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  1. JudyKay

    Flipping Playing Cards

    Great job, Dave! Thanks.
  2. JudyKay

    News about PTE 10

    Looking forward to this! Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I absolutely LOVE PTE and it just keeps getting better.
  3. JudyKay

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    That is quite good. Thanks.
  4. JudyKay

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Thanks, Tom. I can't wait to see what goodies are in there.
  5. JudyKay

    YouTube authentication

    I wish there was another way. I never have been able to make it work.
  6. JudyKay

    Video Editing Software

    For what it is worth, I have been using Filmora now for a while, producing about 24 hours of fairly polished video. I highly recommend it for entry to lower-mid level production--anyone who is not creating video professionally. The learning curve is very low. The price is low. It does excellent video screen capture, OK audio processing (no enveloping), and has far more capabilities and features than advertised. The online Youtube tutorials are really great. Short. Sweet. Spot-on. Energetic. Engaging. PTE does amazing video processing but is not designed to be a video editor. I see Filmora as a tool specializing in some things PTE isn't designed to do, that creates resources for PTE. That is how I use it. It does cost about $50 USD.
  7. JudyKay

    A Changing Of The Season

    Thanks, Lin. So peaceful. I love your images, your critters, your artistry and Pete Huttlinger´╗┐'s fingerpicking. Something about all that touches deep in the heart. I remember getting a snowglobe for Christmas when I was about 5 years old. It was well crafted and I spent hours shaking that globe and studying the tiny carolers in their lit-window village. Your work brings all that flooding back. Thanks.
  8. I am curious what size images you are using? I recently made a future-proof show at 3840 x 2160. It was a bit jerky. I then remade it with 1920 x 1080 and it was smooth as silk and on my 4K TV I could not detect a difference in image quality.
  9. JudyKay

    Bringing The Dead To Life.....

    Great story. Thanks for sharing that.
  10. JudyKay

    Photoshop News

    I just wish it would work well on the newest version of Win 10. Adobe took months to figure out a licensing issue for me when traveling in many countries--whereby I got locked out of Lightroom and Photoshopped--entirely, repeatedly. It finally is resolved. Now, I have the issue of being unable to reach Adobe from some locations without a VPN, but Creative Cloud often rejects connections through VPN's. Good grief. What next. I still have to carry an ancient version of PS to be safe. LR is up for grabs. Just venting.
  11. JudyKay

    Moving a style

    Suggestions: 1. Have suggested Style Category Names from available existing categories to prevent mis-typing. 2. Allow import of multiple styles simultaneously.
  12. JudyKay

    Moving a style

    Groan. I just spent almost two hours completely restoring my styles and categories only to have Categories repeat. Then I try to move one style to a new category and half a dozen move with it. Then, a whole series of styles disappears altogether. I think they exist, but won't show up as style in a category (User Styles seems to be the main culprit). Trying to reimport a style asks if I want to replace existing style. But the style isn't showing up! This is hitting me at a bad time. These things happen. Do I start all over a second time? I didn't actually do a PTE uninstall, reinstall. [Edit] The panic is over. I deleted all 2 userstyle*.ini files and reimported all styles. Took less than an hour to import and recreate categories. All is well now. And much cleaner and more streamlined. No original work (a lot) was lost. All's well that ends well!
  13. JudyKay

    Moving a style

    Thanks for your help Dave. I think I will delete everything, reinstall and start over. I just can't seem to clean up the mess. Exporting styles and then reinstalling them and deleting the old one seems to work. Yet, when I then try to change style categories, I get this warning even though the category in fact actually changes. Maybe this is normal but I also note that I have to close and re-open a category to see the change. Anyway, I am making workable progress. I have a huge project ahead!
  14. JudyKay

    Moving a style

    I have had an issue like this: After reinstalling (not updating) P2E, I am unable to modify or move my own custom styles that previously existed. Duplicate Style Categories exist. I haven't tried getting in under the hood--no time, but is there is an obvious fix? I think the origin of this may be that when I upgraded to an SSD, I reinstalled Win 10 and all software from scratch, but restored my documents files from backup. Could that have caused it? I see in the slide styles folder that I have both usestyles.ini and usestyles_v9.ini Could PTE be picking up duplication between these? For now everything works, I just can't modify names or locations of some older styles/categories. Newly created ones work fine. If I manually alter category names in the ini file, will I create havoc?