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  1. What format is your pano file? I use panoramas in slideshows all the time, if it's a jpg, bmp, or png format you should have no problem using it. If it's a tiff, it won't work. Best regards, Lin
  2. PTE usually makes a suggestion to "convert" videos which need it to play in an executable format. When converted the file is automatically switched to a new format with "converted" as part of the file name. The converted file is in an AVI format easier for an executable format to play. This will not be necessary with the new version 10 which is on the horizon presently and will be available soon. Best regards, Lin
  3. Cool effect! Which competitive product did you see that in? Best regards, Lin
  4. I noticed when messing around with some of my video files from my Nikon P1000 and P900 that Irfanview will not play the mp4's, but when converted to the AVI format in the PTE "optimization" feature, they play perfectly with Irfanview. Lin
  5. Years ago one of our frequent forum visitors and innovative PTE users was TheDom. Dominique produced many unique templates and styles and had several websites where he distributed his styles and templates. Some jerk(s) kept hacking his sites and eventually, he left the forum to pursue other interests in life. He has been back a few times and probably will return when version 10 is released and hopefully create yet more great styles. He was on in 2016 to give an updated site link - https://gumroad.com/thedom This is a little box of snapshots from Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion and some interesting formations near Cimarron, New Mexico using Dominic's Box Style.... This was from 2012. Lin
  6. Excellent Jean-Cyprien !!! The transitions work perfectly and on my XP system the show is butter smooth !!! Thanks! Lin
  7. Hi Folks, Back in 2012 Marcel, one of our French speaking PTE users developed an interesting technique which he showed to one of the Chinese users of PTE who posted an example on YouTube. Tom Mendenhall saw it and asked about it and subsequently, Marcel posted a link to a PDF instruction. I translated the PDF into English and posted it in the form of a jpg. Igor showed yet another way to do this and I made an AVI tutorial (#36 in the PTE Made Easy Series). I thought that perhaps new users of PTE who may not have seen this might find it interesting. Also I thought that this technique might make some interesting transitions. Dave??? Anyway - here's an example from 2012 ..... Best regards, Lin
  8. Hi Ingrid, Which version of Windows are you running? Usually this type problem is that your microphone is not properly set up in Windows. Try this: Run the command "sndvol32.exe /r" from your computer's "Start -> Run ..." . Then the recording control panel window will appear, make sure * check the right device, most situations you should check the "Stereo Mixer" device, if you record from microphone, then you should check the "Mic" device. * Uncheck the "mute" Best regards, Lin
  9. Hi George, Look at the images in the slide list. If they don't have the .converted name then they haven't been converted or you haven't selected the converted versions. Best regards, Lin
  10. Thanks Judy - glad to hear you're having a quick recovery. I've been very, very fortunate. I was expecting probably surgery and a week or so in the hospital, but the CAT Scan last night was negative and I was given a clean bill of health. My daughter came out from California to Colorado to take care of my Service Pup Ruby and at 2:23 am we got back from the hospital where I was released with a simple prescription and a kick in the fanny... LOL I sure hope we hear from Ken or his daughter soon... Best regards, Lin
  11. Hi Folks, Ken had a stroke and lost the ability to use the right side of his body. His speech was also affected. His daughter placed him in a rehab center with plans to move him to either an assisted living place or a rest home. He had his iPad to communicate and tried to send me a video message but I don't have a camera on my computer so we were not able to connect. I've also sent a couple emails and also Facebook messages with no reply so I don't know anything further either. I myself will be going into the hospital very soon and will be out of contact probably for a week or more. Best regards, Lin
  12. External GPU is probably going to be a big selling point in the future for laptops. Right now there are a number of laptops being built which have provisions for external video cards. The current connect is a Thunderbolt 3 which is at present not as good as the PCI-E connection internally, but it has a USB-C port form factor so doesn't take up a lot of room on the laptop. With eGPU one can easily upgrade the video card which will greatly extend the usable life span of a laptop for use with high performance animation, gaming, etc. Lin
  13. Igor - there are four places in a normal file where date and time are given. Below is an example from Irfanview using a digital photo I took in China in 1999. I would suggest using something like EXIF Pilot to put different values in each of these places to be certain which you are calling with the template.. The fist example is in the Properties and the second in the EXIF. If the file is modified or saved again after the original - the Properties time and date will reflect that. Best regards, Lin
  14. Nice Denis! Great music also to go with some great photos! Best regards, Lin
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