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  1. You still around??

    News - my grandson graduated last week from Cambridge with a First Class Masters Degree in Chemistry.

  2. westonphoto

    7.5 beta 7 day countdown

    Oooh, David, David, David; that is SO not true. There are at least two of us. My priorities: Check to see if v7.5 beta is out yet. Mow the fence. Check again, in case I missed the launch first time. Paint the grass. Now, did I check for v7.5 recently? Better make sure. Life is just too short to sit watching total strangers getting sweaty. I just can't raise an ounce, troy or avoirdupois, of interest at all.
  3. westonphoto

    7.5 beta 7 day countdown

    Sincerely hoping that the beta would be out in time to allow me the ultimate excuse to avoid any sight of the Olympics whatsoever. Some things in this life are important, but the Olympics ain't one of them.
  4. westonphoto

    Add symbols

    Well, it's alright for some folks - teeming it down all day here. Again. That ½° Celsi-grade is so important at the moment - I'm seriously debating putting the heating back on. In July. Tried to PM you - not accepting messages. Must be the Border Agency dispute blocking things.
  5. westonphoto

    Add symbols

    Hi Dave Naturally, this is dependant on the founts* installed on each individual machine. Your example is from the "ddoniol iawn" fount by Eric ap Gill although I can no longer locate my source. The roots of the design seem to predate Johannes Gutenberg and may have their origins in the Korean Goryeo Dynasty. Extant sleeve notes suggest that it was contemporary acknowledgement of the participation of Welsh bowmen at Crécy and is the precursor to the universal gesture when protagonists retire from their meetings. While first noted during the Hellenic wars, the symbolic farewell is generally attributed to more recent Welsh assemblies indicating retention of right index and second fingers. I usually access it by simultaneously holding ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+F13 and keying 0248726«Ɣ. Unfortunately, this may not help those who don't have this fount installed. Yes, it's 'wonderful' living in my world - would I be correct to assume that your use of the unfamiliar Welsh (?) word 'wonderful' is synonymous with what we in Yorkshire would refer to as 'absolutely drenched, yet again' (toujours la politesse, etc). *In view of the historical nature of the typeface in question, I use the original spelling of the word as found before the Colonial Language Vandals became predominant. Here endeth the Michael extraction To all other readers (if any): The preceding is intended to be a humourous response, friend to friend, and bears absolutely no resemblance to reality (TV or otherwise). Just so that some of those sensitive souls who frequent this Forum don't feel offended.
  6. westonphoto

    Add symbols

    ←↑↓↕↨▲▼►◄☼◊♪●₠± ⅔⅜ - just a very few of the shapes available without even changing from Arial font. Have a look in 'Character Map' (Windows standard feature) and all the accented letters you could wish for, loads of shapes and symbols, certain fractions, superscripts, foreign language alphabets (certainly Greek & some Arabic & Cyrillic) and a selection of diphthongs are already on your machine. Similarly, as Jill says, Webdings, Wingdings, Symbols founts are probably already installed and ready for use. All you have to do is look at what you already have in a lot of cases. The simpler ones such as áéóú€°©® are simple ALT+xxxx (numbers) keying without even going into Character Map at all.
  7. westonphoto

    Light Box

    Is it me, or is there something vaguely risible about an Australian correcting a Canadian over use of the English language? I was under the impression that the Ebo were the dominant race of southern Nigeria, never realised that they had a sub-branch in southern Canada.
  8. westonphoto


    And so they should be. Breach of copyright is THEFT and anyone who does it is a common thief, pure and simple.
  9. westonphoto

    Progress report on 7.5?

    Definitely Ditto.
  10. westonphoto

    PTE 7 possible bug

    A brief glance at the screenshots highlights the fact that each button with a problem has sharp corners, each one without the problem has rounded corners.
  11. Well stop incorriging me then! ;-)

  12. westonphoto


    Inaccurate basic arithmetic, poor spelling and personal insults hardly warrant a response. Worship? Actually, total ambivalence.
  13. westonphoto


    I think the allusion to "Barry Boring" was both offensive & completely unnecessary. Personal slurs are degrading and totally out of keeping with the generally harmonious & helpful nature of this Forum. One could similarly point out the agrammatical nature of the sentence " Maybe this is a prelude for 'Jurassic Park IV' "; however, to do so would merely ridicule without adding anything of value to the Forum.
  14. westonphoto

    Questions in other languages than English

    There is more than sufficient scope for misunderstanding / confusion / inadvertent offense within the confines of English English, Irish English, American English, International English, Canadian English, Australian English and all the other iterations of what, in itself, is a somewhat cosmopolitan language. Add in regional variants within each iteration and matters get even worse. All within a 'common' language! A 'tongue-in-cheek' example of this would be the term "US English" - in English English, 'US' is frequently used to mean either 'Unserviceable' or 'Useless'. Elsewhere in the world, I feel sure that it is rarely thought of in those terms. Usage and abusage vary widely in such an idiomatic language. Laudable though it would be in principle to have multiple languages, I feel that the true effect would be divisive, of benefit to very few indeed and to the probable detriment of the great majority. There is a strong possibility that the effect would be to 'dumb down' a vibrant Forum until people simply departed silently, pausing only to check for updates from time to time.
  15. westonphoto

    Avast Anti Virus

    Andrew: Nope, I'm using icons designed in Photoshop and then generated using something else (can't remember what, could have been a very old PaintShop Pro). I only tried the PTE 'official' ones out of interest to see if I could recreate your problem. Both my own and the PTE icons worked, and still do, without fail. I've downloaded your AVIconXP.ico. Guess what - I can't get it to work either. Ergo, the fault is more likely to lie with your icon rather than PTE. But you'd guessed that already so no progress there. Have you tried using PixBuilder for icon generation (not that I have, but it might be worth looking at)? You're on your own on this one, I'm afraid.