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  1. JudyKay

    Trying Fonts

    Or have a brief list of recently used fonts at the top.
  2. JudyKay

    Is the forum getting slow

    5 seconds on first load. 1-2 seconds on repeat loads. Seems consistent. From East Asia through VPN surfacing in America and somehow finding its way back to France.
  3. JudyKay

    Is the forum getting slow

    Working great for me through a VPN from East Asia.
  4. JudyKay

    Power of Color Filters

    Manuel, now that is very interesting!
  5. JudyKay

    Video Editing Software

    Odd. Similarly, I tried really hard to get Davinci Resolve on my PC, but never could get it to start. It works fine on my Laptop, but I want it on my PC! PS. I found Davinci Resolve to be amazing, but a nightmare of a learning curve.
  6. JudyKay

    Video Editing Software

    @goddi Filmora is working flawlessly for me. I think you found some old versions. You want: filmora_setup_full1901.exe Try that. The Filmora preview player is fairly low-quality, 512 X 288, to keep it speedy. It doesn't look nice, unlike PTE. On export from Filmora, the quality is as full as expected. I always marvel at the amazing thing Igor has done with PTE that no one else matches. @Lin Evans I have never played with PTE's green screen chroma key processes. That will be soon on my to-do list. I also learned from Filmora the amazing capability of running two videos and masking parts of each (for example to have a person talking to themselves--two characters simultaneously--or 100 more-practical applications). I realize how much more robust PTE would be in this process, but haven't actually tried it yet. Has anyone else? The possibilities for this in PTE would seem to eclipse Filmora.
  7. JudyKay

    Video Editing Software

    Thank you all very much. I am spending a couple days trying all kinds of things and going through tutorials on each. I am still leaning toward Filmora because it seems most intuitive to me and does a lot and produces could video. I am not impressed with the image stabilization though. Maybe no software image stabilization is really good--that is it minimally degrades quality of the original video. I guess that is a tradeoff between stable and sharp.
  8. Amazing as PTE is, there are still times I want a video editor to create clips for PTE. I have played with various freebies and Adobe Premiere Elements. Video editing isn't intuitive for me and I have done as little as possible over the years using Adobe PE, VideoPad, Handbrake, etc. I dislike them all. I want simple, fast, easy, low learning curve and cheap. PTE does most of what I do, and I don't need full blown Adobe Premier Pro or anything like that. I am sniffing strongly at Wondshare Filmora. Suggestions?
  9. JudyKay

    The Market of Dong Van

    Was there recently. This is well done. Thanks.
  10. JudyKay

    Congratulations Lyndsey

    Congratulations to her! Nice show for her.
  11. JudyKay

    Simulating Elliptical Motion

    Thanks. Still wish PTE allowed moving an object along a Bezier curve. The curve would be on a layer and could be resized, copied and pasted and included in a style.
  12. JudyKay

    Looking for Photoshop Alternative

    I won't keep posting on this subject, but Adobe still can't figure out how to fix the Lightroom CC problem. I am abandoning it for now. Lightroom Classic still works fine.
  13. JudyKay

    Looking for Photoshop Alternative

    My frustration with Adobe products mounts. Again. In Czech Republic, I get the "Lightroom CC access token expired" error. Nothing will fix it. Not even VPN. I need it badly and no cure. So off to other software. Adobe is still best, but really frustrating for those of us who switch locations a lot. Adobe can fix it...eventually, but too late for now.
  14. JudyKay

    Adobe Camera Raw Update 10.3

    Pretty cool, but I keep having to go hunt for Dehaze. I like the update, especially in LR.
  15. JudyKay

    Zipped Slide Shows - Directory Paths

    Great suggestions that I appreciate and find helpful. Thanks to you all.