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  1. Hi Richard This is what Igor said a few weeks ago. https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/21890-plans-for-mac-version/?tab=comments#comment-143109 Regards wideangle
  2. I’ve had lockups on two separate occasions now, where the timeline has frozen. Fortunately, it’s not been too important, as all I was doing was familiarising myself with new ideas. The lockups occurred while I was going through the following: I started a new project and added a few jpg and mp4 video slides. Went to timeline view and separated the audio from the video slides. Deleted those audios. I then added two or three mp3 audio files as background music. Lockups sometimes occurred after that while I was dragging those audio files to create cross fades. The audio files were mp3s recorded at 192 and 256 bps so nothing unusual about them. Interestingly, even though the timeline was frozen, I could still go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and still use that. So far I can’t reproduce the situation, but wondered if anyone else had noticed this? Regards wideangle
  3. It's almost a no-brainer. Everybody should do it!!! Regards wideangle
  4. Igor That's very very impressive! Regards wideangle
  5. I imported several new styles using beta 36. When the column of categories became full, there was no scroll bar to let me see the last one I'd added. I had to increase the size of the Styles and Themes window to see my last import, and the scroll bar then appeared. After that, as I continued to add more categories, I still experienced situations where I couldn't see the last category until I increased the size of the Styles and Themes window. (Not sure if the same problem occurs with the Themes because I don't have enough Themes to fill that column yet! Regards wideangle
  6. Igor To get things working again, I decided to clear all the test styles and transitions so I deleted the folder Documents > PicturesTo Exe, then re-ran Beta33. All is well again but I no longer have any of the test styles which may have been causing the problem. I'll continue to monitor it. Regards wideangle
  7. P10 Beta33 While experimenting, by accident, I applied a user style to a slide which already had a user style applied to it. I noticed later on that the Styles and Themes button no longer worked. That was still the case if I closed down PTE and re-ran it. Can't really remember which slide styles were involved, but will continue to look at it. Regards wideangle
  8. OK - thanks for that info. Regards wideangle
  9. Thanks Igor. Yes, all works correctly now. Regards wideangle
  10. I have a project which includes some jpg slides and video slides with a background audio mp3 file. It runs and behaves correctly in the PTE viewer. If I publish as an mp4, that is also correct. However, if I create a DVD disc, the sound is out of sync and finishes too soon. As an afterthought, I started a new project, dropped the previously created mp4 (which had worked correctly) into the slide list, and burned a new DVD disc and created an iso image as well. Both the disc and the iso image had the sound out of sync problem again. Regards wideangle
  11. Igor I repeated the exercise by creating an iso image but NOT burning, and got exactly the same error message at the same point. However, in both cases I had the box ticked to "include additional folders and files to the disc". On further testing, if I do not use that option, then the burning and the creation of an iso image behave correctly, and work as expected. Regards wideangle
  12. This is an error which occurs when using VideoBuilder and Beta 31 to burn a DVD disc. (Maybe not too important to spend time on at this stage) I can run VideoBuilder and burn a DVD successfully (as you can see in the screenshot dialogue), then click on OK to eject the disc. At that point, if I click on the Back button and try to start burning another copy, the following error message appears at the point where the VOB files multiplexing stage is reached. Regards wideangle
  13. Thanks for that, Igor. I’m pleased that DVD production hasn’t been abandoned completely. This is a good compromise. Regards wideangle
  14. Igor You said that the issue of not being able to create a Biz when there are two files with the same name but in different folders, has been solved when dealing with slide styles. However, the problem still remains (in beta 20 and beta 21) when you try to create a Biz with two slides containing a jpg with the same name but in two different folders. Regards wideangle
  15. That’s a very lovely gesture, Igor. Good luck and good health, Jeff, and enjoy PTE10. Regards wideangle
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