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  1. For Ronniebootwest, Thanks for the commiseration Ronnie. I have just learned how to make an AVI file for my PTE shows (it works on a USB to TV), and will do that from now on. So simple to do. Something very useful that you mentioned about saving a project in zip. I didn't know that I could save a project in zip. That's even better if it then allows you to make changes to the show later on, even if you've changed your file structure. Terrific. Thanks a lot, Carol
  2. Hi Lin, Thanks so much for the additional information and the link. I will give it a try. Best regards, Carol
  3. Hi Lin, Thanks so much for your quick reply. There isn't any animation in the shows, only music. How do I do a "really good screen video capture" as you suggest. To me it sounds like I need to play the show and video it. I also found this on the internet. Any comments on it? http://tips.betdownload.com/how-to-convert-exe-to-video-mkv-avi-ect-1353n.aspx Thanks for any additional help. You are a tremendous help to the P2E community and I really appreciate all you have done. Carol
  4. Hi, I unfortunately lost the project version of most of my P2E shows when I changed the file structure on my computer (PC). I only have the saved EXE shows, with music. It would be too much work to re-create them. My HP Notebook that would normally have played the EXE shows on my TV has stopped working. Is there any way to save the EXE shows in a way that I could put them on a USB stick, such as an AVI format, to play them on my TV directly from the USB? I can only see that this can be done in Pictures to EXE from a project. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot, Carol
  5. carolphoto

    Problems using the Dom Template for a 3D Cube

    Thank you for writing. Yes, I was able to solve the problem and am delighted with my revolving cubes. I really appreciate the templates. Carol
  6. carolphoto

    Problems using the Dom Template for a 3D Cube

    Hi Lin, I've now also made the Christmas cube with the snow falling in each slide, with the help of your template. Works just fine. Knowing how to add each slide is key. I wanted to let you know that your earlier instructions did not go to waste! Thanks again, Carol
  7. carolphoto

    Problems using the Dom Template for a 3D Cube

    Hi Lin, Thanks so much. That works brilliantly and I'm able to make new ones so easily now. (I didn't know about that little window in the top right, and kept trying to paste the new image on top of the girls2, which only produced a child of girls2 and didn't work. OK, I admit the only way I understood what you were talking about was by watching your tutorial on making snow buildup for a snowglobe and I saw where you clicked to add an image.) My new snowing images look wonderful. Terrific help, Lin. Many thanks. Carol
  8. carolphoto

    Problems using the Dom Template for a 3D Cube

    Hi Lin, I'm afraid my last email was a little ambiguous, as I was only trying use your snowtemplate, rather than make a whole cube with snowing photos in it. However, what you said was very important: first make a folder and put the downloaded template into it. (I had just downloaded it under a main file name.) When I did that with the snowtemplate, it worked. However, it works only if I rename the photo that I want to use in the template to have it snowing "girls2", and include it in the folder. I can't seem to copy a photo into the Objects and Animations section and have it work without doing that. Is this the way it should work? If I don't rename the photo and include it in the folder to start with, I have what I had before. A blue slide in the background and snow under the photo that I've copied in. I will try your real Christmas snow cube later. Meanwhile, what I've produced in my roundabout fashion looks terrific! Thanks so much. You have obviously put so much work into all of this, and your followers really benefit. I saw that revolving cube last week at our Camera Club Audio Visual night and never dreamt I would be able to produce one myself! Best regards, Carol
  9. carolphoto

    Problems using the Dom Template for a 3D Cube

    Hi Lin, Those are so impressive, especially the water drops in the water, and the fact that you added animated images to an animated cube. I've now tried to make your snow animation and just can't get it. When I download the template I get a message that the girls2 image is not found. When I open up the project with the template, and click on the objects and animations button, then click on the Mask Container (which is under a tab that says girls2, to add my winter image, it gets pasted on top of a blue slide that says "image not found (cows photos etc.)". When I press play, the snow falls under my own image and in front of that blue slide. I'm missing something here. If I delete the girls2 item that is above the Mask Container, it deletes everything and I get a black screen. Thanks so much for your willingness to help. Carol
  10. carolphoto

    Problems using the Dom Template for a 3D Cube

    Thanks, Ken. I did save it and luckily so, as when I tried to do it again with some different photos I still had problems, but could go back again and again to the original one that worked, to see where they were different. Wow these cubes are not easy but are quite sensational when they finally work properly. Carol
  11. carolphoto

    Problems using the Dom Template for a 3D Cube

    Thanks, Lin and Peter. I looked at your tutorial again, Lin, and used the settings to change some of those in the template, such as checking off only "Show front", and also deleting the Text section for each image. Suddenly it worked correctly and looks terrific. I hope I can now use the project template as it is now, and simply insert other series of 6 square images into it and it will take me minutes rather than hours and hours! Much obliged, Carol
  12. Hi, I have downloaded this template from the Dom website: thedom-3dcube-tpl (1).zip in order to create a revolving 3D cube. I have copied in six of my own square photos into the panel (pasting them over what was there) before clicking on the P2E project symbol. They are JPGs but the symbol shows as a camera. When I click on the symbol to open the project, I get "pictures not found" warning. When I go ahead and open it, there is a square indicating the second slide. I click on the Objects and Animations button for this second slide, and it opens a large blue rectangle on the screen that says Image Not Found. Even though I try to delete that rectangle and copy in each actual slide by clicking on the Open image symbol, it doesn't work. There are still big blue Image Not Found rectangles behind some of the photos. The cube animates but not properly. It's not a cube, just photos floating around, some with the blue rectangle pasted under them. Could someone please tell me how to use this template step by step? I have copied out the "How to use this template" instructions on the Dom website, but cannot make it work. Thanks a lot, Carol
  13. carolphoto

    How to install newest version of PTE

    Many thanks, Al and Ron. With your help I was able to install it. Carol