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  1. Greetings, A bit over 2 years ago, I posted this suggestion but it has not been added yet. See: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/18427-create-default-choice-for-folder-that-displays-in-the-file-list/?tab=comments#comment-122720 It has been mentioned before that the 'golden rule' when creating PTE projects is to put all files used in the project in the same folder. It would be most helpful, for those who follow this 'rule', to be able to input a default file location of the project when we initially start a project, usually the location of the PTE file. Many times when you go back to an old project, the File List, for example, does not populate with the files used when the project was created. You have to hunt for the location and reestablish it. When you try to 'Add Music', it shows an unrelated folder and you have to hunt for the working folder again that would contain the audio files for the project. Same with 'Save As'. It might not go to the original location. This happens very often with Open Recent Files. The PTE file already contains the 'ProjectFilePath=...' which is where the PTE file resides and is the 'Golden Rule' location. If PTE can let users input this path for the default location for all files for a project, it would be very helpful. As I have mentioned before, you can set a default folder location with Excel and Word, why not do it for each project with PTE? Gary
  2. goddi

    Reminder About PTE Facebook Group

    Lin, Yes, I realize that the member's can post their own shows on the PTE Group site. It is just that I see mostly (if not all) your shows. Nothing wrong with that at all. But since it is a PTE Group, I expected to see PTE shows created by others in the Group. Yes, there is a Discussion area. But wanting to see more PTE shows that have been created by others, I went to the Members link and checked around there to their own Facebook sites. Couldn't find any shows. I don't want to fill the site with all my shows so that is why I gave my direct Facebook link for my shows where they would be more consolidated. Maybe I'll upload a few to the Group site. Gary
  3. goddi

    Reminder About PTE Facebook Group

    Lin, Thanks for the reminder. I just Joined the Group. I've been using my Facebook site to post my PTE shows. I stopped using PTE's Slideshowclub since it reduced the max upload size of shows. I'd prefer to get feedback from PTE users by using the Slideshowclub site but Igor has not figured out how to fix it. But I don't see much (or any, yet) PTE shows being posted on the sites of the members of the Group. Not sure what is going on. Anyway, for a more direct link to my page with mostly PTE shows I've made: https://www.facebook.com/gary.oddi Gary
  4. goddi

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Thanks, Igor. Just a strange thing... Gary
  5. goddi

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Igor, I checked the PTE file and it shows the 'CreationTool=PicturesToExe Deluxe 7.00 Beta 12.' I re-created the exe and ran the following programs on it: Malwarebytes, Super Anitspyware, AVG AntivirusFree, Zemana AntiMalware and Windows Defender. None of them indicated any virus/bug. Must have been a false positive. But I don't understand why, all of a sudden, this old exe show would pop-up as having Trojan. A long time ago, there was a virus that attached many of my PTE exe shows and I was thinking this was one of them too. Maybe not, but it concerned me. Thanks for looking into it. Gary
  6. goddi

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Igor, Not sure what you mean. I don't have the Trojan anymore. It was deleted. I don't have the exe anymore, unless you want me to create it again and send it. Not sure what you want me to send you in a Zip,...the entire show in PTE or the show as an exe...? Not sure yet how to add the Trojan to the white list but I will wait to see what you find out. Gary
  7. goddi

    PTE-Trojan Alert???

    Greetings, My Windows Defender indicated that I had a 'Trojan:Win32/Fuery.A!cl'. The affected item was an exe of a PTE show that I have not run for a long time. I let it be removed and the exe was deleted. I am wondering if this appears to be a false positive. Or why an old exe that has not been used for years can get a Trojan attached to it. Some searching indicate its could be a false positive but just wondering... Gary
  8. goddi

    Styles-4 videos in one frame?

    Dave, Over here, 'trick' is not a negative expression. Yes, I see that there is documentation on Main Images. The problem is if you don't know what the problem is, you don't know that is the topic you have to look up. Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, I have looked at the Mb sizes of my video clips and they are too big, and I tried to reduce them in the Convert process. The original size of one of the clips is 7Mbs. So I Converted it at '0 Quality' and 'Resized' to 960x540. The Mbs dropped to only 6Mbs. What are the other options to reduce the size of the video clips? The only other way I can think of is to trim their length them down which is what I will have to do but it will be a long process with over 100 clips. Were you just guessing that the size of the videos were too big. Gary
  9. goddi

    Styles-4 videos in one frame?

    Greetings Dave, Yes, that was the trick. Now it works just fine. But... Not sure what you mean by '...size of your style-there is a hint there'. Please explain. Thanks... Gary
  10. Greetings, I have a bunch of videos. I want to create a Style where I can select 4 videos each time and they are put in 4 quadrants of a slide. created a Style. However, when I apply this Style to the next set of 4 video clips, I get the previous set of video clips. Even though I have selected 4 new clips, I get the same previous clips. I can not figure out how to use the 'options' setting in the process of creating the Style so maybe that is the problem. But why does it keep using the initial video clips when I removed them from the Slides after I used them for the first set? Gary
  11. goddi

    Article in AV News

    Mark, Thanks for the links. Very inspiring examples of AVs. Congrat on your entry! Really impressive. Gary
  12. goddi

    Order of thumbnails

    I've noticed that the sorting choice for 'Date/Time' in PTE is the 'Modified' date. Perhaps it might help, when you have used different cameras (i.e., different filenames sequences), if you have a sort choice to use the 'Date Taken'? Gary
  13. goddi

    O&A - Can one expand the Keyframe Area?

    Not sure if this is what you are asking for, but you can 'expand' that area by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each of the items in the Keyframe list. Gary
  14. goddi

    Video Clip-Convert Problems

    Greetings Lin, It really is not the my system doing something strange, I believe. I am using Win10. The confusion with the Convert process stems from some functions not being intuitive or consistent. I have been fooling around a bit more with this and have come to some better understandings of what is going on. For example, when you select 'Convert Video Clip', you get the 'Video Converter' with the 'Trim' function, etc. After the Convert is done, the converted clip stays in the File List and you have to drag it down to the Slides. Ok. If you select 'Add Selected File to Project', then 'Optimize', the 'Video Converter' starts immediately with no opportunity to Trim or do any of its functions. If you drag down a video clip, you get the 'Optimize' window, but, it, too, starts the convert process automatically with no opportunity to Trim or do any of it functions. What is the difference between 'Optimization' and 'Convert'? Change 'Optimize' to 'Convert'. The 'Add Selected File to Project' for video clips just adds to the confusion since it is recommended to always Convert your video clips and seems best to use the 'Convert Video Clip' function. Sometimes, when I drag down a video clip to the Slides, and select 'Optimize', the Video Convert window does not show up and I get the MOV file in the Slides. No Convert done. Then, if I drag down another video clip, the Video Convert window does show up and it has both video file being converted. This has happened several times. Then there is the Trim function. Makes no sense that the duration of the video clip that you have Trimmed does not adjust to the new shorter length, as the default. Also, when you 'Change Video Clip', the default should be to adjust to the new length of the new clip. Just my views... Anyway, no need to respond. I've already burned out Dave's brain. Hope he recovers.... Gary
  15. goddi

    Video Clip-Convert Problems

    Dave, I usually appreciate your insights and help. However, your snide remarks are not really welcomed nor helpful. Oh, yea...and if it doesn't happen to you, that does not mean it doesn't happen. Gary