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  1. Bevel Edge Mirror

    Nice style Dave. You are right, this style does not suit all types of images.
  2. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Hi Barry, I have the same computer setup as yours, Windows 7 PTE 9.0.11. I have no problem with adding additional text. I added three lines of text and can click in the text edit window at any point within the existing text and add new letters. The cursor does not move.
  3. video not converted when inserted in O&A

    Denis, This has already been reported to Igor.
  4. The French at War

    Very interesting idea. I am sure there will be a military museum somewhere which would be most interested to have a copy.
  5. iPhone Commentary

    Hi Barry, All you need is two mirrors and really long arms! But seriously, I am amazed how good your commentary is in your tutorials if you record directly into the computer or at least record in the same room. My computer is much too noisy and the room environment is not very suitable : too many hard surfaces. However it was an interesting idea to use a mobile phone and I gave it a try with surprisingly good results. I attach two mp3 files. Voice 002.mp3 was recorded from a Samsung Mobile Phone and STE-026.mp3 was recorded from my Zoom H2 portable recorder which I have used for all my recent recordings. The interesting thing is that the Zoom H2, being much more sensitive, has a much higher background noise than the phone and I normally have to remove this. The phone has little background noise, but has a slightly tinny or echo tone which is a little metallic. The phone produces .m4a files, (whatever these are) and I had to convert them to mp3 or wav files before I could use them. Re your query about microphones, I usedd to use a Sony ECM-MS907 microphone (which was quite expensive), with A Sony disc recorder, but found this rather cumbersome. So I changed to using the mic with a pre-amp and feeding the output directly into the computer. This did not give marvelous results so I bought the Zoom H2. One thing I should state is that I have hearing aids which I wear all the time now. This drastically reduces your ability to detect the difference between high quality audio and lower quality sounds. So I cannot tell the difference between high quality and reduced quality sound these days, although I know my audience might well do so. Jeff STE-026.mp3 Voice 002.mp3
  6. Sand Soda and Limestone - Glass

    Thanks Barry. Really good idea for those wet or bad light days. Must give it a try.
  7. PicturesToExe Online Help

    Just to let everyone know that the Online Help File is now up to date and the revisions are complete. There may be some additional "How To's" for Version 9 which will be added when appropriate. If anyone finds any errors or want something added, just post a comment here. Regards Jeff Evans
  8. iPhone Commentary

    I use a Zoom H2 hand held recorder (now about £100 in the UK). Provided you put it on its stand and record in a suitably quiet location (bedroom, with curtains drawn, and a rug or cloth on top of the chest of drawers), I do not need any noise reduction. I have tried various techniques with good quality mics, but you need a preamp or amplifier and still need some storage solution. Recording directly into the computer is definately a no-no. The Zoom has SD card storage so you can remove it and transfer directly to the computer. Jeff
  9. Colour Correction Settings

    jt49, It is a fact that, for parameters Pan Zoom, Rotate, Opacity and Blur, the original values of the parameter at KF1 are always inherited when a new KF, (e.g. KF2) is inserted, whether the parameter box is ticked or not. Once ticked, the inherited value becomes visible and can be changed or left unaltered. If a change is required in the parameter value at KF2, the parameter "tick" box must be ticked and new values applied. This ALSO applies to Color Correct parameters. Any initial values applied to KF1, will be inherited, if KF2 is inserted. The difference is that when the parameter box is ticked, all color values revert to their default values. In my opinion, whether this is the correct behaviour is less important than making sure that the difference between color correction actions and the other adjustment parameters are understood. I accept that this behaviour is the intended one according to Igor. Whether it is a desirable one is another matter. But classing color correction as a "modifier" does not seem to me to be correct because modifiers can only be applied to an initial KF to alter the behavior between this KF and the next. So whether the new KF inherits the value of the preceding KF, is irrelevant. But is that important? The most important issue is to ensure that the user understands how the various parameter controls work and are applied. Jeff
  10. The Blue Mountains

    (Barry has posted a revised version over the original) Hi Barry, I like this revised version much better. In fact this is much more like a "Barry Beckham" show of the kind which I have admired so much. The addition of different images keeps the interest going and the slightly shorten version suits the story much better. I also like the fact that you have removed some of the pans : I think panning has to be used with a lot of care and have a definite purpose. You certainly have some superb images here. Thanks for the revised version. Jeff
  11. Text box not expanding in O&A

    Jill, I have tried this on several slides without any problems. The text box just expands as it always has. Windows 7 Professional. Jeff
  12. The Blue Mountains

    Hi Barry, I have watched, enjoyed and marveled at many of your AV shows in the past, but, to my disappointment, this did not quite catch my attention as your previous shows have done. I like the opening sequence, the music and the ending 3 or 4 slide sequence. But although you had an interesting story to tell, it seemed to me that you were short of enough different images to cover it. There were quite a few similar shots of the same landscape and I kept thinking to myself, I have seen that shot already. Another issue is the question of whether movement is relevant. I am part of an UPP Av group where some of the members use panning and zooming rather a lot and I think movement like this needs to have a definite purpose. Out of the 33 or so images, I counted 10 where you had used movement. The second image where you zoomed out from the cavern and the twelfth image where you had a lovely long deep zoom out, were excellent. Not quite so sure about the others, particularly the pans. Of course this is, as ever, just my own point of view and I hope you do not mind me giving an honest comment. Jeff
  13. Just a note to anyone who might be looking at the Online Help File at the moment. This is undergoing some re-organisation and for about two weeks or so , will have some duplicated items. All the original content is still there but there are some new sections at the top of the menu tree which are the old content in a re-organised format. Jeff Evans
  14. Reading emails from a server first?

    Hi Ron, Just as an addition to what Lin states above, when I was working, I used Microsoft Outlook and downloaded all my emails from the server to my computer. This meant that I had better control of archiving them and also, that I could number them (as I had a database record of all work emails). Now that I am retired, this is no longer important. So I keep all my emails on the Gmail web server and this means that I can read them wherever I am on a number of different devices, e.g. phone. tablet, laptop etc. This is a much better system that downloading emails to your computer. Jeff
  15. Insert Video

    No Gary. as I explained above, I should have used "insert a video via the video insert button", not dragging which, as you point out, you cannot do. I have edited my original post. Jeff