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  1. ?????????? I have just told him how to do it (with the Deluxe Version) and posted a sample of a re-created Style. The only part which is not possible to save is the "Options" as in "Album" / Options / Zoom and Caption. DG
  2. Just apply the Style, make the revisions that you want to make and re-save (re-create) as a different name. Brush Strokes 2.ptestyle DG P.S. Bear in mind that some features of the default built in styles (Options) cannot be saved in an edited re-created Style.
  3. If you want to use a style AND have text on multiple images, you can apply the style, then add your text and make a new style from the resulting slide and apply that to all other slides. You can, when you add the text, right click and select TEXT COMMENT. When you apply your Style you will be prompted to insert the text before pressing OK. It is still editable afterwards. DG P.S. Igor is aware of the shortcomings of Styles in this area and has promised, in a future version, that the subject of ADDITIVE STYLES will be addressed.
  4. Added: Fade Opacity of an Object In/Out https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/10.0/how_to_v10/fadeopacity DG
  5. You will need two Key Frames to fade the Text in from zero opacity to 100% and another two to fade it out. DG
  6. Apply this style to a Blank Slide and study the Object Panel in O&A. Independent vs Child Text.ptestyle DG
  7. It looks like you would need to purchase the + version in order to download anything other than the American-English version. DG
  8. When you enter your first text box click on "Save / Reset Font". https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/10.0/how_to_v10/add_text?s[]=font DG
  9. https://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/index.html Read instructions carefully - remove lens when updating. NX-D is also updated. DG
  10. Andrew, It has been suggested that "you/he" could use the new facilities afforded by Version 10 to make an MP4. That mp4 could then be inserted directly into a Version 9 project (after converting) and then a 32 bit EXE can be made which is compatible with your equipment. Obviously, you would lose any "manual operations" but for a "normal" show it might work. A bit messy perhaps (or not) but it would give you time to update your equipment and give you a little breathing space? The mp4 is the equal of an exe in these circumstances. Anyone who says any different should take it up with Barry. Give it a try? DG
  11. Using the same logic as above, I have always turned all items ON in Toolbars in the Preferences /Toolbars Menu. I have suggested this several times. DG
  12. Preferences / System / External Editors and choose Corel for Graphic Editor. then: Highlight the Image in the File List (or in O&A) - Ctr+W or Right Click/Edit File. https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/10.0/project_settings_1/preferences DG
  13. Gary, Just consider this. You have made your show at glorious 1920x1080 resolution. Now you want play it at less than full screen on a 1920x1080 tv. Let's just clutch a figure out of the air and say that your show will now become 1280x720. Is that what you want? If so why not make the show at 1280x720 and present it on a black 1920x1080 bg at original size? It is a much simpler solution. Whichever way you look at it, if you resize your show so that it only takes up a percentage of the 1920x1080 tv screen you are going to be watching a lower resolution show. DG
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