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  1. Hi, You need to change the background from the default black to white. Best regards, Lin
  2. I have to agree with Dave - the 16:10 aspect ratio is common on large displays such as 30 inch 2560x1600 pixel size. Best regards, Lin
  3. Hi Folks - We've discussed this before, but I made a brief tutorial to explain a couple things. In the past JD-49 asked about lines in the image and I discovered that if we increase the resolution well beyond the 640x960 pixel which Jean Cyprien originally suggested, no lines can be seen. I used three times the original and made my sample images 1920 by 2880 pixels. The original book style leaves the book at a bit of a horizontal angle which tends to be fine for some images but the inherent distortion make other look a bit off so I modified the style to start in the partially horizontal position then become nearly vertical for the rest of the show. In the original, the first two and last two pages of the book have no borders around images which was intended for an opening and closing text, etc. I discovered that duplicating the last two images and then deleting the last image after running the style allows a border around the last two pages as well. This is covered in the explanation below. Best regards, Lin
  4. Thanks Gogs!!! Best regards, Lin
  5. Thanks Chris !!! Best regards, Lin
  6. Thanks Pascal, I appreciate the comments for sure.. Best regards, Lin
  7. Thanks Mick, A fun collection to photograph and arrange... Best regards, Lin
  8. Thanks Pascal and Wideangle, and thank you Pascal for your threshold mask transition which was nice for separating the presentation of full 16:9 photos on black from those on a shadowed background. It worked perfectly. Best regards, Lin
  9. My late sweet wife Sherry loved art and jewelry. She was a breed - Cherokee and German by ancestry. Her paternal grandmother was half Cherokee and half German. When we were students taking our first classes at Palomar College in San Marcos, California we took a number of Native American classes taught by our six indigenous professors. In one class our term project was to choose a traditional Indian craft or art and actually make something using the information we learned in class. Well Sherry opted out of baskets, pottery, weaving and other arts and loudly proclaimed: "JEWELRY." LOL... We both eventually became proficient at silversmithing and goldsmithing and Sherry had a life-long love affair with Indian art and jewelry as well as other art. This little show is dedicated to some of her collection. We spent literally every vacation day in our 35 years together traveling in the southwestern USA reservations, shows and trading posts collecting what we could afford. Sitting at my computer, listening to the late and great Kate Wolf sing and making a show with Sherry's collection revives loving memories.... Lin
  10. Just something fun to do while waiting out a snow storm. Got about 8 inches then finally some sunshine this morning... Best regards, Lin
  11. Thanks guys - here's a bit of a continuation of that theme - Fun animating inside ice sculptures... Best regards, Lin
  12. Thanks folks for the comments... I think Barry hit the nail on the head. We're running seriously low on talented musicians who hone their craft and provide us with the true talent which was rather commonplace years ago. Today the reliance on things like "autotune" and electronic effects make stars out of mediocre entertainers who have learned that they can get rich using effects, flash and gaudy presentation in lieu of true musical ability which requires years of hard work. It's sad... Best regards, Lin
  13. Thanks JRR ! Thanks Frans ! Frans - in the tutorials section - PTE Made Easy - Continuously Updated tutorials 42 through 45 and number 53.. Here's a link to my two rain styles: http://www.lin-evans.org/rain/rainstyles.zip Best regards. Lin
  14. Just a little exercise in weather for a rainy day... Lin
  15. Hi Peter, I don't believe there is a way to do that with PTE. However, if you use YouTube, etc., there are provisions for looping an MP4 there. Best regards, Lin
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