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  1. Did HWA (hardware acceleration) for video encoding get enabled for modern AMD cards that support VCE encoding? I remember Igor said he was waiting for AMD to release a newer version of their software but that was about a month ago. I can't test myself since I currently don't own an AMD card. Thanks, Tom
  2. I like the new name. Congratulations to you and your team. I think you should take a well deserved vacation before finishing the native Mac version. Thanks, Tom
  3. Igor, Yes! That is correct. If custom setting lossless compression is enabled it disables HW acceleration for the preset options. Thanks! Tom
  4. Igor, Strange. It now works on regular 1920x1080 low, medium, high quality settings until I restart PTE 10. Then it forgets HW until I use custom setting again. Thanks, Tom
  5. Igor, Interesting. Those settings seem to work. I see the [...HW] now and now 117 FPS. Thanks, Tom
  6. Ok. Here are my settings and after encoding window.
  7. Hi Igor, Nothing so far. Rebooting did not help. Changing from Studio Driver to Game Driver did not help. After switching to Game Driver updated to 436.30 did not help. I do not see the HW text displayed in brackets in the video encoder window after version Beta 33. I will continue testing. I think 82 FPS using cpu is probably fast enough so maybe not a problem. Thanks, Tom NVIDIA System Information 09-17-2019 11-17-33.txt
  8. The video hardware acceleration option no longer working since Beta 34. The frame rate for Beta 33 is 122 fps on and 82 fps off. Beta 34 up thru RC 1 is 82 fps with hardware acceleration on and off. Writing application : Lavf58.20.100 1920x1080 - medium quality - 60p - pan scan disabled - motion blur disabled Maybe someone can verify it's working for them. Might be user error or my system. Thanks, Tom Ryzen 2700 Nvidia 1060 3GB Driver 431.86 (latest)
  9. Ok. I don't know if this helps but I notice MPC-HC continues to play both video and audio when the mouse is dragging title bar. So I guess keep playing slideshow is the other option. Thanks, Tom
  10. When grabbing a resized window (not full screen) and moving it around it does not pause the audio. The video jumps to sync with audio. If possible pause audio with video during moving of window. Amazing playback quality with PteViewerX. Also, if I select Preview on Display 2 the slideshow starts full screen on Display 2 as expected. If I double click it resizes to window mode and changes to Display 1 instead of staying on Display 2. Not a big deal but I thought I should mention it. Thanks, Tom
  11. Alt + Enter is not something that would be pressed by accident in a competition. Tom
  12. Hi Dave, Yes. That seems to work with PTEViewer opening video in current working directory. I was not thinking about myself making this mistake as much as a new user. It could be more user friendly by either alert message or automatic adding video to zip file (PTE created zip limited to 4 GB unless zip64 is used in the future). I think PTE 10 will be very popular with many new users. Thanks, Tom
  13. If you have video in slideshow there is an option "Do not include file for EXE". That is fine for with video on local storage device or local network. When you create a zip file for sharing over internet the video is not included in zip file as part of the folder or in .ptshow data file. Maybe I am missing something but I think it would be a good idea to warn user video will not be included or maybe save video into zip folder or .ptshow data file. Thanks, Tom
  14. Igor, Did a quick test. Playing 4 copies of a 1.5 GB slideshow, two each in separate monitors. Still very smooth. About 1.3 GB of video memory, less than 50% gpu load. Since they are all the same slideshow maybe they share the slideshow in memory? Amazing! Thanks, Tom Nvidia 1060 3GB
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