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  1. Serif is having a flash sale on Affinity Photo for iPad at $9.99 USD. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/ipad/
  2. Bexleyheath Follies

    We have similar idiotic intersections here in Bryan, Texas. Great show with a humorous theme for a not so humorous danger to area citizens. All the best, Robert.
  3. Snowglobe styles and tutorial....

    Lin, I am so sorry to learn of your recent health issues. Thank you for the styles and tutorial. I hope you are back to normal soon, Robert.
  4. 3D Rotating Canvas

    Thanks, Dave. Robert
  5. 3D Triptych Styles

    Dave, I am really impressed with all your talent, producing styles etc, but mostly with the help/tutorial section. Thanks for the excellent styles, Robert.
  6. Lin, the srecorder is also from ZD Soft Screen Recorder, but it is not free. zdsoft.co All the best, smithrg
  7. Previewing slide show

    Hi, Stoogemoth , I use the little "Toast" icon Start Preview from current Slide. I now see others have answered also.
  8. Reading emails from a server first?

    I use Gmail, and spam rarely gets through, also all my mail is stored on their severs. (Years worth of it) I also use HotMail, with my mail stored on their severs. I did receive the Wnsoft spam, but Gmail thought it was OK, since I had never tagged any from Wnsoft.
  9. Framing......

    Thanks, Dave.
  10. Hi Ellen, I apologize if I offended you, that was not my intent, I was just giving my opinion. Best regards, smithrg
  11. Hi Ellen, you are going to have your slideshow viewers poking their eyes out. 77 min. (IMHO) is waaaay too long for a show you are showing to friends and neighbors. For the music, Project Options > Audio > Add audio file add as many of the file to make 77 min. At the start and end of each file, add fade in/fade out, at the last file lower the duration until the time at the top of audio area shows your 77 min. This is how I do it, and I'm sure someone else has a better way, but maybe this will help until someone shows up. I hope this helps, and is not confusing, smithrg.
  12. Arras 100

    Andrew, well done, Robert.
  13. Lin's Wedding Style

    Thank you, Lin, I am going to redo a 14 year old show with your style. Thanks for all your work/talent, smithrg.
  14. Canvas Wrap Style

    Dave, thank you.