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  1. .......and if PTE A/V Studio 10 is running? Will it ask you to Save and Close the Programme? DG
  2. You can think of a Category as being a folder and as you can see there is quite a lot of scope for Categories/Folders :
  3. Not in Styles, but you can now Export a Category of Transitions. DG
  4. Styles showing the different approaches: Text with Time Range.ptestyle Text with Key Frames.ptestyle DG
  5. If you type 2000 in the first box and 7000 in the second the Text will be visible between 2 seconds and 7 seconds. Consider using Key frames which allow you to fade the Text in and out. Are you familiar with Styles? DG
  6. I am seeing what Igor sees - if I alter the status of any toolbar item it changes immediately without clicking OK. But you have to have a slide in the slide list in order to see this. DG
  7. That is not the case with my version - can you check it? DG
  8. I copy that behaviour. It works for Lists. But shadows for Slide 1 and Slide 2 in transitions rarely work effectively. DG
  9. Congratulations to MARK ALLEN on his success in the RPS AV Championship. DG
  10. Perhaps you could post the Style. Would love to see it? DG
  11. Judy It might help if you attach a sample of the specific file that you are trying to use. I just created a style with a mask stencil which is a JPEG and it works OK. Indexing will only be required if you want the Mask Stencil to be different each time you use the Style. DG P.S. If the "6032:4096" reference above is an indication of the size of your specific file, you might try using a more normal size file if only to keep the size of the Created Style to a manageable level. It is included in the Style.
  12. I get the same problem with my iPhone video. Converting does not work at all with my particular .mov files.
  13. Works ok for me with both Photoshop CC and Audacity. DG
  14. Instead of writing to a DVD, use the "ISO" option (un-tick everything else). When completed and if successful you should be able to play the ISO in VLC for instance. If successful, you will have proven whether the problem that you have is with PTE or your DVD burner. Right click on the ISO and one of the options should be to Burn the Image. DG
  15. Batch resize all images to a new folder at screen resolution and try again?
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