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  1. Hi Dom Nice to see you are still around , I still use your work that I purchased from you over the years and allways hope you will put a new one out . Thanks for your work . Mike
  2. Hi Dave I am sure it was down to me , I removed the version 10 and then reinstalled it and every thing is now OK . Thanks alot . Mike
  3. Hi There Please tell me if this is in the wrong place ? I have just fired up my PTE 10 Beta 4 and when open It is telling me it as gone back to PTE 10 Beta 1 . Mike
  4. Hi . I dont know if this is the same fault , when I have been in version 9 0 22 and close it down I then go to opening PTE version Beta 10 4 it opens into version 10 1 . To get version 10 4 I have to reinstall it . Michael
  5. Hi There As a matter of intrest I started the windows 10 version 1903 upgrade two days ago at 11.19 in the evening and it finished at 4.28 the following morning , The only interaction I had with the program while it was setting up was the start icon and at the end when I had to put my password in . The first program I tried was the new version of PTE 10 ,every thing was fine . Michael
  6. Hi Igor Well worth waiting for , thankyou for a great new version and yet more to look forward to . Michael
  7. Hi Ken Can I point out that Windows 10 and PTE that you are using are not the latest versions W10 is now 1809 build 17763.503 and PTE 9.0.22 . Michael
  8. Hi There I hope I am not way off on this topic . I have a PC with windows 10 which I have recently updated to version 1809 ( OS Build 17763.404 ) and then a few days later there was another update to version 1809 ( OS Build 17763. 437 ) . Both of these updates were mainly Bug Fixers ) and in both updates went back to early update Windows 7 , Windows 8 right up to the latest version . I found they worked fine with my programs including PTE 9.22 . I also found out the Windows update which should have been released in April as now moved to May . Michael
  9. Igor I have picked up my Magazine and in it is a new version of a HDR program which you can download and use for a limited time and there is a money off offer on the latest version could this sort of thing work for PTE ? Michael
  10. Hi There I will start by saying I love PictureToExe and trust it and would miss this name . I have been using it from nearly the beginning if by changing the name would bring more people to buy it ok but as been mentioned it could loose people and it could also gain new ones but that would take time . What ever Igor and his team decide if they change the name please keep it as near to the original .PictureToE.x.e PictureToWynsoft as examples . Michael
  11. Just a bit of extra information , when you download the new 2019 version of Photoshop it allows you to retain the 2018 version I found this out by clicking the icon on the task bar this gives the 2018 and if I start photoshop up from the cloud icon this gives the new 2019 version . Michael
  12. Great News thanks Igor . Michael
  13. Hi Lin Thank you working fine now . Michael
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