Slides view, I noticed that the 'Main Object' in O&A is not check for those images. I have no idea why they were not checked or why they became unchecked. In the original show, they are all checked. After I renamed and saved as new show, somehow they became unchecked. But I see how to fix it... Gary
  5. Greetings, I am going back to an old show that I have made and wanting to add a Slide Style to the images. I notice that some of the filenames of some images are not shown in the Slide view. Nor are they highlighted in the File List, even though they are in the Slides view. However, the correct filenames is displayed in the O&A. Also, when I try to add a Slide Style, I get a grey screen with the No. 1 in the Slide Style window. I can probably fix this but can anyone tell me what is going on? Gary
  6. How to play on a MAC?

    Greetings Lin, Thanks for the steps. I will send it to him. I think the Step 7 (Get dialog window saying "“filename.app” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” ) is what bothered him. It looked like he was going to download an app from the Internet. Thanks... Gary
  7. How to play on a MAC?

    I don't think my friend is too tech savvy. Maybe he is just confused. Somehow, when he clicks on the MAC 'play' icon, it is not immediately going into 'playing' the show. I have no idea what is really going on since I don't have a MAC. Maybe he just thinks there is an app to be downloaded....duno. But if his MAC can play an MP4, that will be good enough for him. But he said he will talk to his son who might be able to resolve what is going on. This is what he gets. Maybe he is just clicking on the wrong icon. I don't ' know which one to tell him to use. Thanks all... Gary
  8. How to play on a MAC?

    Greetings, I talked to him today and he said when he clicks on the 'Play' icon, it looks like it wants him to download an app to play the show, so he did not continue with it. I didn't think that was the way it works. But, I had also sent him the MP4 version of the same show and he said it played on his MAC. If an MP4 will play on a MAC, why are we creating an MP4 and a MAC version???? Gary
  9. How to play on a MAC?

    Should he click on the .app file or a file within the .ptshow folder to start playing the show? Gary
  10. How to play on a MAC?

    Yes...used 'Create in Zip'. Is that the best choice as opposed to 'Create'? Gary
  11. Greetings, I created a show for a friend who uses a MAC. I Published the show using 'Executable File for MAC'. He says he has a problem trying to play it. He says there are two files but it tell him to run an 'app' which he does not want to do. He says he does not know what this 'app' is so is reluctant to run it. What can I tell him to do about this 'app' question. I don't have a MAC so I don't know what he is seeing. When I download the zipped file from Dropbox, and unzip it, I get the attached files. Not sure what to tell him. Gary
  12. Slideshowclub-can not upload a show

    Greetings Igor, Do you see any corrections for this problem? The Slideshowclub currently states that the max size is '273.44MBs'. It is frustrating trying to figure out what can and can not be uploaded. If this can not be fixed (or even increased beyond the 273.44MBs), it would be helpful for the Slideshowclub site to show the true max size for uploads so we don't have to guess or waste time trying to upload shows that are not within the max size limits. Sincerely, Gary
  13. Barry, Doesn't it depend on which fish you like to eat? I just don't understand why anyone would make comments that are not supportive of someone's suggestion, unless there is some misunderstanding of the problem. If it does not affect them, why make a negative response? I am just a normal user of the program and like to make it more intuitive than it is. Minimizing someone's suggestion might tend to damper others from making suggestions or asking for help. As I said, just trying to make the PTE better. At least, Lin brought to our attention that there must be something wrong with the rotate feature in Slides. Gary
  14. Video Clip Won't Convert

    Igor, Thanks for the info. For those two video clips that would not convert, I ran then through Adobe Premiere Elements and exported them with only a change in the aspect ratio and bit rate, then PTE would convert them. Strange. Looking forward to V.10. Gary
  15. Greetings Barry, You referred to having to rotate a video clip is to fix a mistake. The GoPro camera did not readjust the correct right-side up setting for that clip. Ok, it happens. But there are other occasions when you might want/need to rotate a video. So my point is why not have this ability in Slides or in Convert? Your post seemed to minimize the importance of my suggestion. I don't think I am 'touchy' but just prefer some support in the idea, as opposed to a non-helpful post. Just trying to make the program better. Igor says he is re-writing the Convert process for V.10 so this is the time to make him aware of this suggestion. Gary