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  1. Hi There Is there any way we can get the French Manual translated to English ? Michael
  2. Happy new year Wnsoft team . Thank you for a great program it gets better each year . Michael
  3. Have a nice and well deserved time off work. Michael
  4. Hi Lin Now I have it , thank you very much . Michael
  5. Hi Lin I cannot find your number 76 I can only find upto 45 . Michael
  6. Congratulations Igor and your team for a fantastic program , thank you very much .
  7. Hi Dom Nice to see you are still around , I still use your work that I purchased from you over the years and allways hope you will put a new one out . Thanks for your work . Mike
  8. Hi Dave I am sure it was down to me , I removed the version 10 and then reinstalled it and every thing is now OK . Thanks alot . Mike
  9. Hi There Please tell me if this is in the wrong place ? I have just fired up my PTE 10 Beta 4 and when open It is telling me it as gone back to PTE 10 Beta 1 . Mike
  10. Hi . I dont know if this is the same fault , when I have been in version 9 0 22 and close it down I then go to opening PTE version Beta 10 4 it opens into version 10 1 . To get version 10 4 I have to reinstall it . Michael
  11. Hi There As a matter of intrest I started the windows 10 version 1903 upgrade two days ago at 11.19 in the evening and it finished at 4.28 the following morning , The only interaction I had with the program while it was setting up was the start icon and at the end when I had to put my password in . The first program I tried was the new version of PTE 10 ,every thing was fine . Michael
  12. Hi Igor Well worth waiting for , thankyou for a great new version and yet more to look forward to . Michael
  13. Hi Ken Can I point out that Windows 10 and PTE that you are using are not the latest versions W10 is now 1809 build 17763.503 and PTE 9.0.22 . Michael
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