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  1. In PTE, you drag your folder of images into the Slide List and highlight them all - then apply the Style (similar to an action) to all slides. You can use preset Styles or you can apply your required animation, transition etc to Slide 1, make a Style of it and then Apply to all the other images. All of the things you ask for can be done with Styles. If you are still using Version 8 you might benefit from an upgrade to Version 9 to take advantage of the improved Styles facilities. Version 10, when it is officially released will offer even more improvements. DG
  2. Hi Bernard, When preparing slides for making a Style the original name of the image is not changed. The only difference between image 1 in slide 1 and image 1 in slide 2 is that the slide 2 version is not indexed (Properties / Main Image). Creating the Style will automatically rename images with the "reference image" name. OH = Online Help https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/slide-styles/create DG
  3. Bernard, If an image is used more than once in a Style it only needs to be indexed once. The indexed version is then named and all non-indexed incidences are “referenced” versions. I will check the OH when I return to base but I think that you are possibly right. Styles will need a major overhaul in the OH for version 10. DG
  4. In a future Version (11?) it would be nice to see an editor for Text Caption Effects. I have assembled a couple which I would like to see. Ideally the Editor would allow for the "Entrance", "Static" and "Exit" stages. Please add any samples of your favourite Caption Animations? Your text here 10.exe DG
  5. Added a Version 10 "What's New in Version 10": https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/versionten DG
  6. Try it with a different image - a 1920x1080 photograph. Or post the Test Image so that someone can see what you have used and compare results? DG
  7. Check your zoom value - it should be 100% / 1920x1080 px. DG
  8. When you add the video are you not asked if you want to convert? What format is your video - mp4, mov, avi?? Normally, I would right click on the video in the File List and choose "convert". Then add the converted file to the slide list. Conversion takes a little while depending on length of video. DG. https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/video/main?s[]=convert
  9. P.S. I tried your settings: Slide Duration = zero; Transition Duration = zero. ....and it works OK in full Preview and also from any individual slide. "Wait for Key Press" keeps all slides on screen until you press a key and no crashes. Did you set the Transition time to "Quick"? You cannot have a slide duration = zero and also have a Transition time. DG
  10. Ken, Try setting each slide to something normal (8s?) instead of zero. Use the setting Jill described and set transition duration as required.
  11. If he is suffering from 1803 on a laptop with integrated graphics I do not think that 1809 will help but I agree about being up to date. dg
  12. Desktop PC or Laptop with Integrated Graphics (nVidia)?? DG
  13. https://www.wnsoft.com/en/support/ DG
  14. Alternatively, as a Style. Add 2 Images to a 16:9 Project, highlight both and apply the Style. Year.ptestyle DG
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