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  1. Lin Evans

    Watch Styles

    Thanks Igor, We're having fun with PTE! Here's a YouTube sample of the second watch style with a little simulated layer shift on the orbiting moon... Best regards, Lin
  2. Lin Evans

    Watch Styles

    Hi Dave, Yes, the modifier angle shift and number of repeats is much easier than multiple keyframes and is a very nice time saver, especially if everything as far as the clock face is made precisely so that each division lands the second hand at precisely the correct position vis the indications. The reason I used keyframes in the little samples was because I wanted one style to work for both version 8 and version 9. Years ago when JPD was creating some amazing animations, he used excel to very quickly create the keyframe values. I've never really had the skills with Excel so have to do the old way. I remember when we first made the clocks and were playing with the sweep second hand we only used two keyframes also which, of course, rotates the sweep second hand 360 degrees in 60 seconds but the movement is continuous with no stop. Then someone wanted "click stops" and synchronized sound - LOL. I complained and said that a "smooth" motion worked like my Rolex but if it was to be Timex so we had to hold the position with the extra keyframe each second. Actually my Rolex makes eight tiny "beats" per second but they are so small that it appears to be a continuous motion. PTE 9 offers some amazing feature for sure.. Best regards, Lin
  3. Lin Evans

    Watch Styles

    I've posted another version with a different watch face.. Best regards, Lin
  4. Lin Evans

    Watch Styles

    You're welcome Nelson - yes, slowly. If I hadn't had the heavy TIA on the 4th I think it (my speech) was improving. Now I'm noticing that early in the morning it's much better than later and in the evening. Hopefully it will continue to improve. Thanks for the reply! Best regards, Lin
  5. Lin Evans

    Watch Styles

    Back in the PTE 6 area several of us were making watches which kept time. Panos FX had created a great Photoshop action which created a nice watch face and theDom and I were playing with different aspects of that. Panos' action for this was free, but not for commercial use so I decided to download an image of an old watch face which was copyright free and could be used for both private and commercial use with no royalties, etc., to make a watch. When Dave reminded me by posting a nice style for an analogue watch hand, I thought maybe some would like a watch face with a moving sweep second hand, a moving minute hand and audible clicks each second. Here's the little style for you to play with and a brief tutorial showing how it works. If you want to get rid of the band and just see the circular watch, just select the content beneath the "Frame" then "Cut" and add a circular templated mask under the frame then paste the clipboard content into the mask and adjust so that only the watch circle is visible. The sample picture has the watch face in a circular mask - with PTE 9 you may have to adjust the size of the watch face by selecting it in the circle mask. For some reason the size is slightly changed - not a problem with version 8. No big deal, just select the watch face and drag the corner to get the size of the face to match the hands. You may adjust the size and position and rotation of the watch with the controlling frame. If you want to change the color with version 9, select everything within the controlling frame then apply color filters as desired. Sepia makes a nice antique look for example. Sound works fine in Preview & Exe - doesn't work in video. Sent to Igor for Analysis. Meanwhile if you like this style and want to use it in a video with the sound, email me and I'll quickly help you solve that problem. The second style (Lin's Watch 2.ptestyle) is a plain white face clock - very simple face... data2@lpbroadband.net Best regards, Lin watchstyle.wmv Lin's Watch.ptestyle Lin's Watch 2.ptestyle
  6. Lin Evans

    Mp4 Size test

    Barry, did you control the bit-rate on all these or leave that to some default? Best regards, Lin
  7. Lin Evans

    Door opening closing

    Here's a little sample to study... Best regards, Lin http://www.lin-evans.org/nelson/oppendoor.zip
  8. Lin Evans

    Cube Style & Link To Tutorial

    Thanks guys - I'm improving, I felt good enough to mow my yard today. I refused to go to the hospital. When I had the stroke a year ago July 9, I spent two days in intensive care and one day in a private room and I'm still paying off the medical bills because the hospital didn't notify the Vetran's Administration and get permission to put me in a private hospital. This time I decided that other than run up a huge diagnostic bill and there's really nothing they can do - the damage has been done - it just wasn't worth it and that I could do everything at home. My speech is back sufficiently that my daughter in California who called me on the phone can now understand me. It's far from as good as it was yesterday when I made the tutorial, but hopefully will continue to improve. Getting old sucks! LOL, but considering the alternatives, I'll take it. This morning it took me over five minutes to type a single short sentence to tell my daughter that I had a stroke in my sleep. Over a period of about four hours I gradually got back my ability to type and spell. I have a little trouble swallowing water so will have to be careful for a while but it gives me an excuse to not spend so much time worrying about "politics" and just enjoy being alive... Best regards, Lin
  9. Lin Evans

