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  1. Looking great FX - excellent use of various PTE features - looking forward to seeing the completed project! Best regards, Lin
  2. Slideshow software

    Hi Rob, The problem is that an executable file content is totally contained within the code which creates the images and screens as programmed by the .pte file used to create the exe. No other software can gain access to the internals of a good executable file like the PTE exe which is protected from tampering via proprietary encryption. In order to display on a computer screen the image following the one being displayed on a projector the software would have to be reading from a "map" or template such at the PTE file itself. Then the software would have to split the content and send one image to the projector while sending the next image in the sequence to the computer screen. I'm afraid you are not going to find any software that can do this with a PTE exe file - it would have to be something written by Wnsoft developers themselves. Best regards, Lin
  3. Slideshow software

    Hi Rob, There is no way to do this with PTE. Best regards, Lin
  4. FRozen

    Hi Jack, What is important is that you've solved the "freeze" issue - please let us know how it works after the upgrade.. Best regards, Lin
  5. FRozen

    Just turn the power off then back on - reboot is reboot - CTRL ALT DEL will bring up the task manager in Windows and allow the exit of PTE, but it will not hurt anything to just power down then back up and that will kill any connect between the Mac and Windows and allow him to start over and remove the current version of PTE and reinstall the newer version. Best regards, Lin
  6. FRozen

    ??? Jack - why don't you just reboot your computer or turn it off and back on or pull the plug and plug it back in??? Best regards, Lin
  7. Cut Out Text

    Cool Manuel !!! Very Creative!!!! Just a little more explanation about how one can use this style. Use two images of the same dimensions and orientation. Set the Project Options to 16:9 (Best with 16:9 aspect ratio images) Put the one you want the cut out text to appear on as the second image and the one you want the text cut out of as the first image. Select both images, then select and run Manuel's style. Next go to Objects and Animations and everywhere you see the word "Text1" in the objects list on the Animations Tab, click on it to select, go to the Properties tab and change the word "Text" to whatever word or words you want cut out. Re size the text to fit the image then copy and paste this new size on the Animations Tab in the "zoom block" as well as the new text into each place the word "text1" is found. Where you see "text2" you can leave as it is, delete or change "PicturesToExe" to some other sentence and size accordingly. Lin
  8. P2E icons

    Hi Jim, I seem to remember that we had a problem with icons some time ago and it was solved most of the time by rebooting the computer. Try that and if that doesn't do it we can ask Igor to look into it for you. Best regards, Lin
  9. Where is "Recovered" .pte file?

    Hi Robert, Glad you found the culprit !!! Hardware issues can be a bear. The saved files are in a folder called "RecoveredProjects" I believe the default for this for future reference is C:\Documents and Settings\your computer's name\Local Settings\Applications Data\PicturesToExe\Versions\your current version.. Best regards, Lin
  10. Dave Wilson

    Hi Dave, Of course - but the TV has to have the capability of playing a video from a USB stick. Make an HD video then place it on your USB drive and plug that into the appropriate place on a television and it should be detected and play. When you say produce a slideshow on "Disc" you need to be more specific. Do you mean on a DVD or on a hard drive? An exe show will not play on a DVD or CD unless you have special software which will detect and allow this. If you create a DVD with PTE it will play on a DVD or BluRay player on a TV, and usually a computer which has a DVD drive will play DVD's. Best regards, Lin

    Hi José, A great innovative solution Denis !! In addition to what Denis has suggested - note that in the included PTE zip file version a different font was used in the sample pte file than Denis actually used for the avi. Just to further clarify, the font used to create the avi or mp4 for the mask stencil will be the font which appears when you use it in your creation. In addition to changing the color of the font by changing the rectangle color, you may also want to experiment with slight opacity changes which will allow the background of the image to slightly show through the font. Any changes to the rectangle (color, gradient, etc.) will be reflected in the text.. Change the speed of the page turn transition in the pte file before creating the avi or mp4 as well as the slide time to change the speed of the transition. Match this speed with your slide which contains the mask stencil. Best regards, Lin
  12. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    Hi Ken - Thank NASA - They have some pretty spectacular videos of old Sol... Best regards, Lin
  13. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    I like that Tom ... The reason I didn't show stars or the International Space Station, etc., was an attempt to show how I thought it "might" had looked if being viewed through the protective glasses which would pretty much cut all light except the sun when and where visible beyond the moon. I like the idea of the ISS passing by. I'm going to try to photograph the ISS first chance I get with a super clear night. My Nikon P900 has 2000mm optical zoom and with it on a tripod I think I might be able to get a reasonably clean image of it. Best regards, Lin
  14. Eclipse of Sun Simulation

    He may have found his "Juliet" - LOL Best regards, Lin
  15. The recent solar eclipse was a big deal around the world. I missed it because I didn't have suitable protective glasses or protective sun filters to do photographs. So I decided to create a simulation. NASA has made some amazing 4K sun videos, but none of them were totally suitable. The best and most suitable were only slightly over half of the sun. So to make this simulation, I used PTE's great masking capability to create the bottom half of the sun - invert that to create the bottom half and reverse its rotation. In all three masks were used and the video used three times to create the entire orb. The moon was one of my captures which was adjusted using PTE's color filters to set black point for proper darkness. Just a fun project - download either the Mac or PC version below if interested... http://www.lin-evans.org/lin/eclipseofsunpc.zip (about 66 meg) http://www.lin-evans.org/lin/eclipseofsunmac.zip (about 66 meg) Best regards, Lin