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    ISO failure

    Thanks again Lin, Peter and others. Of course you were right. After many hours of trying to get the presentation to be under 4 giga I finally made it, and it worked! So now I know that under 4 giga for a 4.7 giga disc. There must be some logic somewhere there. yguy
  2. yguy

    ISO failure

    Thanks again for your response. So you don't think that reducing it to less than 4 giga will solve the problem? I don't think that it is the temp space as I have 66 giga empty on my hard disc. The ISO fails and as a result so does burning the disc. I have to make about 30 copies so that I usually do an ISO image and copy from that. What is a bitrate and how do I check it? yguy
  3. yguy

    ISO failure

    Thanks. I hope that I understood - you are telling me that I cannot produce a presentation of over 4 giga because I did not understand the bit about: but when the language specific application file uses signed intergers such as with an executable file, the maximum size is 2 gigabytes.
  4. yguy

    ISO failure

    I am using 7.5. I have a fairly long presentation in 3 parts. ISO comes up "failure" each time I try to produce an image. I have reduced it in size, still failure. I have tried to make an iSO image of each part individually. That worked. Any suggestion as to what I should do? yguy
  5. Thanks Tom, I'll try it. YGuy
  6. Hi, I am using Video Builder 7.0 Am I mistaken but was it not possible once to add any type files to a presentation where it says "add additional folders and files to disc". At the moment only photograph files are possible. I want to add a Word file. YGuy
  7. Thanks for your input, So it isn't only me who has this problem of recognizing each audio clip when in the waveform. So I do hope that Igor makes a note and we will see the beginning of each new audio in the waveform and if possible its name. There is no problem with the voiceovers because the name is written where they are added at the top of each page. thanks again, YGuy
  8. I don't know if I have missed something along the way but I find it difficult sometimes to know which audio piece is playing when there is no name on the waveform. Is it possible to add the name (or at least number) of the pieces on the waveform. Also it would help to show clearly where one piece of audio ends and another begins. yguy
  9. yguy


    Hi Lin, Thanks for the prompt reply. It looks as though I had an issue with the PtE version I had. I just downloaded 7.4 and now it does work. I did delete all music files and tried to add a different music file (sorry I said 'browser')and that wouldn't work. At any rate it seems to be alright now so I thank you once again. yguy
  10. yguy


    I haven't changed my audio files for some time. I use a program that I have developed and just change the slides. Now I tried to change some of the background music and get the browser takes me into C\users\name\AppData\Local\PicturestoExe\versions\7.0\MusicTimes\MusicTimes.dat Now is this a problem I have with Windows 7 or a clash with PtE. I am very desperate here because I have to complete this project by tomorrow (Wednesday) - Can anybody help me? yguy
  11. I was not trying to be PICKY - there are mistakes and I am sure some dedicated person will correct them - I have used PTE for nearly ten years now and much appreciate their work and have said so in the past. You are the one who is looking for a negative angle - sorry.

  12. I am afraid that someone needs to work on the English version - lots of grammatic mistakes yguy
  13. That is what I have been waiting for - I have refrained from using 6.5 but am eager to use 7.0 now! I hope it won't take too long to be in use. All the best, yguy
  14. You want to tell me that I am wrong and that I too have sent an email to some unknown source? yg
  15. It wasn't Span. Alena works for the orders department of P2E. In fact I just wrote to her asking for a reg-key a couple of days ago ... maybe it was for me!! But in the meantime I found that I had saved it on a disc-on-key so I am all right. All the best, yg
  16. Having persevered with Audacity I have now managed to do what you suggested and once again thank you both - I now hope that it will work in PtE. I am trying to burn a disc and will only know if I was successful this time when it is finished. Thank you again. yguy
  17. Thank you both, I imagined that that was the problem. I do have Audacity, and have tried to add another channel without any success. Could you possibly elaborate on that and tell me how to do just that? yguy
  18. I have added a piece of old recording in Mono. It sounded perfectly all right on the PtE 6.0, but when I tied to make a video of it on Builder it comes out blank. The rest of the audio is perfectly all right. I have tried it in WAV and MP3 with the same stoney silence. Can anybody tell me what to do? - yguy
  19. Thanks Lin for your innovations, help and advice. I am one of your fans! yguy
  20. Hi Lin - so many have expressed interest in adding video clips. We have just been waiting patiently until Igor adds it to the program. I for one think that that is one of the main things that are missing, and would really appreciate have the possibility of adding the items you mention - yguy
  21. Thank you everyone. Whether because of us, whether because of cleared cookies or what ever the reason YouTube seems to be responding much better these days. yguy
  22. I have a presentation am trying to upload onto my website. It is 20 MB. When I try creating the Youtube option it prompts me to enter my user name and password, and every time rejects it as "your log in is incorrect". Yet I am logged in directly to Youtube directly with no problem using the same username and password. What am I doing wrong? YG
  23. I am a tour guide and do a presentation with every group I guide - over the years PTE has just got better and better. I too wish to express my thanks and gratitude for all the developments over the years that I have been useing the program - also to the great team of helpers, advisors and commentators who are prominent on the forum. And while I am at it a word of thanks to all those who contibute of their knowledge and patience to those of us who ask the simplist of questions. Thank you Igor and all the rest of you out their wherever you are. yguy
  24. A good friend of mine is a professional photographer and needs to send his clients very heavy picture files, 15-25 MB each. He wants a reliable and FAST FTP program for this purpose. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks. YG
  25. yguy

    Lost image

    Please note the problem is only when I wish to review or burn the presentation In the end I have been forced to copy the whole presentation and start again Request: In order to make it easier to copy could we have the name of the project on the "Objects and Animation" frame so that we know which project we are working with? Could you tell me how to post attachment? I have uploaded screenshot but cannot see how to post it in this message! thanks - yguy
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