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  1. Display slide number

    Go to "Settings" "Preferences" "Toolbars" then make sure there is a checkmark beside all options and you will see "comment" at the top of your screen.. Best regards, Lin
  2. Display slide number

    Hi Skipper, Go to the slide list and select all slides. You can do this by clicking on the first then holding down the shift key and clicking on the last slide. When they are all selected, click on "Comment" at the top of your screen. Next click on "insert text template" and choose "slide number" (or whatever you wish from the options). After doing this your selection of template choice(s) will appear on each slide. Best regards, Lin
  3. Convert Videos-Allow rotation

    I think not being able to rotate the video with a right click and choice in the slide list is probably an oversight and should be corrected because the drop-down feature is not grayed out as if would be if the feature were not available. The video converter doesn't appear to recognize the fact that the video has been inverted. Probably when the rotate bug is corrected, the video converter will recognize the new configuration. When rotating a jpg in the slide list, it does not show a rotate value in Objects and Animations like rotating it in O & A shows. Best to let Igor look at it Best regards, Lin
  4. Convert Videos-Allow rotation

    It's not a "work-around" - it's a feature with PTE. What Denis is saying is that it's not necessary to convert to MP4 - just rotate and convert. I haven't tried it because I don't have any upside down videos, but it seems logical to me. Why don't you try it? Lin
  5. Convert Videos-Allow rotation

    Hi Gary, Why can't you rotate the video with PTE? Just use Rotate set to 180 degrees at the first keyframe - run the rotated original saved to MP4 then convert that? Best regards, Lin
  6. Importing Video from Premiere Pro .mxf file format

    Hi Rose, You will have to rename the .mfx video to filename.mp4 - probably no need to convert and then PTE will recognize and play it. Since there are numerous types of .mfx files, only experimentation will tell you whether you need to do a simple conversion or not. The AV length depends on the format you use. If you create an executable format file, the absolute limit in file size is two gigabytes. This is actually a 32 bit limit rather than strictly a PicturesToExe limit. How "long" this might be depends of course on the size of your images. The smaller the jpg the more of them you can have. There are a number of shows which have been created which are way over an hour in length. If you output your show to video, then the length limit will depend more on your own hardware limitations. In either case, the shows can be much longer than your audience will probably want to watch. Why don't you just download the trial copy of PicturesToExe and experiment a bit - I think you will be pleasantly surprised? Best regards, Lin
  7. Video Background with Photos and Text Slides

    Hi Jean, We can definitely hope that it might be possible in the future! Best regards, Lin
  8. Video Background with Photos and Text Slides

    Hi Janners, No, there is really no way to halt the sequencing of part of the show without halting the entire show because essentially, with an executable file, you are telling the computer to either continue running the programmed script or cease until a keyboard interrupt is detected. I don't believe any software can, with a single program, do what you would like - that is keep the video running while stopping the progression of slides. To do that would require simultaneously running two separate executable codes also simultaneously displayed as one - something that currently our computing systems are not designed to do. Best regards, Lin
  9. Video Background with Photos and Text Slides

    Hi Janners, The answer to your question requires a little background information. PTE can create an executable show which will allow manual advancement and it can also create a show where a video plays continuously in the background while image slides with or without text sequence on the screen. However, if you use manual advance, both the video and the slides will freeze until you press a key such as the spacebar to advance to the next slide. In other words you can't have the video play continuously while stopping the advancement of slides or text until a key is pressed. To have a video playing in the background as text or images (or both) advance in sequence, it's only necessary to add your video as an object to the first slide (or to the slide where you wish the video background to begin) and in the Properties Tab of the Objects and Animations screen, move the video underneath the image or text, click on the video to select it and set the property of the video to "Master video track." Next, right click with the video selected and choose "Copy" Now go to each successive slide and "paste" the video and move it to the position underneath the slide or text for each slide. The video will automatically be assigned "Link to (the video name)" so that only on the first slide will the video be "Master" and on all subsequent slides it will linked to the Master. Doing this will allow the video to continuously play while the text or slide or combination sequences. You can check the "Mute audio" in the Properties tab if you want to kill the audio track on the video. In Project Options, if you put a check beside "Permit control of show using keyboard" you can stop and start progression manually using your keyboard. Just press the spacebar to start or stop progression. But if you advance manually, when the progression of the slides are halted, the video will also freeze until the key is pressed again to resume play. If you do not press a key, the video will continue as the background uninterrupted as the images/text progress according to the display time you have programmed for each slide. Keep in mind that if you use images on the background video, you will need to size them accordingly so that they do not totally cover the background video. Best regards, Lin
  10. Bevel Edge Mirror

    Cool effect Dave.... Best regards, Lin
  11. Large Demo Of Styles

    O.K. Shirley, I have exported and zipped all the categories which are possible to export from my own system. Because of a PTE bug, there are multiple "User" categories which I just renamed User, User1, User2, etc. When you download the zipped file, create a folder and extract and you will see what appears to be a few styles. They are actually categories and when you import they will expand and give you multiple styles in each category. http://www.lin-evans.org/shirley/allstyles.zip Lin
  12. Large Demo Of Styles

    Hi Shirley, Some automatically come with PTE, but many are found in the Styles and Templates portion of the forum. User created styles are generally linked there. Perhaps I might be able to zip up the ones I have and provide a link but you can download them individually into a folder of your choice. Once you have then downloaded, then use "Slidestyles" "Tools" "Import Styles" then navigate to where you have them stored to load them into your styles. Give me a little time and I'll see if I can collect the ones I have and I'll put up a link to a zipped archive... Best regards, Lin
  13. Hi Tom, I still use Fastone for a lot of my tutorial work, but I use srecorder for capture of video because it's not limited to 15 fps like Fastone. I find it does a much better job with YouTube captures, etc. Best regards, Lin
  14. Hi Lin.   I managed to do what I wanted with the revolving text. You didn't have an explanation in the tutorials you referred me to and I already had the text revolving as in the "X" round Jupiter.

    I used version 7.5 and hopefully the files and PTE file will be with this message. Also I added  the text of my initials with some PNG letters from Photoshop so both can be used.

    I doubt if this is new to you but if it is please feel free to use it as you wish.

    All the best


    Letter J.png

    Letter H.png

    Letter P.png

    Version 7.5 Rotating text 2.pte

  15. Rotating text

    Hi Jim, Here's the link to the templates, discussion and a couple tutorial videos... I think this will help you get it accomplished! https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19897-text-circling-object-template/ Look at the "controlling frames" for front (upper) and back (lower) text on the template to see what makes the entire text stream change position as it rotates. Watch the two tutorials then play with the values and you will see how this works. The control frame number of rotate revolutions along the timeline determines the speed of rotation of the text. The position of the controlling frame done via keyframes in the text rotating around Jupiter demo also done by keyframing is what determines the position of the entire stream of text as it rotates. Create your own stream of text using the template, then put keyframes along the timeline for the control frame and change the position at various keyframes and you will quickly see how this changes the position of the rotating text over time. Control Frames act as the "parent" in the hierarchical "parent/child" relationship. As the "parent" of all the individual children (alphabetic characters), the animation of the parent is passed to all the children. So by controlling the rotation and position of the parent control frame via keyframes, this animation is passed automatically to all children. When the position is changed along the timeline the effect is to move the entire stream of alphabetic characters, each under it's own frame gradually, over the intervening time span from the starting to the new position. Best regards, Lin