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  1. Lin From my own point of view, I agree entirely with what you say about overkill. Since I stopped at CS6, I have looked at the developments in Photoshop from that point, and have asked myself the question "Would I personally really have used that feature?" and the answer has been inevitably No. I know there are people around who feel that they must have the latest version of everything for whatever reason, whether they use it or not, but not me. Regards wideangle
  2. Lin I too stopped buying Photoshop when the subscription scheme was introduced. I've continued to use CS6, which still satisfies all my needs, although there do seem to be a couple of contenders in the marketplace to have a look at. On1 is one of them. ( I do notice that they have a subscription Plus version as well, which suggests that you don't get all the bells and whistles with the bought package). Barry You may or may not be right, but I think there have been significant shifts away from the subscription Photoshop CC for the hobbyist and general enthusiast. I recently attended The Photography Show at the NEC in the UK, which, as you know, is a major show in this country. I didn't sit in on any closed theatre presentations because I only made a last-minute decision to go, and those presentations had to be pre-booked. However, there were plenty of open theatre presentations, and I sat in on several, and for the first time ever, I saw no use of Photoshop or Lightroom. Indeed, Adobe in the past, have had a major presence at this show, with one of the largest theatres, and they weren't even in attendance this year. One of the larger theatres was doing a presentation of Affinity Photo, and this was proving popular, with standing room only. (Another contender to have a look at I think, as a single payment package.) For the features it offers, I personally think it is a bargain buy, and as it was being offered at a one-off payment special Show price of £25 (!!!), there is no wonder that the sales counter was busy. I chatted to lots of people throughout the day, mainly amateur users and enthusiasts like myself, and would estimate (although not statistically significant!) that three quarters of those who used Photoshop had not moved into the subscription version. Maybe that is why Adobe had decided to drop this show as a lost cause, because in the main it is regarded as a show for enthusiasts. I hasten to say that the people I spoke to tended to be hobbyists, but I would expect that the real professional users have moved along with Photoshop and Lightroom automatically. Why wouldn't they? Does anyone else who attended that show have any opinions? Regards wideangle
  3. Hi TC Unless you have changed the default pathnames, the folders containing your Slide Styles, Templates and Transitions are all to be found by following Documents -> PicturesTo Exe. I guess that these must have got deleted or corrupted at some point. From my point of view, as I build up new Styles and Transitions etc, every so often I will go in there and take a backup copy of those three folders, so that if anything were to happen, I could always copy them back into that folder. Regards wideangle
  4. Treasured memories for sure, Lin, and some beautiful pieces. Take care. Regards wideangle
  5. Hi Bernard From the Main menu bar, follow Settings -> Preferences -> Templates to see the default pathnames. Regards wideangle
  6. Hi Lin Very informative and interesting , as usual. Many thanks for that. Regards wideangle
  7. Ron It's just one of the standard properties when you go into O&A. Click on the Customise button to see the settings. Regards wideangle
  8. I think that one of the secrets is about how Igor and team are very responsive to the suggestions that users make, and how quickly they implement them to produce the package that it is. Regards wideangle
  9. Brian Thanks for the update - good to know that it solved the problem. Regards wideangle
  10. Hi Judy This was raised by Goddi a while back and this was Igor’s reply: “Posted October 16, 2018 This behaviour was related with slide styles which may require a series of sequential slides for the correct result. Also a result of work of style may be a different number of slides after application (less or more). A lot of cases which we should care on. However I agree that you raise a good question. In future PTE 10 we fully reworked slide styles and probably we will do what you ask.” Regards wideangle
  11. Hi Gary New shorter link works ok. Regards wideangle
  12. Gary Just got a “Sorry, we could not find that page” when I tried your link above. Regards wideangle
  13. Lin That is so so nostalgic - a genuine piece of history. I really enjoyed it. It brings back memories of the local pub Folk Clubs of fifty odd years ago which I used to go to, where you heard the occasional singer who went on to bigger and better things nationally and even internationally. Regards wideangle
  14. Interestingly, I see what Denis sees on my PC, but see what Gary sees on my Ipad??? Regards wideangle
  15. I'm not a Facebook member and when I tried the link quoted by Igor above, the only choice I was offered was to download the file. Regards wideangle
  16. May or may not be obvious, but make sure that the slide or block of slides that you wish to base the Style on, are all highlighted before you click on the Slide Style button! Regards wideangle
  17. Generally I think the only way is to run the exe and use a program to take screenshots of each image along the way. Regards wideangle
  18. Sounds a bit confusing here. Talk us through the steps. 1. Can you access the email from Igor? 2. Can you get the NEW logon and password details from that email? 3. Can you get to the WnSoft website on your PC? 4. What do you see when you use the NEW logon details to log on to that site? Regards wideangle
  19. Hi harbrimar, Try burning it to a DVD-R or DVD+R disc, rather than an RW disc, to see if that cures it. Regards wideangle
  20. Barry You didn’t complete your last sentence properly. Shouldn’t it have been “sitting in the garden with wi fi and a glass of wine, and it ran ok”. Regards wideangle
  21. Dave Another short useful tutorial to clarify a common problem. Thanks. Regards wideangle
  22. Changing the name of a product is not always a straightforward thing to do, but I do fully see the logic in wanting to do so. Tomcatred55 - I think your suggestion is a strong contender, as it does suggest exactly what the product is all about (Extra Brownie points for the to Av and to hold!) Regards wideangle
  23. I personally don't see anything wrong in widening a discussion somewhat in any thread, even if it's only half relevant, if it helps to clarify things generally. OK, rotation within a frame has cropped up before, but users new to the forum probably wouldn't have been aware of it, and now are, which is all good. Also, Tomcatred55 said: "Could you not rotate the image before applying the border if you are to edit from within PTE? I must admit I thought you were talking about an image rotating during the show, whilst it's border stayed still." If nothing else, the discussion in this thread will help him to see that a frame in PTE is a very different animal from the idea of a border, which he is confusing it with. We're all here to help each other aren't we? Regards wideangle
  24. Hi Tom Good man. We need people like you to take care of things for the rest of us. Regards wideangle
  25. Nothing wrong with that, but I thought we were talking about Gary's problem. You need to ask Gary that question. Regards wideangle
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