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  1. Lin Evans

    Video/Movie: make from EARLY .exe file

    Hi Robert, If you don't have one of the video cards Igor mentioned and for a reasonably modern system with decent RAM and a good video card it's very difficult to beat the software that Tom recommended some time ago. It's called Bandicam and can be purchased here: https://www.bandicam.com/ I use it with my Win 8.1 and nVidia GeForce GTX 760 and it works very well for what you want to do. Best regards, Lin
  2. Lin Evans

    Increase of Slide Duration from O&A screen

    I'm confused - why is it any different when building animations or from the slide view? Don't you just click on the Slide Options button in the same way to change the slide duration? What am I missing? Best regards, Lin
  3. Lin Evans

    Old Drive-In Movie Nostalgia...

    Hi Ken, Sadly, I never got to experience that very often. We just had one child - my daughter who was born while I was in combat in Vietnam. She was about eleven months old before we ever met and my trucking job kept me on the road most of the time. When I finally quit trucking, my wife and I were splitting up and I had moved from California to Colorado then back to California for my first couple years of college. I met my second wife in college and we did go to a few drive-in movies which were still operating in the early to mid 70's but we were dirt poor living on my GI bill paying tuition and such so didn't have much left over for entertainment. Still - nostalgia makes me remember the fun of the old drive-ins and I often wish there were more of them still in operation. There are still two here in Colorado that I'm aware of. I might just pack up Ruby dog and drive the 50 miles or so to see a movie there one of these days... Best regards, Lin
  4. Lin Evans

    Old Drive-In Movie Nostalgia...

    Hi Tom, I guess, but I've never watched streaming video - don't even have a service - only a rabbit ear antenna. Of course I'm lots older - I grew up in the late 50's and loved taking my then girlfriend (later wife) to the movies. The drive-in's were great fun. Popcorn, peanuts, cokes, cuddling close and watching great flicks and dreaming of the future. Having fresh air with the windows down, adjusting the sound and in the winter the heater and sometimes snuggling under a warm blanket were all part of the experience. Even finding just the right place to park was fun. Later, in the early 70's when I was an over-the-road trucker. I used to drop my trailer and load at a truck stop and drive my big tractor to drive-in movies and park in the very back so my rig wouldn't block the view. There was something very elemental in this experience - something today's population for the most part just will never understand I guess. Best regards, Lin
  5. Lin Evans

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Hi Barry, Yes it appears to be a bug - sometimes it makes us wonder whether and when the PTE file has been updated. I have auto-save turned on, but that too can sometimes create issues if I forget to save after making changes. I'm sure Igor will work it out soon... Best regards, Lin
  6. Lin Evans

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Did you save before making the style? May or may not be relevant... Best regards, Lin
  7. Lin Evans

    Old Drive-In Movie Nostalgia...

    Hey Ken, LOL - that was a part of the attraction when we were kids for certain. Were my windows defogged? I can't remember = HA!! Best regards, Lin
  8. Lin Evans

    Old Drive-In Movie Nostalgia...

    Hi Maureen, Yes - it was a classic - one of a kind for sure... Best regards, Lin
  9. I Miss These Old Drive-In Movies ... Wish They Would Come Back In Style Lin
  10. Lin Evans

    Jigsaw Styles

    Cool styles Dave. Best regards, Lin
  11. Lin Evans

    Guest Question On Exif Template

    The latest version returns the proper value where it previously returned "ASCII" Thanks, Lin
  12. Lin Evans

    Guest Question On Exif Template

    Igor - check your email.... Best regards, Lin
  13. Exif question Post in General Discussion Post by Guests Below: I use Lightroom for editing and tried a test image with *all* the Exif, IPTC etc. fields filled in, and yet when I set PTE project options to "JPEG Exif Comment" and set it for all existing slides, nothing came up when I previewed the slide. The "JPEG Exif Description" works just fine and in Lightroom this field is the Caption field. So, where can I find the Comment field and display it in PTE? Thanks in advance....
  14. Lin Evans

    Carolina Dreaming....

    Have You Ever Wondered If Our Little Furry Friends Think About How Nice It Is In The Summer When The Snow Falls Around Them, Or Whether In The Heat Of Summer, They Dream Of Cool Fall Breezes? Perhaps They Do, So A Tiny Show About Summer Dreaming In The Midst Of Winter Snows Just For Fun... Lin
  15. Lin Evans

    separator line ??

    Hi Christian, I "think" the confusion comes from the use of the term "separator line" which is, as Robert pointed out, a feature having to do with Tool Bars. I believe what you are referring to is the "splitter" feature which Dave discusses. Best regards, Lin