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  1. wideangle

    Publish to DVD-Video Disc

    Hi harbrimar, Try burning it to a DVD-R or DVD+R disc, rather than an RW disc, to see if that cures it. Regards wideangle
  2. wideangle

    Does PTE need a name change

    Barry You didn’t complete your last sentence properly. Shouldn’t it have been “sitting in the garden with wi fi and a glass of wine, and it ran ok”. Regards wideangle
  3. wideangle

    Aspect Crop

    Dave Another short useful tutorial to clarify a common problem. Thanks. Regards wideangle
  4. wideangle

    Does PTE need a name change

    Changing the name of a product is not always a straightforward thing to do, but I do fully see the logic in wanting to do so. Tomcatred55 - I think your suggestion is a strong contender, as it does suggest exactly what the product is all about (Extra Brownie points for the to Av and to hold!) Regards wideangle
  5. wideangle

    Lines and Borders

    I personally don't see anything wrong in widening a discussion somewhat in any thread, even if it's only half relevant, if it helps to clarify things generally. OK, rotation within a frame has cropped up before, but users new to the forum probably wouldn't have been aware of it, and now are, which is all good. Also, Tomcatred55 said: "Could you not rotate the image before applying the border if you are to edit from within PTE? I must admit I thought you were talking about an image rotating during the show, whilst it's border stayed still." If nothing else, the discussion in this thread will help him to see that a frame in PTE is a very different animal from the idea of a border, which he is confusing it with. We're all here to help each other aren't we? Regards wideangle
  6. wideangle

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Hi Tom Good man. We need people like you to take care of things for the rest of us. Regards wideangle
  7. wideangle

    Lines and Borders

    Nothing wrong with that, but I thought we were talking about Gary's problem. You need to ask Gary that question. Regards wideangle
  8. wideangle

    Lines and Borders

    Tomcatred55 You can easily add an image, put a border on it and rotate the whole thing within O&A in PTE, without the need for any photo-editing program. But can you rotate the image but leave the border where it is? Unless I've misunderstood as well, I think what Gary is referring to is the same idea, but using an image inside a frame ie. to rotate the image inside the frame without the frame itself rotating. Regards wideangle
  9. wideangle

    Installed Windows update 1809

    The Windows 10 v1809 update has just finally automatically installed on my computer as part of the rollout. I've just come across a very interesting article written online by Michael Fortin, Corporate Vice President of Windows (see following link): https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/12/10/windows-monthly-security-and-quality-updates-overview/#Vbxa9qtTjGyGYxKQ.97 Basically it is saying that the regular automatic security updates and new tools are released on the second Tuesday of the month (called Patch Tuesday and called B updates). More interestingly, it is referring to the C and D updates which are those released in the third and fourth weeks of the month. These include features which are still being tested, but, unlike the B updates, these will not be installed automatically. What it does mean though, is that if you are one of these people who are chomping at the bit to always have the latest update, and go into Windows Update and click on the "Check for Updates" button, then you are in effect maybe unintentionally installing preview versions of the operating system and acting as a beta tester for Microsoft! The moral of this story is "Don't click on Check for Updates in weeks 3 and 4 of the month"! Regards wideangle
  10. wideangle

    Assertion Failure Error [SOLVED]

    Excellent. Thank you Igor. Regards wideangle
  11. wideangle

    Assertion Failure Error [SOLVED]

    7 minutes to acknowledge my message and confirm the problem. That's what I call excellent service and support! Thanks Igor. Regards wideangle
  12. I start with a single image slide then apply a slide style. In this case I used a Wedding one. Go to Objects and Animation. Right clicked on softfocus rose2...... Select File Info. The error message appears. Seems to happen whenever you choose anything that belongs to a slidestyle folder. Regards wideangle
  13. wideangle

    Photoshop CS6

    Hi Barry I can see where you are coming from because you are so far into the Photoshop CC family, and it would be too much of a problem to use anything else. That is true also for the millions of businesses that use it. It’s called being caught by the short and curlies and is synonymous with Microsoft and Windows. However, for a hobbyist user it is much easier to change and I would love to see some figures of how many such users did not upgrade their CS6 into CC. I suspect that the majority of hobbyists just do not use a good proportion of the features available in CC, and are happy with what was already on offer in CS6. For these users there are also other options which are also just as good for their needs, and far cheaper. Regards wideangle
  14. wideangle

    Undo button.

    Whenever you use any drop down menus just have a glance down the right-hand of the column to see many keyboard shortcuts identified. This is a common feature of lots of programs. Very soon you begin to remember them and use them. Regards wideangle
  15. wideangle

    Photoshop CS6

    Is it greyed out like some of the options in my screen grab above? I honestly can’t remember the steps involved from when I installed CS6 but maybe there was the option at the time to include or exclude Bridge. Regards wideangle Hi JudyKay It seems that companies like Adobe have got you just where they want you with the subscription schemes. It doesn’t seem too long ago at a big UK Photography Show that Adobe were offering the CC subscription for less than £7 per month. (I still keep using my CS6 but have since bought Affinity Photo for a one-off nominal sensible price and get all the latest features for free to boot!)