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  1. What a great suggestion! Last year, I bought a new Canon camera with the possibility of filming in Full HD, and I would love to combine video with slides, and assemble them in PTE. On YouTube, you may find many videos using a combination of slides with video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl9pB1Miw5M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TunjGqcLjM Naturally, you have to set it up to HD 1080p, and use Full screen to see the best effect! They were done with Magix Movie Edit Pro 16 which includes the possibilities of combining slides and video. But I think PTE is far superior when comes the time to manage slides. So, using both video and slides in PTE would certainly be a great asset in the future. Peter
  2. Thanks to all of you for your kind response. I received what I was asking for... I just have to learn to use it now Peter
  3. Hi Ken, Check your e-mail box. Peter
  4. Hi Ken, I don't know about giving our "regular" e-mail address in a forum. I've read that it's not a good thing to do if you want to make sure no one picks it up and spam you. But I can give you a temporary one: Peter_pte@mailinator.com It's really "temporary" because I think it will be valid for only 2-3 hours, but I'm not sure. So, if you read this before then, you can try it. Thanks! Peter
  5. Hi Ken, I'm also waiting! Peter
  6. Hi Lin, Thanks for your quick reply! Maybe I've asked the wrong question... I'm not looking to convert a PTE project into Flash, I only want to embed a small Flash file INTO an actual PTE project. Let's say I have a slidewhow with 10 slides, and on the 5th slide I want to show a Flash object, then I want to go on with the remainder of the slideshow until the end. Peter PS: Do you know about "FlashMe"?
  7. Hi! I know this question has been asked before, but I still can't find the answer. How do I include a Flash (SWF) file in a P2E project? After doing some searching on this forum, I found a discussion (a few years ago) about a freeware called "FlashMe". However, the link (in Thailand) is no longer valid. Can someone who has this file send it to me? I would really appreciate it! Unless the new version 6.0 can embed SWF files (I'm still using 5.x). Thanks for any reply! Peter
  8. Thanks all for your insight in this "little" matter. @ Lin: I mostly use the waveform since I am a visual person (that's why I love slides!), and also the mini-viewer is not very accurate to exactly place the slides where I want them, sometimes precisely on the beat of the music, which I can easily see on the waveform. Sliding the slides (pun intended!) on the waveform is much easier than listening to music on the mini-viewer, stopping it, move the slide, play again, stop it, move the slide, play again.... well, you see what I mean! Whereas by using the waveform, I can readily position my slide exactly on the beat or tempo that I'm looking for. Using only the mini-viewer, I would have to play back and forth with the slide to be placed correctly according to the beat of the music. As far as my other request (adding silence to the music track.) As I said, I can use Audacity to add a "silence track" of a few seconds before the start of the slideshow, I know that I can also add some buttons. But those button (Run - Start - Help, etc.) are completely useless for what I want to do: Video Slideshow on my HDTV screen. I just want to click on start with my TV remote control. I don't have a mouse with my TV. But, maybe there is a solution (one that I just added to the Suggestion Forum). To have a button, or some kind of tool, that could just add a blank slide, configure how long we want it to show, then start the slide show afterwards. Or, maybe I should simply continue using Audacity! Peter
  9. Instead of having to create a black slide and insert it where its needed, why not having a button which we could click on to insert a blank slide, at the beginning and end (or wherever.) That would just simplify it! Just like Proshow Gold has a menu Option called "Insert Blank Slide" activated also with a shorcut "CTRL-I". Just a suggestion !
  10. Yes, I know (and use) Audacity, yet I was looking for a way to NOT using it, and go the the hassle of editing some multi-Megs of sound files (sometimes.) So, there is no way of doing this rather simple task, if I understand correctly?
  11. Hi all! Is there a way to start the music on the 2nd slide, instead of the first one? I don't want to use the "Customize slide" function and add music starting on the 2nd slide, since I will not be able to see the waveform. I constantly use the waveform function to move my slides according to music tempo. Here is what I am looking for: 1. Black slide - No music. 2. Slide one - Music starting. 3.... 10. Slide 10 - Music fading out. 11. Black slide - No music. So, I want music only from slide 2 to 10 WITH music, and the first and last one (black slides) WITHOUT music. I know I can use Audacity to edit the music track, but I still want to be able to see the waveform. I don't know if my thoughts are clear Thanks for any help! Peter
  12. The copyright issue with GIF images has been going on mostly during the last century! But, it seems to be over since 15 years! "... As of June 20, 2004, the GIF/LZW-related patents mentioned in this text have expired." Go here, if you want to read the whole text: http://www.cloanto.com/users/mcb/19950127giflzw.html Nowadays, programmers have made leaps and bounds in other tools, such as PNG (which didn't exist during the "Compuserve era of GIFs" imaging. So, my question is still valid: Is there a way to include GIF images in P2E? Peter
  13. This message is for Igor... I think I found the problem I stated above. After spending hours (litteraly!) trying to figure out what was wrong, I checked every single options available in P2E, and I found out the following culprit. There was a check mark beside: -- View - Advanced Option - Use Hardware Acceleration in Editor, Video, MiniPlayer. So I "unchecked" it, and Voila! It worked! I will check my project again tomorrow to make sure that this was indeed my problem. In the meantime, could you make sure that there is some sort of message whenever that happens so other user don't have to "loose" almost a day trying to dig it? Many thanks! Peter
  14. I don't know how to explain it in English, but I'll try I have an on-going project at the moment, and almost everytime I open the full GUI, I cannot see the image on the right Preview screen. Even when I choose a picture (from the slides - below), I cannot see it on the Preview screen. Also, this morning I received a "Divide by zero" error... I was working with Audacity to modify some music I want to use, and when I use Alt-Tab to switch between P2E and Audacity, I could see that the refresh function in P2E was not working. I am including some attachment (if it works!) so you can better see what I mean. Could you offer some suggestions? Many thanks again for a very lively forum!
  15. Thanks for your generous offer "THEDOM". Fortunately, I know how to make short animations using multi-frame pictures, but they are so time consuming that I wanted to have a short-cut with GIFs. I'm just curious, how come it's so easy to have animated GIFs in messages here ( ) and not in P2E? Peter
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