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  1. Igor I have picked up my Magazine and in it is a new version of a HDR program which you can download and use for a limited time and there is a money off offer on the latest version could this sort of thing work for PTE ? Michael
  2. Hi There I will start by saying I love PictureToExe and trust it and would miss this name . I have been using it from nearly the beginning if by changing the name would bring more people to buy it ok but as been mentioned it could loose people and it could also gain new ones but that would take time . What ever Igor and his team decide if they change the name please keep it as near to the original .PictureToE.x.e PictureToWynsoft as examples . Michael
  3. Just a bit of extra information , when you download the new 2019 version of Photoshop it allows you to retain the 2018 version I found this out by clicking the icon on the task bar this gives the 2018 and if I start photoshop up from the cloud icon this gives the new 2019 version . Michael
  4. Hi Lin Thank you working fine now . Michael
  5. Hi There I have just down loaded PTE 9.0.20 , can some one tell me if it is right that in its program name it is Power director ? I have never noticed it before . I noticed it as I was clicking on the icon and bye the way the PTE fired up OK . Sorry if I am wasting any body's time . Michael
  6. Hi Gary Back in January I treated myself to a new LG Monitor 32inch IPS model LG 32MP58HQ-P it is absolutely fabulous . It as many features including split screen many variations of this and for just £240 Have a look on The internet . It also allows me to connect my Sat TV box to it . The only problem I had was the sound was not good so I purchased a Logitech sound system that made some thing good into perfect . Michael
  7. Hi There I Follow a tech guy in Canada for my Windows 10 and he recommended a player which I have been using for a while and can recommend it Daum PotPlayer . Michael
  8. Hi There I Purchased the book that goes with the Affinity Photo and can highly recommend it . Michael
  9. Hi Lin Thank you for this tutorial and the effort you have put into it and thanks to Igor and his crew for giving us PTE . Michael
  10. Hi If any one interested there is a free update to the PanosFX Jigsaw Action it makes animations . Michael
  11. Hi Lin Re Vimeo there is a program that you can download video from Vimeo it is called YouTube Downloader or you can search for it by typing YTD . There is a free version which down loads one item at a time also there is a paid version which cost just over £10 it lasts for a year before having to renew and you can down load three items at a time , Michael
  12. Hi DG Thank you . What a great program this is . Michael
  13. Hi There Will it still be possible to use PTE 9 On two computers and may I ask what the price of the upgrade will be ? Michael
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