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  1. Aginum, i work with Yuneec drone 4K, You have to convert with a convertor b.v Any Video Convertor, Customized mp4 Movie 1920x1080, Bitrate 6000, Frame Rate 30 works oke by me!
  2. Gilio

    Links to Users Web Sites

    I would like to add my site to the list please, Giel Rombout (gilio) www.avdigifoto.nl Thankyou.
  3. Gilio

    A Nordic Year

    Jan, thank you this is fantastic good and I like this film very much. Giel.
  4. Gilio

    The Bannack Album

    Bert, I like your show very much but wy not in black and white?
  5. Gilio

    Can I use two screens?

    Maybe this is the solution http://plugable.com/products/uga-3000
  6. Gilio

    Do you create DVD in PicturesToExe?

    Last week for Photoclub exhibition.
  7. Gilio

    Custom mp3 bitrate

    Cedric, I use Lame mp3, 256 kbps for better Quality sound!
  8. Gilio

    Slideshow club upload.

    This morning it works not at al, but later in the afternoon it works fine, thank you.
  9. Gilio

    How to start a exe with space bar

    Al 3 shows are separate shows for different festivals , Holland, Polen, France. Thank you.
  10. Gilio

    How to start a exe with space bar

    jt, you are right it works fine now, danke I have the show send to Europoort Festival in Holland. Thank you.
  11. Gilio

    How to start a exe with space bar

    Stu, thank you it works fine, but I have 3 slideshows every show has to start with a black slide and remaining slide 260 pices has to be change in Project Options, that is lot of work! When I make a exe, one button in the program can do that, IGOR can you fix that???? Thank you.
  12. Gilio

    How to start a exe with space bar

    Thanks for replays, but when I send a show to a festival the operator like to start with the space bar, in other programs like Wings, DGFects it is posible! maybe Igor can make a button in project options for it. Thank you.
  13. Is it posible to start a exe show with space bar as pauze?
  14. Rob, what is 5(2).jpg ???? rename the Original picture!