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  1. Ernst

    Scrolling Text with Version 5

    Thanks, Ron, for the detailed and clear tutorial. Thanks Igor, for your fine software. I made a few tests and the transparent scrolling text worked fine. Saludos Ernst
  2. Ernst

    Buttons and hyperlinks

    Jim: Thanks to you, too. Certainly it will be a most desired and useful improvement in PTE. Regards Ernst
  3. Ernst

    Buttons and hyperlinks

    Bill, I am sorry that the link to my forum did not work. I forgot to change the signature when I reinstalled the forum in another folder. The route has been corrected now in my signature. Cold: Yes, for our standards it´s cold around here (we have got a polar wave in the last week). Thanks for all your time to explain working straight forward or around the problem I posted. I will read carefully and work on some of the advices, and answer later again. Maybe there will be other posts in the next time, so I can react to them, too. Thanks again Ernst
  4. Ernst

    Buttons and hyperlinks

    Thanks, Bill. Certainly a very good and clear explanation on how to proceed, while we wait to get eventually also a programmed pause for the shows. What I did: 1. Made a show and SYNCed it 2. Last slide customized to start external application, that is another NON-SYNCed show. I called it Menu. Menu is a one-slide-show, and it is set to "When show ends, keep last slide in show on screen. This works fine even as a starting Menu, for several shows. On this one-slide-show I put buttons, that lead to different synced shows, all ending with a customized last slide, with a "run application and close". The run application is my one-slide-show (the menu). Excellent! 3. The only thing that happens is that the so-called linked shows (from the menu) should eventually be your own shows, where you have a control on the last slide to start the "menu" application. I for example, linked from the menu to a show called Kirov, made by Igor at the beginnings of PTE. This show loops. So, no way to have my new system working with these kinds of shows, where I can´t control the last slide. The show never ends, unless you ESCape. And then you are at your desktop, and not at your Menu, unless you have your menu slideshow open. Since you told it to run application and exit, it will no longer be there. This takes me back to what I proposed (maybe two years ago), in order to have a second show open, with menu buttons, and looping all the time. So, even if you ESCape from a looping show, you land on your Menu-show. So your suggestion is a big step forward, but maybe only working with shows that one personnally can control, as to configure their last slide. Will keep experimenting. Thanks again, for your time and generosity. Regards Ernst
  5. I am amazed with the latest developments of PTE. Thanks Igor for your continuous work, effort and time in the development of PTE. Let me play newbie for a while, with the following: PART 1 1. I am testing a show, synchronized to length of sound file. 2. I want that the last slide... "When show ends keep last slide in show on screen" to be on. 3. I put a button with the action: "Go to first slide" as an Object on that last slide that stays on screen. It did not work. I tried also with an hyperlink. Nothing. 4. Then I placed a button on a slide about in the middle of the show, Go to First Slide, just for testing. My conclusion: When working with a synchronized show nothing of the above is possible, unless I do not use synchronized show, right? PART 2 1. I know this has been an old discussion in the forum (the old forum and this one) about menus, and I remember that I made some posts in the old forum about a routine to work as it were the option of menus in the program, bypassing the lack of menus options. 2. When I want a viewer, who gets to the last slide (that one fixed on the screen) to go to slide 1 (that is reinitiate the show), or have the option to go, for example to a part 2, or 3, from that slide, how should I operate? Questions: 1. Should I use non synchronized show, or synchronize custom each slide, and then this option for navigating ( I mean buttons and hyperlinks, not the navigation bar) will be active? 2. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I must confess that I did not work with PTE in the last few months, and maybe did not closely follow the very important improvements in PTE and all the discussion about this topic in this forum. My excuses. Your guidance will be welcomed. BTW, Hola Guido ! Saludos ! Regards Ernst
  6. Ernst

    Error message

    Sometimes when editing a show I get error messages. When I want to preview, I get an error message, "background image so and so (path) was not found". (The preview does not run, not even up to the conflicting slide). OK. Thanks for the message. But, where is the conflicting slide? The message error shows me only the name and path of the missing file (let´s say a background texture I had moved to another folder), but it does not tell me in what slide it found the missing file. Sometimes I combine customized and non customized slides. It is hard to find out where (usually customized slides) is the slide that has an erroneous path. The error appears as many times as there is a conflicting slide, and you have to discover (search) one by one which was the bad one. In this you have to go back and forth to the errors window. I will appreciate a solution to discovering the conflicting slide. And since "If you are not part of the solution, you are part the problem", may I suggest (if I am not too lost in the forum today) that in a given case, future editions of PTE could consider this aspect? That is, in the example I described, would it be possible to point to the slide that is causing the problem, or tell me, it´s the general settings? Thiswill help in the editing, especially if you have a larg amount of slides. Maybe I will discover (or you will tell it to me in anger) also that this has already been discussed in this forum So, please, excuse me for not reading enough of the older posts (I like to play newbie sometimes). In that case, please be patient with me and point me to the corresponding topic. Regards Ernst
  7. Ernst

    Thanks, Jim!

