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  1. Igor, Super fantastic!!! Thanks for working through this problem and getting it fixed. Gary
  2. Greetings, I've never used the 'Cut Transition' function. However, I just noticed that when you are in the Slides View in V9 it does not appear in the right-click menu window. But it does appear in the Slides Views in Beta15 (but does not seem to do anything and perhaps it shouldn't). But it is confusing that it shows up in Beta15 Slides View. Gary
  3. Yes, 'Split' seems to be the common term. Gary
  4. Greetings, Actually, it would be better if we could rotate a video file in the Files List because if it is brought into the Convert/Trim process, the video file could be seen right-side up in order to be able to Trim the clip. The Convert/Trim choice has been removed from the right-click on the video file in the Slides List. So now, when you do a 'Quality' Convert, it instantly goes into the convert process. It would be better if the process would pause and the video file could be rotated at that point to be able to Trim the clip right-side up. Somehow, there should be a way to rotate a video clip before it goes to the Slides List to be able to view it right-side up in the mini-player and trim it right-side up in the Convert/Trim process. Gary
  5. Igor, I thought the video replacement was solved, but after a few more tests, it happened again. Sometimes no problem; other times the problem occurs. Inconsistent. Also, the Shown In Explorer problem was not solved. Also happens when I tried to delete or rename a file while in the Shown In Explorer window. So, both problems are still occurring in Beta 98. I can create more screen-videos if you want. Let me know. I also notice that when I can copy/paste an image into the folder opened with 'Shown in Explorer' and it does not show the problem, the file does not show up in the Files List in PTE until I 'refresh' the folder by clicking on another folder and then back to the project's folder.) Also, when I try to use 'right-click/Rename' in the File List (not the Shown in Explorer), the filename will not show the updated name until I refresh the folder by clicking on another folder and then back to the project's folder. With Change Video problem, it even happens when I have tried to replace the same video clip. Gary
  6. Igor, This thread has combined the two problems. 1- Changing a video clip makes PTE to to black and 2- PTE going to black when using 'Shown in Explorer''. But yes....when I would paste the PNG (or use any file) in the folder that is 'Shown in Explorer', the problem would occur (PTE going to black). Gary
  7. Igor, Another super improvement. I'll start re-saving all shows in PTE 10 and see how it works. Thanks...a great time saver. Gary
  8. Igor, Here is a screen-record example of PTE going to black problem. Can it be related to the other problem with PTE freezing when 'Change video file' is used? https://send.firefox.com/download/3cf1449a2aeab72b/#zZgDYCrU376O74ylwTEgUQ Gary
  9. Igor, I removed the video of one show so it only had single images. First attempt to use Show in Explorer to copy in a file, did not show the problem. In a second attempt, it did show the problem and went black. Then I tried it again with this same show with no videos. I could copy in a file several times, no problem. But when I tried to delete the same file, it went to black. Gary
  10. Igor, Unfortunately, the problem still occurs. I have recently created 5 shows. All now have been re-saved in Beta 14. Tested all 5 shows. Of these 5 shows, 3 exhibit the problem, and 2 do not. I have no idea what the link is between those that do show the problem and the ones that do not. I'll try to see if there is any connection. I copied in and deleted the same file into each of the 5 shows, so that was a constant. If you need any info on each, let me know. Very strange problem. Gary
  11. Greetings, Ok...I solved this problem I had with Publishing with HA and getting not so good results in processing time between my Desktop and my Laptop, which both have an Nvidia graphics adapter. But the Laptop also has an integrated Intel graphics adapter. The 'problem' started when I Published a project on the Laptop using HA. As I did this, PTE gave me a warning that HA was not being used. It took a painful 42:47 to process the show. I knew it had an Nvidia card so I was not sure what was preventing it from using HA. So, the 'logical' thing to do was to disable the Intel card so only the Nvidia card was enabled. WRONG!. I spent hours insuring I had the latest drivers, etc. When I clicked on the Nvidia Properties in the Control Panel it said 'This device is working properly'. But when I clicked on the 'Nvidia Control Panel' in the Control Panel, I got 'NVIDIA Display settings are not available. You are not currently attached to an NVIDIA GPU'. Spent more hours and discovered you have to enable the Intel integrated graphics adapter in order for the Nvidia card to work. Once I did that, the Nvidia Control Panel would work and I could use its 'Manage 3D settings' to set PTE to default to insure it was using the Nvidia card. It seems to me I've been through this before but I had forgotten this procedure. Just out of curiosity, I Published a show on 3 of my computers to see what the difference was between their different video cards and how the Benchmarks of each card played with the results. The project is 14 minute show with basically all video clips, using Custom, 8000 Bit Rate and HA. Desktop PC- GTX 1070 - Benchmark 18078 - 5:29 Laptop - GT 740M - Benchmark 1233 - 18:20 (when it was Published not using HA, it took 42:47) Windows Surface Pro -UHD Graphics 620 - Benchmark 925 - 15:50 Interesting that the lower Benchmarked Surface Pro was a bit faster than the higher Benchmarked Laptop. So Benchmarks aren't everything, but the Laptop is older. I don't know why my Laptop lost its default for using the Nvidia card. I'm pretty sure it was the default graphics adapter before. Gary
  12. Igor, I have done more tests to delete a file in several different PTE project folders using 'Show in Explorer' in PTE's menu. When I deleted the file in the foldler, PTE goes to black and I have to close PTE and start it again. So it seems it is not just that one project that initially showed this problem. The 'going to black' stems from something else??? Apparently you have not been able to reproduce this problem at your end? Gary
  13. Igor, Yes, I opened this project and the problem did reproduce the first attempt to change a video file. And subsequent attempts, too. Gary
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