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    8 years. mp4 files created with PTE8 in high Quality did fine. But I can live with it. Normal quality is acceptable.

    Igor Features of my computer: I7 with 16Gb RAM and SSD 500Gb + 2TB data disk. Windows 10 Pro. In my case, I can create HD VIDEO (mp4) in PTE9.13 (14) but I can't play it on my tv (Pananasonic Plasma Viera: PAL B, G, H, I,PAL 525/60; 16:9 HDMI1920x1080), The presentation stops after 3 or 4 slides. In NORMAL QUALITY (mp4) there is no problem. The problem lies perhaps in my tv. Thanks Luc
  3. Copy paste of a project [SOLVED]

    Thanks Igor, the issue is solved. I appreciate the speed at which you troubleshoot problems. Thank you very much Luc
  4. Copy paste of a project [SOLVED]

    Hi, Igor This is a link to WeTransfer with a small Project1 to illustrate the problem. https://we.tl/OQfEzM9zmn In slide 1 there is a frameobject "Kader1" with its contents (3 picturres) that I want to copy into Slide 3 (copy paste). as a result the computer hangs. When I try the same from Slide 1 into slide 2 (empty slide) there is no problem. Copying the slide 1 in its entirety into the Slide list (Duplicate Slide) is also not a problem. Copying slide 1 in its entirety to the Slide list of an other Project is also not a problem. best regards Luc

    I have then same problem, still after updating to PTE9.13 I can create HD VIDEO (mp4) in NORMAL QUALITY. In High quality occurs the same problem. Luc
  6. I installed de latest update from PTE9. There is a problem with copying a frameobject from one slide to another. I made a frameobject with 3 pictures and tried to copy that frameobject into another file in the File list. While I do this hangs the computer. In fact, does the problem occur even from 2 images. Copying one picture is not a problem. In pte8 I could more figures at the same time, copy and paste. Features of my computer:I7 with 16Gb RAM and SSD 500Gb and Windows 10 Pro.
  7. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    Problem with Media Player is solved. During encoding PTE8 I used High quality settings without having problems. In PTE9 I have to use Standard settings to avoid errors. Thanks for the support.
  8. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    Sorry, I have me wrong expressed . I was talking about my hardwareplayers and Tv-station. Playing the mp4 file on the Pc is not a problem.
  9. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    Thanks for the support! Encoding now works well both for mp4 as for DVD. Now arises another problem. The mp4 file can not be read by my mediaplayer. In the PTE8 version there was no problem. Are there other, newer codes used in PTE9? I will try to update my mediaplayer but so far without succes. You are been very helpful , thanks!
  10. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    I hope you don't mind I use a downloadlink to Wetransfer for the zip-files. I have forwarded two zip-files Project with problems.zip and Project without problems.zip. The first one has 1 mp3 soundfile in track 1 (no problem), the second (with problem) has 2 mp3 soundfiles in track 1 This is the link https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b79d9ec8e7148db6bf02515687a4538020171006133315/170e8c14cd70949d5ecbc150c10624da20171006133315/5bd218
  11. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    Thanks for your reaction. For a very short project, say about 1 minute, the rendering works. Once there is more then one soundtrack the problem occurs. When i tray to make a mp4 file the rendering hangs. When i interupt the process after a long time (i tried for several hours) i often get a read error. In the project itself everything works fine from the beginning to the end. Could it be a hardware problem? Bad memory for example. I find no errors on the harddisk.
  12. Since I use PTE 9 (version .12) I can't publish my projects with sound. After the file is created (mp4, DVD, AVI or wathever) there is no sound. In the project is everything fine. When the project becomes bigger, PTE9 hangs at the beginning of te project by starting publishing. Is this problem known by somebody? I use a desktop with a I5 processor and 16GB of memory and Windows 10. I the past i had no problems with PTE8. Thanks Luc, Belgium
  13. I'm not able to rename my self made styles. When i chouse the option Rename style nothing happens. My styles where imported by installing version 9.0.3 by the upgrade routine.