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  1. No, that will not work either. Sorry.
  2. You might be able to do it with a Style in which case it is a one click operation for 20 slides. I will check later.
  3. It is also possible to add the CLICK as an AUDIO COMMENT. DG
  4. Integrated or Dedicated Graphics

    No, I think that your first thought was definitely correct. Igor has recommended the nVidia 1060 and I personally agree. Bare in mind that there are some 1060 cards with more dedicated memory than other 1060 cards. More is best.
  5. O&A - Can one expand the Keyframe Area?

    You do not have to go to a Video Editor to do this - it can be done from within PTE. DG
  6. O&A - Can one expand the Keyframe Area?

    First thought - what you want to do can be acheived by splitting your video clip into x number of smaller "chunks" using the Master and "Link to" feature separated by quick transitions. For example, a 30 second clip could be split into 10x3 second clips. That way the duration of each section in O&A would be 3 seconds and not 30 seconds. https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/video/main#single_videomaster_video_button DG
  7. Video Clip-Convert Problems

    So much of what you have written here does NOT happen on my PC/Laptop. Using "Convert Video Clip" sends the clip to the Video Converter where full editing features are offered. The Clip is converted and added to the File List. If I use "Add Selected Files" to add Unconverted Video (instead of Dragging) - I am offered the OPTIMISATION window and if I accept the Optimisation Icon appears in my Taskbar. I can then access the Video Converter and Stop the Optimisation/Conversion in order to TRIM the Video(s). However, in the case of the "Add Selected Files", this will not alter the Slide Duration because the Slide Duration is SET when the Image/Video is added to the Slide List. The Converted File can be add to the Slide List and ITS Duration will then set the Slide Duration. As others have said, I assume that you would not want to alter Slide Duration in a slide containing multiple Objects if a Video Duration is changed by Trimming. NEVER happened to me. "Convert Video Clip" does what it says - it converts an Unconverted Video Clip and ALWAYS offers the Trim Facility. If the Conversion started immediately then I supect that you might have started a conversion and Paused it or similar - invoking the "Convert" command re-started conversion. "Add Selected Files" can apply to both Converted and unconverted files and the appropriate action is ALWAYS consistent. So much of what you have said should REALLY be in Suggestions for Next Version but you might even get some objections there. I have Unticked the Notifications for this thread for the sake of my sanity. DG
  8. Adding options to Slide Styles

    There is just ONE case where the this can be done by the USER. If you are adding Text in a Style - right click on the Text Object in the Object Panel and choose "Text Comment" before creating the Style. When applying the Style it appears as "Caption" and you can add your own Text as required. DG
  9. Video Clip-Convert Problems

    Use the Right Click Menu. https://docs.picturestoexe.com/en-us/9.0/video/main DG
  10. First an Apology - the following "Ego Tripping" project is a "Demo and Sample" made "for Fun". If you can live with this, please read on........ It also comes in 16x9 format only. Again, if you can live with this please read on...... 16x9 CT example.zip Contains an EXE which I hope explains the CT. 16x9 CT example_Feb23-2018_19-09-42.zip Contains a BIZ of the project. Please report any errors and feel free to create variations. DG
  11. The REPORT Button in Slideshowclub is (I Think!!) to be used to report Offensive or Inappropriate Content. Some are wrongly using it to make Comments. DG
  12. PTE suddenly changed everything to black & White

    Sounds like it might not be a PTE problem. You might try posting in Troubleshooting and hope that Igor or someone with appropriate knowledge will be able to help.
  13. Please be aware that the Online Help is a constantly evolving document and that you might need to download on a regular basis.
  14. PTE suddenly changed everything to black & White

    Uninstall using the PTE uninstaller. Reinstall. Then upgrade to Version 9? DG
  15. NAS/Network Missing

    I will not comment on the use of Network Drives, but.......... "Best Practice" for PTE is to create a Project Folder on your PC and copy the Project Assets (Images, Audio, Video etc) to that folder.
  16. 3 Questions - Finding photo location

    A BIZ is nothing more than a Template in a ZIPPED file. If you don't intend to send it to someone or post it here, why zip it? When the Template is made from the completed show it is "forever" available in your Templates section of the File Menu to open at any time without having to go searching for it (and having to unzip it). DG P.S. a Template can also be a "skeleton" Project with certain preset parameters (Project Options) ready to make a show. You could make 16x9, 3x2, 4x3 Templates all ready with your preferred settings.
  17. 3 Questions - Finding photo location

    In the Slide List or the Timeline you can only click on Slides. Slides can contain multiple Object/Photo/Images. You cannot click on an Object/ Photo/Image in the Slide list or Timeline. In O&A you can select an Object/Photo/Image and, in the Properties Tab/Picture, click on the dropdown link. This opens a new window at the location of that Image. It comes back to one of the basic "Ten Commandments" of PTE. Keep all of your "assets" for a Project/Show in a single folder. Your "File List" is then the location that you are looking for. Put copies of your Images in the Project folder (File List). "Cherry Picking" files from different folders is not the way to go. But if you have to work this way then creating a Template of your finished show will create the single folder containing all of the assets in a single location designated by you. I hope that this helps? DG
  18. Default Font in Captions

  19. Beat matching feature

    I was away from school on the day that we did "rhetorical" and never seem to be able to get it right. But that aside, surely synchronising images and sound is part of the creative process? In AV circles they call it "Photo Harmony" and in a competition scenario marks would be given (or taken away) for good or bad Synchronisation. At what point in a transition do you want the beat to occur? Beginning? Middle? End? Is this not where the creative bit comes into play? I have no objections to anyone using these devices but see it as another nail in the coffin. I'm not sure if this analogy works but here goes. During a long time spent working in bands of all descriptions, I have had to play with "Drum Machines" and Drummers of varying capabilities. The Drum Machine is super accurate and there are versions which are capable of "human feel" but give me a drummer of average capability any day. Knowing when to hold back "off the beat" or "force the pace" is where it gets creative. The method described above allows you to do this and it is worth a try. It is also adjustable after the event. So, if this is a democratic forum allow me to say that I would be against the use of such devices on the grounds that they are, IMHO, counter-creative. Just an opinion. DG
  20. Beat matching feature

    At what point do we cease to be able to say: "All my own work"? DG
  21. Size of images

    65 inch HD TV? Or 4k? If it is HD there is no point in the images being larger than 1920x1080. If there is zooming into the images then calculate the optimum image resolution according to the amount of zoom. Not enough info. DG
  22. Custum transition and Blank slide

    Check to see which slide is in the mask. If it is Slide 1 then that is the answer. DG P.S. Note that in the case of the GATE CTs the TO CENTRE versions work and the FROM CENTRE do not. In all circumstances where Slide 1 is a "real" slide and not a Blank Slide they work as predicted. As I said:
  23. Beat matching feature

    BB's method works best as long as the "beat" that you are trying to work to is not too fast. In the Timeline, CUT all slides other than Slide 1. PLAY the show in the Mini Viewer and press the "+" button when you want to insert a Slide. You can refine the result using "Shift Transition Points". DG