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  1. Adobe Photography CC Package

    Judy, please explain. The addition to your £10 pm package is the newly named "Lightroom CC". To use that you must go "all-cloud" for images processed in that option....... If will be interesting to hear of user's experiences after a few weeks. I have never used LR so the changes will not have much impact on me. I look forward to some of the changes in PS. DG
  2. Adobe Photography CC Package

    The Adobe site Package prices: https://www.adobe.com/uk/creativecloud/photography.html?red=a&tduid=b38114d75b7afee4ec1dadb2668c7959&url=http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/photography.html DG
  3. Announced today: Subscription Plans Adobe's CC Photography Plan isn't losing any features. In fact, it's gaining 20 GB of cloud storage as well as Lightroom CC alongside the Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC updates. A new CC Photography Plan with 1 TB increases the price to $19.99 per month, up from $9.99 per month for the standard plan. Existing users get a $5 per month discount for the first year. A new Lightroom CC plan gives the standalone cross-platform system to users with 1 TB of storage and the same Adobe Spark with premium features and Adobe Portfolio products for $9.99 per month. A purely mobile Lightroom Mobile Plan for iOS and Android is also available with 100 GB of storage for $4.99 per month. Additional data amounts are available, although at currently undisclosed prices and capacities. Of course, the standard 1 TB upgraded capacities are enough for most people's needs. But pending pricing on multiple terabytes of data, it could be unrealistic for professional photographers to rely on Lightroom CC alone to hold their data or even to upload all of it to begin with. And because Lightroom CC uploads every image to the cloud (there's a way to ensure an image is or is not downloaded locally, but no way to stop an image from being uploaded if it's imported into CC), it's unclear if this would be something manageable or if there's another solution or workaround aside from continuing to use Lightroom Classic CC as the main image management and editing workhorse. https://fstoppers.com/apps/adobe-announces-lightroom-classic-cc-lightroom-cc-photoshop-cc-updates-and-more-200026?utm_source=Fstoppers&utm_medium=Push&utm_campaign=article_added DG
  4. Slideshow software

    Do you mean that while your exe file is being projected onto a screen you want to be able to preview the next slide on your pc/laptop?
  5. Origami

    Updated/Modified Origami 1 CT: Origami 1.pteeff Shading has been added to differentiate between Left and Right sections during the Transition. Origami 2: Origami 2.pteeff Origami 2 takes the CT a step further by adding more sections to the transition. (Horizontal only). Styles containing these CTs: Origami 2a.ptestyle Origami 2b.ptestyle DG P.S. Some users have experienced error messages when these CTs are first Imported. Closing and re-opening PTE fixes the problem. Igor is aware and is investigating.
  6. FRozen

    Do you have the latest version?
  7. PTE 9 does not connect sound

    Which Media Player are you using? Have you tried the recommended MPC-HC? https://mpc-hc.org DG
  8. 3D Triptych Styles

    Thank you Robert! DG
  9. 3D Triptych Styles

    Thank you, feel free to edit or adjust as you wish. DG
  10. Origami

    Hi Wideangle, That has not happened to me on my W7 and W10 PCs. Mur did not report it either. If you can reproduce the Error please post in General so that Igor can investigate when he gets back to work. DG
  11. Origami

    Sometimes I see a Transition on TV etc and wonder if or how I could do it in PTE. A challenge. This is such a challenge. I have called it Origami for want of a better name. Included in the ZIP are the Custom Transition, the Demo Style and individual Styles for each of the four directions of the CT. Follow the instructions in the Style. As always these are just ideas - feel free to Edit or Adjust. DG Origami 1.zip
  12. 3D Triptych Styles

    The Triptychs below use three 2x3 images. Add three 2x3 Images to the Slide List of a 16x9 Project and apply the style. Animation can be applied via the Animation Frame and the Frames 1-3. 3D Triptych 3 Portraits.ptestyle Some suggestions as to how they could be animated: 3D Triptych 3 Portraits Demo.ptestyle This one has a Blurred BG. Add three 2x3 Images and a 16x9 Image (in that order ) to a 16x9 Project and apply the style. 3D Triptych 3 Portraits with BG.ptestyle These are just ideas - feel free to edit and/or adjust. DG P.S. Regarding 2x3 Images: Pre-prepared 2x3 Images (e.g. 800x1200) are advisable. Note that "some" DSLRs do not produce 2x3 images SOOC.
  13. serial number for pte

    https://www.wnsoft.com/en/support/ DG
  14. Some Text Caption Styles which incorporate an "Advanced" Push Transition. The CT is attached separately and is available in four directions. Add your Caption before applying the Style. One Image required as BG. The Caption animates independent of the BGs which Dissolve into each other. The CTs could also be used with Images which are less than 100% of full screen. Use a Splitter and a Blurred version of the Main Image for example. These are just ideas - feel free to edit and/or adjust. Text.ptestyle Advanced Push Transisition.pteeff DG P.S. Styles are Optimised for 16:9 Projects
  15. Slide list window

    Take a look at your settings menu. Table view of Slide List. DG