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  1. Is it possible to have in Project Options the possibility to have the choice of a font by default for Text Object? Pierre
  2. ppenen

    Do you use Custom windows, Startup window?

    I never use this option. Regards Pierre
  3. ppenen

    What customers say about PicturesToExe

    J’ai découvert Picture ToExe il y a plusieurs années recherchant un programme me permettant de faire du fondu enchaîné avec son. J' utilise PTE pour présenter mes voyages et mes activités concernant la nature. La possibilité qu’offre PTE est fabuleuse et permet de magnifiques montages que l’on peut présenter sur PC ou TV. Je suis moins amateur de l’introduction de la video. Je dois préciser, que l’assistance d’Igor et de son équipe pour des problèmes rencontrés est rapide et très professionnelle, ce qui est rare actuellement. I discovered Picture ToExe several years ago seeking a program allowing me to make fade-out and fade-in with pictures with sound. I use PTE to present my trips and my activities concerning nature. The possibility that offer PTE is fabulous and allows splendid presentations which can be see on PC or TV. I am less amateur of the introduction of the video in PTE. I must specify, that the assistance of Igor and his team for encountered problems is fast and very professional, which is currently very rare. Pierre-Paul Penen Luxembourg
  4. I agree with Peter suggestion. It's easier for new users to work with this solution. Pierre
  5. ppenen

    Updated view of the main window

    Igor, The new main window is OK, and an icon for the digital lightbox will be very useful. Thanks. Pierre
  6. ppenen

    PTE and Windows 7

    I had a problem with PTE using Windows7 64 bits, but since the last version and correction done by Igor everything is OK. Regards Pierre
  7. ppenen

    Should we separate or include VAT to price?

    Separate the VAT, the VAT or the taxes are different from country to country. Just mention in your advertisement that the price is without VAT or taxes. Regards Pierre
  8. ppenen

    Freezing of PicturesToExe on Windows 7 [SOLVED]

    Igor, I tried to move pictures with drag-n-drop on the timeline, no problem Drag-n-drop new pictures to the timeline, no problem Thanks a lot to solve this problem. Pierre
  9. ppenen

    Freezing of PicturesToExe on Windows 7 [SOLVED]

    Jean, it's what I said, when you drag and drop a new picture it's freeze, but if you right click on a new picyture of your list and perforn add a new pictures to your timeline it works in the last version without freezing, I tried many times without problems. Pierre
  10. ppenen

    Freezing of PicturesToExe on Windows 7 [SOLVED]

    Igor, - move slide in timeline : freeze also in the new version - add silde to the list in the previous vesion (picturestoexe-setup_2010-11-05_1) freeze the program definitively, but with your new version (picturestoexe-setup_2010-11-07_1) I tried many times it's OK - drag-n-drop a new slide : freeze Pierre
  11. ppenen

    Freezing of PicturesToExe on Windows 7 [SOLVED]

    Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E500 2,60GHz Memory : 4 G Windows 7 64 bits Video Nvidia GeForce G210 Adding or move slides from a existing project (see mails under Window7 64 bit from 11th of March and later) Igor, I tried your new version but same problem. Adding slide by double click, no freeze I don’t understand what you mean by move to a half screen, if it is to change the size to a half screen, it doesn’t freeze and you see the change in the mini-player Regards Pierre
  12. ppenen

    PTE hangs after clicking preview

    Hello, When you install PTE under Win7 64-bit, you install it normally there is nothing special to do, even if PTE is a 32-bit application. Regards Pierre
  13. ppenen

    windows 7 64 bit

    I was working this afternoon to finish a projet, about 170 slides. I have moved at the end 2 or 3 slides, and this time PTE frooze completely at every move. Sometimes also other programs running. I had the follow symptoms: main menu in PTE desappeared or the file menu was empty in PTE or PTE desappeared and came again in the windows taskbar. I hope this can help. I am afraid to see the instability of windows7. Best regards Pierre
  14. ppenen

    windows 7 64 bit

    Hello Igor, I have found another little problem, when you move one or more slides in the slide list, PTE freeze but not too long between 5 - 10 sec. Regards Pierre
  15. ppenen

    windows 7 64 bit

    Hello Igor, HP 2309 Series Wide LCD Monitor, resolution 1920x1080. Pierre