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  1. Bitdefender blocks Slideshowclub

    It'a a false positive - write or email them and let them know... Best regards, Lin
  2. Discontinuity in space-time

    LOL - Beautiful !!!! Best regards, Lin
  3. O&A - Can one expand the Keyframe Area?

    George. As David and JT are explaining - perhaps you've never done this before, but if you do as David suggests it may be a solution for you... Here, I've made a little example video to show you how to do as Dave explains. In this example I've copy pasted the slide, but you can just copy paste the video to subsequent slides and achieve the same result by matching the video time in each slide to the run time of the slide.... Lin backgroundvideo.wmv
  4. Animated 3D Music Video using PicturesToExe

    Hi Ted, Most excellent use of PTE !!! Congratulations on a beautifully constructed show! Best regards, Lin
  5. Video Clip-Convert Problems

    Hi Gary, From a old software developer's perspective, if it happens on one system and not on another, it could very well be some interaction between the application software and the operating system or between the application and environment. The problem could be on either end. Since no one else has mentioned this problem and since it doesn't happen on Dave's system or on mine, (I'm running XP and Win 8.1) it "may" be something unique to your system. Rather than chase in circles, why don't you run dxdiag and post the report so Igor know exactly what you have in terms of system resources, CPU, OS, drivers, video hardware, etc. Unless it also happens on Igor's system(s) it is very difficult to try to ferret out the answer without all the data. Best regards, Lin
  6. Video Clip-Convert Problems

    Gary, The solution I suggested is not a "work-around" it's just the simple way to achieve what you are trying to do without all the drama. PTE has the convert feature for a good reason but several other features such as trim are just conveniences. PTE isn't a video editing software. The next version of PTE will have many changes to the video engine so spending development time on something which may or may not be a real bug is probably not a good use of the programming team's time. Trying to make PTE suit each user's style is an exercise in futility to me. Software is never "bug free." It's not certain that what you are experiencing isn't a bug with the OS. When there is a simple way to do what you want without all the fiddling around, why not just use it and get on with making your show? I'm not suggesting that trying to chase bugs is not something which developers should do, but when there is a simple way to achieve what you are trying to do and no one else is complaining about the same thing why not just get on with making your show and if the development team can address this once all other pressing issues which numerous users are having are solved, then that would be great. Just saying.... Best regards, Lin
  7. Video Clip-Convert Problems

    Hi Gary, Not to get into the particulars of this because I really haven't the energy to do it, but the simple solution to your issue is to just change the time the video clip is displayed. Slide Options, Display Time. Fade out the video with opacity, manage the audio by loading the video as an audio file and use the waveform. It's all so incredibly easy to do... Best regards, Lin
  8. Demo Of Jean-Cyprien's New Book Style

    Hi George, I don't have a clue what that message means - give me a bit and I'll re-post a link to the slightly modified style(s). Jean-Cyprien's Book Style Modified.ptestyle Jean-Cyprien's Book Style For Wedding.ptestyle
  9. 3 Questions - Finding photo location

    Hi Judy, I "think" if you have the correct video card you can capture full resolution with Bandicam. Best regards, Lin
  10. 3 Questions - Finding photo location

    Hi Judy, I'll answer question 1. Questions 2. and 3. are perplexing to me because I'm not completely understanding what difference there is between a "photo location" and a Library location? All places you can navigate to are either hard drives with their respective folders or USB storage devices of some sort which you simply choose from those seen on the left so I'll leave questions 2. and 3. for someone who better understands what specifically you mean. As for converting and EXE to an MP4 the only way I know to do that is via a capture mechanism of some sort. If you have a fairly powerful CPU and Video Card you can use capture software such as SRecorder (doesn't work with Win 10) or other screen recorder which can handle at least 30 frames per second. To my knowledge there is no software which can actually "convert" a true EXE file to an MP4 without doing it via capture. There are some software programs which convert videos to EXE formats which is to say that these programs actually add a self-player which is run via EXE code so that when you type in the name of the EXE file the player is opened and it in turn plays the video. There are software programs which "strip" the player and rename the video portion to "filename.mp4" so they claim to convert EXE to video, but they only work for this type of "EXE" file and not for true executable code. You might ask Tom about a program he uses (Bandicam Screen Recorder) to do screen capture - I think it works with Win 10 and does a very nice job. Bottom line is that only via screen capture can an EXE be converted to MP4 or other video format AFAIK... https://www.bandicam.com/support/tips/hardware-acceleration/ Best regards, Lin
  11. Beat matching feature

    Here's what Audacity's help says about "Beat-Finder" : Attempts to place labels at beats which are much louder than the surrounding audio. It's a fairly rough and ready tool, and won't necessarily work well on a typical modern pop music track with compressed dynamic range. If you don't get enough beats detected, try reducing the "Threshold Percentage" setting. I haven't tried it for real - just put in the song "Oh Canada" (Canadian National Anthem) and I could do a much better job just using my ears and eyes so didn't pursue it any further. Best regards, Lin
  12. Default Font in Captions

    Hi Rick, Give me just a few minutes and I'll make a quick video for you which should help. Also, of course, read the link Dave posted above which explains text in the manual. O.K. Here's a little video which explains using Text Comments rather than Text.... Click on the link below to view video.... Best regards, Lin testexp.wmv
  13. Beat matching feature

    ...."There will always be a place for the true artist and software such as PicturesToExe which will not and actually can not be replaced by automation"... Of course - their place is not for the artist, but for the person who has neither the time nor the inclination to learn to use the software. Best regards, Lin
  14. Beat matching feature

    Hi Dave, Truthfully, only the "creative" part can be said to be "all my own work" these days. None of us living invented the tools we work with. We didn't build our own computers and cameras from components we invented. We didn't write our own code for the software we use so what's left and is truly owned is the creative process we use. Our choices of images and our choices of sound and the way we combine them to augment the story we are trying to tell I guess. Best regards, Lin
  15. Default Font in Captions

    Hi Shirley, In PTE 9 It only applies to "captions." Just as a reminder for those who are new to PTE, there are two types of text: Captions and Text. Text is what is entered in Objects and Animations and works as an "object" which can be totally controlled with any of the animation features of PTE. Captions can be set to a universal font and "position" and size including shadows, etc., with Project Options. They appear on the Objects list as "text comment" and from there can be selected and controlled just as "Text" can, but the font types for "captions" can be adjusted globally from Project Options while in PTE 9 there is no facility for doing this globally with "Text." There may have been, in version 8 a way to do this but not in version 9 to my knowledge. The way to work around this for a project is to enter all text vial the "comments" rather than in the conventional way of using the Text button at the top of the screen or the right click and selecting " Add Text or Hyperlink." By doing via the "comments" you can set in preferences for this project a particular type and color then adjust when necessary on each slide by choosing "Text Comment" and treating it as a conventional "text" comment. Best regards, Lin