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  1. (As usual) a beautiful show. Gives us a good feel for the area you visited. Some of the scenes remind me of what little of the Canadian Arctic that I have been to. (Plus our province of Newfoundland) Love the "alligator" small ice berg! Keep 'em coming Maureen Thanks
  2. Gee Lin, is that all ???? Good job putting it all together!
  3. JRR


    Nicely done Dave Lots of character(s) in those faces
  4. Pretty neat stuff from the master!!
  5. well done Lin Hope you get your eye fixed sooner than later
  6. Reminds me very much of the Otavalo Market in Ecuador. Very nice
  7. FYI Lin and Frans, out of curiosity I tried the file in VLC on my desktop PC, it ran very smoothly (as smoothly as it did on the default Win10 "Movies and TV"). I can't find the specs for the desktop, but it was very well spec'ed out 2 (3?) years when I bought it.
  8. Pretty damn good Lin!! I am no expert on video and I was watching it on a 24" monitor but sure looked very sharp and exacting. Not sure I understand the 60fps - I thought video was 30fps (29.95) and 60fps would look sped up....... Love the new laws of physics that a flag can be blown straight out, yet the snow wafts slowly straight down
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