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  1. Saving all the styles together

    Dave...Yes, I see now. If I highlighted all of the keyframes for the cube in O&A, and changed the Zoom for the Control Frame, all sides of the cube changed. I'd would have figured that out. Nice work. Gary
  2. Saving all the styles together

    Dave, Yes, I think I was not being too clear. I didn't want to just 'zoom' in on the images. I wanted to increase the actual size of the cube. At 100%, it was too small. I tried 150%, too big. So I have settled on 130%. Seems ok. When I tried the adjustments on other cube styles I had, nothing seems to work. With your 'Cube Modified' style version, the 'Frame1', etc., adjustments are working to increase the size of the cube. The 'Framing' helps to adjust the image within each of the cube's sides. Thanks for the help. Someone else who has PTE asked me how to do it so the discussion has helped me to to understand it and get it working. Gary
  3. Saving all the styles together

    Dave... I got it to work. But, with your 'PTE Cube Modified' style, I changed the 'Frame1; Frame2; and Frame3 ' to the 150%, not the actual image icon, as you are showing. I did use the Framing to adjust the cropping of the image within the Frame 1,2 and 3. Seems to work now. With the other Cube Styles I had, this method did not work...not sure why. Thanks... Gary
  4. Saving all the styles together

    Using Project Option aspect ratio of 16:9. Here is what happens after I increase the size of each image from 100% to 150%. Gary Cube_Test-2.mp4
  5. Saving all the styles together

    Dave, I can increase each image to 150%. But the edges of the cube don't match up. Not sure what else to modify to get it to work correctly. Yes, I have used Framing and border but can't get the increased image sizes to match up. Gary Cube Test.ptestyle
  6. Saving all the styles together

    Dave, Yes, thanks, that worked. One other question. The export didn't include the borders I had on the original cube. Normal? And, I want to increase the size of the images of the cube. I can increase each image from 100% to 150% but the cube does not come out right. I am not sure what else to increase to match the increase in the image sizes. The cube edges of each image do not meet up with each other. Hard to explain. Gary
  7. Saving all the styles together

    Dave, I just happened to want to export a Style for a friend to use. I followed the steps you mentioned above but for a particular Style, it will not work. Some time ago, I imported the Cube style and it went into the Experimental folder. When I try to export the style, nothing happens. I can export other styles in other folders, but not the Cube or the Four Parts styles that are in this Experimental folder. Is there a way to be able to export a style from this folder? Gary
  8. Anybody use Time Limited Usage?

    Yes, I have used it. I'd say keep it. Let's not make it any easier for them. But shouldn't it not play at all after the time limited date (I guess you can change the PC's date?). I just did a test and changed the date on my Win10 PC. The PTE show that I had the date time limit still did not play. So it seems to still work. So why drop it? Sure, they could make a copy before the date limit but they would not know what the date would be. Just make it a short time limit. Gary
  9. 23rd Great Northern Festival

    Greetings Jill, It is like dangling a carrot in front of us. Too bad. It would be nice to view entries into such contest. I have searched high and low to find any groups in my area that do audio/visual shows but have not found any. I can't even get my local photo club to get interested in it. They stick to single image competitions. Concerning copyright problems, I have had a few with uploads to Facebook. I added a PTE topic about how to determine if your PTE show might have copyrighted music that Facebook or YouTube might rejected. Haven't had many readers or any responses but I have found a useful site to upload your music or the PTE show to see the results. Here is a link to recent my post: I currently am having a 'discussion' about a song that I found on the YouTube Audio Library that should be 'free' but is claimed by Symphonic Distribution. Their song, however, is completely different than the song I am trying to use that I got from the YouTube Audio Library. It has taken many back and forths with Sym. Dist. but they finally see my point and they said they would get back to me. But, using the Audible Magic site has helped to give some assurance that my PTE shows that I upload to my Facebook site will not be flagged with copyrighted music and saved my a lot of time and the shutting down of my Facebook page for copyright issues. The point you make that their shows are too big for Slideshowclub is a problem I am having. I wish others would reach out to Igor to get the max size of uploads to be increased. Gary
  10. 23rd Great Northern Festival

    Greetings, Why aren't the the entries available to view? At least the top 3 or 4? It's nice to know there are audio/visual festivals but not being able to see any of the results is disappointing. Are they posted anywhere??? Why not ask them to post them in Slideshowclub? Gary
  11. File to big for publishing

    Bert, One of the problems is the the max size of upload files for the Slideshowclub used to be about 240 mbs. Some time ago it dropped to 125 mbs. I have been asking Igor to increase the max size back to at least where it was, if not larger. With videos included in the PTE show, it makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to stay below the current max size. I have sent emails to Igor and he has been aware of this problem but can't seem to get it fixed. Here is his last message from back in June. Nothing since.: "I still can't re-configure the server. I tried two times to find and change this limit. Linux has so many options and variants. I found 4 points where the upload limit is set and nothing helps. And any software update may reset the limit back again. So it just terrible. I need a consultation of Linux administrator. " I seem to be the only one who has posted about this problem concerning the max upload size for the Slideshowclub. Perhaps, you can add to this suggestion to Igor. I have a bunch of shows with video clips that exceed the current limit so I have not been able to upload any shows. I have reverted to just posting them on my Facebook page. No limits there. Gary
  12. Can not mute video - 9.14 (SOLVED)

    Igor... I found the problem. It was me. Oppsss. I just add the files just so you can see what I was talking about. Gary
  13. Greetings, I notice that the audio of some of my video clips (created from a Sanyo camera) are playing abnormally louder in the 9.14 version than it seems in the previous version. So I am trying to mute the audio of a video clips and add them as a separate audio clip where I can then adjust the volume to be less loud. Also, I notice that the audio sounds louder in the Preview then when played in the File List. (Maybe this is just my perception). However, the main problem is not being able to mute the Sanyo video clips. When I mute some (not all) of the Sanyo video clips, they will not mute. Testing other clips created from other cameras (Nikon), they will mute. The clips that don't seem to mute are from a Sanyo camera. But, other video clips from the Sanyo do mute. I'm not sure how to figure out what might be going on. Any ideas? I have attached a zipped file that contains 3 Sanyo video clips. All clips were shortened to save viewing time. The first Sanyo clip will mute. The second Sanyo clip, though muted, does not mute. The third clip is a duplicate of the second clip, but it will mute. Gary ===========================ADDED LATER=========================== Ha...I just figured it out. I had the same video clip playing as a blurred background to fill the screen since their aspect ratios were not 16x9. So the volume was twice. And I would mute one of them, but not the other. So I have to mute BOTH video clips. This stuff happens when you go back to edit older videos and you forget what the heck you did. The 'problem' occurred with two of the Sanyo video clips where I used the same clip as a blurred background. test.zip
  14. Greetings, To add to Tom's recent suggestion for the Video Converter, I'd like to suggest that we have the ability to use the Trim function without having to re-convert the video. Each time a video is Converted, the Mbps bitrate can change (decreases). Sometimes you might want to do a bit of additional trimming after the initial Convert process but don't want to have the bitrate changed. Gary
  15. Serif Affinity Photo

    Greetings Wideangle, This program was mentioned in this Forum in Jan. of this year. I bought it but totally forgot about it and never used it. Since you posted this info, I found there is an update, 1.6.1. Thanks for the reminder. I usually just use my Photoshop CS5 but maybe I'll take another look at Affinity. Anyone who got the program when it was mentioned earlier this year, you can get the update free. Gary https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/19790-looking-for-photoshop-alternative/?tab=comments#comment-131929