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  1. flynnboy


    How do I create a style ?
  2. flynnboy

    serial number for pte

    i can,t find my serial for pte 9 is there a way get it , i am nearly sure i did upgrade , thank you for any help that you can give.
  3. flynnboy

    edges on photos [SOLVED]

    Thank you Igor for your help this has solved the problem thank you again.
  4. flynnboy

    edges on photos [SOLVED]

    The edges on my slides are not smooth when they are animated ,using pte 9 can anyone help? jerky is the word I am looking for.
  5. flynnboy

    envelope template

    Looking help , the envelope template by the dom has about 50 slides, i would like to make a smaller slideshow, but still have the same effect the dom site seems be down at the moment, so i looking for the experts to help, i have not been on the forum for some time and i am hoping to get my interest back, so looking forward to some replies Brian
  6. flynnboy

    Beautiful Dawn

    Downloaded with avg 2011 installed , and no problems , and it is a very nice show with awesome music thank you
  7. flynnboy

    Panos FX - New Free Photoshop/Elements Action

    HI Lin, its good to have you back on the forum , got the free action the other day, and with your template i can now do somthing with it . i just have one problem how do i keep it running to the end of song . say the song his 4min 4 sec thank you mean time for template Brian T
  8. flynnboy

    Why only photos?

    hi got the exe file good work Brian
  9. flynnboy

    Why only photos?

    Does not play for me seems, to be a screensaver SORRY
  10. flynnboy

    Tatty Album template

    Thanks trailertrash that,s the one, thank you for sharing Brian T
  11. flynnboy

    Tatty Album template

    Hi trailertrash, the album template was the exact same as yours, black cover , and some music playing in background ,also had wedding bg Brian T
  12. flynnboy

    Tatty Album template

    Hi all i downloaded the tatty album template,and it works find ,there is also another album template that i had downloaded works and looks much like traiertrash,s Album .but i have lost it, can some help and point me in right direction to the download, i would like to have the two. love templates Brian T
  13. flynnboy

    Tatty Album Template

    Thanks for sharing, Great template Brian T
  14. flynnboy

    Glens of Antrim

    HI ALL, Just a short show, some pics from the Glens of Antrim N.Ireland . Comments welcome. Brian T Download link. http://www.mediafire.com/?rcbsw9czf1osfjd
  15. flynnboy

    An animated Book

    Nice work, very smooth, this is the second time i have seen this template were do you get it ? love it Brian