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  1. Continue using PTE 9 when you want to produce a Mac App until the Macintosh version of PTE is released. Yes, it works on the current Macintosh OS but it will NOT work on the latest Mac operating system which is yet to be released. This is why the feature was discontinued. There are major changes being made to Mac which will make what version 9 can create obsolete. The developers have GOOD reasons for discontinuing - you'll have to take the developers word - they know what they are doing.. Best regards, Lin
  2. Whether the transparency is inherited or not inherited but can be used as an option with inheritance is rather immaterial as long as it's possible to have a parent with zero opacity and children which are visible and vice versa. Being able to have the option is what makes PTE flexible whether the opacity is inherited or not. Perhaps I misread or misunderstood your comment. Did you mean that inheriting transparency might be disadvantageous? If so I can agree that it might make it sometimes difficult for one to understand what what happening.... Best regards, Lin
  3. In addition to Jill's coment... The reason that this feature was dropped in Version 10 is that Apple keeps moving the goal posts. Native Mac "executable Apps" which worked on MacIntosh operating systems a year ago, no longer work with their latest operating system. They are making some MacIntosh users unhappy because legacy software they have used for years is no longer viable with the latest OS. When Apple makes changes which obsolete prior software it make it very, very difficult to create files which can be guaranteed to function. Go ahead and use version 8 or 9 to make Mac native apps and when the Native PTE Mac version is ready you will be able to use it to make Mac or PC executable files. Lin
  4. I don't agree that it's disadvantageous. How would you program this without this feature? Lin
  5. It's by design. There are many animations possible using the hierarchical properties which require "children" to be visible when the parent object's opacity is set to zero. Think of this example. You want to create an animation where an object begins at the top center of your screen and rotates 360 degrees describing a complete "circle" on your display as if following a giant circle passing to the far right or left, bottom and far opposite before returning to the top. But while rotating in this manner, you want the object to remain in a perfectly upright position throughout the journey around the screen. How do you program this? It's easy to do by setting the parent and child to identical sizes beginning at top-dead-center. You set the rotation of the parent to negative 360 degrees and make it invisible. You set the center for the child to the proper place on your display and rotate it 360 degrees clockwise with full visibility. The parent's rotation with center of rotation being center of the object keeps the child in perfect upright orientation while the child's center of rotation allows the visible child object to circumscribe a perfect circle on your display. Without having separate opacity, this would not be possible. This is but one of many possible hypothetical situations where not passing opacity to child objects is useful. Best regards, Lin
  6. Hi Gary, Yes, that was my point. It's not PTE which is doing the deleting it's Windows Explorer. Again, we will have to wait for Igor's input to further explore this. Best regards, Lin
  7. Hi Gary, I don't think that's a PTE feature. PTE is allowing you to open the Windows explorer. In your above screen capture you see many things which are not PTE related such as Multi-Extractor, ShareX, Zemana AntiMalware, etc. I suspect this may be a Window's glitch of some type. We won't be able to know until Igor gets back from his 14 day vacation. Best regards, Lin
  8. Gary, I may be wrong about this, but PTE has NEVER had the feature of allowing one to delete files. Best regards, Lin
  9. In addition to JT49's suggestions, if you are willing to have an "only" manual advance, you could set a lengthy time for each slide display (say 4 minutes or so) and add your bird sound as an audio comment and repeat the sound to cover the full 4 minutes duration. Then if you advance manually before the 4 minutes has expired, the sound will cease and the next slide will appear. This would not be suitable for an automatically advanced show because of the long slide time for the ones with bird sounds, but it might solve the problem of having the sound cease when you advance to the next slide. Best regards, Lin
  10. I'm afraid there is no way that I'm aware of to do that If you stop on the slide manually. You could set the audio time to the duration of the slide but then when that time has passed it will cease. There is no way to make it stop only when the subsequent slide is played. Best regards, Lin
  11. Hi Isabel, Here's a quick little video showing you how to do this - very easy... Lin soundfade.wmv
  12. Hi Isabel, Go to the timeline (from the slide list). You will see a waveform representing the sound. There is an orange line (all defaults) click on this line with the mouse where you want the sound to begin fading. Move further to the right and click again where you want the fade to end and drag the little dot down to the bottom.. This should fade the sound completely.. Best regards, Lin
  13. Hi Nelson - thanks ! I had hoped it would be fun for the kids!! Happy halloween to all !!! Best regards, Lin & Ruby pup
  14. Thanks Jim - just a fun thing ! Happy Halloween to you and your family !!! Lin & Ruby pup
  15. Back in 2010 after my wife Sherry passed away, I took a long trip with my pups and travel trailer (over 8,000 miles) to both coasts to see friends and relatives. While I was in Pennsylvania, I photographed this ancient house in Coudersport - I thought it would make a nice backdrop for Halloween.. So for the kids in us all.... Happy Halloween Folks!!! Lin
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