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  1. Well done Jacek and Urszula! The sequence was very well received as you can see and came across very well on our large screen. We had top-of-the-range audio equipment as well, so the soundtrack was crystal clear. You should receive the awards in the post shortly. Regards Ian (Chairman of Festival)
  2. Ian

    Executables in Windows 8

    Hi Xaver I just saw Robert's comment and can confirm that the RPS International AV Festival is happy to accept any format so long as we can make it play back on our system. We get entries from all over the world, and try to be as inclusive as possible. If the Festival is over-subscribed we will pre-select the entries that will be shown at the festival, but this is done on quality grounds and not on the format of the entry. Even with some 'exe' files (notably those from Wings Platinum) it is often a requirement that a new Direct X version is downloaded, so not all 'exes' play straight away. Igor - Many years ago I used to use a French programme called GlobFX Composer (now defunct), but even back then it gave the option of creating either an 'exe' file or a 'show' file that came bundled with its own bespoke player. This format could also be streamed from a website by using an on-line version of the player. GlobFX was way ahead of its time, but the company moved into Flash presentations and Composer was abandoned about ten years ago. Ian
  3. Ian


    This was actually on the development list. When Igor gave his talk at Cirencester in September 2010 he demonstrated an image blur effect that was on the 'to do' list for a future version. I guess its taken a bit longer to develop than was thought! Ian
  4. Hi Andy Long time no see! I just clicked on your "PTE Members Gallery" link and happily it still works. Nice to see the old faces from the early pioneering days in the first Forum! Its got 2007 as the last update, but I guess most of these pictures will be from a lot earlier than that, and a couple sadly are no longer with us. Even Igor looks a lot younger11 Ian
  5. Ian

    New user animation question

    hmm..... doesn't seem to allow me to attach the zipfile. Hopefully the suggestion will help anyway!
  6. Ian

    New user animation question

    Hi Brian The easiest solution is to use a black-only mask as Peter suggests, but then also add as a new layer the coloured png file on top. The mask will produce the desired effect of giving you a transparent windscreen and the additional layer will give you the colour. See attached zipfile. I've only made a rough black-only mask so its a bit jagged around the edges but you'll get the idea.
  7. Ian

    Canon video files out-of-sync

    Igor - the original unedited .mov file is too big to send. I'll record another short one and send that instead. Ian
  8. Ian

    Canon video files out-of-sync

    Hi Igor Yes, I used the new converter in PTE. I will send you the original .mov file. Ian
  9. I'm getting strange results using the PTE Video Converter on the .mov files generated by my Canon 60D. I've tried converting a simple video (30 seconds long) at various quality settings and have found: 1) The audio is out-of-sync by about 0.5 seconds whatever quality setting I choose. 2) If I use a high quality setting (eg 60 or above), the resulting file freezes at some point when played back within PTE. Changing the quality setting changes where it freezes 3) Using a low quality (eg 30 or below) results in a file that plays all the way through. I don't think its a resource issue as I have a 64bit machine with 8Gb RAM and a hex-core processor. However, if I use the free Prism Video Converter and export as an .avi file, it gives a perfect result (and much smaller file size). Anyone else had this issue? Ian
  10. I have the same result as Xavier - a video file re-encoded with the PTE codec from VideoPad saves the file, but only the audio component plays back.
  11. Yes - its in the list of encoder options, and will probably be in the options of everyone who has PTE installed. The thing to do would be to install VideoPad on a computer that has never had PTE on it and check if the option appears then.
  12. Robert - its probably simply using the various codecs that you already have installed on your system.
  13. I've no idea what this one was all about! Can you explain Peter?
  14. Photographs from the event are now on the Festival Website Ian
  15. Ian

    Igor to lecture in UK

    The results of the Festival are now on the Festival Website. Pictures taken at the event will be posted some time later this week when I've collected enough! There is also a "Feedback" button should anyone who entered or attended wish to send in any suggestions or comments for the organising committee to take on board. Igor wasn't comfortable with the idea of his lecture being recorded, so we of course complied with his wishes. He was quite happy for the content of his lecture to be reported though, so thanks to Peter Appleton for doing this and providing a summary (see above post). Igor visited the Lake District prior to the Festival, and is now continuing his holiday in North Wales, where I trust the weather is being kind! Ian