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  1. Try increasing the amplitude? Can you describe what you want to do in simple terms? DG
  2. Works ok this end but I do not know what you are looking for. It seems to me that if you want to use video of this kind in a Custom Transition then it should be 2 seconds long for optimum results and no more than 4 seconds to be able to adjust it back to 2 seconds. in the form that you presented it I had no trouble in creating the transition in a slide. DG
  3. Substitute an image for the blue rectangle and it's equivalent in the "transition (middle) slide". Do the same with the red rectangle and it's equivalent in the "transition slide". Add the video to the Mask Stencil. You could then make a Style out of the result to simplify the whole process. The transition slide would have to be the same duration as or slightly longer than the video. All transitions would then be quick - zero duration. The only drawback is that any movement (animation) in Slide 1 would stop during the transition. The "best" option is to create or modify the video clips to 2 seconds and create Custom Transitions which can then be increased in duration to the 5 seconds that you want. I "think" that PTE will create a 2 second video clip from your 5 second clip by adjusting the duration and saving as a different avi (twice).I Post a link to your video clip - I will try it. DG Here it is - done in PTE: Mariposas4.mp4
  4. Custom Transitions have a default of 2 seconds in which to complete the animation. Your video is 5 seconds - even adjusting the Time Range to 200% does not allow it to finish within the 2 seconds and it is being cut off. You can create this transition within the O&A Window (instead of as a Custom Transition) and use the full 5.17 seconds of the Video in the Mask. DG Apply this style to a Blank image and take the second slide into O&A. Add your video into the mask stencil. Mariposa.ptestyle
  5. Tom, How about getting some "bend" into the wings - it is not difficult, but is, perhaps, a little more time consuming. Take a look at the flag Style that I posted a long time ago - Lin adapted it for a few things. DG
  6. Ann, Now that Version 10 is published Igor and the team are working full time on the MAC version - a little more patience is required but I am sure it will be worth it. DG
  7. https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/10.0/objectsandanimation_1/animation_tab#changing_parameters_with_the_mouse DG
  8. Tom, The procedure works when constructed on the PC but when trying to create a Style gives me a problem, so please use the following Style and follow the instructions below - that should work. Temp BG Style.ptestyle Add three images to the Slide list Highlight them all and Import and Apply the Style. Take the created first slide into O&A. Add a 30 second video to the Splitter in slide 1 and set it to Master Video Track. Copy the Master Video and paste it to the Splitter in the newly created slides 2 and 3. I will need to ask Igor to check out a Template of this to see if there is some sort of bug or if I am doing something wrong in order to create a Style which includes the Video. DG
  9. Hang on for five minutes and I will post a style. DG
  10. Sorry Tom - do not understand. Where do you not see the bg video. On my video example or when you try it on your pc? DG
  11. Barry, At SSC it is possible to include a linked Youtube (or Vimeo) MP4 alongside the EXE for download. I showed that this was possible some time ago. The "down" side is that you have to upload an EXE before being able to put the link in the Comments. It does not have to be "THE" exe - it could be just a dummy or an advert. But it allows for the addition of the link. Example: https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/151-physiognomyzip/?tab=comments#comment-296 DG
  12. Tom, There is no need to include a video in a Custom Transition. Explore the possibilities available when you add a Video to the Splitter for Background Objects and use Master and Linked Video. If the Video is longer than the duration of the slides it will continue behind the slides and one of my Advanced Flips and Swaps Transitions will operate over the top of the background video. Ideal if your output is MP4. Quick 'n' Dirty example:
  13. If you have ever wondered just what the Ken Burns Effect is or want to see how Ken Burns puts it into practice, his multi part documentary on Country Music is currently running on BBC TV on Friday evenings and is available for viewing on the BBC iPlayer. DG
  14. https://www.wnsoft.com/en/support/ DG
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