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  1. Great! Captured the lighting beautifully and good choice of music.
  2. Well done Gary. Really enjoyed this presentation. Brought back many fond memories of my favourite place to visit - Scotland and the roads! The video clips worked very well. Enjoyed some of your other Facebook videos also! Thanks for sharing. The hard working putting it together was worth while and appreciated. Roger.
  3. Another great sequence. Brill pictures and choice of music. Love the pics of the children. Great to see you producing again.
  4. Great pictures with wonderful lighting. Thanks for sharing. Roger.
  5. Brilliant. Very Very clever. Someone with loads of imagination and time. Very enjoyable. Roger.
  6. Wonderful. Brilliant. Marvel at your PTE skills once again. All the best to you for 2018. Roger.
  7. Very Clever. Seasonal Grettings to you. Roger.
  8. I have just uploaded my latest AV to YouTube. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/Eu2wUScbqPk Roger.
  9. My latest audio visual is available on http://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/433-greenwich-park-featuring-greenwich-concert-band/
  10. Thanks for your comments. Yachtsman1 - There is no pan judder on the original. I do a lot of Photoshop work on my images. I did have a problem selecting from the 3400 file images! Colin - Hand held Sony ECM-MS907 microphone, Sony Walkman MZ-NH900 Mini disc player and most importantly a Guttmann Microphone Windshield. Stood about 15 feet from band to try to reduce ambient sounds, slightly to left. Prefer to record with manual level settings but in this case used Auto. Recording done after the photo shoot. Some recording were ruined by clattering of cups for the afternoon tea also concert eventually abandoned because of rain. Sound mixing using Audition 3. Regards, Roger.
  11. For the past ten years I have been recording concerts of Belvedere Concert Band for their web site. This AV depicts some of the locations in South East England. https://youtu.be/6YsYQe4wfsQ Regards, Roger
  12. Excellent pictures well dissolved to a good choice of music. Thanks for taking me there but too cold for me! Very enjoyable. Roger
  13. Many thanks to Mick, Bert and Cagney. You kind comments appreciated. Roger.
  14. Here's my latest AV - a humorous review of so called road improvements carried out by Bexley Council funded by Transport for London in 2012. http://youtu.be/EyqMNO06G2Y Regards, Roger.
  15. Well done Mark. A worthy winner. Great pictures with excellent dissolves to very suitable music. Regards, Roger
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