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  1. My World, a slideshow on slideshowclub.com, is basically a climax to a show I was trying to post in the 3-5 minute category. It is merely my feelings of what is going on in my country, My World, and how distressed I am. The show really doesn't work without the intro, but I was sickened by so many things lately I wanted to scream. Seeing the reviews I will be very careful before posting anything again.
  2. I guess we make shows for ourselves. 128 MB amounts to a few seconds of high quality video. I have cropped a show to 2 minutes and it is still too large. Why are we making improvements that can't be shown in all their glory? Anyway, I'm glad a few like my shows and I will work on getting them out. This new video quality is fantastic and should be held up for all to see.
  3. Please, I am devastated by my countries' election. If you voted for this despicable man don't talk to me. I'm sorry, but this last year has made me sick. I won't comment further and hope your lives remain just fine.
  4. Can't upload files that are well within the limits as stated. Why are we working on another Beta when this problem has been around for a long time. I am going to continue to use this program, but I'm not going to waste another minute trying to post. I've had it. Jeff Lunt
  5. Thanks Gary. I have posted about this in the past. Hope Igor can get to the bottom of it. With good video qualities now it would be hard to keep a show very small.
  6. Just tried to upload a 171 meg zipped file. Crashed at 3 percent. It contains video so I can't shrink it much more. Anybody else hit a limit? I will submit more details soon. Just tried again...hits 3 percent quickly and then starts over and then crashes saying there was a problem. File just too big? If you use video you will hit a wall quickly. I built the show on beta 10. Tried to open in with beta 17 and it stated the usual "Made on a newer version...open at your own risk" or something like that. The newer version being beta 10?
  7. Hi Igor...no I didn't try to upload two versions. I have been tired lately and not staying up to date. Sorry for the late reply. Also, I can't open any files from earlier version 9 Beta's as in opening a show i was working on in V9 beta 9 in V9 beta 10. When I try to open a show from an earlier beta it says I'm trying to open a show that was prepared in a newer version of PTE, even though it was an earlier version. I have lost a lot of work that I can't open and have to start over again. I know, Beta, so no real complaints. I am real tired and will step aside for a few weeks and see if I get some energy back, so good luck with the betas.
  8. Thanks guys. The show I was trying to upload to Slideshowclub included two video segments that together were in the 200meg realm. 1920x1080 video gets quite large quickly. I guess I will stay away from using the new fine qualities that Version 9 has for video.
  9. Just tried to upload a large file from v9.7 and couldn't do it. Since we can now use 1920x1080 video I would think larger uploads would be part of the new system.
  10. Video is now up. Check it out...I know it isn't edited enough as yet and could be smaller...but video takes a bit more space. Hope this helps a bit Laszlo. All the best to you Jeff
  11. Just uploaded a file with a lot of video...it isn't great but it gives you an idea what you can do within the constraints of PTE. It is a great program and will always get better. The file is Valley of Fire in the Slideshow section.
  12. Experiment with the sizes if your software lets you. I love high resolution, but PTE has a time with the video. I use 720 at the most for now. I hear it will change in the future. Keep in mind the smoothness of the playback of stills and transitions is very unique in PTE. Keep posting Laszlo...just use 720 and for now keep the video part on the short side. I hope this helps...it isn't something you are doing wrong, to my knowledge. Jeff Lunt
  13. Hey Dave...no sweat. The Hungarian blood comes out sometimes.
  14. Thanks Lin...I always experiment with video on PTE. Ultimately I think it will be totally fixed in a later version...a little bird said something, though who knows?
  15. Thanks Ken...you are always a positive fella. Long live Canada...my favorite uncle country.
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