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  1. Lin Evans

    Does PTE need a name change

    A name change is something really only the developers should decide. It's always a risky proposition. Maybe it would be good and helpful for futures sales but it could also somewhat eradicate 20 years of success. The important thing is to get the word out about the benefits and value of PTE to those who haven't a clue about presentation slideshow software. A competitor's current problems may provide an opportunity for more to learn about PTE and what it can do. If the letters PTE can be kept, then the exact meaning of the last letter might be left to the imagination of the person using the product. It could simply be called PTE Mac 64 or PTE Windows 64? Just a thought... Lin
  2. Lin Evans

    Does PTE need a name change

    As long as people are made aware of the beautiful interactive features with PTE, the name itself having to be descriptive isn't as important, but there are plenty of people who use PTE specifically to make interactive shows so we do not want to lose any of this capability. With the advent of relatively powerful computers these days there is no problem with running highly interactive executable shows. There are people, just today who are looking at PTE specifically because of the interactive features. Best regards, Lin
  3. Lin Evans

    Hide object before the first keyframe ?

    Hi Jill, Yes - it's in milliseconds to give you the precision to the nearest thousandth of a second. Yes some changes between 8 & 9 I'm not certain why. Best regards, Lin
  4. Lin Evans

    Hide object before the first keyframe ?

    Hi Jill, No that was only an example which just needed one object to disappear. You have the option of turning on or off the appearance of any object using the time range. Look at Dave's sample video here: https://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/topic/20934-time-range/?tab=comments#comment-139017 Best regards, Lin
  5. Lin Evans

    Hide object before the first keyframe ?

    Tom - only experience with PTE will teach you how these features can be useful. If you never encounter a need then they are like the electrons in the electronic brain of your automobile. It's not necessary to understand what or why or how they do what they do. It's only necessary to flip the switch and expect the result. Having the ability to pull keframes before the start and after the finish of a slide allows the user to share effects on one slide with the timeline of the preceding or following slide. You can't possibly absorb all the nuances without actually experiencing the need. If you want specifics, ask the OP why he wanted to do what he wanted to do. I create tutorials demonstrating many of the possibilities with PTE - some are things that most will use and others are rather esoteric and may only be used by a very few who want to achieve specific animations or effects. It's best to start at the beginning and proceed rather than trying to jump into a complex situation. Somewhere in the multitude of video tutorials I explain this but I just don't have the energy to do it each time.... Best regards, Lin
  6. Lin Evans

    Hide object before the first keyframe ?

    Hi Jill, The "time range" allows you to make an object disappear instantly after the display period without affecting other objects. So rather than trying to place two keyframes one for each layer very very close to each other for two objects with which you want to exchange visibility, you simply leave the object's transparency at 100% for the object you want to appear and have it on the layer below the object you want to disappear then set the time range to expire for the object you want to disappear to the exact time you want the lower layer to appear. The purpose of being able to pull an object's keyframe before or after the end of the set display time is to allow special effect with cross fades. Only by experimenting can you see the value in this.... Best regards, Lin
  7. Lin Evans

    Hide object before the first keyframe ?

    Tom, There are a number of potential reasons. Let me give you an example. Let's say you want to create an animation where an object rotates around the screen in a perfect circle. Let's just use a png object with transparency for an example. So you want this object to rotate clockwise beginning at the 12 o'clock position and traveling through a complete 360 degrees or some multiple thereof. BUT - when the object rotates, you want it to remain in the same relative position for the entire rotation(s). When an object is rotated like this, it requires moving its "center" to the dead center of the screen and placing the object in the 12:00 o'clock position to start. The problem then becomes how to keep it in the same relative viewing position because as it is rotated around the 360 circle, it will naturally change so that when at the 180 degree position it will be upside down. To solve this issue, you create an identical "child" object which will inherit the 360 degree rotation from the parent, but to keep it in the upright viewing position you must leave the child's center as it was originally and set that rotation to negative 360 degrees for each cycle of rotation. You do not want the parent to be visible so you set its opacity to zero leaving the child's opacity at 100%. Now somewhere during the process you may want the child to become invisible and the parent to become visible and when moving from this slide to the next and perhaps using a fade dissolve you do not want the object to be seen. So you use one or the other method to make either or both invisible both before and after the first or last keyframe or both. With PTE it's possible to show portions of a preceding or following slide within the time frame of the slide currently being viewed by pulling a starting or ending keyframe outside the prescribed display time of the currently viewed slide. This type thing is of more interest to people who enjoy creative animation than to normal users who make AV's in an ordinary fashion. Best regards, Lin
  8. Lin Evans

