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    For the BR Player: Two possibilities. A "remote user" would either play MP4 files straight off the Data DVD (via the Media Player) or transfer from DVD to usb storage (on a PC) and plug that into the BR Player's Media Player. Either way will work and as far as I am aware, no quality issues. It is possible that some "upscaling" dvd players will do the same thing. It would be nice to hear from someone who can confirm this? For the TV: If the TV has a media player then the MP4 has to be transfered to usb storage and plugged into the TV to be read by the Media Player. It does not have to be a "usb stick". You can plug an external HDD or SSD into the TV and it will work. My present Sony TV works with a HDD up to 500Gb. DG P.S. You need to distinguish between conventional DVDs and Data DVDs. A conventional DVD plays at the much reduced resolution whereas the MP4 file played via a Media Player is capable of up to HD resolution. Conventional DVDs are subjected to TV Safe Zone issues whereas MP4 files played via a Media Player are not.

    John, Just to clarify what your aim is. Do you want to play the MP4s from the dvd or do you intend that the MP4s be transfered to usb for playing on a TV Media Player. Both are possible depending on the users equipment. DG

    John, With a modern BR Player you can write the MP4s to a Dvd as data and play via the Player in the BR Player. DG
  4. Saving all the styles together

    Remember that the original was not my Style. I don't make Cubes that way. All that you needed to do was Zoom the "Control Frame" in my Modified Style. DG
  5. Saving all the styles together

    Did you just want to make the whole cube bigger? DG
  6. Saving all the styles together

    Use my PTE Cube Modified in my last post.
  7. Saving all the styles together

    Your Cube test style works perfectly. What size/aspect ratio images are you using?? PTE Cube Modified.ptestyle DG
  8. Saving all the styles together

    Advanced 4 Parts: Advanced 4 Parts.ptestyle DG
  9. Saving all the styles together

    Sorry........ DG
  10. Saving all the styles together

    P,S. Use FRAMING to zoom the image. Use BORDER to add a Stroke Line. DG
  11. Saving all the styles together

    POst the Style here. DG
  12. Saving all the styles together

    No, these are built in Styles and Igor has disabled Export and Editing for them. If you apply those Styles you can Create a new Style from them using your own name, category etc. and export the result. Check that there are no reference images and deal with any necessary Main Image associations. Read the Online Help. DG
  13. Saving all the styles together

    Tools/Export or right click menu in the Styles Window. You can export individual Styles or complete Categories. Set up a folder for exported styles on your data drive and also save downloaded Styles to the same folder. You can then Import these Styles and Categories via the Styles Window. Same thing applies to Custom Transitions. https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/slide-styles/main DG P.S. You can also go to Settings/Preferences/Templates and set the "Folder for Custom Slide Styles" and "Folder for Custom Transition Effects" to something other than ..........Documents/PicturesToExe/........ If you have already done this - that might be your problem.

    Hi John, I agree, but I think that the point is that as PTE evolves it becomes more difficult to maintain compatibility with older equipment - not impossible though. DG
  15. Entering License Key

    Cavefolk, You pte6 license will not work with the latest version. You will need to upgrade. https://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/buy/ DG