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  1. Lin Evans

    New user question

    Hi Danna, If you hold down the CTRL key and click on the object you want to move in the Objects and Animations screen, this will let you see the keframes for any or all objects simultaneously. You can then click on any keyframe and hold down the left mouse button and drag it anywhere along the timeline the vertical line will allow you to line up as many as desired on the same time. You can also press Ctrl E and lock as many keyframes as selected and move them together as a group should you want to change the time when something happens across multiple keyframes. Best regards, Lin This little video may help:
  2. LOL - the mysteries of forums... software gremlins permeate our environment I think... I've answered a few that were years old because I didn't pay attention to the dates. Lin
  3. Lin Evans

    Wedding demo template

    Hi bbela, Could you possibly post a sample. There are several different wedding styles and book styles. If you could post a link to the video where you quote the time 0:59 to 1:10 perhaps we can help locate the template or style you want? Best regards, Lin
  4. Ha! Good catch! That stringed instrument just doesn't get it to add that dimension to PTE - LOL Best regards, Lin
  5. Lin Evans

    Flip 3D Version 2 Custom Transition

    Hi Dave, Indeed... we all have different ways of approaching the subject of learning and teaching and what works best for one may or may not work as well for the other. In the case of using software, there are some of us who really make a concerted effort to learn the intricacies and we learn how it works for the joy of knowing. Others could really care less about why it does what it does or how, but are more results oriented. I suspect that's a significant part of the reason we have available styles and transitions. A large number of users just want to create their shows and rather than become the artist with the brush, they rather paint by the numbers. For them, having a turnkey solution is the important thing. So for this type user, I think the "video of the technique" is a viable alternative to experimentation. No big deal - just trying to head off the questions before they are asked. Best regards, Lin
  6. Lin Evans

    Flip 3D Version 2 Custom Transition

    You misunderstood my statement. I didn't ask why the CT didn't contain the splitter, I made the statement that it didn't. If the user isn't familiar with the purpose and action of the splitter feature they won't get the results they are expecting. Give them a little style like the one below to use prior to using the transition and all will be as expected. Best regards, Lin Pre transition.ptestyle
  7. Lin Evans

    Flip 3D Version 2 Custom Transition

    Hi Dave, Yes, I know how it works. What I'm saying is that if people try to use the transition without the background being split, it won't give them the results from your demo. Maybe you could explain this or confusion may result. Best regards, Lin
  8. Lin Evans

    Flip 3D Version 2 Custom Transition

    Nice transition Dave.. One possible problem though - the transition doesn't include the splitter to separate background like the sample? Best regards, Lin
  9. Lin Evans

    PicturesToExe Online Help

    Manuel, Click on the "Tools" button... Best regards, Lin
  10. Lin Evans

    mixing video and slides and text

    Good you got it worked out. It's an unusual situation. Most who use video as a background do not want the video as a still image but to begin as a video background. You could also just shoot a screen copy still of the video and use it as the background for image one and the master video and linked background video for the other images. There are multiple ways of getting a solution. But to give proper advice, it's necessary to know precisely what you want to achieve. It works as it was intended. Backgrounds whether video or stills begin with and persist with the slide timing. When you want a video in the background to act like an independent second layer object in Objects and Animations then you use it as a single video clip. So doing it the way you did works but it's not a glitch in PTE, it's just a work-around to achieve a desired effect which is a rather unusual occurrence . Best regards, Lin
  11. Lin Evans

    mixing video and slides and text

    Hi Scots, It sound like what you are trying to do is have a slide display before that slide has video as a background. By design, a slide background begins with the slide so in order to have the image display before the background begins, just place the image itself as a first slide with the time set for the number of seconds you want it to display. In your description that would be five seconds. Just make your show, leave the defaults of Offset and Start time, then add the first image on the slide list as a duplicate and set the transition either as a quick fade or quit transition (don't copy paste because you don't want the video involved - insert the same first image from the selection). This should produce what you want. Best regards, Lin
  12. Lin Evans

    Rose Cross Cube Updated 2018

    Hi Tom, You might try to contact Dominic - he was doing this back in 2011 as I remember - embedded video below: Lin
  13. Lin Evans

    Png Images

    Hi Barry, How much video RAM do you have on your video card and what is the file load size on the file you have problems displaying? It "could" be because PTE uses hardware rendering that the video card is causing this problem. What is the total RAM size of objects in O&A where you have problems with the PNG display? In my old XP where I have an nVidia GTX 750 TI Video card with 2 Gig video RAM I don't have any problems displaying a 6000x4000 PNG image in Objects and Animations. I have maxed out system RAM with 4 gig installed and 2.814 gig available. Best regards, Lin
  14. Lin Evans

    Help with a printer style

    Hi Guys, LOL - it doesn't matter who was first with what... Actually, theDom was using this technique many, many years ago to build wooden boxes and JPD was using it way before Dom. It's all contributing toward some great styles and that's what's important. I remember when Igor first gave us the hierarchical constructs and I made a rudimentary first cube demo. The following day theDom did it a totally different way and much better than my way in my opinion. That way became the way Igor used for the experimental cube and though there are numerous ways to accomplish the same end I personally prefer the way it's done in the experimental (theDom's technique) cube because it's possible for the user to adjust the size and position of cube sides under framing when using non-square images for the sides. It's all good !!! Best regards, Lin
  15. Lin Evans

    Animated Trip to the Moon

    Too cool Tom - You're having fun with your retirement !!!! Best regards, Lin