    Does PTE need a name change

    Perhaps, when releasing version 10 it would be helpful to name it PicturesToAV 10. Just as Proshow renamed their new product to Proshow Gold then when introducing yet another major upgrade Proshow Producer. The important thing is to keep the "PicturesTo" as a preface for whatever name. Since the new version will be significantly different, it could be helpful at that time perhaps to call it PicturesToAV 64 and PicturesToAV-Mac 64 rather than PicturesToAV 10. That way you "kill two birds with one stone." You let people know it's a 64 bit program and a totally new concept. It would also be very, very helpful if it could be released with a "player" so the download of an executable file would only have to be performed once to see shows and also it could preserve the interactivity I think. Best regards, Lin
  9. Lin Evans

    The best telephoto lens for my camera

    Love it !! Puts my Nikon P900's 2,000 mm focal length to shame !!! I was thinking about maybe saving for the P1000 which has 3,000 mm optical focal length at the long end, but maybe I'll start thinking about how to steal the Hubble - LOL... Best regards, Lin
  10. Lin Evans

    Suggestion for Slideshow Club...

    Hi Dave, I think the problem with embedding the MP4 only here is that it isn't readily available to be seen by the general public. Slideshow club is open to the public and the ability to demonstrate shows which are much larger than the 125 meg limit on Slideshow Club is important. Today, users often create videos which when saved as exe files or zipped MacIntosh files are way too large to work with Slideshow Club. Some of these need to be seen by the general public. I was absolutely amazed at the misconceptions on a forum devoted to a competitive product. The vast majority of their users had absolutely no clue what was possible with PTE because they had no exposure to it. The more widely PTE shows are distributed (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Slideshow Club, Wix Video, Wistia, Video Cloud by Brightcove, SproutVideo, Daily Motion, etc., ) the more people will buy the product. Since we already have Slideshow Club and only minor changes need to be made to it to allow embedding large videos already posted on video hosting platforms without needing to upload zipped exe files, my thoughts are that this would be a normal progression especially since before long we will have 64 bit capability and shows will get even larger. Best regards, Lin
  11. Lin Evans

    Suggestion for Slideshow Club...

    Though there is nothing wrong with embedding shows here - most of us do that already - the advantage of having a site like slideshow club is that when people are looking for slideshow software and do not know the name of the company, the generic term "slideshow" will bring them a link where they recognize the name and can immediately go and see shows made lately as well a shows made many, many years ago. I think that having a place like "Slideshow Club" along with examples posted here is very useful as a marketing tool. It's already up and running and one doesn't need to know a priori that the product featured is any particular brand. However, it would be very nice if it were possible to embed videos there without having to upload zipped files first. In some cases the zipped files are just too large to fit the limitations. Just my $.02 Best regards, Lin
  12. Lin Evans

    Does PTE need a name change

    Changing the name of a product which has a sterling reputation and a stellar track record is usually not a great marketing idea. Perhaps adding a product name for an alternative release might have some value, but the distribution of software from all major companies are still in exe format folks. Whether or not the public understands that is another issue. PTE has digitally signed output shows just like Microsoft, Adobe, etc., and the development team has already been considering making changes involving downloading a PTE "player" which I think has great merit. Deciding to change the name of a very successful product is something that could backfire. Best regards, Lin
  13. Since a number of people have shows which are too large to fit the 125 meg limit of Slideshow Club. Would it be possible to design one more feature which allows the user to bypass uploading zipped PC or Mac Windows files and just embed a YouTube video? Right now in order to do that it's necessary to first upload a zipped file before being allowed to access that portion of the site which allows embedding the video. If the process of uploading a zipped file first could be bypassed then users could still post their larger shows as embedded videos? Best regards, Lin
  14. Lin Evans

    Ideas and in the making.

    Tom, The essence of a jigsaw puzzle is out of chaos, order. So make yours in the way you find tasteful - LOL Best regards, Lin
  15. Lin Evans

    Ideas and in the making.

    Here's another type of jigsaw puzzle you might enjoy pursuing: Best regards, Lin