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  1. davegee

    Flipping Playing Cards

    Something to take my mind off other things: Flipping Playing Cards.ptestyle Can be adjusted in many ways: Change the Blank face for another card face Change the Text - up to 14 letters and/or symbols Complete the circle etc
  2. davegee

    Apply the same slide style

    For the Simple Caption Style to work it needs ALL slides to have a Main Image (Indexed). It will not work if the Image is added in O&A and not indexed. Is that the problem? To create what you want with the Simple Border and Simple Caption create what you want in O&A and then create a new style from that to apply to additional slides. You could apply the Simple Border Style and then add the Caption in O&A to create what you want before creating your new Style. I hope that helps? DG
  3. davegee

    Photoshop Bridge 2019 Error

    Did you miss the tick box which would have uninstalled the previous version? DG
  4. davegee

    Pro Show no more?

    Some people think that Photodex have ceased business activity. http://www.proshowenthusiasts.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=24224&start=15 Anyone have any further info?
  5. davegee

    News about PTE 10

    This must be good news for all PTE users. We should take every opportunity to re-assure MAC users of the impending release of PTE for MAC. DG
  6. Hi Tom, No problem. As I suggested above, by making the AVI in PTE (regardless of its size in pixels or Mb) it ensures compatibility without further need for conversion. I just use the PTE defaults. DG
  7. Quod erat demonstrandum. DG
  8. davegee

    Anyone See The Significance Here?

    Hi J-C, I agree with your comment about changes in Slide Duration. Re "Instantaneously" - I see that as an advantage (most of the time). DG
  9. davegee

    Anyone See The Significance Here?

    Hi J-C, Apologies, I cannot add anything until later tonight. The red circle has been added and repeated in different Z planes relative to the rectangles and have been switched on or off using the Time Range Control. Therefore, there are no kf used to determine the Z Order.
  10. davegee

    Anyone See The Significance Here?

    Can anyone join in? This one is different - not better. Two slides but does not use KF to achieve the Z-Ordering. The Red circle goes under one "fence" and over the other on the outward journey - and the reverse on the way back. The only KF are the ones which define the start and finish and the oscillation. The Z ordering uses Time Range Control. You could apply this to your example. Project Hide and Seek.exe
  11. davegee

    Photoshop News

    https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/features.html DG
  12. davegee

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Igor, Let's say that Barry uses an image of an old broken down car as an Indexed Image to create/author his Style and renames it "Old Banger". When the USER now adds an image of his wife to the Slide List and applies Barry's Style then the image of the User's wife would be renamed "Old Banger". Highly inappropriate and totally irrelevant! Non-indexed images included in the Style would not have the same problem because Barry would rename any such images appropriately. DG
  13. davegee

    Ehi you!

    I have successfully contacted Wnsoft this evening in 4 different Browsers using Support / Contact Us: Chrome (W10) Firefox (W10) Edge (W10) Silk (Kindle) DG