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  1. Serif Affinity Photo

    I think I will pick up a copy as backup. Yes, Photoshop just failed to open again a couple days ago while traveling. Adobe knows the problem and can fix it and has multiple times for me. But Affinity will be a modern, developed software that works when PS fails and I don't have to wait until Adobe can fix it. Adobe will remain my primary software, but if I can ever leave, I will. I have lost any loyalty to them due to their new system which fails to meet my needs.
  2. AUTUMN GOLD - new slideshow

    Excellent, like always.
  3. Serif Affinity Photo

    It's not that simple. It has to do with unsuccessful attempts to connect on weak connections while moving among multiple countries. If I could get 60 days that would cover me. I did once go about 75 days without internet (except one brief hour in the middle). PS was no problem during all that. Of course, I can think ahead and disable CC or log out--but I am always hoping it will work "this time." When it works isn't the problem. When it doesn't is. Yes, I have worked through this with Adobe. We have not worked out the secret recipe that exactly causes the issue--perhaps something is triggering the inability to verify what may appear like a new device--but isn't. We just don't know. We know work-arounds--but they are most inconvenient. Curiously, since changes have been made with the new CC and CC classic. I haven't had the problem. But I will be testing it with multiple SE Asian countries in the next few weeks. Maybe even Australia! I bet Australia works just fine. We shall see. Would be interesting to hear from users here traveling extensively in multiple rural S. American or African countries. [I know that the solution for some is to use a quality SIM-modem based travel router. But still, you have to have that Cell tower nearby!]
  4. Serif Affinity Photo

    And it would be useful as a backup for those several times Photoshop has locked me out while traveling and I could not get it to open until I had stable internet. Actually, I keep an old version of PS also installed for those occasions.
  5. Select Subject

    Newbees will never know how we once labored to select fine detail. There should be a built-in "levels" where newbees have to extract hair with PS2 before advancing to tools like this---just so they will appreciate what PS can do!
  6. Excellent video card for PicturesToExe 9

    Thanks. I may get this. One problem I have is being in a dusty environment clogs up the cooling apparatus and then the fan runs harder. Not sure of a solution to this, but a less active fan would surely help.
  7. Using the right microphone

    I found this helpful: https://www.diyphotography.net/understand-microphone-specs-get-best-sound-project/
  8. Snowglobe styles and tutorial....

    Lin, This link is not working for me: http://www.ln-evans.org/tutorial/snowglobetutorials.zip
  9. Adobe Photography CC Package

    The new LIghtroom CC is entirely cloud-based for original files. Lightroom Classic retains file-based original file storage on your local drive. Package 1 is basically LR Classic (local file-based) + Lightroom CC (cloud-based) + Photoshop CC + 20 GB cloud storage. Package 2 is Lightroom CC (Cloud-based) + 1 TB of cloud space. Same price either way. Storage and package variations can be added for more money. Some people will love all clouds based, but, only if you have consistent internet on all required devices. Being cloud-based, your full RAW file is available on any device. Nice.
  10. Adobe Photography CC Package

    I know some are worried about Adobe going all-cloud. That would not work for me. But, this change is only good. I just got a lot of new bang for my same $9.99 bucks.
  11. Chess Board Slide Styles

    That is cool! It works so well with the images.
  12. Free Music Resource

    Keep up the good work! I really appreciate your good work.
  13. Video Editing Made Easy in Lightroom

    Looks Good! Thanks for the link.