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  1. davegee

    Flipping Playing Cards

    Something to take my mind off other things: Flipping Playing Cards.ptestyle Can be adjusted in many ways: Change the Blank face for another card face Change the Text - up to 14 letters and/or symbols Complete the circle etc
  2. davegee

    Apply the same slide style

    For the Simple Caption Style to work it needs ALL slides to have a Main Image (Indexed). It will not work if the Image is added in O&A and not indexed. Is that the problem? To create what you want with the Simple Border and Simple Caption create what you want in O&A and then create a new style from that to apply to additional slides. You could apply the Simple Border Style and then add the Caption in O&A to create what you want before creating your new Style. I hope that helps? DG
  3. davegee

    Photoshop Bridge 2019 Error

    Did you miss the tick box which would have uninstalled the previous version? DG
  4. davegee

    Pro Show no more?

    Some people think that Photodex have ceased business activity. http://www.proshowenthusiasts.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=24224&start=15 Anyone have any further info?
  5. davegee

    News about PTE 10

    This must be good news for all PTE users. We should take every opportunity to re-assure MAC users of the impending release of PTE for MAC. DG
  6. Hi Tom, No problem. As I suggested above, by making the AVI in PTE (regardless of its size in pixels or Mb) it ensures compatibility without further need for conversion. I just use the PTE defaults. DG
  7. If you REALLY want to create a Style with an Audio Clip Included - it could be a Camera Shutter noise, a Telephone ringing or maybe church bells in the background etc etc etc - this is one way of doing it. I have just used a short clip of the first music track that came along. Be aware that including Audio in a Style this way COULD be quite costly in terms of file size. I am in the camp which sees only problems for Styles with Audio - they cannot (with this method) be interchanged or edited. I am pretty sure that someone will be along any moment with a different (better) way of doing it - he/she usually does - but I have used this method and it works OK for me. But if he/she has a different (better) way, I surely wish that he/she would have posted it first? Zoom and Audio.ptestyle DG
  8. Quod erat demonstrandum. DG
  9. davegee

    Anyone See The Significance Here?

    Hi J-C, I agree with your comment about changes in Slide Duration. Re "Instantaneously" - I see that as an advantage (most of the time). DG
  10. davegee

    Anyone See The Significance Here?

    Hi J-C, Apologies, I cannot add anything until later tonight. The red circle has been added and repeated in different Z planes relative to the rectangles and have been switched on or off using the Time Range Control. Therefore, there are no kf used to determine the Z Order.
  11. davegee

    Anyone See The Significance Here?

    Can anyone join in? This one is different - not better. Two slides but does not use KF to achieve the Z-Ordering. The Red circle goes under one "fence" and over the other on the outward journey - and the reverse on the way back. The only KF are the ones which define the start and finish and the oscillation. The Z ordering uses Time Range Control. You could apply this to your example. Project Hide and Seek.exe
  12. davegee

    Photoshop News

    https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/features.html DG
  13. davegee

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Igor, Let's say that Barry uses an image of an old broken down car as an Indexed Image to create/author his Style and renames it "Old Banger". When the USER now adds an image of his wife to the Slide List and applies Barry's Style then the image of the User's wife would be renamed "Old Banger". Highly inappropriate and totally irrelevant! Non-indexed images included in the Style would not have the same problem because Barry would rename any such images appropriately. DG
  14. davegee

    Ehi you!

    I have successfully contacted Wnsoft this evening in 4 different Browsers using Support / Contact Us: Chrome (W10) Firefox (W10) Edge (W10) Silk (Kindle) DG
  15. davegee

    Ehi you!

    Post your question here?
  16. Methodology: Start a new Project and add a small rectangle with Zero Opacity. Add the Audio Clip to the Timeline and adjust volume, duration etc to suit the intended Style. Publish as an 800x600 AVI file. In the Project from which you want to create the Style: Add a "Separator for Background Objects". Right Click on the Separator and Add the AVI File. Create the Style.
  17. davegee

    mixing video and slides and text

    Old habits die hard...
  18. davegee

    mixing video and slides and text

    First, you need to learn to split your video into "sections" along the Timeline. Add the video to the slide list and adjust its duration as required. Then, in Objects and Animation / Properties change "Single Video Clip" to "Master Video Track". Add the Video Clip again and this time set its properties to "Link to (the Master Video Track)" and set a duration as required. Do this as many times as you require. The result is that the Video will play seamlessly over the number of slides you have created. You can then add images and/or text to the individual slides in Objects and Animation. Durations of the slides can be adjusted at any time.
  19. davegee

    iMac or MBA for show on large screen

    Depending on your graphics card, your MBA "might" support the hd resolution of the projector but the mba screen would be disabled. You can only check it by trying it out. If you connect the output of the mba to a hd monitor it would give a good indication of what is possible. Most pc laptops that I have had are capable of outputting at a higher resolution than their display resolution. You would need to be able to patch the output with a lead with a HDMI connector on the remote end. One of the Mac users here might offer more advice along these lines. DG P.S. Your images only need to be the same resolution as your output device i.e. The projector plus any allowances for zooming etc but you should pay little or no penalty if they are bigger other than putting unnecessary strain on the processor.
  20. davegee

    Unhandled Exception notification

  21. davegee

    What does this mean?

    When I said "is it repeatable" I meant can you list a step or steps which will bring on the error every time? That would give Igor something to work on (along with the details of your system). DG
  22. davegee

    Backup to Zip issue

    A "Backup In Zip" is a Template in a Zipped Folder. If the "Backup" is for your own system and is not going to be sent to someone via an Internet Upload then why Zip it? Create a Template via File/Templates and the resulting folder can be transferred to another PC without the need for Zipping and all of the potential for problems that goes with it. DG
  23. davegee

    What does this mean?

    Is it random or is it repeatable?