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  1. Gary, Fyi, in case you didn't see this recent post from Igor regarding laptops and PTE 10. Tom
  2. Gary, I can verify the AMD 7 2700 processor works great with PTE 10. I decided on an AMD CPU when all the Spectre/Meltdown/... security problems were in the news. My AMD computer has a Nvidia 1060 3GB and seems to work fine with PTE 10. Memory usage is usually around 1.5 GB on my 1920x1080 slideshows. I can only assume the Nvidia 2060 would be even better. Igor can probably recommend which of the systems listed would work the best with PTE 10 hardware acceleration, video hardware encoding, and number of CPU cores. The AMD graphics cards may not be supported as well as the more popular Nvidia graphics cards. The prices quoted seem reasonable. Good luck. I'm already thinking about my next computer. Tom
  3. The file list sort by option is not working for me in Beta 27. It works in Beta 26. Strange. Tom
  4. When I select "Shadow for 3D mode" option under Customize Text Shadow the item does not stay checked. Same with PTE 9. It could be me and my lack of understanding. Information about 3D text shadow. https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/16561-shadow-for-3d-mode/?do=findComment&comment=110039 Thanks, Tom
  5. Ok. It's not a problem. Just testing. Gary, I think Google fonts are primarily for web page design. They seem to work in Windows 10 and they show up in PTE 10 font list, but switch to the default Arial. Thanks, Tom
  6. Interesting. I tried some of the free google fonts and I found 2 that are displayed as Arial in beta 25. Probably a completely different problem. https://fonts.google.com/?query=shadows Tom
  7. I have no problems with font display/scrolling. Partial screen drawing may be video card related or maybe cache? What is your graphics card? Have you tried reinstalling? Tom Windows 10/Ryzen 2700x/Nvidia 1060 3GB
  8. Hi Pascal, You make the greatest styles and transitions. I think the facets version of this transition is my favorite. Your shop is amazing too. https://diaporashop.com/ Thanks, Tom
  9. If you type Windows + . you get a pop up of graphic emojis. If you select one with the mouse it appears in upper left corner of screen and also in the text input box. I'm not sure if there is some method to disable this from the text input and corner of screen but I thought I should mention. Thanks, Tom
  10. Time Range allows you to set the start and end times when an object will be visible on the screen. It would be nice if you could select an object, place the timeline cursor (vertical red bar) to where you want the object to start or stop and watch the time range (blue rectangle area) change in real time when you click and drag the time range control horizontally. If that is not possible maybe click and drag the blue rectangle or a hotkey or mouse click option to set the start and stop time based on the timeline cursor position. Thanks, Tom
  11. My laptop is old and driver support for the Nvidia Kepler 6xx gpu ends in April 2020. I will probably buy a new laptop next year with a much faster cpu/gpu. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_600_series#Discontinued_support Thanks, Tom
  12. I have a Lenovo ideaPad laptop with GTX 660M 2 GB gpu. When I run your video on the 660M it is not smooth. When I run on the Intel Integrated HD4000 gpu it is smooth. On my much faster Ryzen 2700x desktop PC it is smooth on the GTX 1060 3GB gpu. Tom
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