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  1. Smooth as silk - beautiful imagery Barry - It looks like 60fps with the new beta 10 is doing justice. Best regards, Lin
  2. Added Jean Cyprien's Book Style and David Fitzpatrick's VisiSketch Pro Samples To "What Can I Do With PicturesToExe" For Fun.. Note to new users... These are all things which I have created free video tutorials to explain how to do. These are not ordinary slideshows which PTE does beautifully, but samples of animations. None of these are difficult to do, but do require the new user to watch the tutorials to get a handle on how they are done or how to use the styles which were used to make several of them. Thanks to Jean Cyprien, Dave Gould, David Fitzpatrick and others for inspiration, styles and ideas. Lin
  3. Gary, The difference in the performance of your video cards is huge. That's probably the main thing. The GTX1070 has a Passmark G3D of 11,351 while the GT740M is 786. meaning the desktop's video card is over 14 times as powerful as the laptop's. Best regards, Lin
  4. I would not use any larger images than necessary. The images with deep zoom can be loaded at full resolution, but there is no advantage in using higher resolution than will be displayed for the rest and there "could" be a down side depending on whether you will be playing the show as a video or as an executable. Video would suffer no probable difference other than the time to render because the images are automatically downsampled to the size selected for the clip. On the other hand, executable shows do not have this same advantage and depending on the hardware the show will be played on for projection, it could be problematic at 20 megapixels. The other disadvantage is that it will greatly increase the exe file size. Not to say it can't be done. I've created shows with PTE which have 40 megapixel images which ran just fine, but I have a really powerful video card and 32 gigabytes of system RAM in a i7 processor which can handle the load. I wouldn't try to play the same shows (lots of animation) on a lesser machine because of stutter and jerk probability. Best regards, Lin
  5. Wild !!! A cross between science and an LSD trip! I loved it ! Best regards, Lin
  6. I "think" the sort feature is simply a Windows call so not a PTE function per se. The problem is probably not with the sort feature but with Media Created not being populated after the trim? Best to ask Igor - it's beyond my scope... Best regards, Lin
  7. You should send Igor one video where it works properly and one which doesn't and let him sort it... Best regards, Lin
  8. Hi Gary, Programming is nothing if not "consistent." It's simply not possible for PTE to do something correctly in one file and do something different in another. The programming code does not change capriciously. If it's working properly in some and not properly in others, the problem is on the other end meaning the data has been placed in the wrong field. Best regards, Lin
  9. Hi Gary, I suspect your assumption is correct. The algorithm used by PTE will be consistent and not pull different data from different files - the problem is very likely with the GoPro Video. Best regards, Lin
  10. Doesn't your GoPro take still images? Take a jpg with it to test, then you can use EXIF Pilot... Gary, take a still image with your GoPro and send me a link and I'll check it for you... Best regards, Lin
  11. Gary, The issue with dates is that some software makes changes to this information in cases such as just when you open and close a file, while other software doesn't. One simple way to determine where information pulled from an exif header or other meta-data souce by PTE is to take a file into a program designed to manipulate this data and write the names of the source in the provided space. Then extract with PTE and you will then know the exact field being pulled by PTE with the request. Use Exif Pilot or ExifTool or a similar program that lets "you" write to the metadata and put the name of the field just as your camera provides in the spaces where the camera normally writes. Then use all the PTE calls for extracting the information from this manipulated file and see what is revealed. Best regards, Lin
  12. Hi Gary, I suspect the problem lies in the GoPro's files. PTE uses algorithms which pull information from the EXIF and/or Meta-Data and in the past I've noticed that not all manufacturers place this data in the proper places. Unless a program pulls just some of the data people simply do not notice this because when EXIF or IPTC data is displayed by software designed to show this data in its entirety, it's all there somewhere. If the algorithm works on some devices and pulls wrong information on other devices it's usually the fault of the firmware which stores the information rather than the program which extracts it. Just saying... Best regards, Lin
  13. Great news Igor - looking forward to trying the 64 bit exe shows... Best regards, Lin
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