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  1. Happy New Year to the Wnsoft team. Thank you for this wonderful program! All the best, smithrg
  2. Thanks for that info Lin, this has been puzzling me since 10 was released. The change of shade on photo name is not visible to me as in previous versions. All the best, Smithrg
  3. Igor, have a well earned vacation and have fun! Smithrg
  4. Hi Igor, I have purchased Studio 10 Pro, and haven't done much with it yet. I would like to alert you about a problem I had purchasing, I was not able to use Paypal for the purchase. For whatever reason I was never able to "Purchase now" in the purchasing area and I finally had to use my credit card. I exclusively try to use Paypal for online purchases without any problems but not this time. I know the new AV Studio 10 will be a fantastic success, smithrg.
  5. Congratulations Igor, and all involved in the producing of a fantastic program, time for a vacation!
  6. Igor, very nice gesture. Jeff, sorry to hear of your health problem, good luck and enjoy PTE 10.
  7. Happy Birthday, PTE. Here's to at least 20 more!
  8. Thanks, Dave I knew there was a way, I appreciate all your help. All the best smithrg
  9. Hi everyone, I know this is a stupid question, how does one make a drop shadow all the way around an object. I have searched the help files and forum and can't find an answer. I thought maybe in the custom area of the drop shadow section, not there. I thought I had been able to do this before but maybe not. Thank you, smithrg
  10. I also post my slideshows on my Facebook page, and get warned about the music content, if copywrited. Sony Music recently threatened me with a suit if I didn't remove their music from a slideshow that I had posted several years ago. It's not like we are trying to make money from their music. Best regards, smithrg
  11. Beautiful voice, and a great example of one of the many treasures throughout PTE. All the best, Robert
  12. Lin, thank you for the informative video, I'm glad you are on the mend. All the best, Robert
  13. Sorry for the delay, chrmatthys, I don't know where I get the idea that I can help anyone with their PTE problems. I apologize for any confusion I might have caused with my stupid post. Please, in the future if you see a post from me, just skip ahead to the next post. I must keep my outbursts of ignorance to myself, robertg.
  14. Carmelo, try the link below. Best regards, robertg https://gumroad.com/thedom
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