    Cube Style & Link To Tutorial

    Thanks Nelson, It may be my last tutorial. I had another stroke this morning and suffered a major setback in my ability to speak. I can still type and think but not a clearly as yesterday. I suppose talking is a skill I don't need any longer... Best regards, Lin
  10. Hi Folks, A Cube Style with an explanatory tutorial - the tutorial can be seen on the Tutorials and Articles Page Here: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/20665-cube-style-and-video-tutorial/ Lin's Cube Style For Images or Videos.ptestyle
  11. Hi folks, I decided to create a cube style and in doing so, I realized that we really never discussed all the different things possible with this type thing. Igor and the developers gave us a cube style in the Experimental Styles category and my style is created in an almost identical way. Only the controlling frame animation is different so what I show you in this video applies to both my new style and the PTE default cube style. What I explain in this video is that you can not only put still images on your cube, but you can also put up to six videos as sides. You can mix still images, animated gif images and videos on the various sides. I also show you how the adjust the position and/or size of the video or still image. It's just something some may want to play with and can be a fun thing for an introduction to a show, etc. Best regards, Lin Lin's Cube Style For Images or Videos.ptestyle
  12. Lin Evans

    Congratulations Lyndsey

    Thanks Judy - she's really a special young lady... Best regards, Lin
  13. Lin Evans

    The Directors Cut

    Beautiful imagery and perfect background music. The very interesting thing to me is how it's perfectly possible to have incredible images without all the hoopla over dynamic range. Nearly every day I hear criticism on photo and technical forums that camera A has better dynamic range capabilities than camera B and how that's so terribly important to photographers. I call BS on this. Yes for certain photos and perhaps for forensic photography dynamic range may hold great value, but these images are perfect examples of why it's (dynamic range) not the be all - end all for photographers. Sometimes expressed dynamic range gets in the way of an otherwise beautiful photo. Sure, you could have adjusted the curves, levels, or shadows/highlights on these photos to allow the viewer to see all the hidden details in the shadows and have rendered a show where the viewer could see highlights and shadow details easily, but then the entire damn mood would have been destroyed and the effects of the dynamic high contrast would have been lost. Congratulations on producing a product which does what it was intended to do rather than conform to the expectations of armchair pseudo-experts of which many have never produced a photo worth spending the time to observe! Nice job, Best regards, Lin
  14. Lin Evans

    Improved video output

    Hi Igor, We all want nothing but the best for wnsoft and PTE and realize that it takes time and that it is progressing very well! Congratulation on continuing to improve what we all know is the finest product of its kind available!!! Thank you !!!! Best regards, Lin
  15. Lin Evans

    Improved video output

    I agree completely that it would be nice for PTE to offer more and better options for handing video. On the other hand why would a "new customer" be any more likely to be impressed by AV tools such as video editing than by animation ability? AquaSoft Stages is advertising "animated camera pans, rotating title to ""make your videos stand out from the crowd"" I don't believe there is anything you can do with a video in AquaSoft that can't be done in PTE, but there are lots of thing you can do with video in PTE right now that you can't do with AquaSoft. How about video as a mask? Alpha channel video and using an alpha matte also as a video mask for alpha channel video? How about 3D animation of the entire video, not just rotating the video on center? Or even more fun, try to make a rotating, zooming icosahedron with 3620 individual video screens playing videos simultaneously, or the rubik's cube which Jean Cyprien created with either AquaSoft Stages or any version of mObjects. I'm not holding my breath. Point being that yes, the way of using multiple tracks for images and videos is a great idea which PTE could definitely use, but to call either of these products serious "competition" is a stretch IMHO. Again I agree that there is plenty of room for improvement in PTE's video editing capabilities and having multiple channels for both video and still images would be great but the cost of AquaSoft Stages is about 73% higher than that of PTE Deluxe and PTE Deluxe does much, much more. Just saying it's a bit difficult to visualize them being "ahead" in any functional way or even being serious competitors - PTE's only real competition is probably Proshow Producer... One must go to mObjects Creative, complete with a stupid "dongle" (which Producer did away with years ago) at $400 or 300% higher in price to get some of the major features in PTE. AquaSoft Stages just doesn't have the features available in PTE. We are in complete agreement that it's really not possible for AV products such as PTE or AquaSoft or Producer or mObjects to compete with dedicated video editors as editors, nor is it possible for dedicated video editors to compete with the AV tools in any reasonable way. Best regards, Lin