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  1. I am extremely pleased with my upgrade. The price is much lower than products that don't come close to the same capability. I am quite impressed with the new features. I am currently making a fairly complex series of videos documenting humanitarian work in Africa including images, audio and video. Styles, Themes and easy audio manipulation enable me to quickly create basic themes within my presentations and yet make complex changes to specific images and fine-tune audio with ease. Speed of creation matters to me and PTE enables that. I use other video editing software (Filmora Pro) which is very good at what it does, but doesn't come close to what I can do with PTE in terms of putting together the kind of presentation I am creating. Note to smithrg: Paypal worked fine for me to purchase PTE
  2. [SOLVED] I don't know what to say. It's working fine now. Thanks anyway!
  3. Curiously, I tried a much smaller 1280 X 1024 Frame at 81 Kb and it worked fine.
  4. Thanks Dave. I am using one of Barry's "Edges." While the dimensions are huge (for scaling) the file size is quite small at 575 Kb. Here is a sample:
  5. I am trying to create a style with a specific mask file. I see others have done this, so I am missing something important. What is it? I cannot make the style use a specific file as a mask. Instead, I get this. I have played with Image indexing, which I don't think is relevant, to no avail.
  6. I love your work, your gifts to the rest of us. Always breathtaking. Thanks.
  7. I thought t was my computer... I show the font previews, but they are v-e-r-y slow loading.
  8. I had no trouble downloading it just now. Try again?
  9. So glad you finished it and thanks for sharing those beautiful images. I love the gentle-spirited Inuit people having interacted with them many years in Alaska.
  10. Just discovered this. Very nice!
  11. Very nice. I am really liking the new PTE. Great work!
  12. You have made me very very happy. Even happier than before with the wonderful new P2E!
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