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  1. wideangle

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Hi Tom Yes, I get that, and it's always best to be at the sharp end! Regards wideangle
  2. wideangle

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Well done if it's gone well for you, but I just don't get the logic in the rush to update, especially as recent problems have shown. Regards wideangle
  3. wideangle

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Agreed. Regards wideangle
  4. wideangle

    Glass Pane Style

    Tom - that's a good result. Could this be the start of a new challenge? That is, to identify an effect in other software and see how easy it is to create the same effect in PTE! Regards wideangle
  5. wideangle

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    Can it be set up as a totally separate stand-alone product? If so, it could be offered as a free download from the WnSoft website in its current as-is state with no further support offered. That would leave PTE free to be develeloped without it. It would also be a solution which is likely to satisfy everybody. Regards wideangle
  6. wideangle

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    I take lots of photos as a way of recording rambles for a local group of walkers, many of whom are quite old and just trying to keep mobile! Most are not very high-tech people but dvds are an ideal way for me to distribute those memories to them, and PTE gives me the perfect platform to do it, so I use it all the time. Regards wideangle
  7. wideangle

    Help with a printer style

    Dave Like Bruno, on your post above for Sunday at 2.03pm, I also just see the message 'You don't have permission to see this content' Regards wideangle
  8. wideangle

    What is a Slide Style

    I think there are two separate stages relating to Barry’s original question. 1. Give a clear and simple description of what a slide style is. (See my attempt above!). 2. It can then be followed up with its merits and advantages as the second stage. (Saves time, achieve results in a few clicks, etc) I also think that actions speak louder than words, so a range of differing examples would help with stage 2. Regards wideangle
  9. wideangle

    What is a Slide Style

    In PTE you can add objects and animations to one or more slides, and vary their properties. If you wish, you can save the whole effect in the form of a slide style, which you can then use to apply to other slides. Regards wideangle
  10. wideangle

    New Advertising Idea...

    Great idea and well done Lin, but I agree with Barry about the hand. Also, would people watching it assume the drawing hand is a feature of PTE? Just a thought. Regards wideangle
  11. wideangle

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Hi Igor Time moves on. Hardware and software specifications move on. Supporting older configurations is bound to hold back the development of PTE. I think it makes sense for you as a company to decide and publish a date, at which point the 32 bit Windows version will no longer be supported. The sooner that is done, the better. That way, it will be fair to users and give them time to adjust and replan if necessary. Regards wideangle
  12. wideangle

    Cube - baffled

    I assume you are meaning the default Cube slide style in the Experimental category? Check that all 6 pictures are cropped to be a square shape before you apply the style. Regards wideangle
  13. wideangle

    News about PTE 10

    Hi JudyKay What makes it such a wonderful product is the fact that Igor and team are always willing to listen to what users are requesting, and respond quickly to that to deliver the goods. Can you think of any other company who reacts as well as that? I can’t. Regards wideangle
  14. wideangle

    News about PTE 10

    Thanks Igor. I always look forward to this exciting stage in the ongoing development of PTE. Regards wideangle
  15. Thank you Igor. Regards wideangle