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    Denis, I would go so far as to say that it is necessary to do this in readiness for version 10. Some CT's are not compatible with version 9. PTE users of Default Styles should not have to wait until version 10 for an upgrade to a CT which has been around for many versions. Version 9.5?? DG

    Jose, Most of the "Standard" Transitions and Styles need to be brought up to date to take advantage of Version 9 Techology. I posted a week or two ago that a recently posted Style did not have instructions included in the Style. But Styles are easier in that they can be applied and edited and re-saved. With CT's, some can be duplicated and saved as "Advanced" versions but the "Curling of Page" is one which might need just a little extra. If the Version 9 parameters "Use Background from Slide" and "Transparent background of Slides" (now default) could be added to all variants of the Curling Page Transition then it would do as you ask. Your Text (above the Splitter) would curl in any direction over the Static BG (Below the Splitter). A simple opening book Transition with a PNG TEXT in the first slide verifies this. PTE (and some authors of CT's and Styles) need to drag themselves into Version 9 DG
  3. Automatisch

    It MIGHT be possible using the "Slide Options" window for the last slide in any "show". HOWEVER, the person(s) constructing the "spectacular" would need access to the PROJECT files rather than the EXE files. https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/project_settings_1/slide_settings?s[]=slide&s[]=options
  4. Triptych slide style

    https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/slide-styles/main#import_a_slide_style DG
  5. Moving slides in timeline view

    https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/main-window_1/timeline_view dg
  6. Moving slides in timeline view

    Firstly, do you mean the SLIDE LIST?? If so just click on a slide (IN THE SLIDE LIST) and drag it to the new position. In the Timeline click on the Slide Number above the Slide Icon. DG
  7. Dave Wilson

    Why are the instructions not in the Style?? (If this is the Style that the OP is refering to). Inexcusable and so easily changed retrospectively! Wedding 3 Portraits 2017.ptestyle I cannot add the Border dimensions at this time - as far as I am aware only Heineken Igor can do this. DG
  8. Organisation of Video Conversion advice

    Where's the confusion?? If you Convert and Trim etc your video from the File List then there is nothing else to do. Use of third party software is optional and I have never found the need. DG
  9. 3D Triptych Styles

    Two Styles and a DEMO Style. Please use a 16:9 Image in a 16:9 Project and read the notes in the Styles. 3D Triptych 1 produces three 2:3 sections and crops the top and bottom of the 16:9 Image. 3D Triptych 1.ptestyle 3D Triptych 2 uses the full 16:9 Image apart from the wraparound. 3D Triptych 2.ptestyle The 3D Triptych Demo shows the possible animations and their limitations. 3D Triptych Demo.ptestyle DG
  10. Organisation of Video Conversion advice

    When the Converted File is added to the File List it contains the suffix "Converted". DG
  11. text color alpha channel

    Or, as a Style: Text Comment (Mask).ptestyle DG
  12. FAO Igor

    Igor, Your Inbox is full. DG
  13. Version Mismatch with Objects & Animations

    If you have to EDIT the Menu in a new or updated version you can choose a different option to run "older" exe files created in a previous version. If you are not editing the Menu don't publish it.
  14. Video importing into VideoBuilder

    https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/video/main DG