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  1. Very minor, but just a couple of little inconsistencies in my view. Start a new project and drop a jpg into the slide list. When you right-click the slide, "Slide Options" is displayed in Bold. Why? Similarly, if you right-click in a blank area of the slide list, "Audio comment" is in black. Shouldn't it be greyed out because there is no audio comment present? (Same applies when you are in timeline view.) Regards wideangle
  2. I like this. New audio tools like this one, and also separating audio from video, continue to make PTE more powerful, and reduce the need to use third-party software. Regards wideangle
  3. Still getting to grips with the Affinity suite, particularly Affinity Publisher. Some good tutorials here for anyone interested: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/ One neat and interesting feature of Affinity Publisher is that if you also have Designer and Photo installed, you can access the tools and functionality of those two packages without leaving Publisher. Regards wideangle
  4. Maybe it would be better if the Rotate choices in the File list and Slide list were greyed out or not shown, in the case of a video. That would avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Regards wideangle
  5. Seems like a useful addition. Regards wideangle
  6. This should be a useful addition for me. Regards wideangle
  7. Well done to everybody involved. Keep up the good work and standards on what is already a top-class product. Regards wideangle
  8. I don't find 'Open' in the Context menu very useful at all, but I would certainly love to see 'Open File Path' there, so would support Judy on that one. Regards wideangle
  9. Works correctly in Win 10 Pro 1809 with beta 10 Regards wideangle
  10. I’ve been making use of a few old projects, changing, rebuilding and reshowing, while testing beta 10. All good so far. Regards wideangle
  11. Barry I’ve come across the same situation recently, but I wasn’t using PTE at the time. I’d used a Save As feature to create a file on the Desktop, but I couldn’t see it anywhere on my screen. However, using File Explorer showed that it was clearly there, and I could access and use it. I think it is an obscure problem with Windows 10 rather than PTE Regards wideangle
  12. Gary I just loaded your Routes.pte into Beta 8, changed the slide 1 duration to 12 secs, and found that it behaved correctly. That is, it showed 12 secs in the timeline, and played for 12 secs. Regards wideangle
  13. Serif have just released the third element of the Affinity family of programs. It is Affinity Publisher, which links with the existing Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, and which are very serious rivals to certain other well-known programs! It is a no-subscription package, and is currently on a special introductory price offer of less than £40, which I think is a real bargain. For anyone interested, take a look at the many video offerings around. Regards wideangle
  14. Agreed Tom - must be down to the good quality of the writing of the code. (I have found a couple but other people have reported them before I’ve had the chance to do it.) Still looking though! Regards wideangle
  15. That's agreeing with what I'd just said. I do feel that it's the most logical and the least confusing. Regards wideangle
  16. I think that things have been made too complicated and confusing by introducing the choice of closing O&A or closing PTE with the new Close button. I think the best idea is to not have the option to close PTE using that Close button, which means deleting the choice in Preferences under the Editor setting. Instead, simply re-label the Close button as Exit O&A. (Also, put it back to its old position.) If you wish to exit PTE, just do it after exiting O&A. Regards wideangle
  17. Just read a computer magazine where it advises not to install GeForce Experience because of all the extras that it installs, unless you feel that you need them. When you start to install it, it gives you the option to install drivers only, which is what the magazine recommended. Regards wideangle
  18. Igor Thank you very much for this very useful feature. Regards wideangle
  19. Apologies to you Dave - Wasn’t picking out BD specifically, but just making a light-hearted general observation. I think that we computer addicts have a lot to answer for with things like HTTPS, NTFS, ISO, DPI, PCIe, sRGB, SSD, VoIP, HDR, FAT32, MAC, SD, SATA! I’ll stop now before I disappear under a pile of letters. I’m with you one hundred per cent on the apostrophe syndrome. It really grates on me when I see it misused in areas where it shouldn’t happen eg Official signs like Pizza’s Sold Here or Car MOT’s or Flower’s Delivered. End of rant!! Regards wideangle
  20. I’ve noticed that lots of people talk using initials these days. Has it evolved from the use of mobile phones through the need to save typing? bfn lol wideangle
  21. Hi Steve Load up your project into PTE on your current computer. Go to File -> Create Backup in zip (This will collect all your files for you, assuming that you haven’t moved them since the project was created). Copy the zipped file onto your other computer, unzip it, and away you go. Regards wideangle
  22. That's a major step forward and very impressive work by you. Well done, Igor. Regards wideangle
  23. I personally don't see the need or advantage of this Close window with three options. If it has to be there as a safety net, just in case you clicked on x then wanted to change your mind, then I would like it just to offer 'Exit O&A' and 'Cancel'. (How often would you want to exit PTE altogether from the O&A window? After your O&A editing is complete, wouldn't you invariably want to go back into PTE to view the editing effects?) Regards wideangle
  24. To transfer all of my PTE9 Styles and transitions to PTE10 I went into the relevant default folder in PTE9, selected all, then copied them into the relevant PTE10 default folder. This worked and avoided having to export and import each one separately. That would let you transfer the styles and transitions but doesn’t help at all with the default pathnames issue. (I’m not near my computer at the moment, so can’t do any more investigation.) Regards wideangle
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