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  1. Thanks Nelson, It's nice to have the wealth of new video features in Version 10 - the fact that it's 64 bit is forcing me to use my newer system which is really a good thing. Sherry spent a great deal of her free time with me traveling to reservations in the SW and buying and trading jewelry from the Native artists and in the process getting to know them and their way of life. Over the years she amassed a substantial collection of unique and beautiful pieces. Sherry was of Cherokee and German descent and both of us were practicing silversmiths so had a great appreciation for the skills and artistry of the masters of the craft. It's fun to photograph and create shows using some of her collection. Best regards, Lin
  2. Just playing with some of my late wife Sherry's jewelry and decided to try a Version 10 video. I selected 1440x1080 at 60P - Youtube will save as an HD which worked out pretty well I think. Lin
  3. Nice transition Dirk - Thanks - here's a sample using your transition.... Best regards, Lin
  4. Danke Dirk, Das ist ein schöner Effekt !!!
  5. Mike, No, you didn't miss anything, that's essentially how one would edit a style. Creating styles, especially complex styles, is sometimes an iterative process where you make changes then try the style; make more changes, etc., until you get it the way you want. Best regards, Lin
  6. Not a problem - learning PTE is an ongoing process... Best regards, Lin
  7. Hi Igor, It's sad that Apple keeps changing the rules. It must be a nightmare for Mac developers. If they make X86 apps not usable on the Macbooks, they will surely have lots of push-back from people who will be unwilling to purchase the new Macbook if it means giving up most of their existing applications. I think Apple will shoot themselves in the foot if they go that way. Likewise if they drop support for 32-bit applications. As bad as Microsoft has been about never truly debugging an OS before pushing a new one, at least their 64 bit operating systems will work with 32 bit applications. With a player, would there be interactivity possibilities? If so, that may be a better way to go - but giving up interactivity such as with video would be losing an important advantage of PTE over the competition. Best regards, Lin
  8. I realize that a full Macintosh version is coming soon, but what about those of us who use PC's and make Apps for our friends who use a Mac? The create an exe (App) for a Mac is a great feature on prior versions. Not having it on version 10 is a problem IMHO. Sure we can make videos, but what about when we want to create an executable which has interactivity for people who use MacIntosh as well as for people who use Windows? Best regards, Lin
  9. What makes you think you can't edit from slide to slide? Just apply a style then tweak the settings! I do this all the time... The fact that a style is applied to a slide doesn't mean the settings are chiseled in stone. Best regards, Lin
  10. I've never been to a hot air balloon festival and we have one of the largest in the world (over 80 hot air balloons) just 116 miles south of my home, so I decided to take my service pup Ruby and go see what it was all about. We left home at 2:30 am and drove south to Colorado Springs, Colorado - elevation over 6,000 feet and in the shadow of Pikes Peak - elevation 14,110 feet. We arrived at 4:30 am and got free parking because we arrived before they were ready to take money. I parked my big Dodge 4x4 pickup truck right on the grass next to the Mike's Camera tent. No one was there when I arrived so I had a primo parking spot! I walked Ruby then put her to bed in the back seat and got my lawn chair out and sat in front waiting for things to happen. The trucks and vans towing trailers with balloons began arriving about 6:00 and people were beginning to wander in so I began shooting before sunup. I wanted to not only shoot balloons in the air, but also the crowd, the inflation of the balloons and especially get some closeup telephotos of the gondolas, pilots and passengers. The gondolas ranged from something that resembled a lawn chair for only the pilot under the balloon to huge baskets which could hold a doze or so passengers. Hopefully this will give people like me who have never been to an event like this a feel for the festivities. Lin And an abbreviated little fun show below Lin
  11. Great job Gary, It was an enjoyable journey and your show was put together with care and I'm certain took a LOT of work! It looks like you and your wife had a great trip !!! I've never had the pleasure of touring that area - something to look forward to on my bucket list !!! Best regards, Lin
  12. Hi Igor, Not a problem - it will give us something in the future to look forward to !!! Best regards, Lin
  13. Hi Tom, I use FastStone as well, but like all screen captures, it only captures in display resolution which is somewhat problematic. I think that a save to jpg feature was discussed and somehow I remember it as being one of the features Igor wanted to incorporate in Version 10. Maybe my recollection is faulty. I agree that there should definitely be a limit to new features since the 64 bit incorporates a great deal of new code by itself. Best regards, Lin
  14. Perhaps my memory is faulty, but I seem to remember that Version 10 was going to have a feature where we could save an Objects and Animation screen as a jpg image at full resolution? Am I imagining things or didn't we discuss this once? Best regards, Lin
  15. I can't import it either Barry.. Lin
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