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  1. Greetings, Very well done and entertaining!!!! Gary
  2. So right!!!. I just did not scroll down far enough. The menu extends further with more stuff than with an image. My bad....I had forgotten. But I did learn to use the rectangle if needed. Gary
  3. This was an interesting exercise. Made me play, or tried, to put a shadow around a video clip. The Shadow function does not show up with a video clip. So I put a rectangle behind the clip and was able to place a show around the clip. Barry's tutorial gave me food for thought. Thanks. But why can't there be a Shadow function for video clips??? Gary
  4. Igor, That is what I had done before. But I re-installed the 10.0.2 as you suggested. I tried the Convert/Trim 8 times from various spots and each time it worked. Audio was there. Not sure why the first install of the test version did not fix the problem. But it seems that it now works just fine. Thanks... Gary
  5. Tom, Yes, I see that now. When the clip is Converted/Trimmed and the audio remains, the bitrate is 128 Kbps; when the audio is not there, the Converted/Timmed file's audio is 2 Kbps. It this a PTE bug? Using V10.0.2. Seems to happen when the Trimming is started in the beginning section where the video is missing or poor or the transition between videos sections (blue). Gary
  6. What is strange is, in MediaInfo, it shows that there is an audio file in the video, but there is no sound. Gary
  7. Igor, I just did about 7 test of the Trim/Convert with is video clip. The Trimming seemed to work. But, the audio problem did not get fixed. I noticed that the only time the audio would be retained was when I did not advance the left Trim tab. If I left the left Trim tab all the way to the left to be at the original position, the audio was retained in the Trimming. If I moved the left Trim tab to the right to trim off part of the beginning portion, I got no audio. With or without HA. Gary
  8. Igor, Yes, I use HA. But when the Trimming problem occurs, PTE shows that HA is not available, even though it works normally at other times. Sometimes I don't get the audio and sometimes the trim flags are ignored (as Magis points out). Gary
  9. Igor, Here is a link to a short video clip where I have a problem doing a Convert/Trim. It is a clip that I captured from a Hi8 video tape using a Roxio Capture device. It converts to MPG format. When I try to trim off the initial portion and part of the ending (in a Convert/Trim process), many times the Trim sections remain and it just converts the entire clip, with no Trimming. And, many times when it does manage to Trim the clip, the audio portion is not there. So, it could be just a problem using the Roxio to capture analog video. But just in case you want to see the problem, here is the video clip. Not a big problem for most but it is for me since I have a lot of Hi8 tapes to bring into PTE. If you are curious: https://send.firefox.com/download/fdcb690cb00e1fa5/#LWv-pD-NWYvBUt8Ug2tjqw Gary
  10. Greetings Just had another incident when I tried to 'Terminate' the Publishing of an MP4. I ran out of disk space so it just stopped the process and I tried to Terminate/Close the Publishing window but it will not Close. Completely different project than the previous examples. Had to use Task Manger to get rid of the window. Gary
  11. Yea, you used to be able to find the Convert in the Slide List, too, but now, only in the File List. Not sure why the change. Gary
  12. Greetings, I did a little more trying to see what is going on with this problem. I notice a couple more things in the Trim/Convert process. I tried again to Trim/Convert a portion of a video clip. It will not let me do it. I get the message 'Hardware Acceleration is not available'. And '...it is not available on your video card'. I normally do not have a problem using HW. I do have an NVidia card, up-to-date. I am not trying to encode at 4K or 60p (and I don't think you can in the Trim/Convert process). The Trim process does not proceed so I try to terminate and close the process. The Trim window will not close. I have to use Task Manager to close the Trim window. And, the clip shows up in the File List as zero bytes and can not be deleted with PTE/Explorer. Have to use MyComputer to delete that file. Gary
  13. Lin...Yes, there is something going on. From my perspective, I see it as Windows can not delete the file because PTE won't release it. It will be interesting to see what Igor has to say. But then, even if I closed and reopened PTE, it still could not be deleted within PTE. Just another strange thing. Gary
  14. Lin... This was available in V9. When 10 Beta was started, it was missing and users asked that Explorer be put in. So, in my experience, it has been a feature in PTE, and very useful. I think the problem has to do with the Trim function. There seems to be some kind of bug. In the same vein as the overwriting/renaming problem I have posted. The screen capture I posted above is the same window I would get if I right-clicked on a file in MyComputer. Gary
  15. Lin, Guess you have missed this feature? But I have been using it for a long time. In this case, the file seemed to have been stuck in PTE's memory. Right-click on the file, Explorer, Delete. Gary
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