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    George... Yea, me too. I went back to the original posting to see the 'here' link that I had missed before. There are so many other Styles/Themes/Transitions that can be entered into this site. It will be very helpful when/if all the Styles/Themes/Transitions can be seen in one site. But, this site is a bit confusing and hopefully, it can be made a bit more clear and complete. Great start. Gary
  2. Igor, I get the warning message. But actually it should say something like 'Please 'Close' the previous 'Creating HD...' window'. Once I closed it, I could proceed to overwrite the previous Published show with the same filename. Your warning to delete the file is too extreme, not needed. The problem is that the 'Play/Close' window that come up after a Publish if finished can be hidden behind the PTE program...and not seen. Maybe make it 'always on front' so it does not get hidden and it will be closed properly. Gary
  3. Tom... Yep...looks like the same problem. Especially when you say " Video output window stays at 0% and Hardware Acceleration is not available" and "...must kill process using Task Manager". Gary
  4. Igor, Sure, but it happens so randomly and infrequently. I'll keep you posted if it happens again. But, as I had mentioned, after the Publish freezes (does not progress), the Terminate does not terminate the process or clear the Publish window. Gary
  5. Igor, When I went into the Task Manager to delete the existing PTE items, there were 3 'PTE AV Studio' items listed. Normally there is only one for the opened program. I'd have a second one if I started doing a Publish. I don't remember doing anything abnormal that would cause a third 'PTE AV Studio' to occur. I'll keep my eye on it. Since it happened twice in one day, it is not clear what I might have done to cause this. But the additional problem might be that the 'Terminate' would not work to clear out the problem of the frozen Publish window. Only the Task Manager to delete the 3 instances of PTE AV Studio would clear out the problem. Gary
  6. Greetings, I don't believe the solution to my question has to do with changing the TV's 'Format setting'. I am familiar with what you are suggesting. That feature would only change the aspect ratio in the full (large) screen area. My goal is to reduce the overall playing size of the PTE show on a large screen TV. Similar to what you can do when you play an MP4 with WMP and you can resize it as you wish with handles on the edge of the window. Gary
  7. Dave, All I can say is when I play my PTE shows on my 27" 4K monitor, they look great. When I view them on a large TV screen, they suck. Bigger is not better. Apparently, since "there is no longer a 'fixed size' feature with PTE AV Studio 10, it's not possible for the program itself to constrain the size of the display," as Lin said, there used to be a fix but not available in the newer PTE version. Gary
  8. Yea, just a typo. Still groggy from a long international flight... Gary
  9. Jill, As a matter of fact, I notice it. And, at a friends house, who had a large TV screen, he did not notice the difference between his reception between what he was getting on his cable and through his network. The network feed was good. The cable was so terrible that I could not watch it. After I pointed it out, he planned to call his cable people to check his cable box. So maybe people just accept what they see, but I care about my presentations. Bigger is not better, in my book. I also have a problem with my photo club. They display images using the Community Centers overhead projector on a pull down screen. The display quality of the images is really terrible. Lack of color and pixelated. No one has complained much. I am trying to get them to use a large flat screen TV. Smaller, yes, but so much better quality. So some just don't 'see' the difference until it is pointed out. I don't want my PTE shows to just look OK. I want them to see what the quality that I made with PTE. Gary
  10. Greetings, Apparently, I have not been clear enough with my question. Think of having to sit a few feet away from the very large TV screen. You'd rather have the video to be sized smaller for a more appropriate distance you are sitting from the screen. I'd just want a way to input into a PTE show so that the video shows up in a maximum preset smaller window on a TV screen. You mentioned VLC. At first I thought you were talking about something like the WD Media Player device, a separate physical box. But VLC is a media player program to be used on a PC and ported to the TV via HTML, as I believe. So VLC is not the answer. These relatives will just put the thumbdrive into TV and the show will display as big as whatever the size is of the large TV. Can't get too technical with them. Yes, VLC has the Zoom feature of '1:4 Quarter' that might work but, again, that would be a function at their end that would require them adding in a PC and an HDML cable. And I don't have a large screen TV to actually test this out. Wouldn't the 'Zoom 1:1' just still fill the large TV screen? Dunno. Gary
  11. Yes, and sometimes when there are two explanations for the same question, the answer becomes clearer. So thanks for all the suggestions. Sometimes the forest gets in the way of the trees! Thanks much. Gary
  12. Dave, Lin...Ok. Thanks. Understanding that plugging in a thumbdrive to the TV, as I had initially mentioned, the size of the display can not be constrained. I'll check into things like you mentioned, VLC media player, etc., via HDMI. The problem is that the relatives would not all have such devices. But that is my problem. Solution is to see if they can just play them on a computer monitor... Thanks... Gary
  13. Greetings, Ok...I am just assuming their TV is not 4K. But since they are in another country, I can't confirm that right now. But when I viewed my PTE shows last week on their large screen TV, I did not like the results. And maybe their TV is not '1080p'. So, let's assume the PTE shows will 'look perfectly fine' on any size screen. I don't agree, but let's just simplify my question. I don't like to see the show on such a large screen. It's like sitting on the front row in a movie theater. Just too big for my eyes. So...my quest is to be able to limit the size of a PTE MP4 show to a smaller area on a large screen TV, as would be shown on a, say, 40" TV. Is this not possible? Gary
  14. Igor, I am using 10.0.5. I've been reworking a bunch of old shows so I have been recreating the revised MP4s. The freezing of Publishing when overwriting a show has occurred twice more. When I Publish an MP4, and edit out the '(2)' to overwrite the previous version, the process locks up. The 'Terminate' does not work. I have to use Task Manager to delete the PTE process and start over, which usually then works. Not a big deal since I know now how to get out of the situation but might be troublesome for others if it happens. I notice that when this problem happens, the 'HW is not available' (something like that) shows up. I have been using HW when Publishing MP4s. Gary
  15. Igor usually joins in discussions like this. I am hoping he would give us a response. I'll try a more direct approach later. Kind of surprising no one else seems to have this concern or a solution. Thanks... Gary
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