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  1. Congratulations to Igor and his team. A program that will date and it rises to the height of all that can be expected from such software. Great work and I will personally have more fun training people with PTE AV Studio 10 and working with them. Congratulations again and you deserved to take a good rest. Thank you Igor
  2. Hello Thanks for the answer and sorry, I was doing the wrong thing. The problem is solved
  3. Hello I use the latest version of PTE 10 A slight anomaly appeared today. In the "Objects and animation" section, properties tab, when I embed a video in my editing and I uncheck the box "Cut the sound", it has no effect and the sound is still present. Thank you
  4. Hello I'm really excited to see that my creation is progressing and giving ideas. I personally want to thank Lin
  5. Hello Igor Very impressed by your ability to adapt to the demands of the moment and make PTE an even more extraordinary program. A huge congratulations to you and to your entire team who are constantly working to improve PTE. I think that when this version is fully operational, it will be even more pleasant to create montages. Again congratulations and thank you
  6. Beautiful and big news. Many of us are looking forward to this version that will no doubt a huge success. Thank you to Igor ey his team
  7. Let's be gentlemen patients. Do not you think that we are spoiled and that the expensive Igor and his team have done a great job and the days are coming, PTE will have first-rate innovations ... Celou
  8. So, I followed your comments and I thank you and I have made it necessary.Perspective-V4.ptestyle Perspective-V4.zip
  9. OK, I'll see my copy and I will propose a style developed rained. No problem
  10. Excuse me, but everything works fine on my PC and I confess I do not understand your concern. This style was created to images 16/9
  11. Another variant of the style "Perspective" Perspective-V3.zip Perspective-V3.ptestyle
  12. Thank you for these initial findings that allow me to correct small errors present ... it's a first for me. I therefore propose the corrected version. Perspective-V2.zip Perspective-V2.ptestyle
  13. Good evening I just created my first style that I named, "Perspective". I think I might be able to develop it. Thank you for your understanding Perspective.zip Perspective.ptestyle
  14. Good Evening Like many people I use quite often this function for separating the bottom, images, objects, texts etc. Although not essential, it would be very unfortunate to remove.
  15. Hello, your demonstration is excellent, bravo for this work. By cons, for the neophyte, would it not be wise to propose a template or album, so they can learn from your work. Thank you for them
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