    Jim: I am very impressed with your Tumblee show. A huge amount of work. Nice clean pictures and movement, nice version of music. My congratulations !!!! It went fine on my machine. Exact synchronization, clear ending and closing. No looping. 1.6 giga, geforce2. I ran it both from within the zipped file, and also unzipped and ran it. No difference (in case it could have meant any difference). Regards Ernst
  8. Ernst

    Adding a Title Page

    I think that you may try this. 1. Prepare all your images, and add them to the show you want to construct. 2. If you want a title page, customize the first slide, with whatever background you want (tiled image, gradient or solid color) 3. Edit your object (example, add a text) 4. Uncheck (down right side of the working window, where there are three horizontal window), the first slide. That means there will be no image showing, just the background and whatever object (in this case your title) you have chosen. As your first image that you will uncheck and it will become hidden, you may use whatever image you want. So you can prepare several title pages as needed. Title page, credits, legends, etc. Hope it works Ernst
  9. Ernst

    Beechbrook Cottage

    OK from here Wednesday 19, 6 AM. Ernst
  10. Ernst

    Resizing the windows for a show

    Well, I should have stopped after Ian´s clear response to my question. Ian was very precise answering all my doubts. Now I feel we are going off-road, and so I want to stop discussing more on this topic. Thanks, Ian, thanks Ken, I am using Nedstatbasic for my traffic statistics, and also my web-hosting service provides me with much more detailed information on traffic. But I feel now we are going nowhere and I feel guilty to having included data on traffic and stastitics for my site, as an example of the general trend of usage of resolution at PCs, and then derived to family and friends. I have messed things up.. And on how many people use what resolution. Maybe I made a mistake, and this topic discussion could go forever and to nowhere. I´ll stop here, OK? I hope also that errors have rights, in the present time we are living in the world. Regards Ernst
  11. Ernst

    Resizing the windows for a show

    Sorry, Ken. I don´t have those numbers. What I posted was an instantaneous statistics of the hit (visit) counter am using at my web site. They do not give the type of computer visitors are using. BTW, those numbers change also, depending who is visiting at that particular moment. Just took a look, and it was 58% for 800x600 and 38% for 1024x768. I do not know (only very approximately) how many of my friends and family members have notebooks and PCs. And in addition, whether they are using PCs or notebooks to watch shows. Additionally what their screen resolution is. And ... what the speed of their processor is. I am sorry that I could not answer your question precisely, but only with an excuse. Regards Ernst
  12. Ernst

    Resizing the windows for a show

    Thanks, Ian for your clear and detailed (and generous) explanation. It is clear to me now. I want to process some shows with a navigation bar, and I didn´t see it before. This will take care of that too, I think. I will work with 800x600 images, and some reduction of the screen to maybe 75%. I have seen also from the visitors of my web site, that there is still a high proportion of people using 800x600 resolution 56%, as compared to 41% with 1024x768. The gap is getting smaller although. But 640x480 are only 1% Although it is an Internet visitor statistics, I feel that this trend will also be maintained with persons (relatives and friends) to whom I eventually will give PTE shows, and who still use extensively the 800x600 screen resolution. It is also funny to verify, that many persons don´t even know that their monitor allows a higher resolution. Regards Ernst
  13. Ernst

    Resizing the windows for a show

    Hey, somebody there? Some expertise on this topic in the forum? Regards Ernst
  14. Ernst

    Button and properties

    Thanks, Jim. Great! Iwill continue with my experiments Regards Ernst
  15. I have been playing a bit now with resizing the window for a show (at the screen options, % of the normal size of the image). And with an mp3 file as background sound. I have images of 1024x768, and fade-in transition. It seemed to me that when I resize the window (I have been using 75%) the show runs smoother that with a 100% screen. Is that right? If so, how does it work? I understand that the kb of the image doesn´t change, and so doesn´t the size of the slide either, right? It is justr a change on the screen Is this due to the loading time of the image on the screen that the show goes better. That is, the resized window loads faster? Even if I use the resized window, with a smaller size of the image (on the screen), using 1024x768 images adds very much to the total weight of the show (mb). Right? If everything is Yes, then I feel very comfortable today, I am confirming my knowledge, and will get me a drink this afternoon. Regards Ernst