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  1. smithrg

    Cube Style & Link To Tutorial

    Lin, hoping for a speedy recovery ! All the best, Robert
  2. smithrg

    Frame and Spot

    wideangle, thank you. All the best, smithrg
  3. smithrg

    Default Font in Captions

    Lin and Dave, I second the statement by Dick, thank you both for all the help you both contribute to the forum. Best regards, Robert
  4. smithrg

    Downloading the PTE Installer

    Dave, I do the same with each installer, including other programs also. Saves problems sometimes, Robert.
  5. jmG-06100, I first made a mistake and uploaded 8.0.14, instead of 9.0.14, that is how you got the wrong link first. I wasn't fast enough with my edit to correct it before you downloaded ver.8. Best regards
  6. I hope I am not violating any rules, I have added the link to 9.0.14. Hope this helps and not against the rules, Robert. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hu44eqi2420gucw/picturestoexe 9.0.14 -setup.zip
  7. smithrg

    Reminder About STYLES For New PTE Users

    Thank you, Lin, for your time and efforts, Robert.
  8. smithrg

    Masks for PTE

    Thanks, Dave! Best regards, Robert
  9. smithrg

    Happy New Year

    Dave, thank you. Happy New Year, Robert.
  10. Excellent Gérard, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and yours. All the best, Robert.
  11. smithrg

    Serif Affinity Photo

    I purchased Affinity Photo, for Windows, one year ago. I have since uninstalled Photoshop CS 5, although I have kept my goto Elements 14. Being just an amateur and not a good one at that, I don't need all that Adobe rented software. I have slowly been working into Affinity and recently purchased the Affinity Workbook, which helps immensely. For $49.00 US, I don't think I will buy another Adobe software. (Especially renting one) Best regards, Robert
  12. smithrg

    Merry Christmas

    Manuel, very nice tree, and a merry Christmas to you and everyone. Happy new year also, Robert.
  13. Serif is having a flash sale on Affinity Photo for iPad at $9.99 USD. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/ipad/
  14. smithrg

    Bexleyheath Follies

    We have similar idiotic intersections here in Bryan, Texas. Great show with a humorous theme for a not so humorous danger to area citizens. All the best, Robert.
  15. smithrg

    Snowglobe styles and tutorial....

    Lin, I am so sorry to learn of your recent health issues. Thank you for the styles and tutorial. I hope you are back to normal soon, Robert.