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  1. goddi

    Change Video File-length not adjusting

    Thanks. It kinda sounds like it has been brought up before. So it is not just me. Seems like we should have a choice for the 'change' to reset to the new clip's length, longer or shorter, of the replacement clip. Ok...thanks...Gary
  2. Greetings, I had put a video clip into the slides. But then I trimmed it down and just wanted to use 'Change Video File' to swap it. The trimmed video clip did swap but the playing length did not. The original length was about 1:48 and the new length is about :29. However the playing length stayed at 1:48 and did not reset to the new length of :29. I think I have done this before with not problems but now I can not see why the length is not automatically adjusting. The clip still plays for 1:48 with the portion after the :29 being just the last frame. Any ideas....? Yes, I understand I can just delete the longer clip and drag down the new shorter clip, but I'd like to know why the clip length does not reset to the new trimmed length. Should it? Gary
  3. goddi

    Does PTE need a name change

    Greetings, I can’t disagree with any of the above postings. But I feel a bit weird about this idea without Igor bringing it up. Sort of like telling a mother to change the name of her baby because it does not seem to fit. I used to only create exe’s but now find I prefer mp4’s. Since I now have a larger screen, the exe’s fill the entire screen and they just are too big. So I prefer to create mp4’s where I can control the size within the screen and easier to give to friends or post on Facebook or YouTube, etc. Using the ‘AV’ in the title makes more sense but it would be interesting to hear from Igor about this. Maybe we should tell Microsoft to change ‘Windows’ to ‘Doors’….? (just kidding). But, then there is a ‘.av’ format (which I didn’t even know) and that could cause confusion (?). Gary
  4. goddi

    Lines and Borders

    Dave, You might think my posting is not relevant, but indicating what a feature can't do, I believe, is also important. For example, Tomcatred55 apparently had no idea that rotation in a Frame could or could not be done, even though he does not see any need for it. Maybe others did not realize this. I was only trying to clarify my point and it seemed a good place to bring it up. Perhaps, after your postings, you should mention you don't want any other opinions about the subject. I didn't see any 'argument' on my part. And don't see what your beef is about follow-up postings as long as it has something to do with the topic. Gary
  5. goddi

    Lines and Borders

    My point is that there is a need to be able to rotate an image that is inside a Frame without rotating the border. For example, what if the horizon of an image is not level and you have it inside a Frame (with a border and with a less than 100% zoom)? Instead of having to use an outside photo-editing program to make the adjustment, it would be easier to just do it in the Frame. So many additional possibilities for animation will become available. Gary
  6. goddi

    Lines and Borders

    Nice demo. These quick and concise explanatory videos are great to see and learn from. The serious thing lacking from Framing is that fact you can't yet rotate an image in a frame. Still hoping Igor will fix it. Gary
  7. goddi

    Longer List of Recent Projects

    Igor... I also like the ability to increase the number Recent Projects by modifying the apr.ini file. But, please, please, please give use the ability to 'Open Recent Project' and have the correct associated Files be that of the project that is just opened. I just opened an old project for 'Croatia' and the Files that were listed were for another project of 'Turkey'. This is so annoying to have to browse around to repopulate the Files for the opened project. Thanks... Gary
  8. goddi

    Photoshop CS6

    Greetings, I don't shoot RAW but I happened to have a few that were taken in 2006 with an old Nikon D70. So I just tried to open one in Photoshop. So I have CS5 and Camera Raw 6.7. When I try to open the NEF in CS5, it first opens it in Camera Raw, and then I click on its 'Open Image' and it then opens in CS5. Not sure what camera you have. Maybe that's the problem but my old D70's RAW seems to work in CS5. Gary
  9. Greetings, I am a bit confused about this VisiSketch Pro program. I don't see a link where it can be downloaded. I Googled around and could not find a VisiSkitch Pro site. When I do find something about it, I see 'CaptiveAlivePro'. When I tried to 'visit' a link to the VisiSketch Pro homepage or to purchase it, I get a blank page. What am I missing? Here is the closest site I can come to 'VisiSketch': https://captionsalivepro.software.informer.com/download/ Gary
  10. goddi

    Newbie wants to put up an AV for Crit!!

    Dave, The problem that I was having with the 'blocking' of the embedded videos caused a bit of confusion for me. After I fixed it, I now I see that you embedded my video in one of your above postings and it played. Before, I could not see that happening. Since I got rid of the 'blocking' or 'tracking' thing, the embedded videos now show up in the Forum. Gary
  11. goddi

    Forum Postings Not Readable???-SOLVED

    Igor... I see the problem! For some unknown reason, I see that there was some 'blocking' added to the Forum page. Maybe something to do with 'tracking' that I might have inadvertently added. Not sure. But since you mentioned 'stopped to show embedded videos', I looked around and unticked the 'blocking' icon. I have no idea why this just started to happen. But when I unticked the 'blocking' icon, the embedded video showed up. Thanks for the help. Solved. Gary
  12. goddi

    Forum Postings Not Readable???-SOLVED

    Igor, Here is a link to a page that shows the problem. Look at the very first posting. I haven't changed any settings on my PC. Just started yesterday. Here is a screenshot of my display settings. Gary This is what I see on my PC:
  13. goddi

    Forum Postings Not Readable???-SOLVED

    I tried it but it did not change anything. Still there. Gary
  14. goddi

    Newbie wants to put up an AV for Crit!!

    Super...Thanks... Gary
  15. goddi

    Newbie wants to put up an AV for Crit!!

    Barry, Ok, I think I see what is going on. With either link, the MP4 does not play. I see the second link is requiring you to Log In. Ok, you can't. With the first link, it only 'presents' the cover image, but, still does not play the MP4 video. When Bert said he saw the video, I guess he meant just the cover image, but it did not play. Ok...thanks all for the test. So even if I put a link in the SSC, as Dave shows, it would not be playable. Oh...just found a link for videos in Facebook that says 'Embed'. Got a different link. I pasted it into my browser but it did not work at all. Would this type of link work in SSC? Probably only for putting into a webpage? <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fgary.oddi%2Fvideos%2F10214048050269550%2F&show_text=0&width=560" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe> Thanks..., Gary