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  1. The mechanics of this excercise have been around for many years - nothing new. I thought that it might help to bring it up to date in a Style/Tutorial for newer users. Although some might not consider it to be a "true ellipse" in the strictest sense it is close enough for most AV purposes. It has been configured to fit within the confines of a 16:9 Project AR. Simulating Elliptical Motion.ptestyle Import and Apply to a single blank slide. DG
  2. davegee

    Advanced Swap with Jump CT

    Here it is - with SMOOTH animation speed. Advanced Swap Jump.pteeff DG
  3. davegee

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Lin, Here's an idea - don't know if it would work but maybe worth a try? Instead of uploading/downloading the MP4 why not upload the BIZ and let the USER make the MP4. Maybe in this case the BIZ is quite heavy (those videos) but it is maybe worth looking at? DG
  4. davegee

    Advanced Swap with Jump CT

    You are a perfectionist! I will look at it. DG
  5. davegee

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Lin, I was not brave enought to download that file size, but for a long time now I have been using MP4 versions of shows in HD and High Quality/60fps and playing them on my TV as my prefered viewing experience. After reading your post I converted the Demo file which I have just posted as a style today ( https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/20620-advanced-swap-with-jump-ct/ ). It is only 1m 15s and 45Mb but enough to reassure me that what you have said is correct. DG
  6. Advanced Swap with Jump CT using the Jumping Modifier. 15 Variations all of which should work with any Aspect Ratio. Advanced Swap Jump.pteeff 16:9 Demo of Advanced Swap with Jump CT. Just add two fullscreen images to the Slide List in a 16:9 Project and apply this style. Please report any errors. Advanced Swap with Jump Demo 85%.ptestyle DG
  7. davegee

    Editing multiple slides

    You can use a STYLE to do this. Edit your first slide - create the style - apply the Style to other slides as required. More on Styles here: https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/slide-styles/create DG
  8. davegee

    Advanced Boring Transition

    Added two variations to the Custom Transition: Advanced Boring 2.pteeff DG
  9. davegee

    Save hot key in O&A window

    Neither does Auto Save. You have to come out of O&A into the Slide View before the Auto Save will do its job. DG
  10. davegee

    Update Button

    Help/Check for updates:
  11. davegee

    Save Project

    Hi Bob, If you are Publishing an Exe or Safe Exe just direct it to the USB in the Save dialogue. Alternatively save to your data drive and then copy to the usb. I recommend using the Safe Executable option. Same applies to mp4 video. DG
  12. davegee

    Styles-4 videos in one frame?

    NO GARY, You have read it wrong again. In your original Style - the one where you did not mark the Main Images - you created the Style. OK? If you Export that Style to your Exported Styles Folder you would see that the Style had a size in Kb, Mb or whatever. That is the file which would give you the hint of what was happening. Most Styles are of the order of 5-10Kb. What was yours?? - repeat your mistake - and do what I said above, then compare with the Exported version of the Style where you marked the Main Images. That should tell you something. It would be easy for me to spell it out - but I always believe that you would learn more about Styles etc by doing it yourself. Try it?? DG
  13. davegee

    Styles-4 videos in one frame?

    Have you looked at the size in Mb of your (original) Style? It is not a trick. The procedure for marking Main Images is documented in the Online Help. DG
  14. davegee

    Problem with Windows 10 Feature Update

    Both run fine on my Updated W10 Laptop - nVidia NOT updated. DG
  15. davegee

    Styles-4 videos in one frame?

    Mark your 4 original videos as main images 1-4. Then make the style. The creator will then say Main Images =4. DG ps look at the size of your style - there is a hint there.