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  1. Hi I am considering purchasing a new PC laptop and looking for advise on technical specification. I have quite a high end desktop on which I do all my image processing (LR and PS) plus AV building with PTE. I want the laptop primarily for running completed AV’s through a projector I would, on occasion, like to use it for PS and PTE demonstrations to Camera club members. I think a 14” screen will be ample as there is a 24” monitor available at the club which could be used for demonstrations. I would appreciate general advice on Processor and graphics. What are the views on separate or integrated graphics nowadays? I guess RAM isn’t a big cost issue nowadays I believe presumably the more the better. 8GB rather than 4GB? I suppose SSD is best, though given my proposed use, I won’t need any more than 250GB ? I’m trying to keep the cost down given the fact that it will not be used excessively. I have seen a number of machines in the region of £500. I need to consider USB and other connectivity. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks John
  2. JEB

    Automatic text name

    I thought that one stage in the past we did have the facility where the contents of a text object was used automatically as a name in O&A. ???
  3. JEB

    Remote Backup

    Thank you Barry i will look into this later. I am strugelling with moving my data from my broken eight year old MAC to a new PC. I will be away from home next week so I’m not likely to get back to this till after that. I will respond ASAP.. john
  4. JEB

    Remote Backup

    Hi Barry, Thank you for your reply and sorry for not responding before now. I had forgotten about MedieFire though I used to use it some years ago. I watched your video yesterday but from what I can see it wouldn’t do the job I have in mind though I have yet to get on to their site. What I want to do is back up my entire external backup hard drive to a remote location. Belt and braces! On searching the internet there appear to be many companies offering that service. I had been hoping that some of the forum members would have had recommendations. I have often seen reference to DropBox so possibly MediaFire is an option. Thanks, I’ll keep you posted. John
  5. JEB

    Remote Backup

    Hi, Does anybody have any recommendations or experience of remote back up services suitable for people like this community within the UK or Europe? I would be pleased to hear from anybody on this subject. On searching the internet none of the names that come up mean anything to me and some of the claims appear to get conflicting reviews. Dropbox is the only one I know of but they don't get included in the comparisons that I have seen. Thanks John
  6. Hi, I am looking at a Dell offer at the moment which I assume should do the job for PTE, PSCC and LRCC. The GPU is of higher spec. I think than that mentioned by Igor but they (Dell) say there would be little difference in cost to replace it with the 1060. For me I think the 4TB HDD is perhaps a bit OTT but who knows. 1 8th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 6-Core Processor (12M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz) 1 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2666MHz (2X8GB) 1 256GB M.2 PCIe x4 SSD + 4TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive 1 NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Memory Any comments? Regards John
  7. Thanks Dave, I thought as much but had to be sure. John
  8. Hi, I know this is an old topic but I need to get up to date. The reason? My trusty eight year old Mac is on its last legs and I need to consider its replacement. I am unlikely to replace it with another Mac as I believe that a PC may be adequate for my purposes now. On discussing a possible build the question of the need for a dedicated graphics card has risen its head. My understanding, based on debate from several years ago, was that a dedicated card was a priority. However I am being told that integrated graphics have moved on considerably. What is the current thinking. Keep in mind I'm talking PC not Mac. Thanks John
  9. JEB


    Dave, Please see my response to your latest post in a DUPLICATE original posting within the GENERAL section of the Forum. CONFUSION REIGNS John
  10. JEB


    Dave, i want people to play MP4s from the DVD. I don’t understand what you mean by being able to transfer to USB for playing on a TV MEDIA PLAYER. I am guessing now but is a TV Media Player like Windows Media Player or VLC on a computer but on a Modern TV ? If this is correct then I think you are saying that both methods may be a possible way of viewing dependant on the users hardware. To make myself clear the user may be able to play it like a conventional DVD or play it through a Media Player. Presumably they would have to load the DVD into a computer then copy the MP4’s to a USB stick, plug that into their TV and then play it through the aforementioned Media Player? Surely not! Apart from my ignorance of this subject I think we are getting into a further mess here. I am responding to this within the GENERAL section of the Forum though previous responses have all been in the TROUBLESHOOTING section. For some reason two versions of my original post exist. I don’t know how this happened but I recently posted in the GENERAL area version requesting the Moderator to remove this version and somehow your last post was directed there! John
  11. Hi, Views and advice please. Firstly, is it worth purchasing software for burning MP4’s to DVD or perhaps using one of the “free” offers? Secondly, have you any suggestions in either the free or paid for categories? (Perhaps more importantly, which should I avoid?} I would like to be able to create my own menu page using my own image. I have an occasional need to make multi copies. I would prefer a Mac option though I do have Parallels and also run Windows but when Igor comes up with a Mac version of PTE I’ll be “pulling down the blinds”on Windows. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks John
  12. JEB


    Thanks that's what I thought Dave. All this talk of streaming and USB made me wonder if I was totally out of date. I'm going to make a separate post on subject of burning/menu software. John
  13. JEB


    MODERATOR Should this not be removed from here as another copy exists in Troubleshooting. John
  14. JEB


    Hi, Confusion strikes again I'm afraid. I accept I should start with an MP4 file. If I don't use a DVD/BR disc how do I provide people with a copy of my show? I can't believe that I give them a USB stick or expect them to download it from some source. Am I missing something? Cheers. John
  15. JEB


    Hi Dave, “ ......it requires that you keep up with it” In truth that’s the bit I find harder the older I get. john