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  1. Video Editing Made Easy in Lightroom

    Looks Good! Thanks for the link.
  2. I finally found a quick, easy method to do some basic video editing that I like a lot. This will open up video use in P2E for me. http://www.diyphotography.net/know-can-colour-grade-edit-videos-adobe-lightroom/ Barry--please create a tutorial on this!
  3. Using the right microphone

    Great demonstration.
  4. Sand Soda and Limestone - Glass

    Beautifully captured. Good job! The image below is not so well-done, but it captures a very precious moment today, with someone I love very much Broken (got dropped too many times) 50 mm 1.4 at f3.5 125 ISO 1600. Batu Feringghi, Malaysia, Beach Cafe
  5. iPhone Commentary

    Thanks, Barry. An iPhone produces surprisingly good audio as you well demonstrated.
  6. iPhone Commentary

    Each to his own, but high-quality images and thin, tinny audio reduce the perceived quality of everything. Off-computer recording is a big step up. Minimizing or eliminating noise reduction greatly increases quality, retaining full, rich, warm sound. If you must record with on-screen content, then use a cool laptop on battery power with SSD. 1. As men get older their ability to distinguish nuance of tone. That does not mean everyone else can't hear it loud and clear. 2. If you hear good quality and lesser quality side by side, and have good hearing, you will have little doubt about the worth of good recording techniques. 3. If you MUST go with something like Blue Snowball, you will find it much better than an iPhone. You can pick one up for less than $80. If I recall correctly, last time I was in America, I saw them at Costco for around $40-50. If you have a phone--that is free, and it does work. Audacity cleans up the worst of the mess. To me, editing such audio feels like the difference between editing a high-quality RAW image and a low-quality jpg from your phone.
  7. iPhone Commentary

    Quality audio is like a quality photograph. iPhone photos are good enough for some people who can't see any difference between an iPhone Instagram picture and an image meticulously captured on a tripod with a FF sensor. Likewise, iPhone recordings are good enough for some people. Whether it matters depends if you have an eye or an ear for the difference in quality.
  8. A Journey into Photography

    Keyboard control is a great idea. Gotta have a little didgeridoo. Beautiful, creative, inspiring images. Sunsets, mountains, oceans, birds "Black point" is the new "saturation" sometimes overdriven. Nice AV overall, well put together. Fun trip!
  9. April 2017 Newsletter

    Thanks, Barry.
  10. Wedding AV's - How Long?

    10 minutes. I create a series of several 8-15 min. shows, typically 6 total, accessed via a menu. This can be for weddings or various events. My style is documentary. I find that clients love this style and duration and find myself going back and enjoying them as well.
  11. Text Circling Object - Template

    Thanks, Lin. Amazing job, and so helpful, as always. I still imagine a day when an object or text can simply follow a path such as a Bezier curve.
  12. Sad News Today (Maureen Albright)

    I am so sorry. I did not know Maureen personally but almost felt as if I did. She seemed so kind and had an amazing eye for beauty. My heart goes out to Robert in his loss.
  13. Lin's Wedding Style

    Wow, Lin!. Thanks!
  14. Microphone Advice Needed

    Lin, in your opinion, how does this compare to Zoom? I know Zoom is a bit more expensive, but I am a fan.
  15. Looking for Photoshop Alternative

    Here is the thing, I used to be a sort of Photoshop guru. I really understood it, used it a lot to make all kinds of graphical whoopie. It came naturally and I mastered a good bit of what it could do other than movie and 3D editing. But, the thrill is over. Lightroom does 99.9% of what I need. Experience helps getting it as right as possible from the get-go in-camera. I go to Photoshop maybe once a month for some project? Little by little I am losing my edge, keyboard shortcuts forgotten, techniques that don't burst to mind--and I don't really care. I wonder for how many other people that is true?