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  1. A PNG (often pronounced "ping") is an image file that lets you have transparent pixels. For example, if you cut out a picture of an aeroplane and save it on a transparent background as a .png file then you can use objects & animations to 'fly' that cut out plane across a background image(s). As Bernard has explained there appears to have been a problem created with saving the .png file as interlaced (no, I don't know what that means either...), which causes a thin white line to appear down the right-hand edge of the image. It doesn't happen if saved without interlacing.
  2. Thank you both. I can stop making coasters now... Keith
  3. Just a quick question which I am hoping someone can help me with. I have some old shows made with 1024px X 768px images which I would like to put on DVD for playback on TV. I have tried writing one show to DVD but when it is played back part of the images is missing, as if the screen has zoomed or cropped in. What size do I need to convert the images to and what Project Option settings do I need to use? Some time ago I remember seeing and hearing about a TV Safe Zone setting - but I can't find it anywhere...? Thanks
  4. Hi Landsberger, I have seen the same waveform issue as reported in your first post (which seems to have been overlooked in other peoples replies), that it looks mono or just showing one channel. If you go into the Settings, Preferences, Timeline options you will see a "View of Waveform" section. Click the Mixed Channels option and the waveform will display L & R channels. Keith
  5. An impressive first example of things to come and I am sure it will open PTE up to a wider market at the same time as still being a great product for those of us who just take 'stills'. It will be interesting to see how the interface to include video clips is built in to the program. Will there be any indication on the timeline to show when a slide has video objects attached? Will you be issuing some guidelines to tell us what size images etc that we should use for making shows that combine stills with video? Will there be any limit on the number of (or length of) video clips that can be included in a show? Do the video clips need to be edited before inserting into a PTE show?
  6. Hi everyone, Just a quick update on the SUCCESSFUL recovery of my photo's. In the end I opted to use the Digital Image Recovery program suggested by Gerard. It was easy to instal, very easy to use, and thankfully it worked a treat. Many thanks once again, especially to Gerard. Keith
  7. Hi. Thanks for all your suggestions. I will look at each in turn and hopefully one will be able to sort out my problem. (Yachtsman - the card appeared to work ok in the camera (canon 450) as I was able to preview images when using it. Then the camera suddenly threw up an Error 99 (?) message, for no obvious reason, and from that point on no longer seemed to recognise the card. I have tried to access the card in camera and in separate drives/card readers but all I see is a message asking if I want to format the card. I have not formatted it and am hoping the images are still retrievable). Once again, thanks to all. Keith
  8. Hi everyone, Not a query about PTE, but a plea to fellow forum members for help in identifying some good reliable (preferably freeware/shareware) software that I can use to recover images from a corrupt compact flash card (4gb Delkin Devices card). All help and advice will be gratefully received. Keith
  9. ksf

    Licence query

    Thanks Dom, Not only had I missed Peter's post but I had also forgotten about the Videobuilder key having a 2 year renewal date.
  10. Hi everyone, Just a quick question regarding license keys (with apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere... and I've missed the thread). Do I need to buy a new license key to use the latest release (v6)?
  11. Hi Tom, Regarding the PDF issue - depending on which version of MS Word you have you can save a document directly as an Adobe PDF. Whichever way you/Ronnie(?) prepare it I look forward to seeing how you've done your cutouts with such apparent precision. Keith
  12. Hi Tom, A pleasant sequence with some effective build up of images and use of zoom transitions. I wasn't too bothered about the sunglasses on the town crier but I'm sure you could lighten them with photoshop. Maybe if he wasn't on screen for quite so long it would also help? Oh, and just how did you cut the penny farthing out? Keith
  13. Hi Maureen, I was sorry not to have made it for the competition judging but was glad we made the 400mile round trip to see the Sunday session when all the judges gave very interesting talks. The highlight being listening to Igor describe his work with PTE and what the future holds. Clearly PTE is going to continue to develop from strength to strength (v5.6 already looks promising). So not only should you be congratulated, and thanked, for arranging the weekend but also for bringing Igor over from Russia on his first foreign trip. Once again, many thanks, Keith
  14. Hi Dale, I'm glad you have encountered and reported this issue because a friend of mine has also mentioned it to me a few weeks ago. I didn't understand his problem because I could not reproduce it. We have been using PTE for some time and are well used to resizing images as Lin and Flying Scotsman have suggested so I did not regard this as being the cause of the problem. we have been puzzling over it and it is something which only seems to have crept in to PTE since 5.1/5.5. Looking at the responses above, it now makes me wonder whether anything has changed behind the scenes when generating the intermediate images Lin refers to? Anyone shed any further light on this? Keith
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