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  1. Slideshowclub-can not upload a show

    Greetings Igor, Do you see any corrections for this problem? The Slideshowclub currently states that the max size is '273.44MBs'. It is frustrating trying to figure out what can and can not be uploaded. If this can not be fixed (or even increased beyond the 273.44MBs), it would be helpful for the Slideshowclub site to show the true max size for uploads so we don't have to guess or waste time trying to upload shows that are not within the max size limits. Sincerely, Gary
  2. Barry, Doesn't it depend on which fish you like to eat? I just don't understand why anyone would make comments that are not supportive of someone's suggestion, unless there is some misunderstanding of the problem. If it does not affect them, why make a negative response? I am just a normal user of the program and like to make it more intuitive than it is. Minimizing someone's suggestion might tend to damper others from making suggestions or asking for help. As I said, just trying to make the PTE better. At least, Lin brought to our attention that there must be something wrong with the rotate feature in Slides. Gary
  3. Video Clip Won't Convert

    Igor, Thanks for the info. For those two video clips that would not convert, I ran then through Adobe Premiere Elements and exported them with only a change in the aspect ratio and bit rate, then PTE would convert them. Strange. Looking forward to V.10. Gary
  4. Greetings Barry, You referred to having to rotate a video clip is to fix a mistake. The GoPro camera did not readjust the correct right-side up setting for that clip. Ok, it happens. But there are other occasions when you might want/need to rotate a video. So my point is why not have this ability in Slides or in Convert? Your post seemed to minimize the importance of my suggestion. I don't think I am 'touchy' but just prefer some support in the idea, as opposed to a non-helpful post. Just trying to make the program better. Igor says he is re-writing the Convert process for V.10 so this is the time to make him aware of this suggestion. Gary
  5. Denis, Yes, I understand that this is what you have to do. But to have to create a totally new project just to rotate a video is really non-intuitive. Would it not be so much easier to be able to rotate the video in Slides view or in Convert? If we can rotate a JPG, why not a video? Gary
  6. Barry, When someone encounters a problem, I think a good response is to post it to see if it can be fixed. I see that you post quite a few, yourself. Why you have to enter into the discussion to lessen its importance is beyond me. When you find something that bothers you, don't you post your findings? Perhaps you have not run into this problem but it is obvious to me that the ability to rotate a video would be a good feature that can be found in many other programs. When you have many annoyances in any program, it lessens the joy of using it. And the answer to your question is, yes, it is a high priority to have a software fixed to do something it should do. In other occasions, I have purposefully turned a video camera sideways to shoot a very tall object and needed to rotate it for the final project. Just because you have not run into this situation, does not mean it is not a useful suggestion. And in this process of posting this suggestion, we apparently found that the rotation of videos in the Slides view does not work. Sure, it should be fixed. I don't think you should be in charge of what is or is not a 'high priority'. Gary
  7. Multi images in slide style

    Bert, If I understand your question, used images that are not 'main' images are not highlighted in the File List. I have brought this up before with a suggestion that all used images be highlighted in some way in the File List, but it has not gained any traction. Gary
  8. Lin, Perhaps that is an oversight that can be fixed. However, there still is a problem. In order to rotate a video in the Slides view, you have to first drag the non-converted clip into the Slides view. When you do this, you are given the option of to 'Optimize' or 'Use original file'. Sometime (not sure why), if you choose 'Optimize' the convert process will start automatically with no time to change options, useless you catch it and stop the process and start over after changing any options you intended to change. If you hit the 'Use original file', it would go into the Slides view, rotate it (if rotate was available in the Slide view) and then you could convert it at that point. It seems that when you want to convert a video clip in the Files List, you'd normally just right-click and hit Convert and the clip will appear in the Convert Window and rotate it if needed, make changes in the settings, and then you can manually start the process. So I still think, if you can rotate it in the Slides view, why not be able to rotate it in the Convert window? Gary
  9. Greetings, I am having problems trying to Convert a couple of my video clips. If I try to convert a video clip in the File List, the Convert screen opens but the clips don't appear. The clips play just find in Windows Media Player. At first I thought it was a size problem. The clips are large. However, I was able to convert an even larger clip before I tried these two other clips that are not quite as large. The largest clip that would convert was GOPR0107 (1752 MBs). The two that will not appear in the Convert window are GOPR0115 (1505MBs) and GOPR0116 (1523 Mbs). See screenshot. And if I drag either of these two clips directly down into the Slides view, I get 'video not found'. So I am not sure what is causing the issue. Could it be a size issue? Gary
  10. Greetings, After a video clip has been Converted, that video clip can not be re-converted (with the same set of criteria) without importing it again and resetting the criteria from scratch. Perhaps, the word 'Disable' is not correct but I can not come up with a better term. You have to remove that clip and re-start the Convert process for that video clip. This can be a problem if you have set specific trim points, quality and resize choices and want to just tweak these choices from what you had just converted. If you convert a clip and then see that you want to make some adjustments in trim points, quality or resize choices, you have to start all over again from scratch, resetting all the previously set criteria. Sure, you can write down all the criteria and reset it. But, instead of having to remove the converted clip and start over again from scratch, it would be very helpful to just be able to make adjustment to the already set criteria and re-convert. Gary
  11. Lin... Anything beyond just being able to rotate an upside-down video while in the Convert window, to me, is a work-around. If it is just one video, OK, perhaps. However, if you have a project with other images and videos, to rotate a single clip, you have to do your steps as a separate project and bring in the results into the main project. I don't understand where Denis is saying to 'just rotate and convert'. Where is he rotating it? You can't rotate a video in the Slides view, only JPGs will rotate. So you have to bring the upside-down clip into Convert. But it is difficult to trim the clip while it is upside down. So, if you do what Denis says, I think, here is the problem. You drag down the video into the Slides without optimizing. It is still upside down. Then you open it in O&A and rotate it. Ok, now it it right-side up in the Slides. Then you right-click it to Convert/Trim the clip but it is still upside down in the Convert window. My point is we should be able to rotate a video in the Convert window so you can more easily trim it without going through other steps to just make it right-side up. Do you see my point? Give it a try. Try to change a right-side video clip to an upside-down one. Gary
  12. Greetings Lin, I don't understand why we have to keep things complicated with 'workarounds'. The method you propose works. But if you have an 8 minute video clip (among several other video clips), you have to start a new project to do the rotate and Publish to an MP4 to then be used in the original project, which then needs to be Converted in the original project. This takes over half an hour. Why not just encourage Igor to allow rotation within Convert process. That, I think, would be a useful improvement in the process. And, Denis...I don't understand your post. Gary
  13. Greetings, I accidentally took a GoPro video upside down. When I tried to trim it in the Convert Video process, it was pretty difficult. I suggest that the ability to rotate a video be added. Gary
  14. Link Audio Tracks-How?

    Greetings Jill, Thanks for your suggestion but in my current project, I have 24 audio files- 3 in one track and 21 in the second track. Linking each clip to a slide is a non-starter. I could just hold down the shift key and slide each track separately. But since both tracks are in a relative position that I want to keep, playing with moving each one has potential for creating a problem. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could link all the tracks and just move one (using the shift key) and keep them all in the same relative position as they are all being moved? Gary
  15. Link Audio Tracks-How?

    Greetings Igor, The question is not moving audio files between tracks, as can be don in the Project Options/Audio tab. I want to be able to shift all the audio tracks, left or right, in the Timeline simultaneously. See screen print. Gary