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  1. I thought t was my computer... I show the font previews, but they are v-e-r-y slow loading.
  2. I had no trouble downloading it just now. Try again?
  3. So glad you finished it and thanks for sharing those beautiful images. I love the gentle-spirited Inuit people having interacted with them many years in Alaska.
  4. Just discovered this. Very nice!
  5. Very nice. I am really liking the new PTE. Great work!
  6. You have made me very very happy. Even happier than before with the wonderful new P2E!
  7. That is the correct location (although I would like to see any slide anywhere have this option). The term "Explorer" appears with a nice list of options as Dave illustrates above. None of those options allow for opening the resource "path." That for me is the most needed of all. Curiously, this feature is available in the audio tab as "Replace Audio" which actually just opens the resource path. Here is how Lightroom does it: (Finder on Mac, Explorer on PC)
  8. Yes, Gary. Just like we can do in Lightroom, and most other programs where users often access source files. I think "Open File Path" added to the context menu would be awesome--just above "Open" (first context menu item) which I am guessing very few people ever want.
  9. In my opinion this is not solved at all. I will never want to open a picture as if opened from explorer. I will always want way to open Explorer to the correct path where the image resides. Am I missing something? For me, this is one of my biggest hangups managing images in P2E and seemingly so easy to solve. I don't see this as a future feature, but as a present necessity. If I am the only one out there that wants it this way, then I shall just live with it and still be happy.
  10. 1. I would like to make another appeal that When right-clicking an image (from almost anywhere) we have the option to "Open Folder" or "Open Explorer" or "Open Path" like Adobe and most other image-processing softwares do. That us a missing feature over which I stumble every time I use P2E. Maybe open the folder location in P2E explorer window (with a "BACK" button). 2. I wish there was a way to drag and drop "Favorite" transitions, and styles quickly onto slides. 3. Will we eventually be able to manipulate audioform in O/A?
  11. Waiting for that beta 6. I have a big job for it
  12. Ahh! Perfect help. You guys are the best! Thanks.
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