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  1. JudyKay

    Blocks set' style

    Nice. Thanks.
  2. JudyKay

    Flickr Replacement

    Lightroom is my assistant and I am thankful for it! I cull a lot and rate images and sort and tag fairly well. I can usually find what I want. I do revisit, but selectively, by topic or tag. Many are simply organized and provided to non-profit agencies for their own use, but I do retain rights and keep the originals. I create extensive slideshows for clients which may be historical, documentary, topical, informative or inspirational. I would love to learn more about what other users do just out of interest.
  3. JudyKay

    Flickr Replacement

    Yes, I do take a lot of photos, though certainly not every day. There are some days when I take 1000 or more. A typical wedding/reception for me is about 1500. I My Lightroom library presently reflects mostly the last 14 years plus some thousands of old-image scans and has over 100,000 images. I am interested in what other people here are doing...?
  4. JudyKay

    Flickr Replacement

    Yes, Verizon through Oath, sold Flickr to Smugmug. Does SmugMug need Flickr to gain relevance? Doubtful. Or is SmugMug cleaning out and absorbing the competition to convert and automatically gain Flickr users? Anyway you cut it, the whole thing seems likely to go SmugMug. Which is fine, but it won't be the old Flickr and won't likely remain the new one for long either. That is my guess. MacAskill is all about profit and Flickr has something like 100 million unique users. That is worth buying even if MacAskill can only monetize a tiny percent of it. In short, Flickr isn't likely to make a comeback.
  5. JudyKay

    Flickr Replacement

    Thanks for your point of view. I do get around. I think 19 countries in the last 5 years--although multiple times in some of those 19. I am very conservative with my shutter button but still shoot about 20,000-30,000 pictures a year--not a lot but not a few either. It is just a glorified hobby and I use a lot for humanitarian purposes. As mentioned above, Flickr is an account for family and friends, not for my portfolio or special presentations which are elsewhere and are paid. 10,000 photos are quite a few for Flickr and there may or may not be a migration route to other services. I have paid for Flickr in the past but found it severely wanting and dying. I am guessing that Flickr's recent surge of activity is a reach for money upon their last dying gasp and don't want to invest in them. You can if you think that is a wise business idea. So I stopped paying as my photos there are just a repository of fun pics for friends. I thought surely photographers here might do the same. Maybe some do...anyone else?
  6. JudyKay

    Flickr Replacement

    Right. But my question is about a replacement.
  7. JudyKay

    Flickr Replacement

    Hmmm. I have tons of video under 10 min. That would be good online storage.
  8. JudyKay

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Three computers here as well and all fine. The update killed my VPN client, but an update on each computer cured that.
  9. JudyKay

    Nov 2018 Newsletter and Videos

    No, no need to worry about addressing isolated exceptions. I really wanted to underscore a really good point you make that often baffles me as well. I hope to encourage people to read your newsletter. I have so often seen camera settings for beautiful pro photos that baffled me and I used to wonder if I was missing something. Now I know that those strange settings indicate a confession that the photographer got a good photo in spite of mistakes and that photography sometimes can be a forgiving art. Still, a part of me is tempted to wonder if those strange settings are somehow part of some secret-sauce for which I wish I had a recipe. Psst! It isn't.
  10. JudyKay

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Thanks, Tom. I missed updating last time and am glad I did!
  11. JudyKay

    Flickr Replacement

    Not sure in what thread to post this, so please move it if this isn't' right. I have long used Free Flickr for posting images. Mostly I just used Flickr to post for family and friends, so free is good enough. But alas, now that I have well over 10,000 images on Flickr, the freebie freedom is going away with a 1000 image limit. Any suggested alternatives (Non-Adobe)?
  12. JudyKay

    Nov 2018 Newsletter and Videos

    Good newsletter. I also marvel at how many times we see high ISO with a small aperture. In your diagram, you show f4.0 at 1/2500th at 70 mm and ISO 800. If that applies to the related image, I can understand f4 and iso 800, but not 1/2500th. That would be most unlikely unless the photo was heavily edited later--and it obviously has been heavily edited. Either way, there is no earthly need for 1/2500th. Unless there is an artistic reason to introduce noise, needlessly using high ISO simply makes no sense. On the other hand, because I do a lot of street photography, there are many times when I snag a photo no matter what my ISO was a few minutes ago, and then--alas--sometimes I just forget and am thankful that today's sensors are tolerant of higher ISO's. Then about shutter speed, I might actually have used 1/2500th if I was jolting along in a 4WD Rover with a driver-late-for-supper and snagged that image out an open window. Anyway, good newsletter.
  13. JudyKay

    Flipping Playing Cards

    Great job, Dave! Thanks.
  14. JudyKay

    News about PTE 10

    Looking forward to this! Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I absolutely LOVE PTE and it just keeps getting better.
  15. JudyKay

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    That is quite good. Thanks.