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  1. JudyKay

    Looking for Photoshop Alternative

    I won't keep posting on this subject, but Adobe still can't figure out how to fix the Lightroom CC problem. I am abandoning it for now. Lightroom Classic still works fine.
  2. JudyKay

    Looking for Photoshop Alternative

    My frustration with Adobe products mounts. Again. In Czech Republic, I get the "Lightroom CC access token expired" error. Nothing will fix it. Not even VPN. I need it badly and no cure. So off to other software. Adobe is still best, but really frustrating for those of us who switch locations a lot. Adobe can fix it...eventually, but too late for now.
  3. JudyKay

    Adobe Camera Raw Update 10.3

    Pretty cool, but I keep having to go hunt for Dehaze. I like the update, especially in LR.
  4. JudyKay

    Zipped Slide Shows - Directory Paths

    Great suggestions that I appreciate and find helpful. Thanks to you all.
  5. If I am creating slide shows really quickly. I grab images from folders here and there and drag them onto the PTE timeline. I have image links going to who knows where. But, once I back the whole thing up to a Zip file, all the images with links to the zipped folder (not the original folder) are properly redirected. Right? I have been spending a lot of time selecting images and putting them in folders for each slideshow. FAster is just to drag the image from wherever I find it to the PTE timeline. I am wanting to trust that everything works if I do this and then zip it up to "fix" all the links for archiving. I could test it, but if anyone knows offhand I thought it quicker to ask.
  6. I have been working a lot in PTE recently. I am just amazed and very, very grateful for this amazing, refined software. Igor, thank you. JK
  7. JudyKay

    Mute Video Audio

    I think a Properties tab "Mute Slide" might have some value. I have needed it once in my life, so maybe not. The O&A window mute is necessary to mute individual videos when there may be several in a slide. Mute Slide would be at a different location, although an intuitive location and would mute all videos on a slide. I suppose Mute slide ("mute all videos on this slide") could also be on an O&A. That might also meet JKB's wants. Would it? My application is that I sometimes throw in a few seconds of video clip, or an arrangement of them, but don't want the video audio. The method we presently have works for me, but would be a chore if there were a lot of video clips. In my present case, I only have 18.
  8. JudyKay

    Mute Video Audio

    There it is! Thanks, so much! You made me all happy!
  9. JudyKay

    Mute Video Audio

    1. I thought there was a way to mute the audio from a single video object in a slideshow. How do I? 2. Is there a way to mute the entire audio in a slideshow (other than turning the volume off)?
  10. JudyKay

    Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    Thanks for the well-presented video Barry. Very clear, Very nicely done. I tried that method long ago and sometimes use it here and there. For now, I will stick to my preferred methods, but your video could be very helpful to some people. I just don't know how to recommend it. I wish it had a less pejorative tone since people other than forum users, designed to receive the negativity, might have benefitted. Maybe rework it?
  11. JudyKay

    Monitor Recommendations (SOLVED)

    These days I consider how people are likely to watch my show. Nowadays, it is likely to be on a 4K 42' - 65" TV. I check my shows on a 55" 4K TV as well as a Dell monitor. A large screen TV doesn't look and feel the same as a screen on a desk. I want both to work, but what "sells" is the look and feel and immersion of big. For prints, I use a different thought process entirely.
  12. JudyKay

    3 Questions - Finding photo location

    Thanks, Lin. I am thinking of about locations in the sense they are used in Adobe products and some other software. For example in Lightroom, you can... 1. select a photo (in PTE that might be in the timeline) and right click to get the option of opening a new explorer window at the photo file location. 2. Also, you can right-click and get the option to go to the location the LR file hierarchy. IN PTE that would translate into activating the location in the PTE explorer Window. If that is still not clear, I can make some screenshots to explain. Thanks for the suggestions about conversion as well. I wish I could capture full resolution. Perhaps 1920 x 1080 is good enough.
  13. 1. What is the best way to convert an EXE to MP4? (Where I do not have the original PTE file) 2. How do I go to a photo location on disk from within PTE? 3. How do I go to Library location from within PTE?
  14. JudyKay

    Beat matching feature

    Years ago I bought P2E entirely because it produced really cool automation. Through that process, I discovered a new fabulous realm of creativity. previously I flipped through photos with whatever computer browser automated what was once photos in an album, which automated photos in a shoebox, which automated...you get the picture. Not long ago Igor gave us the ability to auto-spread images along a timeline. Great idea! Then I went in and adjusted them for any of 100 reasons. Beat-matching is just that same idea. Has anyone used Audacity "Beat-Finder" for such a purpose?
  15. JudyKay

    Beat matching feature

    We must consider if getting old causes us cling to the way things were as being better. My mom didn't trust calculators for a long time and checked the machine by hand--she didn't trust calculators to be better. I remember being on the edge of having to know log and trig tables only to realize that vastly more and better was to use a computer. Now, better art can be created and enjoyed by automating the mundane to focus time and energy on the creative. I am conservative by nature, but strongly in favor of progress. Slower is both worse and better.