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  1. Both of those posts were from 2017 - there have been Forum updates since then and it is possible that one of the changes was a restriction on the size of an upload. I cannot get anything above 3Mb to upload in a single file. DG
  2. I disagree, I have had multiple cameras (two at a time ) for a while and PTE sorts them correctly according to EXIF Date/Time Taken UNLESS you use some method of Saving which strips the exif. As I have shown above, PTE is sorting OK to my satisfaction but DISPLAYING the date modified instead of the Date Taken when in Table View - I do not use Table View. My main concern has been that the correct EXIF Date and Time are used for the Text Template, which it now is. I will look at Nikon NX-D when time permits - the last time I looked at it there was not the date modified mixup. Perhaps the fault lies with Adobe and not with PTE. DG
  3. Gary, you said you see others where the attachment is larger. Can you point to one? dg
  4. P.S. One further thought - perhaps someone else can check this out?? It is possible that the FILE LIST SORT order is using the same parameter as the TEXT TEMPLATE parameter but is DISPLAYING the Date Modified. Is that Possible?? When the File List is showing Thumbnails all appears to be correct. It is only when in Table View that the Date/Time is wrong! Please analyse this screen grab. The File Names are in the correct Chronological order, but the display of Date/Time is not chronological. The Image shown was taken in 2005. DG
  5. Sorry, I cannot agree. I depends what you are looking for and, POSSIBLY, what software you are using to Convert/Process/Save your JPEGs. In my case, as a Photoshop CC user, the EXIF DATE/TIME Template in O&A is working correctly (in Beta 29) and shows the Date and Time of the TAKING of the image in-camera. The File list is being sorted (in my case) by the date modified in software. I keep making the point that a Wedding/Event photographer using PTE and Photoshop CC is going to want the file list, which might be populated with images from multiple cameras, to be sorted by Date, and more especially, TIME that the various images were taken in order to preserve chronology. Can the File List be sorted by using the SAME parameter as the Text Template EXIF Date/Time?? If it can be done for the Text Template, and everyone is satisfied with that, why cannot it be done in the File List?? DG
  6. Can you point to an upload which is greater than 3.13mb? DG
  7. ....or you could set KFSD in Settings / Properties..... DG
  8. Thanks Barry, The "Theme" here is just a simple Framing with a little zoom. Each one has a different Flip/Swap transition. I think that care will need to be taken to not include non-indexed images in the Styles used in Themes. File sizes can escalate very quickly. DG
  9. Barry, I seem to remember Igor saying that v10 styles are not backwards compatible?? I will check as soon as able to. DG P.S. My Beta 27 Styles will not import into V9. No error message. I think that, because of the introduction of Themes, changes in the code for V10 Styles makes them incompatible with earlier versions. V10 Styles from earlier Betas (before Themes) might be compatible with V9. If I am right about this then maybe Igor can give some guidance about compatibility in both directions?
  10. Flips and Swaps Theme - a trial of the Themes Feature new to Version 10. If you have installed the latest Version 10 Beta you can try this Theme. Included are a First Slide with Text and an End Slide with Text. Add as many images as required - 3 Minimum - 21 Optimum - and Import and Apply the Theme. The First and End slides are fixed. Please report any errors? Flips and Swaps.ptetheme https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/10.0/themes/apply DG
  11. Barry, I am assuming that what you did was add a Text box and clicked on "Insert Text Template" in Properties and chose "Name"? I did the same thing and got this - without the "Text" that you are getting.
  12. Both problems now solved - thanks. DG
  13. Edit Theme looks OK so far!! DG P.S. In the Themes Window the Author and Comments are not showing?
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