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  1. goddi

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Tom... Thanks....I will wait in line... Gary
  2. goddi

    Installed Windows update 1809

    After seeing your posting, I just checked my Windows update status and it shows '1803' and 'up to date'. Where is the 1809 update? This morning, an automatic 'update' occurred but it still shows '1803'. What am I missing? Gary
  3. goddi

    Framing-Add Rotate

    Igor, Will V10 have 'Rotate' in 'Framing'? Gary
  4. goddi

    AMD Ryzen performance with PTE?

    Igor...But will you l leave in the 'trim' function, and, hopefully, add other functions for video clips??? Gary
  5. goddi

    What is a Slide Style

    Greetings, For those who use spreadsheets, a Style is like a 'macro': "An automated input sequence that imitates keystrokes or mouse actions. Used to replace a repetitive series of keyboard and mouse actions." Or "A single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task." Gary
  6. goddi

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Greetings... My desktops and laptop are Win 64 bit. Gary
  7. goddi

    Style changing order of slides

    Tom.... I brought this same issue up recently... Gary
  8. goddi

    Adobe moving stills

    Yea, but I just don't see the 'big deal'. Too much of it would make me sea-sick. Gary
  9. goddi

    Adobe moving stills

    OMG!!!! Did Adobe just discover Zoomming and Panning for images???????????????? Gary
  10. Greetings, I have created two styles that do the same thing (border, zoom) but one is for horizontal and one is for vertical images. If I apply the style for several vertical images (not in sequence), they all get moved together, so now they are out of the original sequence in the Slides. Same with selecting several horizontal images that are not directly in sequence. They get moved together too, now out of sequence. It this normal? To save time, I like to apply a style to a bunch of vertical (or horizontal) images that might not be in squence but I can't because they are move together in Slides. Is it something I've done or is this the way that styles work? Gary
  11. goddi

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    Barry... Answered many questions! Thanks. Gary
  12. goddi

    Video/Movie: make from EARLY .exe file

    Thanks, Tonton. But, for me, it works with 'Alt +F9'. Seems all the keyboard shortcuts use 'Alt'. Might be useful for games but a bit clunky for just screen captures. Gary
  13. goddi

    Video/Movie: make from EARLY .exe file

    Daniel, Yes, I tried it and it does not work. If I open the PTE exe and put it on pause, and then do the Alt Z, I can not get the PTE exe to start. If first start the PTE exe, as it plays, I do the Alt Z, the PTE exe stops playing. It just records my mouse flying around the Desktop trying to get something started. Crazy.... Gary Desktop 2018.09.24 -
  14. goddi

    Video/Movie: make from EARLY .exe file

    Igor, I have the 1070 and I installed the GeForce Experience program. I see where you can 'Record'. I tried to record a PTE exe, as you mentioned was possible. However, I don't see how it can be done. If you start the Record process, you can't get the MyComputer to start the exe to play. If you first start the exe, you can't get to the GeForce Record program to start recording. Can someone shed some light on how to use this program to record a PTE exe? Thanks... Gary