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  1. Hi I totally agree with this. I’m sure I have raised this in the past but it didn’t get much support at the time. I hope you have more success than I have had! John
  2. Change of position in Beta 8 will break my habit! Thanks John
  3. Hi, I think this may have been raised before but I can't now find it so i'll raise it again. I find the blue colour used for the slide number an audio clip is linked to almost impossible to read. Can this be changed at this stage? Keep up the good work folks. Not that I understand a fraction of all this video stuff!! Regards John
  4. Hi Dave, Yes, I have noticed the Close button. It is just the use of the word "Editor" for "O&A" that seems odd and possibly confusing! john
  5. Firstly, let me say that I love the dark interface. I have not yet explored the new features. I have however noticed that when choosing to close O@A by selecting the “X” at the TRH side we are now offered the choice of closing “editor”, “PTE” or “Cancel” whereas in earlier versions it immediately closed O&A. I am aware that you can select not to have this dialog box reappear. My point is that the use of the term “Editor” for “O&A” could be confusing. I don’t recall ever having seen this term used in this context before.
  6. Hi Dave, I never cease to be surprised as to how big an idiot I am. Thank you. John
  7. Hi Dave, Hopefully the attachment will illustrate more clearly what I am after. Firstly, the fact that each button is named Button 1 in my illustration is because I simply copied and pasted. Had I entered each button individually they would have been numbered sequentially (1,2,3,4 etc). What would be better in my view is if I were able to manually title each button with a description such as, in this case, 'Pentland'. What would be even better would be if PTE would automatically label it from the text typed on it. However, back to the point, I was under the impression that at some point in the past I was able to manually change the wording to the likes of 'Pentland' rather than simply Button XX. I hope that more clearly explains what I am after. Is it possible? Cheers John
  8. JEB


    Jill, Thanks for that. Regards John
  9. Hi, Is it possible to give buttons unique names where they appear in the box below Properties/Animation in Objects & Animation? Clearly I am aware that you can name the actual button as it appears on the slide but if you are working with several buttons hidden below other objects (Opacity 0) then the listing of Button 1,2,3,4....etc isn't very helpful. I thought we could do this way back in the dim and distant past but I can't find how to do it now. Thanks in anticipation, John
  10. JEB


    Thanks Jill I will try this later today. Yes I know I shouldn’t use Escape but when in panic mode......! Cheers john
  11. JEB


    Got rid of File Name.
  12. JEB


    Hi Jill, I notice that when the MP4 ends even though the menu comes up the VLC box also comes up. Looks like I've not correctly selected all the options in the Preferences. I'll have another look. John
  13. JEB


    Hi Jill, Thanks for this. I think I'm almost there thanks to your suggestion to use VLC. Three minor things that I can live with unless there is a way to avoid them. One, when I click on the Menu button a small VLC box flashes onto the screen for a fraction of a second and then the MP4 opens full screen as you described. Great! But can I avoid this flash in any way? Two, the file name is displayed at the bottom of the screen for a couple of seconds. Can this be prevented. Three, and I should not get into this situation, if I select the button containing the VLC Player by mistake and press Escape a minimised VLC Player appears and I have to cancel it with the mouse. The same circumstance with an exe file and you are brought back to the menu. As I say I shouldn't be in that position. But then nobody is perfect and possibly the same applies to software! As I say I can live with these minor issues. However, if you don't ask the question you don't necessarily get the answer! Regards John
  14. JEB


    Lin, I have discovered how I wasn't seeing the MP4 file from within PTE. At the bottom of the "Open" Menu box, next to the File Name entry box there is a further drop down box offering "Applications" or "All Files". So that is sorted, however what happens isn't very slick as it opens up a player with all the mouse actions that requires. Not as smooth as opening a PTE sequence. I think I will explore the route of embedding the MP4 into a PTE sequence. Thanks again for your direction. Kind regards John
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