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  1. OK I did a series of test. Making slides end with music remains a problem. I have 30 slides (of very small size), and a song for 3 minutes. The default length for each slide is 4 seconds, so total slide duration by default is 2 min. I was unable to have it automatically synchronized to the duration of the music. The box for "synchronize slideshow to music duration" in Project Options was indeed checked, and in the Timeline box "Automatic Synchronization" was selected. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  2. Most of my slides are 4 seconds but some have been shortened so the whole set of 90 slides fit into the 5:30 music. The timeline does show that music and slides should end at the same time. However, in real preview execution, slides out run music. Music is mp3 format, some image files are very big, up to 2-3 mb each image; but my computer should be able to handle that without any problem. I'm gonna do more test with a shoter version. I'll report back what I find.
  3. No the transitions are mostly 4 seconds apart, although the music is long (5:30) and slides are numerous (90). And the strange thing is, the amount of miss-sync is not consistent -- when music ends, one time it could be at slide #73, another time it could be at slide #77.
  4. Did anyone ever experience this? The timeline shows music and slides will end at the same time, but in preview running the slides outrun music by more than 30 seconds.....What's going on?
  5. rhsiao

    Static in Windows XP Voice Recording

    Duh..... I did not highlight any section of sound so the Noise Reduction feature did not show the first time. And WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! This Noise Reduction feature is amazing!!! Works beautifully. Thanks folks!
  6. rhsiao

    Static in Windows XP Voice Recording

    Thanks JRR and cici for your advice. I happen to have Audacity already installed in my computer so I first gave that a try. I scan thru the help section but did not find instruction on reducing noise. cici can you tell me the path to the noice reduction function? Robert
  7. Hi, I am using Windows XP's built in voice recorder to record some narrative wav file. It turned out there is audible static sound during the silence between words. The static sound volume is just 1/5 of the real speech, but it is still bothersome. I'm wondering: 1. Has anyone have the same experience (Could it be my computer's problem)? 2. Could it be from other near by appliances? 3. Any suggestion on the fix? Thanks. Robert
  8. What I'm planning to use this for is recording long speeches, then download the .wav file into PC, then use IBM ViaVoice to generate text version of the speeches. Do you think this device is up to the task? Or, can you recommend any other model that might? Olympus claims its DS330 digi voice recorder can do exactly what I describe above... Robert
  9. Hi, I have been shopping for a digital voice recorder and have zeroed in on a model by Sora, the 918SU. Below is a link to the best-price vendor I've found. From the product description I think it has the main features I'm looking for. But so far I've only been able to read the product description and promo by manufacturer and nothing more. I'm wondering if anyone has used it before and can give me a third-party review of this device. Thanks in advance. Robert http://www.vtops.com/Our_Products/Voice_Re...sora_918su.html
  10. Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna have to resort to the least desirable option here. The pictures were on a computer in my former company, so I can't do anything to try to restore it. I do remember I sent a copy to Shutterfly.com for printing before, but that's a long time ago and my account doesn't seem to be active now. I may try to contact them to see if they still have my file somewhere but I'm not counting on that. My original picture is indeed much bigger than the screen but at this point, I can only get what I can get....*sigh* Again, thanks a lot!!! Robert
  11. Hi, I erased a picture folder from my computer by accident. But I still have a PTE .exe file i made before that contains those pictures. Can I extract my .jpg pictures from the .exe file? Thanks. Robert
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a digital voice recorder that allows me to transfer the .wav file easily into my computer's hard drive. Can anyone advise me what options (recorder models, types of media, method of transfer, etc.) are out there? Thanks. Robert
  13. rhsiao

    Hardware for Capturing Video

    Whew, lots of info to digest... The videoguys.com site is great, Dana, but it's gonna take me another 2 weeks to figure everything out.... In the mean time, plz let me ask this other question. If I get a Digital camcorder, will I be able to hook the input end to my TV to record TV programs, and then hook up output end to my computer to download and do further processing/CD burning? Robert
  14. rhsiao

    Hardware for Capturing Video

    Thanks Dana and slau. Is there any difference in quality between using a dazzle and using another digital camcorder? Also, will ANY digital camcorder work?? Thanks.
  15. rhsiao

    Hardware for Capturing Video

    Thanks Jim... I'm in exactly the same situation... I'll get a digital camcorder soon, but I still got lots of analog footage to go through. This will be my first foray into video editing. Can you comment on my equipment a bit to see whether I'm prepared for the project?? I have: Pentium 3 processor 256 MB RAM 600 HMz 10 GigaByte left on Harddrive USB connection port for CD Writer and video capturing device